Thursday, December 06, 2012

Teabaggers decide that the present is not working out for them, so they are going to build a fort and pretend that they are living in the past. How is that any different to how they act now?

"NO Libruls Aloud!"
Courtesy of The Citadel:

A group of Patriots have decided to build a community off the most likely lines of peril, a bastion of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty where we may remain safe, warm, healthy and comfortable while American society suffers the inevitable destruction that must accompany the decades of degenerating morality of our Countrymen. The cornerstone of the Citadel is III Arms Company, an industry to support the first wave of Patriots who will become modern American Pioneers. We will build Fighting Arms and ammunition for Patriots and around us a town will begin to grow. Other revenue streams are already in the works. Our intent is to purchase at least one thousand acres, and construct a walled town of at least one square mile to withstand any potential violence from hungry, diseased Souls. Obviously the Citadel is not being built to defy any laws of the United States or the State of Idaho, or to withstand any .gov or .mil attack. Our fortifications are merely defensive for a SHTF world. 

The Citadel will have between 3,500 and 5,000 households within the walls, with a single gate permitting access. The Citadel is not to be a closed society, instead a refuge for genuine Patriots who wish to live without neighbors who are Liberals and Establishment political ideologues, open for tourists who will be welcomed into our town to visit our planned Firearms Museum, shop in our Town Center, stay in a B&B or hotel while vacationing and exploring the wonderful skiing, hunting and fishing opportunities in the area, and many other attractions we will offer. 

If you are a patriotic American who believes in Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, who believes in the Constitution as written, who believes in the Declaration of Independence, and who wishes to live in a beautiful, secure mountain town that bans Liberals from living among us, consider exploring the Citadel as we evolve and build. If you need to escape your suburban life and the vulnerabilities your family faces, consider the Citadel.

I guess if you cannot get President Obama to let your state secede, this is the next best thing. Just run away to play in the woods and pretend you're Huckleberry Finn.

You know this idea, of putting people terrified of reality on one  place to keep them from bothering the rest of us, is not new.

We have been doing it for decades.

Only usually we don't call them Citadels. We call them asylums.


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    We already have a few of these communities in Florida, sans the weapons factory. Disney tried it, so did some pizza guy, and of course, there's the Villages. I love how these folks want to "self-deport" from the rest of the US.

    These are the same conspiracy nuts who believe that UN-Black Helicopter-Homeland Security troops are going to round them all up and sentence them to interment camps. So they go set themselves up in one of their own making. oh, the irony...and stupidity...

  2. I wonder how they will pay for roads and the wall and gate repairs. Do you think that there will be a passing of the hat and voluntary contributions or maybe it will be like a Home Owners Association where you have to pay dues. But of course even a HOA relies on the laws of the state containing it to enforce its rules with civil actions, liens, etc. Which of course raises the question of who enforces property rights in this enclave?

    They will eventually form their own government, with a Brute Squad. They will become their own worst fear and enemy.

    I love it.

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Oh you didn't read? They are going to have their very own jail/Stockade and post office and fund it all with ARMS!!!!!!!
      Waco in the making!
      I saw this shit last night and was like WTF?

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Elmo4:34 AM

      They will become their own worst fear and enemy.

      I love it.



      thing is the domestic taliban tea_bagger_tards are already their

      own worst fear/enemy, they're just to fukin' braindead to realize


      LMAO !!

  3. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I wonder how they will resolve their internal disputes. City council elected by the residents? A mayor? And guns for everyone, that will be a dangerous place to live, me thinks.

  4. wakeUpAmerica4:40 AM

    "You know this idea, of putting people terrified of reality on one place to keep them from bothering the rest of us, is not new."

    I thought it was called Alaska! LOL

  5. Damn! This sounds like something on The Onion... asylums is right.

  6. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Ooooh, maybe Sarah can be their president!! Please? Take her and her entire family and maybe we won't ever have to see them in the librul media ever again!

    R in NC

  7. johnie2xs5:01 AM

    This is what the T-Baggers have given us;

    What a gift, eh!

  8. This is surely not new....some pizza guy beat em to it. Pizza My Heart
    Can the founder of Domino's create a Catholic utopia?

    I hope Sarah invests!!!!

  9. Like this?

    It was the regional bogeyman.

  10. I actually think this is sad. People who are so genuinely hateful that they have to go an build a fortress to hide in with their hatred. These are folks so afraid of reality that they hide, nurture there distrust of anyone not just like them. What is scary, is they won't stay in their fortress, human ambition will find them and they will want to share the truth with me and mine at the point of a gun.

