Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hosts of Fox and Friends get their panties in a wad over fact that MSNBC hosts were invited to White House, and THEY weren't! Somebody needs to call the Whambulance.

Courtesy of Addicting Info:  

FOX & Friends pitched an on-air fit yesterday when they learned “influential progressives” from MSNBC were invited to the White House to meet with the president. 

Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton were the president’s guests. Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post Media Group was also present. White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest issued a statement saying, “The President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing a tax increase on middle class families, strengthening our economy and adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction.” 

The trio at FOX & Friends didn’t take the news well. Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson complained and reacted like teenage girls who found out they weren’t invited to the prom. 

In a high-pitched voice, Kilmeade exclaims, “Look who was invited to the White House for a briefing!” Doocy follows up with “Who is left to run MSNBC yesterday?” The words “Outrageous” “Incredible” were flying around. Doocy explained that it wasn’t the White House who had released the guest list and he guessed it was a blogger from Huffington Post who made the announcement as he watched the guests arrive. Doocy mimicked the HuffPo blogger with his own interpretation and said, “Hey, there goes Al Sharpton, he’s really small.” 

Gretchen Carlson unsuccessfully attempted to mask her disdain, as her two male co-hosts were in a frenzy. She stated that it might be outrageous but she wasn’t surprised by it all and said, “ That station is delivering the message of this administration, so it makes sense.” (No little blond pinhead! That's what Fox News did on behalf of George W. Bush. As well as helping to steal elections, lie about the progress of the Iraq War, and publicize fringe conservative groups like the Tea Party in order to help smear President Obama!)

“But that channel—that’s all they’re going to do anyway,” Doocy added.

Really? Are these idiots actually jealous that the folks over at MSNBC get an invite and THEY don't?

Are they confused as to why the hosts on a cable station that creates a steady stream of anti-Obama rhetoric would NOT be on the guest list to come and hang out with the President?

And no MSNBC is NOT the liberal version of Fox News. Many of them might be card carrying liberals but they actually report the facts, EVEN when it does not necessarily help this President. Their first responsibility is to journalism, and they certainly DON'T create facts out of thin air or misrepresent the truth simply to protect their political points of view.

P.S. By the way I have watched and re-watched that Fox and Friends clip a few times now and it really just gets better and better!


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I watch MSNBC and they DO report facts and not lies and misinformation like they do on FAUX NEWS.
    They're a propaganda tool of the GOP and their news is definitely NOT fair and balanced. Why in the world would Obama want to invite them when all they do is spew lies and hatred of the Prez. They're really out of their collective minds!

    1. Anonymous7:07 PM

      And after what that self-hating bitch dana Perino said today....

    2. Anonymous12:22 AM

      I want to somewhat correct you and Gryphen on this. Al Sharpton is an idiot, who has stated before that he will NOT criticise Obama; sorry, that's not cool from someone working in journalism. Not cool. Maddow? Yes she's good. Schultz? Please! You realise he was a conservative blowhard before he realised there was a space for a liberal blowhard up front but that he'd never beat the pantheon of conservative ones; so he switched. He's useless. Chris Hayes, v good. The problem is that very few journalists are willing to acknowledge the good but also question the bad (drones, treatment of wiki leaks prisoner).
      That's the issue.

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    This is as sweet as when Cartman licked Scott Tenorman's tears....

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Like they would report the truth?

  4. I wonder if anyone has yet told Kilmeade, Carlson, Doocy that some of their Fox crowd were invited to the Bush White House in 2006, and no progressives were invited.

    From the 2006 schmoozefest: "Mr. Gallagher said that he and the other hosts — Mr. Hannity, Ms. Ingraham, Neal Boortz and Michael Medved — talked about the experience on their programs 'for days and days and days.' "

    1. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Oh how quickly they forget...the ASSHOLES that they are at FOX!

