Monday, January 21, 2013

An Ode to Mitt Romney. Not to be missed.

Okay this is amazing, courtesy of The New Civil Rights Movement:

You pursued a cutthroat game plan, 
In your brutal Primary fight. 
Wherever your opponent stood, 
You scurried to his right. 
You thought you’d shake the Etch- a-Sketch, 
And start again anew. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

When a soldier in Afghanistan, 
Asked if you had your say, 
Would you reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? 
And told you he was gay. 
You stood there without speaking, 
When the crowd began to boo. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

You didn’t speak when Sandra Fluke, 
Was called a “slut” by Rush. 
You were silent when your party, 
Tried to take our votes from us. 
You said nothing when Todd Akin, 
Claimed that not all rapes are true. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

When asked if you would sign, 
A woman’s Right to Choose away, 
You’d answer women only cared, 
How much was in their pay. 
You made Ann your link to women, 
When she never had a clue. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

You embarrassed us in Europe, 
Wherever you would go. 
Ann’s horse made the Olympics, 
But you didn’t even show. 
You’d have let Michigan go bankrupt, 
From Detroit to Kalamazoo. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

You thought, like you, that everyone, 
Loved nothing more than money. 
And shaving off a classmates hair, 
Was your idea of funny.
You like your women bound in binders, 
Unless they’re pregnant in a shoe. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

You gave millions to the Mormons, 
To Fund Proposition Eight. 
You may have called that charity, 
Gay couples call it “hate”. 
You threatened to kill Big Bird, 
And you’re married to a shrew. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you. 

There are forty-seven percent of us, 
For whom you had no care. 
You claimed it wasn’t our concern, 
If you were taxed your share. 
In your heart, you didn’t love us, 
And we didn’t love you too. 
And that’s why we’re not inaugurating you.


Wow! That is not only well written, it is absolutely true!


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I was speaking to someone on the phone today, and wanted to reference his elevator for his many cars, but could not remember his NAME!

    Isn't that glorious? I know its not a great thing in terms of my memory sharpness to brag about, but the fact that I'm not hearing his silly name mentioned every ten seconds on TV for weeks, now, is obviously the cause.

    --Hal LaLooya

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    "And you're married to a shrew".....truer words were never spoken.....normally,the spouse is never given too much attention by yours truly,but Anne so reminded me of the shrew wife of a former employers CEO,that I kept having flashbacks to my interactions with that spoiled brat,"princess cum Queen......UGH!

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Chuck Heath Jr.posted an offensive video comparing Obama to the Messiah. Now, he defends his post:

    Chuck Heath, Jr. I am by no means trying to be a purveyor of hate with this post. No person, regardless of their political position or leaning should be idolized in this manner.

    Yes, Chuck, you are right. No one should be idolizing your sister, calling her Queen Esther, either.

    This is one of the nastiest comments, provoked by posting a nasty video:
    Emelyne Roth Today is a dark day in America for sure. Many of us are refusing to acknowledge the appalling events happening in D.C. by blocking out all sources of media today. I'm doing what makes the left scringe more than anything - posting all of Sarah's best videos, interviews, and speeches! SarahPAC is a great resource!

    IMO we don't have a real POTUS right now, haven't had one for 4 years, because a real leader loves America and doesn't try to destory it! We're just waiting.... patiently waiting... hoping and praying for that day of reckoning!

    I hope that this person is sincere:
    Nick Winans Do you seemingly nice people realize how offensive and mean-spirited you sound? Matthew 23:12. God bless. Phi Alpha Chuck.

    Now that Sarah has a ghost written Facebook post once every 9 or 10 days, Chuck seems to have become her surrogate. If the books aren't selling, maybe he will be starting his own PAC.

    1. How can Chucky Jr. become Queen Esther or the North Star?

      Oh, he’s just her Minister of Propaganda… carry on.

    2. Anonymous5:03 PM

      He's as big a loser as his sister. Really trying to squeeze a turnip, leveraging her one-hit-wonder celebrity into a conservative career.

    3. Anonymous10:36 PM

      Which is harder to imagine:

      Chucky Jr doing some cross-dressing to hoax us into thinking he is Queen Esther?

      Or a 44-yr-old VP candidate with a flat profile gives birth 5 weeks later to a 6+ pound baby, hoaxing us all?

      Hmmmmmm. Hard to say, isn't it!

    4. Anonymous4:16 AM

      Obviously they all of the Palins need to "get a life" away from national politics. I'm sure that neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden spend any time at all worrying about Sarah and her siblings.

  4. Poor Mitt. It's possible to lose an election but maintain one's dignity, but he never learned how to do the 2nd part. Neither did the Lucille Lake Loon.

    Get the beat to the song 'Ode to Billy Joe' by Bobbie Gentry going in your head, and the lyrics really rock. Okay, I know most of you are too young to remember that song when it was #1 on the charts over 40 yrs ago, but it is one of the all-time greatest classic country-rock songs that you'll hear a lot over in music cafes wherever there are aspiring singer/acoustic guitar players. I faintly remember it from the radio, but mostly I remember my parents had this album. I can't remember if it was 33 1/3 or 78 rpm. If you aren't old enough to have played songs when they were on vinyl records, then you might have no clue what I'm talking about, so just ignore an old fart here having a flashback. Probably from something i inhaled at a Jimmy Buffet gig back when it was just him with his guitar, sitting on a stool, playing on quarter beer night.