    1. Anonymous6:03 AM

      Can you imagine the "law and order" they will have? Women, sleep with both eyes open!

      And what a wonderful community- a gun museum, no arts, history or music?

      Another Jonestown.

    2. Anonymous3:06 PM

      they're not the only ones with gunz , eh ?

  11. BabyRaptor5:23 AM

    All I see is a bunch of 5 year old boys screaming "NO ICKY GIRLS ALLOWED IN OUR FORT!"

    But whatever. Stuff like this just shows the rest of the world how immature and stupid they are, and hastens the demise of the Right. I'm not going to argue with that.

  12. I wonder if they have any urban planners in their group. You need someone to design and build water supply systems, sewage treatment and disposal systems, power grid, etc. And 1,000 acres is not really very much land for food production, especially given the climate in Idaho. I think that they need to reconsider their project in light of the practical needs of any community of the size they contemplate.

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Food stamps?

    2. And I forgot--what about a monetary system? Surely they won't want to use the US currency.

      With 3,500 to 5,000 households in one square mile, that's 7,000 to 20,000 people. Really high density housing will be needed, not individual houses. So they have already failed from a planning standpoint.

    3. And a hospital? Or will their dentist/vet perform surguries?

    4. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Details! Pswah! Of course they will still be getting food stamps and welfare checks. If anyone gets sick, just throw them over the wall. :-)

  13. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Wow, just wow!

  14. Walela5:43 AM

    They are also called "Cults".....The word cult in current popular usage usually refers to a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre

  15. Anonymous5:48 AM

    What is sad America was different because it welcomed ppl of all backgrounds and faits to this new world. The differences made this country great. Well let them make these communities and well boycott them, and lets see the mayhem. Wasn't the what Jim jones preached and had all his ppl so paranoid that they killed themseves and their children

  16. WOW! So THIS is what "Conservatives4Baldy" come to life looks like! Is that Brian "BigAnus" waving the flag...and CreepyJr with the bow and arrow? LOL!!!

    NUTS...the whole damn bunch of em'.

  17. a few observations....the citadel will be one square mile and have 3500 to 5000 households? gonna be a bit crowded, especially with the museums and b&b's and tourists and such. hope everyone gets along or it's gonna get messy.

    they're going to set up in Idaho for the warmth? (safe, warm, healthy and comfortable...) are they serious? no offense to Idaho, i know it's beautiful country, but i doubt anyone would associate the word warm with Idaho for at least 8 months out of the year. healthy and comfortable wont really be feasible either, not with that many people in such close quarters.

    whoever wrote this post for the citadel needs to go back to school to learn grammar and proper sentence structure (pot meet kettle, i know, but i'm not trying to start my own country....yet)

    i think West Point might have some problems with their using the name "The Citadel".

    "The cornerstone of the Citadel is III Arms Company"? Is that III and in the number 3? or is it iii as in aye, aye, aye?

    Finally - where can I get that fort? That's a really cool fort, much better than the old appliance boxes I had when I was a kid.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      I'm getting picky. 640 acres is one square mile. 1,000 acres is closer to 1 1/2 miles by 1 mile, a bit more room for this enterprise.

      What kind of jobs is this place expecting? If I were the Federal governmental agency involved I'd decline to provide food stamps, welfare, or medicaid for these slackers.

      Elizabeth 44

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      The Citadel is the military academy in Charleston, WV. Not a bonifide service academy, but a feeder school into the officer ranks. VMI (Virginia Military Institute) is a similar type of school.

    3. Practical questions:
      1. Where will they get the raw materials for their weapons factory?
      2. Where are they going to get the specialized equipment to make the weapons?
      3. How will they communicate with anyone outside the community to take orders, since they will be cut off from the internet?
      4. How will they ship any product if they don't want to use the USPS or any government-provided roads?

      I'm certain that more questions will occur to me and to others, but these seem to make their idea of "self-sufficiency" a bit absurd.

  18. Anonymous6:12 AM

    "Only usually we don't call them Citadels. We call them asylums."


  19. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I wonder how they would enforce the "no liberals" provision. Do you have to pinkie-swear that you have never had a liberal thought in your life and have never been friends with anyone who confessed to thinking immigrants deserve an opportunity in life? Or do they propose to put people to lie detectors and truth serum?

    And what happens when the kids growing up there decide their parents are completely nuts? The ultimate rebellion would be voting a straight Democratic ticket.

