Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why teaching Creationism and Evolution side by side will never work.

Oh yeah, THAT is certainly "teaching the controversy!"

This page reminds me very much of the "textbooks" that my daughter brought home during the time that her mother was homeschooling her.

The Creationists don't want students to rely on facts in order to compare evolution and creationism side by side. They want students to STOP thinking altogether and simply choose the one that is easiest to understand and makes them feel the most comforted.


  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I got creationism in Sunday School and evolution in science classes. My way to reconcile them was to understand that God also created scientists, and so our understanding of creation was always changing. Plus, eventually, I came to see that MAN wrote the Bible, not God. And that King James changed the Bible, as did every man who copied it out through the ages. Why is homosexuality not mentioned if God hates it? Why are women, who were among Jesus' followers and who probably were are important as the men, left out in the King James version and others? Just like now, men in power intended to stay in power, and so they rewrote the book to make themselves important.

  2. Anonymous6:04 AM

    You left out the misogynist Ireneaus, 3rd century.
    See gnostic gospels (Mary Madalene.)

  3. Randall6:14 AM

    The other day a relatively young (I think she's in her 20's, maybe early 30's) born-again Christian girl said
    - with no irony intended, mind you -
    she said this to me:

    "If God doesn't exist, then who wrote the Bible?, hunh? Think about THAT for a while!"

    (shaking my head in amazement)

    true story


    1. Leland7:27 AM

      P.T. Barnum was right.

      All you can do for this poor thing is hope she wakes up.

    2. I think this is chalked up to that rule about a vacuum needing to be filled.

      Too many empty heads. Unfortunately, then that vacuum meets some of these right wing evangelical fundies, the thin bubble is burst and the vacuum is filled with a combination of distortions, lies, right wing rants and just a tad of the actual bible to hold it all together.

      This girl will NEVER accept anything other than her own twisted view of the world. Her head is now full of this crap. The crap will never leave allowing room for any reality or facts.

    3. Anonymous4:29 PM

      "Oh yeah, if wizards don't exist, then who wrote the Harry Potter books?"

      - or -

      "Oh yeah, if evolution doesn't exist, then who wrote Origin of Species?"

      You're welcome! :^)

      Tom, in FL

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    It always amazes me that Christians continue to confuse abiogenesis with evolution. Regardless of your position on the former, evolution still stands solidly on its own merit with EVIDENCE.

  5. Jesus describes Natural Selection this way: John 15:2.

  6. Anonymous8:37 AM

    The abiogenesis thing having already been mentioned, I'd like to add that in Australia, churches either embrace science or hide the fact they actually reject it. Only some Protestant churches embrace creationism, and by that I do not mean young earth creationism! If a politician has those beliefs, they have to hide them (one was very nearly outed on a live tv panel show while the audience roared with laughter at him before he disowned it).

    Sorry, this is just disgusting! Let's fast forward to 2040 - I will be middle aged like the baby boomers of today - my generation y cohorts in charge like the boomers are now. Who will we hire for jobs if we are in America? We can't hire any of these people, people educated to be as stupid as possible. We would be forced to hire those born and educated overseas wouldn't we? It isn't just science where education is seen as a joke; it's the whole approach to knowledge and learning and information that is the issue.

    I'm telling you as an Australian if I ever come across an American to possibly hire, it's highly unlikely I will choose them unless they can prove to me they're highly educated high functioning individuals. Do parents in America really not care that they are happily raising unemployable people that will struggle for a living wage at Walmart for the rest of their life?

  7. Does anyone think that maybe the U.S. standardized STEM test scores might be more attributed to *this* sort of home schooling and private schooling, disrespectful students whose parents are teaching them to ignore and disrespect their teachers (thus resulting in NO learning taking place for them and others) and, for instance, those revisionist textbooks in Texas, rather than that teachers aren't doing their jobs?

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    They should teach these children the more practical skills that they will need later in life like "would you like fries with that".

  9. Leland11:11 AM

    The answer, 8:37, is an unfortunate yes - SOME parents. It is actually quite embarrassing to many of us. Even worse, the more we try to push back against this crap the WORSE their shrill, stupid vocalization becomes with things like claims of attacks against Christianity and Christmas. And the more we are able to prove they are wrong the only thing positive which comes out of it is more of their children actually wake up.


  10. We need to push back against the "teach the controversy" meme. A true science controversy is when scientists disagree.

    A bogus science controversy is when the scientific data says something that a corporation or religious group does not like. That might be a political or cultural controversy. But it's not a science controversy.

  11. Olivia1:08 PM

    A bit off topic but important to check out.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:03 PM

      It's about time!

  12. Anita Winecooler7:01 PM

    If God doesn't believe in a gods, does that make him the first atheist?

  13. Anonymous3:10 AM

    These articles prove creationism as the fact!


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