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Let them whine away. These idiots are destroying a part of America that only money recognizes, which is FOX news.
    The 5 hosts on MSNBC at least tell some truth.
    CNN is falling way down into the depths of the pits of FOX.
    I'm still holding out for Anderson Cooper and hope that he will be the only one left at CNN that reports some truth. But so far, I'm not feeling it with Anderson anymore. CNN doesn't have good reporting anymore.

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Wow! What a bunch of spoiled idiots they are! They really do want to have their cake and eat it too. They spew lies and poison and then are shocked...SHOCKED that they got the proverbial coal in their stockings!
    M from MD

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I PROMISE you, that if they were to have the chance to meet and greet President Obama face-to-face instead of behind their network, they'd be fawning all over him, getting his autograph and picture and generally making fools of themselves. And of COURSE they'd slam all of it the next morning...since that IS their job. But they'd pee in their pants for that opportunity, no question.

    1. Anonymous10:10 PM

      Just like Sarah Palin attempting to FAWN OVER President Obama at the Whitehouse Correspondents' dinner when she was 'COCK BLOCKED' by Joe Lieberman. That had to burst her 'LOOK AT MEEEE' bubble. BWHAHAHAHA, no 'BLACK MEAT' for Sarah that night.

    2. Anonymous5:13 AM

      Anonymous10:10 PM

      Just like Sarah Palin attempting to FAWN OVER President Obama at the Whitehouse Correspondents' dinner when she was 'COCK BLOCKED' by Joe Lieberman. That had to burst her 'LOOK AT MEEEE' bubble. BWHAHAHAHA, no 'BLACK MEAT' for Sarah that night.
      First of all, Sarah Palin is a two-faced bitch. She knows damn well she does not stand a chance of saddling up to President Obama. Besides she lets the world know every time she gets a chance, that she hates him, and his beautiful wife, FL Michelle.

      Secondly and most importantly why would you insult our President like that, with that last sentence you posted?

    3. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Because that is what Sarah was seeking. We all know that she had no chance at even talking to the President, so how is that an insult to President Obama? Get off of your Judgment Horse.

  8. Anita Winecooler8:57 PM

    You know, I kind of miss "The Terrible Two's", now I know what to watch to re live those Wonderful moments! Which one had to grow up with the name "Doocy"? Bet he had a wonderful time in high school!

    In the mean time, in the real world, The First
    Family lights the National Christmas Tree.

    Life is Good!

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      The blond is the Dooce. No kidding a bad name...I'd change it. His son works for Fox too; looks just like him but slightly less goofy.

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM

    President Obama, everyday I am more proud that you are my elected leader.

  10. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Considering all of the lies that the people on Fox tell about Obama, why did they think that the President wanted to meet them? Fox News is the paid broadcasting and publicity service for the Republican party. We heard a woman approach General Petraeus with the offer to be the Republican candidate, with Rupert's money and Roger Ailes would run the campaign. Fox would serve as the in-house team. How obvious is the relationship?

    Maybe a better way to explain it to Fox is that they operate at a grammar school level of mean kids, teasing, bullying and lying-- the bad kids. If every day someone stole your lunch money, insulted you, stole your homework and kicked you in the butt, why in the world would you invite them to your birthday party? I know, some mothers suggested making up and trying to be friends. After four solid years of abusive lying, Fox doesn't deserve to go to the White House.

    Actually, the best argument against them going there is that they would be hosted and fed at government expense. Knowing how much they resent big government spending, they ought to consider it an act of patriotism NOT to go to the White House.

  11. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Laura Ingraham Newsletter Blasts Obama/MSNBC Meeting, Despite Her 2006 Visit To Bush White House

  12. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Every time I see Gretchen Carlson I find myself thinking, "My God, you're ugly." Maybe it's the hate and lies that have bent her features. ick! I hear she won a beauty contest, so she must give good BJs off-camera.

