Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mudflats digs deep in Bill Fulton interview.

Bill was very impressed with Jeanne Devon's reporting during the Schaeffer Cox trial, and in response reached out to her to see if she would be interested in an interview.

She was.

That interview can be found here.

I think one of my favorite parts is this explanation of the part he played in radio shock jock Eddie Burkes' run for office:  

And I like Eddie. I don’t believe everything that he believes, but I kind of like Eddie. He’s a big, gruff, kind of rude guy, a Navy vet with lots of good stories. And I kind of used him as my… what do actors use to get ready for their roles? He was my case study. Eddie Burke was good for business at the shop, and he was deeply embedded with the fringe right wing, which you know. And if one is playing in the world of the fringe right wing, there’s nothing better than helping their poster boy run for public office.

 Of course my interactions with Burke were far more adversarial as he was an aggressive Palin defender who did everything he could think of to destroy my credibility after the Splitsville story broke nationally. The things he did on behalf of Sarah Palin, to a number of people, were some of the ugliest things I have ever seen.

Just another example of the things that Bill I have agreed to disagree about.

Of course there is much more to Jeanne's post. so I urge to take the time to read it.


  1. Jeanne's post is excellent. You get to know Bill Fulton the man, and get a sense of what his wife and kids were going through. He is most definitely not the "jack-booted thug" he needed to portray himself as for his role as "DropZone Bill."

    I really look forward to his upcoming book.

    - KAO

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      If you want jack-booted thugs, look at the Palin men!

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      No, we don't want jack-booted thugs, that's the point. Of DZBill's work and even our blogger efforts to uncover the cover-up of the PalinPregHoax.

    3. Anonymous5:40 PM

      Well Big mouth Norm Olson just wote Bill's obit on LA times, tied Joe Miller to the "Patriot" movement, called "Alaska Militia" a Domestic Terrorist org. Got that right Norm, I feel the Feds get him next!
      He is basically putting a hit out on DZBill! I hope the FEDS get Norm all all the asshole Militia.

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I still think some of the people in Alaska who've told some of the biggest lies about Sarah Palin hold the record for king of nasty. Lies that several blogs continue to perpetuate.

    People are sad creatures. And all of thiss started just because of national media bias and how republicans are treated less fairly and slandered more than democrats.

    Sigh. One day, the country will be nice. I am an optimist.

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      10:50 AM Krusty? You are a sad case of Insanity
      and you need Professional help soon.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      What would you consider to some of the biggest lies that have been told about Sarah Palin. Please be specific.

    3. Olivia11:06 AM

      Anonymous 10:50AM
      And you are the saddest creature of all.

      All of this started because of Sarah Palin's unquenchable thirst for money and power and NOTHING else.

      Once again, please give us examples and, of course, proof of the lies you speak of. I would also like to see some examples and proof of the unfair way that the POOR Republicans are treated in the Media.

    4. Strange, isn't it, how that Grizzly Mama keeps turning up as the victim? Poor lil thang.

      You'd think she'd get smarter and stop setting herself up for the disappointment. Stop talking stupid, start thinking about the consequences of her words and her actions.

      Yeah, right - like THAT'S gonna happen!!

      She craves the attention - good, bad or otherwise - and other peoples money. And that's about it.

      And you come here, dutifully defending her, making yourself feel like you're being usefull. And by golly - you are!!

      Every blog needs its Village Idiot. Thank you for fulfilling that need.

      - KAO

    5. *GinaM looking at Krusty's comment with pity in her eyes*

      Poor deluded Palinbot troll...I think the sadness you are feeling crazy one is the realization that the grifting hillbillies called Palins are a bunch of broke down...dead on the side of the road...Yugo's!

      Those cheap...useless...worthless pieces of junk are NEVER going to be sold AGAIN!

      Let them go Krust...let em' go! LOL!!!

    6. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Cut the crap, if Sarah Palin told a humongous lie about you and it ended up costing you nearly $500,000, would you think SP was "nice?" No you wouldn't.

      She is the most vile, evil person on the face of the earth.