    Incidentally, the choice of Idaho is not exactly coincidental. A lot of white supremacist whack jobs settle there because it has (or had, at one point) the lowest percentage of non-whites of all 50 states.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      At birth each child will be given a Glock 19 and they will only be allowed out of the gate with a chaperone and only allowed to marry each other from generation to generation....ewwww! I wish I were a comedian - endless joke material here.

  20. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Maybe they'll hire Todd "Fence Extender / Roof Repairer" Palin to build it.

  21. Anonymous6:37 AM

    They are too stupid to realize some of the rest of us, along with the USA government has ammo that can go right through their wooden fort?
    But my guess everyone in there collects SS disability checks.

  22. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Sounds like a bunch of children acting out to us, but to people like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and all the others that worship at the feet of the mentally and emotionally unstable Ayn Rand (all praise the psycho-goddess) this not only makes sense, it is their dream.

    As prophesied in their holy book, the sacred "Atlas Shrugged"...
    "Lo, and it came to pass that the Chosen Ones said to the Tainted Ones: We shall take our marbles and go play elsewhere. We shall follow our prophet John Galt to the promised land, for it is unsavory for us that we should live amongst the Idolators - those who share their gold and precious things with their fellow man and who show compassion towards the less fortunate. Verily I say, these displays of love and tolerance are an abomination in mine sight."

    And so it was written, and so it shall be done. The End.

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      And like the secret socialist, Ayn Rand (Paul Ryan's role model), they will accept government benefits - under a different name!

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Oh my, so that's what the cferpee is jabbering about going to "Galts Gulch"? Sorry, I never know if they are speaking in religious metaphors or just crazy-talk.

      So, who will crank the box for the electricity for the computers for these nuts to log into their only connection to the outside from their recliners?

  23. Anonymous7:00 AM

    But, what if the TOURISTS are liberals?

  24. My first thought? They are going to apply for Government Grants to build this thing. I would bet $$ on it.

  25. Anonymous7:18 AM

    This is quoted directly from the Onion right?....right?

  26. hedgewytch7:33 AM

    I hope they plan their infrastructure well - they plan to be independent of government subsidized water, sewer, power, right? And I wonder where they will get all their building materials and food? Guess they will be real good at detecting those that are "others" to be sure not to purchase from them - oh maybe they can set up a trade deal with the Mormons down in Utah.... they got a lot of companies that could help them out.
    And will there be gun fights in the street? Who will police them? Are they going to ask for "sovereignty" that thing they so don't want the Native Americans to have,from the Federal Government? Or are they planning on still paying taxes and stuff? They may also want to thing about a big dome kind of thing to cover up under. Wouldn't want those spy satellites getting into their business now! Hunting and fishing opportunities - Oh, you mean in the National parks and wildlife areas? And I guess people will have to find "outside" jobs? Or you expecting to keep everyone in the complex busy at the museum, B&B and tourism areas?
    Will there be postcards in the gift shop? Inquiring minds want to know!

  27. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Are these people for real? Reminds me of Jeff Warrens screwed up mormons of the FLDS church who have their own town - Colorado City or maybe they could buy an abandoned Aryan nation compound like the one in Lake Hayden, Idaho. I hear there is KKK land down south for sale. Will they eventually turn it into a tourist attraction? When do the teabagging olympics start?

  28. Sharon8:34 AM

    I really don't understand why these people just don't leave the country?? If it is so intolerable here...leave! These people are traitors and should be deported so we have space for the people who die trying to live here. They do nothing but drain our resources, sleep with their guns, mutilate religion and abhor education. They disgrace every citizen who has given their life for our freedoms going back to the Plain Indians who lived here first and were slaughtered as the white man stole their land. I always love seeing Obama honor those Native Americans who persist in honoring their cultures. Then the white man went to Africa and stole the black man for slavery to build their plantations and the Asians to build the railroads in the west, wow...this country was built on the backs of immigrants. It makes me crazy just thinking how these disgusting people do not deserve to live here...they are our disgrace and should just leave.

  29. Randall8:52 AM

    Conservative Republican = one who is miserable because they're obsessed with the notion that somebody, somewhere, is enjoying themselves.
    (That's what makes them so mean and nasty)

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Kinda like the nuns we had in the Catholic Jr high school I went to.

  30. Anonymous9:04 AM

    "Run away and play in the woods" but isn't that what the militia types have been doing for decades? ie running off to hide in the woods of northern Idaho and play mountain men?

  31. Anonymous9:08 AM

    These loons are Three Percenters. That is what the III in Three Arms signifies.

