Thursday, January 03, 2013

"Somebody finally wants to marry Bristol Palin, freaks her out" or "With fans like this who needs enemies?"

Courtesy of TMZ:  

Bristol Palin is begging for protection against an obsessed stalker ... claiming the dude sent her a creepy wedding proposal -- complete with a ring -- and even showed up at her mom's house on her son Tripp's birthday ... TMZ has learned. 

According to court docs ... the "Dancing with the Stars" all-star obtained a temporary restraining against Michael Cummings -- a 39-year-old Texan she claims she's never met ... and only came into contact with after he sent her an engagement ring, along with a note saying, "I (heart) you." 

Bristol alleges Cummings was later spotted at her mom Sarah Palin's house on December 27 -- Tripp's fourth birthday -- at which point she immediately filed for protection. 

You know I am of two minds on this.

On the one hand I absolutely think that Bristol needs to take some action to keep both she and Tripp safe. And even this guy's mom thinks he is unhinged.

On the other hand I have to wonder just WHAT kind of fans do the Palins think they are attracting?

You know I personally have been dealing with the Palins batshit crazy fan base for years and I have to tell you these are some deeply troubled people! If I were the Palins I would want to have a restraining order against the whole bunch of them.

As for Bristol, the girl advertises herself as a magical virgin, who promotes abstinence as she undulates on a dance floor like an epileptic stripper, and then launches a reality show which essentially advertises the fact that she is a single, ill equipped for parenting, mother looking for a man. Any man.

Well she done got herself an "any" man. And of COURSE he is from Texas and out of his flipping mind, how could it be otherwise?

I actually think the mental health officials in this country ought to add a new category to the DSM (the manual of mental disorders). They can simply call it the Hypoactive Palin Desire Disorder.

These people could be listed as psychotic simply by expressing a desire to possess a Palin ghostwritten book, a desire to see a Palin in public office, or a desire to go on the internet and harass people they believe have dared to criticize their hateful little idols.

Sounds like a reasonable addition to me.


  1. Randall6:30 AM

    WHY do you supposed the Palins attract such obviously disturbed fans?

    1. Birds of a feather.

    2. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Their fan base is totally whacked out and brainwashed. Some want Palin and West to run for prez!!!!! Now, there's one for you. These are the people they attract, and the Palins put their lives out there to attract attention. Notice how when things get quiet they complain about hackers and stalkers?

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Here is just a blip of a long post from an old regular at the pee pond

      *On one immortal evening, let us say in 2016, in one undying moment, our Sarah could reach via TV right into the "deep heart's core" of millions of Americans who have heretofore believed all the lies about her …*

      Now if you attracted that kind of crazy would you really let your kids jump into the spotlight too? Expose your kids and grandkids to it?

      There are many over there that feel as if they are the protectors of Saint Sarah, so I imagine a marriage offer might be a way to "protect" her daughter.


    4. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Anon 8:38. I think I recognize the writing from Sarah's delusional fan base. His name is Brian something. Either way, these people really are delusional, and believe they know more than others on what's good for our country, and still don't believe Obama was re-elected.

      From what I've read in their comments, many think Sarah is a "gift from God" and has a very good chance of being elected President, and could save our country from the communist. I believe the main reasons they're so attracted to Sarah is only because she claims to be so religious and strongly supports "family values". Only someone delusional would ignore her screw ups and place the blame on others, like the press. Because of her fans strong religious faith, they seem vulnerable and naive in trusting Palin along with what she says. and everything that she say's. They have all seem to exhibit all the same personality traits of follows of vicious dictators such as Hitler and others.

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    1. Who leaks this stuff to TMZ, and how much do they get paid for the story?
    2. If it's a serious police issue, it might be a better idea to keep the matter quiet. Making sure that the public knows about it makes it look like someone is playing "victim."
    3. Bristol's blog hasn't had any action since Dec.26. She really must need the attention.
    4. If you put your entire life out there in a so-called reality show, guess what kind of nut cases you might attract. Being a DWTS Star-Celebrity with a blog, a book and a TV show is not exactly a plea for a private life.
    5. What does a gal have to do to get noticed in the media these days?
    6. I remember when poor Bristol claimed to have been "stalked" in a cell phone message that she listened to 12 hours after the fact. There were Secret Service next door, and despite having a land line in the house, Bristol claimed to be all alone up there in Alaska. I've heard this story before.
    7. At least Bristol has the offer of marriage. Maybe this guy will turn out to be a better catch than Gino or Joey Junker. (If only Joey could have won the fixed voting).

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      Yes who leaks this stuff?
      Could it be deflection of "something else" about to happen?
      And is this guy from " the Urinal"?

    2. If it was either stage-mother Sarah or Bristol herself who gave TMZ the heads-up, they won't be too happy at the tone of the comments there at TMZ.

      Comment #23 from "Carl" spells it all out:

      Seems like Bristol wants to share everything about her with her daily calls to the tabloids. Can't have it both ways. If she wants privacy and not to be bothered by stalkers, it is about time for a light bulb to come on and the Palins should ask themselves if there is anything they are doing to encourage these nutjobs. Might say likes attract each other but a first step would be to live a more private life without broadcasting every thing you do and every where you go. If Bristol is that scared for Tripp, maybe he should live with his Dad for awhile until things settle down. Another idea might be that if she stopped giving the stalker so much media attention and let the local police quietly do their jobs, it might be that he would be apprehended more quickly. Seems strange that the Palins and all their staff haven't figured out anything to de-escalate the situation. Also reports say that Bristol wasn't even around for Tripp's birthday--she was off with Joey Junker promoting his chances in the FOX contest.

    3. Anonymous7:23 AM

      It is good to hear that Bristol got a proposal. You know she couldn't wait to tell the world.

      I am all for anyone protecting their child and self from the crazies. Celebrities get stalkers and threats all the time, far worse than this one sounds so far. You will never hear about most of them. If someone wants sympathies, to promote their victim status or attention they will have a ghost or "friend" give the info to TMZ or the like.

