Sunday, January 06, 2013

Do you know what we need this Sunday? A little Betty White.

I am SO going to watch this show when it premieres next Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous4:24 AM

    As one who has loved her since "Password" days with hubby Alan Ludden, I am just tickled that she is still as popular as ever if not more so. She has done so much for animal rights, and just the right touch of naughty! What a wonderful human being!

    I will watch!

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I can't even watch Jackass so this kind of show doesn't appeal to me, but I'm glad they've got it. This way they can redeem what we construe as the Fox demographic, angry old white people.

  3. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Betty White lightens up the world for us. I'll continue watching her too. She's so cute when interviewed - has a terrific sense of humor.

  4. A. J. Billings6:21 AM

    Let's hope that Off their Rockers also has a strong dose of some of the crazy Teaparty antics with scenes like:
    1) Keep the Government out of my Medicare

    2) Social security is a socialist plot from Obama

    3) A vote for Romney was against the 47%

    Sounds like a rollickin' good time!

  5. The most I've laughed in 3 minutes in a very long time.

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Swoon... it is Betty.

    I wanna be like that chick Betty.
    That is what I tell me kids.
    I text them and tell them.

    Swoon... Betty. L.O.V.E H.E.R
    LoL. Yeah, giggling and darn serious.

  7. WakeUpAmerica10:20 AM

    Premiers? It's been on for months. It's hilarious! I've already seen most of those episodes. There's one where an old man sees a skateboard resting against a wall and the skaters are sitting on the wall. He takes the board and gets on it while the skaters wait for him to fall on his ass. The old man then performs a bunch of tricks, puts the board back against the wall and totters off. The skaters are still sitting on the wall, but their eyes look like hubcaps and their mouths are open, speechless.

    It wasn't promoted very much, so maybe they're calling it a "premier" to get more attention. WELL worth seeing.

  8. vegaslib11:23 AM

    This is one of the funniest shows on TV. I love Betty White. And she is an animal lover like me.

    Funny, how one person can be so loved and another (SP) so reviled. I guess what goes around comes around.

  9. I saw two episodes of this back to back when I was visiting my Mom.

    30 min. is fine. 60 is too much.

    It's basically 1-3 min. humorous shorts and bits. It gets tedious after a while.

  10. Anita Winecooler6:37 PM

    The older I get, the more like Betty I want to be. She's made generations laugh, and is still at it.

  11. Anonymous8:23 PM

    lots of clips here:

  12. Leland3:20 AM

    My favorite line in the three minutes? "There's nothing in there about us respecting you back!"


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