    Jim Miller outlines the III Arms Company and the Citadel at the Autumn PATCON 2012 in North Carolina

    The person who is discussed as "too controversial' to be anywhere near Three Arms posts on the nutbag forums as Kerodin.

  32. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Are they aware that some of the tourists may be liberals who need a good LMAO?

    And that they'll undoubtedly need govt funds to get started?

    And(usually liberal)engineers,architects,land developers,etc,to construct all that?

    And once the kool-aid has been consumed and they all commit mass suicide,federal troops will have to go in to clean up the whole mess,at taxpayers expense?

    Just askin'.

  33. Seem to remember Waco Texas not working out too well, but it looks like this group might have a bigger castle in Idaho...maybe not.
    Just as long as the crazy people stay on their side of the dungeon, all is well.

  34. Finally that hard to find perfect gift for Sarah Palin...any donations?

  35. Anonymous10:21 AM

    These guys are planning to set up in Benewah County, Idaho, in the mountains of the panhandle. The current population of the county is 9,300. If their claimed numbers come to pass, they'll more than double the population of the county. And since the county is run by only three supervisors, with that kind of power base, they might be able to take over county government (at least, they might imagine that they'll be able to take it over).

    In the 1980s, if I recall correctly, the Posse Commitatus, an antecedent of the current freedmen/sovereign citizen nutcase movement, tried to take over Alpine County in California, the smallest county in the state, by moving in en masse. It fell short.

    There was also a movement a few years back to get a lot of ultra-right conservatives to move to South Carolina, the most conservative state, with an eye towards taking over the state government and then seceding from the union. Again, not much progress.

    But of course, the best part of this is that the people putting the deal together are undoubtedly going to screw all the eager whack jobs into the ground, whether it be selling land at inflated prices, graft on construction contracts for municipal services, or all number of other scams.

    I always cheer on people who prey on this sort of rube -- a tax on the stupid.

  36. Hmm.




    Power (natural gas, propane, gasoline)

    Are they doing to roof their complex with PV, add wind generators and batteries for storage?

    All electric cars?

    Capture rain water or pump their own?

    Giant septic system?

    Exactly how to they propose to be completely self sufficient without using ANY of the infrastructure in the U.S.?

    Just wondering?

    Are they going to build using only the materials on their plot of land?

    Going to grow their own crops, livestock, cotton and wool, spin it into yarn and fabric, sew their own clothes, make their own shoes?

    What about metals, spare parts, etc.

    Gonna be pretty difficult to avoid importing anything from the outside.

    I say let them build it, move there and then CUT THEM OFF. See how well they manage.

    I doubt people will be clamoring to get in, more like fighting to get out.

  37. "who believes in the Constitution as written" I suppose this means they don't have to acknowledge all those pesky amendments. Perhaps they've forgotten (or never even knew) that their "right to bear arms" is an amendment to the US Constitution.

    1. Amendment has three syllables. I think it is safe to say that these idiots have no idea what it means. If they understood the word synonym, I'm pretty sure they would think that "amendment" is a synonym for "commandment."

  38. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Jumpin Jesus Christ on a bike! Let's encourage these fuckin twatwaffles! Go man go! Befuckingone to ya'lls own magic kingdom and get the FUCK gone from America and Americans. Take those dogshit eating Sean Hannity and Greta jagoffs with you, you'll have your in house newscasters. This is the best idea I've heard in a coon's age and I'm kinda surprised a couple of motherfuckers without thumbs came up with it. Pretty good, Clyde. And Clydette, or whatever......

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      X2, absolutely, wholeheartedly agree ...

  39. Anonymous3:19 PM

    wonder if that fuk_tard down in Nikiski, stormin' norm olson and his ragtag band of dimwits, will pull up stakes to relocate with their "brethren" in i_dee_hoe and get the fuk outta AK permanently ?

  40. Anonymous5:28 PM

    The Citadel will have between 3,500 and 5,000 households within the walls, with a single gate permitting access.

    Great idea! Establish a 5000 home walled community, in a rural Western state prone to annual wildfires - and put in only a single access gate.

    I'm sure that will work out great come fire season.

  41. Anita Winecooler7:34 PM

    The asylum sounds like a great idea! It'll keep them off the streets, but I wonder how they'll pay land, property, sales and income taxes? They'll still be subject to the laws of the state and federal government.
    Building permits will have to be filed, and codes enforced etc. that stuff adds up.

    Good luck with that "tourism" idea!


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