      I am still disgusted with #6. She flat out disrespected the judicial system and the USA with her lies to federal court. She must have some big time sowing of what she reaped. That girl needs to read the Bible once in awhile.

    4. Anonymous8:18 AM

      And is this guy from " the Urinal"?

      No doubt. In fact, could be any number of the "Urinals" from there. They don't inhale till a palin exhales.

    5. Gabby Giffords is appearing in Newtown, CT on Friday - so, the Palin's need to get their names in the news and piggyback on the media's continued interest in Gabby Giffords.

      After all, the public does link Palin's "Surveyors Symbols" and Gabby Giffords... what better way to exploit Giffords than to suddenly come out with something dramatic each and every time Gabby's name is brought up in the media?

      And yes - the Palin's are media whores that would do such a thing. But then, we all know that... they have an obsession, a sick, desperate need to be noticed, desired and admired.

      - KAO

  3. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I would think that Sarah would be happy that Bristol attracted a man from Texas. I'm sure he has a lot in common wth Sarah, both being oil experts.

  4. Anonymous6:42 AM

    We know.... same old story... Bristol lives deep in the woods with no cell phone.

    Here we go again!

    1. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Why is she begging for protection? She and her mother have grifted enough money from Sarah's blind fans to afford protection. This seems nothing more than trying to remain relevant and trying to keep themselves in the news. Also, cell phones don't work in the woods because of the tree's. Try making a phone call in a forest and you'll see for yourself.

  5. Sometimes, quite simply, we reap what we sow.

    And so it goes...

    - KAO

    1. linda1:16 PM

      i was thinking the same thing. be careful what you wish for, too. you want fame? well you might get FAME. seeking the spotlight? if you have it then EVERYONE gets to see you.

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Hey- You guys remember the "White Powder" from DWTS?


      For Brisdull...only?


      Yeah, wasn't *that* enough to get her fat ass out of our faces and stop blabbing about every bowel movement, ooh, sorry, "project", she has?

      Oh, by the way, Sarah you bitch, what *DID* ever happen in that "white powder" investigation, huh???

      You sure were quick to tell us all that porkchop was in "danger" -- Why not tell us how it turned out, eh, bitch?

  6. Virginia Voter6:47 AM

    I'm thinking this may be her last chance to get a dude crazy enough to marry her. Sounds like this is a perfect match, go for it Bristol, live life vibrantly, YOLO!


    1. WakeUpAmerica8:37 AM


    2. Anonymous4:47 PM

      I do believe Casey Anthony got proposals in and out of prison.

      I don't give two shits.

      Her bitch mother pays for security on that horrendous compound anyway.

  7. Anonymous6:49 AM

    She should snap him up; he's the only offer she's going to get in a long, long time. Who wants an unmarried mother who lies, whose life is cernered on celebrity -- and, really, what does she have left? Only freaks or imbiciles will want to "have and to hold" Beefy.
    Five years from now, when her kids(s) are out of control, she'll be delighted that anyone will fit a glass slipper on her yellowed, bunioned foot. She'll probably pay someone to to it.

    By that time, it will be "Bristol who?" No one will have the foggiest memories of her lies, her exhibitionism, her terrible interpersonal skills, her big chin, her fat thighs, and her overall sadistic personality.

    Come, on, Btistol! If haters are gonna hate, then let the one person who loves you in your well-greased door.

    1. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Where o where is poor GINO?

      He got sick of that ugly bitchy skank too.

      Didn't take very long, either...

  8. lostinmn6:52 AM

    I call BS on this one. It's just another Palin "look at me" effort and some poor mentally challenged schmoe is probably going to pay so the grifter can get a few more lines written about her. The money must be drying up from the paint chip eaters so they are reaching out for the pity pot to be refilled.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      You know the pee ponders will send more money. Poor wittle Bristol in the deep dark woods all alone and all. Cry her a Dead Lake river.

      This is nothing more than a way to generate donations or gifts to something Palin. Publicity to keep names in the media and tubes.

      No legit celeb situation like this would have been pawned off to TMZ. Grifters gotta grift.

    2. Bada-bing; bada-bang; bada-boom! Bullseye.

  9. Check the Wasilla Crime blotter in a couple of weeks for the incident report. I'm sure it will be there, just like all the other dozens of reports (NOT) over the past few years of "people always trying to rape the Palin daughters!!"

    When you constantly cry wolf, don't be surprised when people get tired of coming to save you...

    - KAO

  10. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Who thinks Bristol would ask for protection if this strange man was an 89 year old multi billionaire on his last leg?

    Both Bristol and Sarah would find a way to trap him.

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM

    O/T Gryphen, but Anonymous strikes again!

    Hackers produce disturbing video evidence in Ohio gang rape case

    KnightSec, a hacking group affiliated with the “Anonymous” collective, has released a video of teenager Michael Nodianos glorying in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by his high school football player teammates. According to the Atlantic Wire, hackers are intervening, putting now-scrubbed evidence back online because other teenagers and citizens of football-crazed Steubenville, Ohio are proving to be reluctant to help authorities prosecute a rape case against the town’s teenage football stars.

    “She is so raped right now,” said Nodianos to the camera. “There won’t be any foreplay for a dead girl. It ain’t wet now, to be honest. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

    He was referring to an incident in late August, when two players on Steubenville High School’s prestigious football team, The Big Red, reportedly drugged a 16-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her, carrying her unconscious body by the wrists and ankles from party to party, urinating on her and abandoning her at the end of the night at her parents’ house. The players, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, are currently on house arrest in Steubenville after being remanded from the county juvenile detention center.

    The boys glorified their crime online, shooting Instagram photos of the assault, making lewd updates on Facebook and Twitter, and allowing their friends, like Nodianos, to shoot photos and make their own updates and videos about the incident. In spite of the abduction and attack’s high profile in social media, townspeople have been reluctant to aid the prosecution of the crime in any way, lest it jeopardize The Big Red’s chances at another state championship.

