Wednesday, January 09, 2013

For all of you Calvin and Hobbes fans.

Nice to see they are still together.

(Don't know what the hell I am talking about? You should be ashamed of yourself. Go here to get educated. Greatest comic strip in the history of comic strips.)


  1. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:00 AM

    It was a sad, sad day for me when Bill Watterson retired Calvin. It was the most artfully done, imaginative strip since the Little Nemo, Krazy Kat or Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend (look those up, too). Watterson decided never to license his creations like other artists did for their characters, for him it was all about art and storyline. If it's on GoComics, does that mean they're re-running the old strips, now? (Insert Calvin's deliciously evil grin here).

    And if you're a fan Calvin's parade of snowpeople, you'll enjoy this:

    One of the best comics EVER, period!

  2. WakeUpAmerica3:50 AM

    Absolutely the greatest comic strip! I think the snowmen series is the very best. What a trip it must be inside the author's head.

  3. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Calvin and Hobbs fit my middle son to a "T". Except his sidekick was a large stuffed Snoopy Dog. I purchased the "Calvin and Hobbs" collection on Amazon and love to relive the days of my child growing up. Todays "Red and Rover" comes in at a close second to Calvin but still not the same.

  4. dlbvet6:26 AM

    I had a "Calvin." A mischievous, bold, trouble-making Golden Retriever. The Calvin and Hobbes comic strips were a joy to read as Calvin (the furry bundle of canine energy) grew up and terrorized my home. Calvin and Hobbes is a touchstone for my dear canine companion. Every time I encounter one I am transported back to that wonderful time in my life. Within a couple of weeks of his death, an orange tabby kitten showed up under my car one night. He insisted on being brought into the fold and quickly became the playmate of the remaining Golden. His name...yep...Hobbes.

  5. Anita Winecooler1:04 PM

    He's probably one of the greatest cartoonists, ever. When he stopped doing the strip, I have to admit I was disappointed, but after time passed, I realized his reason, and I came to respect his decision to end the cartoon on his own terms. He felt that he'd accomplished everything he set out to do and didn't want to let fame/money/celebrity ruin the body of work he'd compiled.
    That's someone who respects his craft,

  6. Tell me about the picture. Is it a painting? A tribute to a grown up Calvin?

    Or is it a photograph? If so, how about a link and the story behind it?

    (Reminds me a bit about Christian the Lion.)


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