    1. AKinPA7:52 PM

      Boney Boo Boo,
      You're not THAT old. It was definitely 33 1/3 not 78. Probably a 45 too. Glad to know I'm not the only one here who like Francesco Rinaldo gets better as they get older.

      PS If you don't know who Francesco Rinaldi is, I'll be mortified.

    2. Thats KTel not Ketel One9:45 PM

      Ode to Billy Joe? Oh Yeah! We rocked that chit on our Kraco under dash 8 track with a 30 watt powerbooster into Jensen 6x9s! Seasons In The Sun and Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog also too!

    3. You're probably right that it was on 33 1/3. They did have some 78s too but I don't recall which were which. I know that we wore out Nancy Sinatra's These boots are made for walkin" album. Pretty hot cove photo of her on it. We didn't get 45's until Beatles on apple label and Jackson-5, supremes, smoky et al on Motown. My allowance was only a quarter a week so my budget was limited. But my sis got a dollar and she bought at least one 45 a week. Stacks of them everywhere.

      I had to peek at Francesvo Rinaldi and yes, I remember those commercials, but it wasn't a high-involvement product for me. But it proves that when u hear something a few thousand times, it does get etched in your brain forever.

      Not Sure it's really true, but I SAY I'm getting better... lol

  5. WakeUpAmerica4:25 PM

    It has a snappy rhythm! I wonder if Phil Munger could put it to music. LOL

  6. If I only wore hats, mine would be off to you Jean! I love our president and his family, but that's nothing to do with my disdain for the insanity of the lost boys and girls on the right. Your levity in this serious situatin is very welcome.


  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I don't care for the Romneys, not a bit and not sorry they lost so badly. But it is a little mean calling Ann a shrew.

    Otherwise. Wow.

    1. Anonymous9:50 PM

      She deserves every bit of shrew. Turning that dipshit husband and his shoe likkin' sons loose on the country again after 2008. They can take their magic underwear and go live with the rest of their polyg cousins.

    2. Anonymous4:43 AM

      Ann is the very definition of the word "shrew"- an inarticulate, cold and aloof rich woman waving like royalty to those who would be her subjects. May she live to regret all the ugliness and lies she spewed during the campaign. If she is an admirable Mormon wife, I, for one, never want to meet another! She and Mitt will live out their days with regrets, no matter how they deny and twist the truth. They know deep down they were not worthy of being the First Couple. Compared to our wonderful and inspirational President and Mrs. Obama, the Romneys are mere faces in the crowd.

  8. OT - while watching the President and Michelle Obama dance to Jennifer Hudson's medley of songs - I could FEEL the love! It was beautiful!! What a great day!

  9. Where's the Mittster? Mebbe sitting dejectedly in one of his wife's Cadillacs, going from floor to floor, up and down, in his car elevator, telling himself that even Obama doesn't have one.

  10. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Fantastic! Hats off to Ms Esselink!

  11. Beldar "Mitt" Conehead6:47 PM


    Mitt Romney spent Inauguration Day at his home in La Jolla, CA, and had "no big plans," NBC News reports.

    Asked if Romney was likely to watch the inaugural ceremonies today, an aide said, "Doubtful."

    Dan Amira notes it's the first time since 1997 that a presidential runner-up didn't attend his opponent's inauguration ceremony.

    (In related news: Sources close to the former candidate deny - repeat: DENY - rumors that he's working on a campaign memoir tentatively entitled "I Didnt Want It Anyway: America's Sorest Loser and Biggest Douchebag Tells ALL")

    1. Anita Winecooler9:03 PM

      If they deny it, it must be true!
      So glad to hear he had "no big plans", pretty hard to make "plans" when your party doesn't even mention your name!

      I think he "pulled a Palin", most definitely in a bathrobe, hair worn up, heavy on the make up, and in a catatonic state while lounging on an ottoman.

    2. Anita Winecooler9:06 PM

      Thanks so much, Jean!!! You outdid yourself with this gem. It captures the essence of Romney, especially the shrew.

      I wonder if they'll have a "Game Change" movie with Romney's greatest hits?

  12. honeybabe7:40 PM

    this is the way romney should be remembered for all time.

  13. That is BRILLIANT!!


  14. Anonymous8:15 PM

    All that I have come to despise in life is represented in Mitt Romney.

  15. Anonymous12:04 PM

    It *IS* Amazing that a person who was running for the *MOST* important the WORLD simply fades away after the run-up to the election.

    Sure, there is "down-time" with one's family after such an invasive and grueling course (of your own volition...)

    But it really does seem strange that the silence is loud. It's akin to when the Secret Service leave them. Perhaps that is the moment that they know...that they *really* know?

    but, where is the service and love for your country EVEN IF you can't serve as the HIGHEST lord?

    Where are you, Mittens?


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