    Raw Story (

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      I hope that, "while under house arrest" (and there were probably more than two who should have been charged), these boys are getting psychiatric help for obvious mental problems. Their computers and cellphones and video games should also have been taken away. And the team should be banned for a period of years from competing. Obviously there is a serious coaching issue as well as a serious community issue here. How many more girls will be "gang raped" in Steubenville before the community wakes up?

    2. Anonymous8:27 AM

      I want all their promising careers evaporated. I want them chemically castrated. I want them rammed up the anus with metal rods until their internal organs fail like that poor girl in India. Let's see how they laugh after that.

    3. WakeUpAmerica8:51 AM

      Dragging them through town at full speed behind a big truck would be too good for them.

    4. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Please, everyone, pay attention to this case.

      This could be any one of us.

      If you watch the disgusting video online, you will see there is also a gun on the floor.

    5. Anonymous10:00 AM

      They have been exposed.

      America is watching now.

      Anonymous will see this to the end.

      Justice will be served.

      Bristol looks is a selfish, self-serving bitch compared to this real victim. Bristol learned well from Sarah.

    6. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Bristol's self serving cries to TMZ make it hell for real victims of crime. I am appalled that she promotes herself at the expense of others and gets by with it over and over. Why hasn't someone reported the real Bristol story? Including the lies she told in court? They is easy to prove.

      Bristol creating herself as a damsel in danger while others don't get half the attention for real fear and pain is a shame beyond words.

    7. Anonymous6:51 PM

      O/T, For what it's worth, Dean Martin was from Steubenville and started singing in bars there. Also, Clark Gable was born and raised there.

    8. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Its a whole town cover-up Steubenville...worthy of Wasilly's cover up of Sarah & Todd's secrets...
      Sheriff, covers,one of them the mom is a special prosecutor, police lying, coach is a perve...goes on an on just like Wasilla...only-its being exposed by Anonymous!

  12. Anonymous6:59 AM

    See the actual video footage at: #OpRollRedRoll #OpSteubenville #KnightSec #Anonymous - We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. They Should Have Expected Us.

  13. I doubt Bristol is a killer, and I doubt she’s ever helped steal someone’s inheritance, so I feel kind of sorry for her. At the bottom of it, she’s a dumb kid who saw how Mommy makes money and wanted some of that.

    Tripp is well-known and might be safe enough, but Trig and the younger children are at special risk, since the nut would see them as baggage and a drag on his future.

    If the manly Heaths and Palins want to pull guns out from under the beds, now would be the time. Just don’t be stupid and leave them around for the kids. Guys like this nut can easily dodge the law and even get into the house(s), especially with all the children flying to and fro.

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      There are people with no indication of being a killer who can end up killing. That Lanza kid was strange but not so violent. He was a well trained marksman, I guess.

      Bristol is still very young. All that can be predicted is that she will continue to do pretty much what she has done before. The public only knows so much about her past.

      If someone were to break in to her house and threaten her why wouldn't she shoot them dead? She would be protecting property, self and others. Or she might shoot Track by mistake when he comes in wasted. Most gun deaths are between people who know each other. Arson is another matter. So called wonderful firemen can go on for years as secret arsonists and kill people with fires. Who would suspect they could be killers? It is hard to tell who has killed or who could be a killer.

    2. This thread might be dead, but you’re right about that. A coworker was convinced her younger brother (a fireman) had burned a problematic house down, but it couldn’t be proven.

  14. Anonymous7:01 AM


  15. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Did this guy from Texas show up with a case of wine coolers?

    HE DIDN'T!

    That's his problem!

    The man was unprepared to court the Palin tramp.

  16. Anonymous7:03 AM

    and still more...

  17. Anonymous7:08 AM

    This was unfortunately coming down the pike for her; we've all said that Bristol was foolish to put her son and herself on center front-stage with her reality show and her constant blog messaging, preaching to others, and supporting her mother, who she herself finds a weird fan-base, and then throw in the father and brother who want to cash in, by writing another 'intimate' book about Sarah.

    The whole lot of the Palin family is unhinged in their need for public attention. They seek the spotlight, post photos of themselves, sell photos of themselves and personal stories to magazines, appear out of nowhere on gossip sites like TMZ (don't complain about it either), and just expect everything will be fine. They seem to forget there are consequences for wanting fame and attention. Unfortunately there are whackos out there.

    Who ever advised Bristol on her "career" choices, after her mother's political rise to fame, gave her the worst advice anyone could give.

    I hope the guy is caught and dealt with - maybe this will finally get through to Bristol that she might want to be anonymous and do the right thing for her child, and that would include Levi too. Neither of them should give reports on their activities at this point, for all concerned. They need to mature and stop this addiction to handing out personal information to media.

    1. Seems they've had as much career advice as makeup and clothing advice.

      I'll never forget those thigh-high purple velour boots. ROFL

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM

      I hope the guy is caught and dealt with -

      They have his name, his mother turned him in, he is "CAUGHT". NOTICE "fourth birthday" is prominent. How many times does media bother with the age of a birthday person like that if the matter is serious or dangerous? Bristol is only saying he is stalking her, it is alleged. His mother says he is unstable and she warned the police. I don't see that he did anything criminal yet. Stupid yes. Many unstable people show up on door steps, Dave Letterman found the same woman in his house over and over. That is stalking.

  18. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Brisket wants protection? Why? This story has the makings of a reality tv show!

    How much can Brisket milk the Alaska Film Tax Credit again?

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Religious and serious, can they sell a show about celebrity victims of stalkers. Everything else has failed. The so-called fitness book is not likely to happen. Would they really try to go with a serious problem like stalking?

  19. angela7:12 AM

    Stalkers are scary and dangerous. I hope Bristol will be okay. I still think she is a bit of an idiot but no one deserves a crazy person on their doorstep. The family already has to deal with that every time Sarah flies home on her broomstick from the lower forty- eight.