    7. Anonymous12:37 PM

      I'm perplexed. All the media around me in this very blue state have a decidedly right wing slant. The local radio features Huckabee; Rush and our right wing ex-felon gov are on the other AM station out here. If there's an op-ed in the local paper that suggests we could do something to protect the environment, or the poor, or children there is ALWAYS a counterpoint saying liberal cause be damned (along with the environment, children and the poor). The networks carried by local cable are owned by right-wing corporations. Please give me some specific liberal media choices to soothe my soul, dear 10:50- I could use them.

    8. Anonymous1:30 PM

      10:50 AM,

      I am feeling more optimistic myself. It won't be that much longer and they will be talking under oath. That will cut much of the crap out. Bristol did say under oath that she was in the woods or some such reason why she was alone in the forest. In reality she was near the Best Western and security had a post on the Palin property. She will lie under oath, but not everyone will do that. Stay optimistic and weed out the liars.

    9. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Most people who have negative opinions of Palin have witnessed her behavior for the last four years. One does not have to be "told" how she is. They have seen her speak firsthand, fact-checked dozens of times, and caught in so many distortions of the facts it is mind-boggling. Palin is very vindictive as is evidenced by her responses to honest criticism. She simply cannot take it! She has done nothing to improve her knowledge in the last four years and nobody in her family seems to have a real job! So, Palin supporters, keep sending her your hard-earned money so that she can continue to dangle the possibility of another run in front of you for her profit.

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Gryphen, Do you know how wrong it is for YOU, a blogger, to give yourself license to make irrational and ignorant, biased judgments about strangers just to further your agenda, yet demean those on the other side who actually know the people you attack?

    No one's ever claimed perfection , despite democrat propaganda.

    Sometimes I truly hope there will be a civil war between nasty leftwing marginalists like people where and far righties. Though far righties for the most part are pacifists who keep it peaceful and polite (see tea party rallies as opposed to liberal rallies, like that DC one you went to)

    There aren't many in the world more hypocritical that those on the left. Or more immature.

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      10:56 AM Hey Krusty get lost with your Stupid Posts.

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Whatever pity I had for ya' Krust... has just left the building!

      Ummm...hate to be delicate...what with your condition Krust...but...errr..this "civil war" you speak of...how can you participate from your BED? LOL!!!

      Now kindly please STFU and take your meds...you're babbling again.

    3. Sally in MI11:53 AM

      hey 10:56, just which party has rallies calling for the shooting for our national leaders, has people carrying loaded rifles around, and wearing Civil War tee shirts? hint: it is NOT liberals. And which party wants to fund more and more war while denying food and medical care for kids and seniors? Hint: See hint #1. Are you really this stupid?

    4. Anonymous12:01 PM

      A civil war, Krusty? Like the war between the voices in your head? I don't think that's the same thing.

    5. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Do you know how wrong it is for you to live off of the taxpayers? Do you know how wrong it is that Bristol Palin allows you to post all over the internet on her behalf and not pay you?

      Clearly you're capable of earning your own living. Maybe it's time that some government official visited you at your house to see how hard your work - for free.

    6. Anonymous12:25 PM

      @ 10:56 AM

      What does it cost you ?

      Opinions aren't judgment. When things are based on fact, what is the problem? If the Palin's had a lawsuit they would be all over that. So you know this blog is true.

    7. jcinco12:38 PM

      are you for real? go get a psychological evaluation stat you twisted, deranged fool.

    8. Anonymous12:41 PM


      chuckie jr,

      fuk off, eh

    9. Anonymous1:16 PM

      As usual, when asked for a list of specific lies that are perpetuated about the Palins, all we get is the sound of crickets. You would think that this person would be so humiliated by now she would stop posting these missives of undying love and support for this family of grifters but, no, she keeps on making a fool of herself. Talk about masochistic tendencies!

    10. Anonymous1:20 PM

      And who are all the nuts out there yelling and protesting everything??? Righties. They have lost all civility and are easily incited.

    11. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Errrrrr....Krusty @Anonymous10:56 AM
      Blow out the Kool-aid out your dumbass!

      BTW your meds aren't working. You're worst than evah!

    12. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Anonymous12:10 PM
      We don't know that she ISN'T being PAID still?

      Really she must be. Who on earth can be that stupid?

    13. JuneauAlaska3:50 PM

      @ 10:38 That HAS to be Satire: Or are you a defunct computer program with a Trojan virus auto-typing the opposite of anything being posted here? 0101011001000001...
      ZERO! That is giving you WAY too much credit. Or maybe you stopped evolving in 3rd grade. Huh-must suck being you.