    1. Anonymous12:29 AM

      I've always wondered how she won a beauty contest too! But even Jon Stewart calls her 'so pretty' but everytime I hear that I think, what am I seeing differently? To me she has very trollish features; and by that I mean the very popular troll dolls that were around in my youth - during the nineties - do you know the ones? With the wild colourful plume of hair? Her face mimicks them so well; same lines when she moves her face, same nose, same eyes! I feel so mean saying that but I've always been enthralled by the likeness. Look them up if you don't know them. Russ? brand maybe? Troll Dolls.

    2. Anonymous5:49 AM

      Gretchen got her start by breaking up a marriage.

  13. Anonymous9:52 PM

    MSNBC is transparent and progressive and they admit it unlike Fox GOPbagger news arm who advertise to be the world's "news headquarters" while on the other hand admit they are "entertainment" & opinions only - a fact they cover up.

    I'm just SOOO happy to see that day by day, viewer by viewer, reader by reader, that Fox "News" is earning a well-deserved self-made reputation as being the liars they are for low-information voters. The more GOPbagger TV keeps on doing what they do (hating Obama 24/7 since hour one) the more losers that they become. Obviously they still don't realize that they LOST. Besides why would anyone invite the people that hate you the most and advertise that hate 24/7 all over the world to the party?

  14. Lucas M10:54 PM

    As you stated above, Fox themselves has claimed that they are an "entertainment" organization and do not report news. So when the President calls a news briefing why would they think they would be invited?

    1. Anonymous6:45 AM

      I was going to say the same thing.
      Murdock, the owner of fox news. is trying to obtain another news organization, in Calf. Sure hope he gets stopped,enough already with fox

  15. Sharon11:05 PM

    I think the headline should read Whinebulance, these guys just can't be believed, I swear...and they get paid for this. I agree with that post they would pee in their pants meeting Obama knowing how warm and charming he is. Too funny.

  16. Anonymous1:40 AM

    The Fox people are a bunch of liars. They are propagandists, they are vile, AND obviously hate our President. Why would he invite that trash to talk to him.

  17. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Totally OT but I was hoping someone can help refresh my memory here.

    I'm re-reading Frank Bailey's book (yes I know he's a waste of time) and it says on August 17 of 2008 he went to the Palin compound to discuss trooper gate away from bugged phone lines etc. At this stage, he had just become aware of Bristol's pregnancy, and Trig presumably had to have been a few months old at least.

    As they are leaving, Palin says that due to problems with Trig she will not run for a second term! Bailey and wife are concerned and ask what's wrong. It appears this was the first time they learned that Trig had any medical issues. How could that be? The Bailey's should have known from the birth or whenever Palin confided beforehand that Trig had Down Syndrome. Bailey appears to be claiming that Palin kept it from him until August? It doesn't seem possible to me, when it was obvious to Willow wasn't it? It is a given that children with DS would need to be provided for for life as a precaution. Any DS parent would know that from the start it was a life commitment to a child; things might be more promising but the worst must be provided for. Why on earth would Frank Bailey not know this until such a late date?

    Sorry to ask such an old question; the first time I read the book I didn't pay much attention to the date he gave for that nugget and I think it indicates deception.

  18. Anonymous12:14 PM

    The problem with fox is that the nation wants a legitimate right or "conservative" point of view. These folks ain't them. It's top of the line politicking with the Obama team. or a parade of snarling jealous backbiters. I suspect that after work the fox teams needs a long hot shower to wash off the stink.

  19. Anonymous12:56 PM

    12:14 PM If they are anything like their Pundit,(SARAH PALIN) they don't like showers. They are comfortable in their STINK.

  20. “The President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing a tax increase on middle class families, strengthening our economy and adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction.”

    Now. Does Fox and Friends support this platform. Are they willing to work with the President to prevent tax increases to the middle class and adopt a balanced approach to the deficit. We know that would include tax increases for the wealthiest 2%. If Fox and Friends does not support this...then WHY WOULD THEY BE INVITED?

    I think everyone at Fox has pretty much made clear they are in direct opposition to the President and any of his proposals. So again, why would they expect to be invited?

  21. "Some sources say" that those at 'Fox and Friends' didn't get invited because they're a bunch of lying douche bags...


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