    But has anyone wondered why stalkers always show up at the Palin's doorstep when things are publically quiet for them? And you'd think with all of their money they would have gotten some kind of gated security by now as crazies keep showing up at the house. Damn they're dumb.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      You never know if you run into a stranger at the market, they could be crazy and shoot you in the face. Bristol is lucky to have a huge compound full of arsenal to protect her and Tripp. Sarah, Chucks, Track and Todd can all let lose with their assault weapons.

      This sounds like she is crying wolf again. It is weird but the guy thinks he loves her. If he had stayed off the Palin compound it would be no different from all the other men who think they love her and want to give her gifts or marry her. This is not like a big scary problem except she is creating one for publicity. She should keep the small stuff out of the press. Makes her look bad to only attract deranged nut cases who are fans. She has no decent fans outside of cult members that send them money ans support the Palins.

      I know there are many of these publicity stunts from the Palins. Not much has turned up to be fact based. The one where the Palin password was too easy and made access to e-mail, Bristol went to court and lied under oath. She has no respect for the system that she wants to protect her.

      I think it is very important that someone with good research and writing skills do a full on report about ALL THE SIMILAR PALIN WOLF CRIES. That is not nice of them to use and abuse the media, public and legal system.

      The very least she could do if she thinks she is doing the right thing is to tell the truth when under oath.

      My memory is vague but just off the cuff I recall 1. a story from Juneau days 2. a poor sucker that was mentally ill and Sarah got a restraining order 3. easy e-mail password guessed 4. and a couple of white powder attention seeking from DWTS time.

      HOW MANY MORE? Please someone take the crying wolf serious. It is a very bad thing. It makes others more vulnerable and the world less safe. How many more girls will follow Bristol's example of crying wolf for attention?

    2. WakeUpAmerica8:53 AM

      If they fence and gate their property, how will they get in the news? DUH!

    3. Or just addicted fame whores.

    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Bristol lives on her own now, not on the compound. I hope she installed a good security system when she remodeled her home.

    5. Anonymous10:26 AM

      "HOW MANY MORE? Please someone take the crying wolf serious. It is a very bad thing. It makes others more vulnerable and the world less safe. How many more girls will follow Bristol's example of crying wolf for attention?"

      Most women have more self-respect.

    6. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Don't they live on a lake? Someone can come via a canoe? Now they have little subs. I would think they need the Coast Guard to watch their place.

    7. Anonymous11:32 AM

      They say Bristol lives on her own. They all lie. Even if she has a house, doesn't mean she spends much time there. Who knows where she sleeps? Tripp doesn't even have his own bed room at her house. You would think they would stage one and take some of those crappy pictures they post.

    8. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Bristol lives out on Knik Goose Bay road. One of my co-workers lives a half mile away on the lake. She purchased an old fixer upper house and an adjacent lot. It's probably a 4 bedroom home so I daresay that Tripp has a room there. I'm pretty sure she lives there full time as co-worker and her kids run into them when they are all skating.

    9. Anonymous1:45 PM

      12:06 PM

      Co-worker believes the moose poop because she skates? Appearances can be deceptive. Plus we know Bristol is a liar. Bristol alone with Tripp and her guns in a scary big house. Sure.

      We gots a bridge to sell ya.

    10. Anonymous2:27 PM

      how's the skating out there right now ?

    11. Anonymous2:45 PM


      The lakes are in great shape right now! We've had some warm weather that melted the snow layer and some parts of Wasilla and Lucille are like glass; bumpy glass in some places but there is great ice right now and it's warm.

    12. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Anon at 1:45pm

      I don't get why you think Bristol would live at her Mom's house. I mean, why purchase a home and property and then pay to totally gut it and renovate it and then not live in it? Doesn't make sense to spend all that money and then live somewhere else.

    13. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Doesn't make sense

      ...aaaaand that's a Palin!

    14. Anonymous6:57 PM


      really, no overflow ?!?

    15. Anonymous2:18 AM

      Why did Bristol decorate her Az house and not really use it. She did not last long in Anchorage condo. There may be a pattern. Why think she would change because she has a house on a dead lake?

  20. Anonymous7:13 AM

    As long as this guy will support all of Bristol's children, does she really care if he is a stranger?

  21. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Track Palin: "Does he have a sister?"

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Todd Palin: "Does he have a single struggling mother looking for a job?"

  22. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I believe the Palins encourage ¨sexting¨ and personal e-mails with their fans. They lure them to Alaska and have them arrested for publicity.

    The Palins only know how to do one thing: Stab people in the back.

  23. Anonymous7:20 AM

    If this guy from Texas was a chin cosmetic surgeon, would Bristol be complaining?

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Hell Bristol would be telling him she was pregnant by him after he only touched the door knob!

  24. Oops. Forgot the little b@tch lied to get a man sent to jail.

    Well, the manly men still need to protect the women and children since Grandmaw can’t even load a gun.

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Grandmaw can’t even load a gun but she has access to many.

  25. Anonymous7:24 AM

    "See Levi, other men wants me..... how come you don't?"

  26. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I'm thinking if this guy can track Bristol to Wasilla from Texas.... somebody aint spring fresh!

  27. Anonymous7:47 AM

    You can't beg for the attention than complain when you get it, positive or negative. Anything to remain in the spotlight but what did we expect? Kim Kardashian is preggers. Can't be havin' her gettin' all the press, no sirree.

    What a FUCKED UP family.

  28. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Come on, Palin's don't get engagement rings, they get engagement fetus'---so it is not even a real proposal. And if the crazy man met Brisket, He'd be saddling up and ending for the hills in no time just like every other guy that has ever spent time with her.

  29. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I say do not blame the victim for someone's stalking and delusion they have a relationship.

    Bristol's reality show was creepy in many levels. Bristol indeed emphasized she sought a new daddy to parent so she could continue to avoid responsibilities of parenting. I credit her for earning big bucks taking the very public opportunities. Children need critical things that cost nothing including discipline from parents not one chosen to play the "bad" guy to do what good parents do.

    This girl is not a role model. Her ignorance, opinions steeped in ignorance is profound.