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I've already asked my questions about the involvement of Fulton in Burke's campaign.

    How did the Eddie Burke campaign end up owing Drop Zone $9,282 for "Advertising Materials" for his 2010 Lt. Governor Primary campaign? A careless mistake of spending far more than was in the bank account by the campaign? From the Mudflats link above: "Fulton: His wife was the campaign manager, and I was the treasurer, or the campaign advisor or something"

    Add up the donations to the Burke campaign with the last name "Foulton" and "Fulton" (the check numbers are consecutive so I do not think that was a typo) and the $9,282 and it seems like Fulton was more than half of Burke's campaign. I don't doubt that this helped him establish his credibility.

    Bill's explanations of this campaign involvement and his failing to mention loaning (that's what I call a debt like this one) and being owed (unless he has been paid- and the APOC records do not show the funds to do this) nearly $10,000 to the campaign are interesting. Too bad Jeanne at Mudflats didn't ask him about this. I'm sure she has pulled the APOC records.

    1. Woah, Nelly. Something big must be coming down the pike for Palin. Oh, goodie.

      Note to self: must buy more popcorn.

      Look at these posters trying desperately and pathetically to diminish Fulton's credibility. FAIL.

      Bring it, bitches. Maybe in the not-so-distant future Sarah, Kristan and the gang can share yard time with Schaeffer at the Federal Penitentiary.

      - KAO

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      >>Look at these posters trying desperately and pathetically to diminish Fulton's credibility. FAIL.<<

      Fulton makers his own credibility issues. Either he really liked Eddie Burke and supported his campaign, or it was an opportunistic way to infiltrate the right wingers as a government agent.

      Either way he played a major role in Burke's campaign.

      There is a significant issue if federal operatives basically ran Burkes campaign. Do you think doing things like that is ok?

      Tell me "Bring it, bitches" and yet wtf did you bring to the discussion? Go buy your popcorn.

      Think I'm trying to support Palin by posting this? If that's what you are saying, then I should tell you where to put that popcorn instead of eating it.

    3. Anonymous12:26 PM

      12:06 PM I'll tell you where to put yours, up your AIP. You Schaeffer Cox Sympathizer.

    4. OH SNAP! It's about to get ALL THE WAY LIVE UP IN HEREYA!

      *GinaM grabbing some Funyuns™..since popcorn is getting ready to be "put" somewhere that doesn't sound...uh...pleasant*

    5. I sense anger in you...

      Ever hear the expression "Keep your friends close - and your enemies closer?"

      - KAO

    6. Anonymous3:05 PM

      "Fulton makers his own credibility issues. Either he really liked Eddie Burke and supported his campaign, or it was an opportunistic way to infiltrate the right wingers as a government agent."

      Why so mad dude? It was only a JOB! And he can be anywhere!!! Just think! All you righty-tightys better freak out!
      Go to the Citadel you'll be safe there!!! Bwhaaahahaha Chickenshit assholes!

      KAO popcorn for everyone! Except the trolls!

    7. Note to self, part II: Lots. of. popcorn.

      GOT IT!!

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Too bad bill's moment of fame isn't going to get any further than the Alaska bloggers. Any credible media outlet is going to run away from his ilk as fast as they can.

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      You MUST be a Palin! You can't read...you lie like an oriental rug and you're DELUSIONAL!

      Listen dumbass...Gryphen posted an article by the LA TIMES yesterday..ya' dumb fuck ....also the Huffington Post posted Fulton's interview.

      Both of these publications are HUGE...almost as HUGE as Beefy's big ass in that shit brown dress she had on in...wait for it stupid....The Daily Mail...a gossip rag!

      *GinaM speaking in her Samuel L Jackson*

      Stupid motherfucking Palin trolls are getting on my last fucking nerve!

    2. Anonymous12:00 PM

      You really do need to expand your horizon of news sources.

    3. Anonymous12:36 PM


      well lookie there, creepy chuckie jr's in the house ....


    4. Anonymous1:03 PM

      11:08 AM You mean like the credible media ran away from Creepy Chuckie SR and JR'S Fairytale 'OUR SARAH' Book? Where is that Comic Book on Amazon ranked? BWAHAHAHAHA. Go back to seducing younger co-workers so that you can Divorce your wife and kids, PERVERT. While you are at it, help your Brother-in-law BY 'RENTING SOME OF HIS PROSTITUTES.