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      I don't blame a victim for a stalker. If you are in a particular business and you advertise certain things, you do need to be aware of the downside and be responsible about matters.

      When TMZ makes a report like this it is from the Palin's publicity machine. They are to blame for that. Why make this small thing public and attract more negative attention?

      They must have bigger plans to get something out of this.

      Most families would not put their child or children in further danger with a publicity stunt like this.

    2. Anonymous9:39 AM

      TMZ is a well oiled machine that combs the court records around the country and I'm sure they are dedicated to the Palin flags. I don't think Palin broadcasted it, but they sure don't mind the sympathy factor (if there is any) once things like this comes public.

      It'd be frightening to have someone uninvited and a record of mental illness or unhinged behavior showing up at your property. I wonder if the Palin's would fight for his 2nd Amendment rights also too and whatnot?

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      TMZ links to court docs that they find. Did they link to a court document here? If not, they were fed the story by someone else.

      Someone that would make an announcement about Tripp Palin's BIRTHDAY PARTY and the date.

  30. Anonymous8:07 AM

    O/T Does McGinniss have confirmation on a certain Fox News contract?

    @jmachats @SarahPalinUSA Thanks, John. Happy New Year. 2013 will be blessedly free of #SarahPalin.

    When pigs fly...

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Yes, very interesting, that pig flying over into Palin Hoax territory.

      Mr G, I'd sure ne interested in your comment on this choice of photos that Sullivan has made. Do you know anything about Sullivan being censored by the Atlantic Group re the Palin Preg Hoax?

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      McGinniss I Believe is good friends with Roger Ailes.

    3. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Great find...I hope Joe does have the inside scoop!

    4. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Remember Joe McG found the Babygate thing very distasteful and wouldn't touch it in his book.

    5. Anonymous1:09 PM

      I've heard her Fox contract isn't being renewed but she's still pulling out the stops to use her remaining connections to try to land a talk show type of deal, guest judge on a reality show, anything she can grab. She wants a three year deal to start and is said to be demanding an additional multimillion fee up front. So far, no takers (from what I hear.)

      Maybe we could start a collection fund to pay the networks NOT to fund a show with her? :)

      Jennifer aka Media Insider

    6. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Anonymous 12:50 - Apparently you missed Chapter 19 -- Babygate. McGinniss also had the courage to speak about babygate on national tv in spite of efforts by many in the media to marginalize him and the book. As a journalist, he treated babygate as something the media should investigate, not a proven fact. He coined the term Trignostic.

    7. You know the fact is that Joe TRIED to kill the babygate story, in fact giving me a derisive look the day we talked about it.

      However in his research more and more unanswered questions kept coming up. And even those he assumed would be on her side, questioned the birth story as well.

      In the end Joe handled it as fairly as they felt he could.

  31. Anonymous8:16 AM

    It's all a ruse to reinforce Tri-PP's fake birthday date. Not buying it.

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      I noticed that, so this date is what we are supposed to note?

    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Someone commented the other day, someone that had sent folks up here to gather info re: baby gate, that the ONLY thing they did find out for certain, thru interviewing locals and even some Palin friends and family is that Tripp was definitely born on 12/27/08. They saw dated photos from the hospital and Levi confirmed that birthdate.

    3. Anonymous10:31 AM

      That's exactly what I thought. They did say who the guy was, so maybe they just slipped in "Tripp's b-day" because she didn't acknowledge it on her blog. The Palin's are opportunists to the bone.

    4. Anonymous11:51 AM

      10:26 AM

      If any truth to that it must be documented.

      Levi can also answer more questions about the picture in the hospital when he alleges that he and Sarah were so comfy hanging out in "her" room with Trig. He had his high scool hair and wore a green shirt. Sarah alleges they didn't know him well enough to have him in their living room. Why would a potential Presidential candidate lie about a young man who is the father of her grandchild? Too much mystery around these births.

      They have all been caught in lies. Why believe Levi now? If a big criminal hoax is involved they may have all agreed to swear by 12/27/08 date for Tripp.

      All of them must be put under oath and have supportive documents of their changing stories and any claims they make.

  32. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Why doesn't Sarah sweetly offer to bring him a poisoned pie to welcome him to the neighborhood? Nothing scares old man-hands Sarah, Sarah by now may have figured out what to do with that shotgun under her bed that Levi taught her how to use?

  33. jcinco8:42 AM

    their hunger for attention is nothing short of offensive...

  34. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I think Bristol would fake her own death just to get back in the tabloids. I don't believe this story either.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:50 PM

      I like that one! Don't give her any ideas, she's getting a lot of mileage with "stalkers".

  35. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Every celebrity and politican has been stalked. Is this the best she can do to get attention?

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      You would think the Palins would have empathy for families like the Obamas.

      On the scale of stalker madness this is at the bottom. It is just all they can find to enhance their thirst for keeping their brand name out there.

      It is fact they are desperate and pathetic.

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      If you know any little thing about how serious stalking is and some of what all goes on with stalking, you know this is not news worthy. In most cases the police recommend not to seek publicity. If the Palins had class and were not so cheap they would have hired reputable agents to advise and take care of matters with the public. Do you think a real or decent PR agent would leak to TMZ with this kind of minor overblown stalking situation?

      This serves many purposes for the Palins. they get attention and brainwashing Tripp's assigned birthdate into public consciousness are a few.

    3. Anonymous5:59 PM

      You would think the Palins would have empathy for families like the Obamas.



      that HELPED create this TOXIC HATRED that has surfaced in these last few years.

      She is hell-bound, the hell-hound.

  36. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I just looked at Junkies' FB page, or whatever you call him, and he has some beautiful girls as his main page photo. There is no mention of Bristol anywhere.
    What happened to that relationship? Why can't Bristol find a man? Levi and Sunny have the most positive FB I have seen in a long time. Bristol has to be so jealous...

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      I can't imagine any "man" would be foolish enough to court this diva wannabe. Who would want to be subjected to that dysfunctional delusional family? Maybe Bristol should check him out... He might be rich.

    2. Anita Winecooler7:47 PM

      hmmm "Bristol Junker-Cummings" would definitely make it to the "Jay Leno" show.

      Can't make this stuff up, folks!!

  37. Anonymous8:52 AM

    WTF? Does Bristol have TMZ on speed dial?

    1. WakeUpAmerica9:00 AM


    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      It used to be People, but I think they were so embarrassed to run the Track Palin divorce, they must have unlisted their number.

  38. Anonymous9:04 AM

    So what if the guy is crazy. She's getting way too choosey. I mean, one of the pre-conditions for wanting to marry her is crazy. She may as well take him up on it.

    1. Anonymous2:53 PM

      We in Alaska have seen this bullshit time and time again w/the Palins. Happened in Juneau (high school kids after Bristol) - Sarah announced it - did nothing about it and there was never a record of it in Juneau!

      The Palin bunch is ALWAYS full of shit!

  39. Anonymous9:29 AM

    When they claim people have actually threatened them harm (gang rape), they do nothing. When a hopeful suitor shows up, they take legal action to get media attention. It may be crazy for this guy to think he would be welcomed into the Palin home but it doesn't sound like he posed a danger and he apparently left after showing up at the door or gate.

    Our court system would be on overload if every girl/woman sought a restraining order from a guy who sent gifts and showed up to ask for a date.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Bristol feeds on drama.

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      So true.

  40. Anonymous9:37 AM

    What about Levi? Does he have any interest in his son's safety? He believes all is well b/c the Palins have all those guns?

    Frankly, I would want my children out of that Compound and far away from that huge stash. It is not like he doesn't have a clue about the drug addicts around there. No one leaves a loaded gun around just in case Sarah or Bristol need protection and they can't load?

    Please, someone think of Tripp and Trig. Take them out of harms way.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Nobody is in harm's way. It's just Bristol trying to get attention.

    2. Anonymous12:00 PM

      What does Bristol's need for attention have to do with all the guns the Palin's stock pile?

      They kids are in harms way because Sarah and Bristol are fake gun enthusiasts. Fake because they don't know how to shoot, they just pose AND OWN GUNS. We only hear from the family of liars that they are safe hunters and all that. Sarah looks loaded when she in on TV or giving talks, she may spend plenty of time at home getting high and paranoid. Without guns those kids are in harms way.


    3. Anonymous12:49 PM


      And why do we care if the Palin kids have access to guns? Whatever, parents that stupid and unsafe don't deserve to have kids anyway.

    4. Anonymous2:01 PM

      We live in a gun culture. Gun enthusiasts care about guns. Not so much kids or Palin kids. Kids get shot everyday in our culture. It is an acceptable way of life for some. No one cares about the Palin's kids exposure to assault weapons or pistols or any of it. Those kids get jacked up on Red Bull and junk food and will sooner die from that. If not dead some of the cursed diseases parents like Palin pass on.

      The odds are Tripp will be crippled like Sledneck Junker's compadre before he is accidentally shot by a family member.

      I don't care how any of them go. I will just be glad when they are done. Sick of the lying bunch and how they get by with so much crime.

  41. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Carly Davis won the Slednecks competition in spite of Bristol's "fans" gaming the votes for Bristol's latest trial daddy! Does Joey Junker have no pride or self-respect?

    The Palins are cheaters who have never "competed" based on their own skill, but have counted on anonymous "votes" to keep them in the competition.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Carly was sort of a "lesser of two evils" vote as she is the daughter of Todd's sledding partner Scott Davis. But better the daughter of Todd's partner than Bristol's boyfriend and plus, it really was all about us gaming the system just like Bristol tried to do, and it worked! Neener, neener :-)

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Bristol posts her blog at a Christian website. Being a good Christian, I thought that Bristol would honor the Ten Commandments, including the stuff about not lying and not stealing. Stealing an election by voting more times than allowed is dishonest and not very Christian.

  42. Anonymous9:48 AM

    When Bristol started out on her book tour her head was full of fantasy. There would be NFL QBs, MLB pitchers, NBA All Stars, NHL goalies, and movie stars lining up at her book signings, inviting her out for romantic dinners, professing their love for her, and proposing marriage on bent knee.

    After all, she was a Dancing Star, a peer of Meghan McCain, nay, Meghan´s social superior (she asked to be the Godparent of her children, right?), someone who Greta fussed over, the nations DARLING. There were reasons why people kissed her ass! She was a Godess!

    Fantasy collided with reality. Okay, then, Iĺl walk the streets of LA LA Land with camel toe. That´ll catch their eyes.


    Okay, then, when they see my show they´ll come running and throw theyselves at me feet.


    Okay, then, Iĺl just fuck over an imbecilic palinbot, just like my mom.


    Mrs Sunny Johnston must be LHAO right about now.

  43. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Levi and his wife go hunting all the time too. It is one of their favorite sports. I am sure Levi will teach Tripp how to hunt too. It is how you store your guns that is important. They need to be locked up tightly and away from sight.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Right on. Families who are heavily medicated may learn gun safety but get careless or crazy.

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      The Johnstons have enough sense to keep things locked up. Not likely the Palins have sense. They are loaded and unlocked.

    3. Anonymous6:02 PM

      the Johnston didn't "lock up" his Johnson!

      And now he's got TWO kids.


  44. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Todd doesn't fuck around so I'd not be surprised if he takes matters into his own hands if this creep shows up again. He's rather known in these parts for his short fuse and fondness for firearms.

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      That would be one way to get Todd in jail. But like most bullies, he would be all bluster, no balls (or dick)haha.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM


      Listen, shitbird, Todd is a puss.

      Iḿ the commenter who made the Palins brace against the airport concourse wall.

      And when you asked for video proof?

      Seriously, only morans videotape their walks in an airport.

    3. Anonymous11:54 AM


      Ahh, yes, the illustrious Hawk! I see you're as angry and creepy as ever! You seem to have an anger management issue; might wanna get that checked out. There must be a pysch clinic in Valdez.