    5. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Sorry, but it is already in the news. You might have known that if you read.

    6. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Anonymous11:08 AM

      Too bad bill's moment of fame isn't going to get any further than the Alaska bloggers. Any credible media outlet is going to run away from his ilk as fast as they can.
      So ah what you got a crystal ball up your azz?
      The media might get alot more interested in Militias since it came out today by Thom Hartman that the second Amendment was ratified for Militia's to keep slaves in line.
      I doubt this info about MILITIA is going away...
      Especially when it comes out about AIP Sarah palin etc...

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Eddie Burke doesn't sexually harass only waitresses. He does it to his radio guests if they're Asian women. He thinks that because he is (was?) married to an Asian woman that they're all fair game for suggestive name-calling.

    Doesn't he live in California now? Maybe his wife got sick of the racial name-calling.

  7. Anyone else reading the comments at the Asylum experienced pity and laughter at the same time while reading what the Nuts are writing over there or is it just me?

    THIS comment had me..."SNORFING"(snort + guffawing=snorfing) at the same time!

    "colint Today 02:07 PM
    There are videos of Sarah sometimes with Todd or Trig taken showing what they were ACTUALY doing at about same times as the FICTIONAL scenes of falsely showing someone's imagination of what she was doing. No one has been willing to own up to have seen Sarah doing what is shown in the fictional scenes. All of the 8+ people who were with her during this period have stated these scenes are false. There is the laughable scene in which Sarah is supposed to have cried "I don't want to go back to Alaska" . She can now afford to live anywhere in the world that she wants. Where is she now...in Alaska... her heaven on earth.

    Could someone among our technically able people assemble relevant actual videos with segments of the movie that need to be refuted and make a Reality cpmpared to Fiction video. If it is good, perhaps a Greta or some other show would air it."

    *GinaM collapses over the keyboard from snorfing*

    Oh my goodness...I tell ya' the whining coming from that place has to be heard in space! The ten jokers over there are damn near CRYING in their comments!

    Baldy..I know you're reading here...ya' lazy heffa...put them dimbulbs out of their misery and announce that you are retiring to your "farm" (code for meth lab) and let these people get some help before they hurt someone!

    Or at least tell your nasty ass brother CreepyJr to tell them...especially since that botched plastic surgery won't let you be seen in public anymore...oppps...was that a secret? LOL!!!

    1. Anita Winecooler7:26 PM

      too funny!

      "If it is good, perhaps a Greta or some other show would air it." As if "Greta" matters!

      Just like their idol, not too sharp!!

  8. Anonymous1:12 PM

    The mudflats article answered a lot of questions I had (but hadn't asked) about the March 2008 meeting. The only thing noticeably missing was Frank Bailey's role.

    If Bill is still taking questions, could he tell us more about Frank Bailey?

    I noticed Bailey's book doesn't deal with the attempt to oust Reudrich or Parnell's challenge to Don Young beyond these things being mentioned in an email from Syrin.

  9. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Burke looks like someone of the mentality who would support Palin. And these nut jobs are the people she incites.

  10. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Good interview, in that it gives us a feel for who Bill Fulton is, and details how the Hopfinger incident went down. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened, except for a few hotheads making news. But, in the whole scheme of things, this whole thing leaves a whole lot of questions that Jeanne didn't ask, and maybe she knew they wouldn't be answered.

    It's just a strange story. A few people are sent to prison, there are no other collaborators with Cox and his group named. Did Eddie Burke or those who knew Cox have to testify in court or answer questions? Were there any character witnesses about the men thrown in prison? Were they scapegoats of some bigger players who may have been involved. It just seems that there are few details in the whole case and other Alaskans aren't that interested in the fact that many innocent people could have been hurt or killed. And no mention of how the AK police establishment didn't seem concerned about all these fringe right-wingers. It just leaves many questions that we may never know.

  11. Anonymous1:17 AM

    The LA Times writes of Norm Olson, Alaska Citizens Militia (Kenai Peninsula), who mocks death of Fulton.

    Alaska militia movement unhappy with FBI informant


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