    4. Anonymous12:21 PM

      With the little two tone he may have worked harder to be a good shot.

      Todd is not always there. How does he leave Sarah? He must know she can't load a gun. When he is gone, does he leave a loaded pistol or automatic for her in case she is scared?

    5. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Just what our nation needs: more morons with short fuses and firearms at the ready.

      Go to the police?
      Hire a lawyer?
      talk the guy down?

      No, bullets at the ready! This guy's trying to take away our Commandments or our Bill of Rights or sumpim'

    6. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Is that what happened to Curt Menard Jr? Todd got rid of Track's daddy!

    7. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Someone will make a chit load of money when they come out with their true story of life with the Compound family and cred to back it up.

      Curt Menard Jr. is a man that deserves justice and the whole true story to be told.

    8. Anita Winecooler7:40 PM

      "Todd doesn't fuck around"
      Thanks for the laughs. He DOES fuck around. Todd's pimpalicious, but very romantic. He's a romantic though, he sings "you light up my life" to the girls after he fucks around.

    9. Anonymous9:51 PM

      Todd is known for a short fuse and being a bully, period. In other words, he can't take care of a problem by himself. He has to get back-up because he is too puny to do anything by himself. "Have you seen Todd?" ROFLMAO!!! Yeah, I've seen him. Snort, snicker, giggle!

  45. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Hey Bristol, maybe you should reconsider? It may be the last offer you get. Bwahahaha

  46. "....takes matters into his own hands...."? Considering what we know, that would be "hand." Okay, mebbe thumb and two fingers.

  47. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:17 AM

    Seeing that most of Palin's slathering followers couldn't find their ass with both hands, I'm surprised to see that more are waking up to the fact that they're being royally punk'd by both the Tea Party AND their Personal Savior Queen. Here's a remark from one of the hopelessly smitten regulars, referring to Sarah keeping her yap shut recently. It's answered by another commenter whose brain cells seem to be coming out of a deep freeze (all absolutely verbatim):

    "Don't you just love this dead silence? I once experience a tornado years about. The green color of the sky and breathless calm before all hell broke.... lose, is something to experience. When this coming cold front from Alaska arrives and meets this hot air in DC, all hell will break.... lose. So hold on to your hat's gentlemen and laddies, likewise, your skirts. On second thought maybe it should be the other way around!"

    "We as Palinistas have saddled her with OUR wants, wishes and desires. To read some of the comments here, we see her as the alpha and omega of politics and conservative thoughts! But have we heard from her what SHE wants to do? Perhaps I've missed her answer to that question?

    For the record, I WANT PALIN, for President. But it is what SHE wants that is important.

    (So and so) said to me yesterday that perhaps we should stop asking her and go over her head and "ask her Boss," GOD! I think that is an excellent suggestion!"

    Hey folks, don't even bother to ask your Chosen Supreme Boss. All Scarah wants is to have ALL your attention and spend YOUR hard-earned cashola while you fantasize about what she's doing at this very minute, or worse. As far as a term for this insanity, I'll submit either "Palin as Fantasy Mommy Syndrome" or "Throw Money at the False Idol Insecurity." IMO, they all really, really need a new, sparkly televangelist rather than a dried-up wannabe reality show ho.

    1. "So hold on to your hat's gentlemen and laddies, likewise, your skirts."

      Their hats have gentlemen?

      Laddies wear skirts...


    2. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Seems like Sarah didn't have a *whole lot* going on in 2011...she CERTAINLY could have run.

      Why would they start with this Sarah for President bullshit when the 2nd Inauguration of the President hasn't even occurred?

      2016 is a looooong time away.

      Perhaps they think she will start PREPARING now?


      oh man, that's ridiculous!

  48. jcinco11:18 AM

    the commenters are ripping her a new one on hp and tmz..she's vying for her mom's title of most reviled woman in America apparently...

  49. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I hope she hocked the ring :-)

  50. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Hey Bristle, your tea party cheating votes didn't work on for Tripp's new daddy, Joey Junker, kinda like the teapublicans cheating didn't work for Mitt either.


    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      Actually thats great news to hear. Maybe now Bristul will they'll realize her fan base is no longer there and she should start looking for a real job, with real responsibility. I've heard she is pretty dumb and a slow learner so I wonder how long she would last. I'll bet she would have a serious problem holding down a job.

  51. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I wish she could do something about that pimply chin. The fugly thing is so distracting. Glasses do no help in this case. Poor thing does need money to keep up the work she needs. This is a shoddy way to go about getting more funds.

  52. Anonymous12:45 PM

    TMZ ALWAYS LINKS TO COURT PAPERS. Where are the links?

  53. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I'm surprised you folk have not been able to put two and two together.

    What was the last thing we heard from Bristol? An exhortation to all her cheating friends to get online and support her beau, Joey Junker, to win Slednecks. And we know how that Masterplan worked out.

    Ok, Master Plan No 2. I'm going to spell this out for you, and it may also be helpful to Joey in case the light bulb hasn't gone on there either.

    Bristol: "Oh, Joey, there's this awful man stalking me, he says he wants to marry me. I'm so frightened".

    Joey: "Don't you worry about a thing, Little Lady, I'll look after you." (Chest swells with manly pride). Bristol Boo Boo, will you marry me?".

    Bristol: "Oh Joey, I thought you'd never ask". (simper).

    The Palins may be looking out their best blue jeans for a wedding, even as we speak.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      You think they are picking out a

    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      but, but...

      The Piggly Wiggly is Plum Out of Boo-kays!

  54. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Gabby Giffords is supposed to speak to the Newtown families this week. Of course the Palin's have to show up in the news "with danger" at the same time. Whenever Gabby is in the news, Palin's have to get in the news as well. I had a stalker for 2 years but it wasn't reported by TMZ. Of course, my mother wasn't on speeddial to TMZ.

  55. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I believe the unfortunate gentleman is the banned peezoo monkey The Total Conservative. He was banned because of his use of extreme and bad language, not because they didn't like his extreme and bad views. He changed his name to Michael but doesn't post at the zoo any more (like most of the cult).

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      She has a Micheal that comments on her Facebook page..he looks kinds creepy..might be him.

  56. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Mini-me strikes again! Granny Grifter had a stalker from PA, well know Bristol has a stalker from TX! Everything is bigger and better in Texas, so they say.

  57. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Sounds like another tall story and attention getter from the Palin Klan!!! They've done this before. Complete bullshit as usual!

    Horrible photo of Bristol too - ugly, ugly chin just like her mudder!

  58. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I see Aimee Semple McPherson or Dusty Rhodes in Sarah Palin's future. It's the obvious next step for an A+ grifter.

    Mark my words: six moths from now she'll be leading revival meetings workng up the crowd for Jeebus.

    And when she finally keels over from anorexia and meth, they can embalm her like Lenin, Stalin and Kim Jung Il and thousands will come to kneel before her embalmed holiness. Only $5 for a peek; a whole family for $12.
    The gift of grifting will live on long after her.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      That makes total sense.

  59. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Look at all of the nasty people stalking the Palin Family. And, the Palins always make sure that the public knows about it. I think that in a real police matter, the first thing that the police would advise would be to keep quiet and let them take care of things.

    When Sarah was elected as governor and was supposed to live in Juneau, she claimed that both Bristol and Willow were subjected to threats of rape. They couldn't possibly go to school there. They would have to stay in Wasilla, and be paid a per diem for living in their own house. The problem is that there were never any official reports filed with the Juneau police or the school authorities. And, the Palins have used that same stalking "threat" over and over.

    The next time that Bristol or Sarah thinks about a reality show where they put their lives on public display, they might like to consider the consequences of it. Being in someone's living room, even on TV, creates a sense of familiarity. And, if all of those episodes of stalking have really been true, you would think that they might like to consider their life style and opt for safety and privacy instead of celebrity and danger. Oh, I forgot, they love being the victims and getting all of that attention.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Don't forget the reporter who rented the house next to theirs. They had to publically say he was there to peek in the bedroom windows at their girls, just to get their loonies to threaten him. The fact is Bristol is miserable. Her Junkie boyfriend in not interested in her. Remember the family photo she posted on her FB, no Junkie there. Junkie has a huge FB page with lots of blond girls on the front page, no mention of Bristol. She is so jealous that Levi has a darling devoted wife who loves Tripp and posts all their family pictures on FB. You can tell Bristol is at the bottom of her life when she has to come out with this stalking crap.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Finally, I put 2 and 2 together.

      Frank Bailey said that he used to feel "protective" of Sarah b/c of all of the "horrible" things people would say about her and her family.

      Sarah just upgraded to giving the false information to ALL of Alaska (and now America)
      so that WE could all feel that sense of protection for them as well.

      sympathy is sympathy is sympathy

      Do you guys REMEMBER what Joe McGinniss went through????

      And of course, her story was a DISGUSTING, SEXUALLY DEVIANT LIE!!!!!

      Like everything in her life.

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      @Anonymous 6:16 PM
      By George, I think you're right!

    4. Anonymous2:41 AM

      6:16 PM 7:25 PM

      Agree. She has been playing that game for a long time. The public knows when she started in Juneau. I bet she goes way back getting sympathy because it works for her. Enough of the media who help promote her lies and her cultists will keep her games alive but the public is sick of them all.

      Not every wolf cry is to ruin an accredited author by calling him a pedophile but all exaggerated or false accusations are wrong. The men they accuse are damaged and they hurt all victims of real pedophiles and stalkers. All women have a shadow of doubt cast when a celebrity wannabee like Bristol uses media for her promotions or fake claims.

      Bristol is so wrong in so many ways.

  60. Anonymous5:01 PM

    If Fox got rid of Palin, DICK Morris, Karl Rove, when are they going to fired Bill O'REALLY?

  61. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I wonder if Sarah went after the woman who owned the house next door that was rented to Joe McGinnis?

    1. Anita Winecooler7:24 PM

      When it was a crack house? Or when Joe rented it? She NEEDED an excuse for Tawd's buddies to build a fence lol

  62. Anonymous5:32 PM

    As I said on TMZ...If the guy is crazy enough, a restraining order will not stop him.....just sayin'.

  63. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Bristol need to STHU and pay for security if she is so afraid of her fans..she attracted them now she has to live with it!!!

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      I agree. Plus, Sarah knows her base is dangerous freaks.

  64. hauksdottir6:43 PM

    An engagement ring? Maybe the diamond wasn't big enough for her ego.

    We can expect to see it auctioned off with other "celebrity gear" as a fundraiser for some PAC or other. Pawnshops only offer a pittance.

  65. Ratfish6:51 PM

    Did her mother loan her her recently acquired/discarded glasses so BGristol could look real smart too?

  66. Anita Winecooler7:23 PM

    I call foul. This is pure bullshit! It's an attention grabbing move on Blister's part. She's like the boy who cried wolf one too many times.

    Why "Announce" it to the world? Let the cops do their jobs and STFU for once!

    1. Anonymous2:51 AM

      They want people to believe she lives alone with her guns and Tripp on a remote lake in the woods. She is scared enough to file a restraining order for one fan, what about the rest of them?

      Her fans with guns would want to protect her and she is advertising that she is alone and needs protection.

      There is no way she is at her re-do house as a scared sitting duck waiting for another love sick unstable fan of hers. Someone is paying a fortune for security or she lives at her mother's fortress.

  67. This blog has absolutely nothing to do with truth or the pursuit of truth. The Palin's are wonderful people and I am amazed I didn't hear a single decent comment...I am hopeful that this post will be deleted becausei want to say something positive about them like I hope others did. As for a so-called "immoral minority" that isn't biblical and not true. Lucky people live with mistakes and die. I applaud Bristol standing up for the unborn CHILDREN. Children deserve to have opportunities and make better decisions than people on this blog that want to trash the Palins. If there were an immoral minority I would expect to find them here.


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