Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tennessee CEO threatens to "start killing people" if gun control legislation is passed. I don't think you're helping.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

The CEO of a Tennessee company that specializes weapons and tactical training is threatening to “start killing people” if President Barack Obama moves forward with gun control measures. 

In a video posted to YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, Tactical Response CEO James Yeager went ballistic over reports that the president could take executive action with minor gun control measures after the mass shooting of 20 school children in Connecticut last month. 

After the Drudge Report likened Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin on Wednesday, pro-gun conservatives expressed outrage over the idea that the White House could act without Congress. 

“Vice President [Joe] Biden is asking the president to bypass Congress and use executive privilege, executive order to ban assault rifles and to impose stricter gun control,” Yeager explained in his video message. “Fuck that.” 

“I’m telling you that if that happens, it’s going to spark a civil war, and I’ll be glad to fire the first shot. I’m not putting up with it. You shouldn’t put up with it. And I need all you patriots to start thinking about what you’re going to do, load your damn mags, make sure your rifle’s clean, pack a backpack with some food in it and get ready to fight.” 

The CEO concluded: “I’m not fucking putting up with this. I’m not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I’m not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people.” 

Holy shit!

Do these morons have ANY idea of how their violence infused tantrums appear to rational Americans?  I mean does this guy REALLY think he has helped is cause by essentially helping to prove the point of those of us who want to take guns out of the hands of lunatics like him?

I have to tell you that if I were in law enforcement in Tennessee I would be getting a warrant based on this video and being paying Mr. Yeager a visit. OH an if possible, also taking away his guns, because clearly he is not in the correct frame of mind to possess them.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Yeager Releases 2nd Video: No Murders ‘Unless It’s Necessary’

    James Yeager, the Tennessee firearms instructor who made waves when he posted a video online threatening to "start killing people" if the White House issues an executive order on gun control, released a second video Thursday in which he refused to back down from most his statements.

    "I do not condone anybody committing any kind of felonies up to and including any aggravated assaults or murders, unless it's necessary," Yeager said in the second video. "Right now it is not necessary."

    "I have drawn my line in the sand: Not one more inch," he said.

    Yeager opened the latest video saying that he "probably allowed my mouth to overrun my logic," and announced he had edted some of the more heated comments out of his previous video and reposted it. Then he added: "But I don't, I don't retract any of my statements."

    Yeager continued to get worked up over the Obama administration's "tyranny" and talked urged people to pack backpacks, get in shape, and load their guns. He said that his first video had "accidentally assembled an army … a quite formidable army."

    He also asked those who "stole" and posted the unedited video version of his first video, which includes the statement about killing people, to take those videos down.

    Yeager, the CEO of Tactical Response in Camden, Tenn., claims on his website to be "TN Department Of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor," but a spokesperson for the department told TPM this is not the case.

    Tactical Response CEO Lists False Firearms Training Credentials Online, State Says

    James Yeager, the CEO of Tactical Response who recently said "I'm gonna start killing people" if President Obama takes executive action on gun violence, advertises his services as a firearms instructor with a long list of state and federal certifications. One of the more prominent claims is innacurate, according to Tennessee law enforcement.

    On his personal website, Yeager's Corner, Yeager says he's a "TN Department Of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor."

    But Dalya Qualls, a spokesperson for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, told TPM that's just not the case.

    "I have confirmed with our Handgun Unit that Mr. Yeager is not a Department of Safety and Homeland Security certified handgun instructor and Tactical Response is not a department certified school," Qualls said in an email.

    Though Yeager lists himself as a "firearms instructor," Qualls told TPM he is not certified by the department and that there is no such certification offered.

    1. lol...was just going to post

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Via Digby these little nuggets. Read the After Action Reviews (warning-explicit-people died in this incident) posted at 9:36 and 9:42 am at this link

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Dear Mr Yeager,
    Do that and the real patriots will stand up and shoot you down. We do not need anarchy, BTW I am a good enough shot not to need a semi or auto weapon to stand my ground.

    1. Serious question here - how do authorities go about revoking someone's gun license? Would a video like this qualify as grounds to revoke a gun license?

  3. What he needs is a psych eval for danger to others which the police may be involved in just to detain him because he has the potential to be dangerous. If that would happen not only would the violence be decreased, but those who have mental health issues could be prevented from doing something that would get them incarcerated. When we help people with mental health problems we help ourselves. Of course if his problem is psychopathy at this point in time there is no treatment, so the only option is to find a way to protect society. These guys go on the Internet and get others who are mentally unstable and moronic all fired up and contribute to lots of problems. Almost always we find out those who say these types of things have significant mental health problems and/or chemical dependency issues, but the dots are not being connected. Of this guy also has the issue of loosing money if particular weapons are banned and will want to fire up the idiots to start making noise about it.

  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    This idiot is going to be on the Ed Show tomorrow - MSNBC - Cable. He called and asked Ed for the spot. These guys are a friggin mess!

    1. I suppose he's transcribed Alex Jones' rant on Piers Morgan's show, and plans on upping the crazy ante with his few minutes of nationwide cable publicity.

    2. This should really piss everyone off: this fool has his own Cable TV show on The Outdoor Channel!

      He's just drumming-up media interest in himself, ala Palin: squawk as obnoxiously and outrageously as you can, and get FREE, FREE, FREE advertising for your piss-poor cable TV show!!

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I sincerely hope that the FBI goes after this asshole and locks him up immediately as he is calling out the patriots like him to kill other Americans! There are too many out there that would do it!!!!

  6. Anger issues for the delusional Aryan brother.

    THIS is why the dude invested in camo fatigues, some cool sunglasses, and a bunch of Kevlar body armor. Oh, and an arsenal of all those manly assault rifles that he saw all the badass dudes getting a hard-on for at the Guns & Knives Show.

    This is exactly the type of temperament that needs some sort of imaginary conflict to engage in so he can feel like a big, tough guy--- a patriot.

    So he's going on a mission to save all the "patriots", but first he has to pack his little lunch in case his little tummy starts growling before he gets back home for lunch. Everybody knows that you can't go 'round killing people when your tummy is telling you your tank is on E.

    Hopefully he chooses healthy, vitamin-rich snacks to tide him over until his healthy, nutritious lunch. After which, he will have all of the energy he needs to continue his afternoon killing spree. Until his mom calls him and tells him it's time to wash up for supper.

    1. He'd better pack some fiber in that lunch too because he's really full of sh*t! I hope this video is enough to get the FBI to pay this guy a visit and charge him with making terrorist threats. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists and if you are making threats to start shooting people and foment insurrection against the duly-elected government - just because you have policy differences - that's what you are. A terrorist. He'll cry like a freakin' baby if he gets hauled in for questioning.

  7. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Legal action and prosecution - treason against this guy? NO, this is NOT first amendment speech. This is "incitement to riot."

    1. If this asswipe starts a riot, it will definitely be a Pussy Riot. A bunch of small-membered, inadequate punks doing a circle-jerk with one another in the woods, not the band. Yeager will be the pivot-man in the center. Just sayin'.

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM

    So ... here is the next Schaeffer Cox trial in the works.
    And do you remember all the media and public anquish immediately following the WTC attack on 11 Sep 01? It was nonstop, "Why didn't they Connect the Dots?!!!" and prevent that from happening...
    Well, here is a good opportunity to connect this "Dot" [dolt] with the correct side of a jail cell, in order to prevent his stated goal of "start killing people".
    Get that psychopath put away, please, FBI or someone!

    1. He needs to spend a mandatory month in a Buddhist monastery doing walking meditation and mindful chores.
      M from MD

  9. well, one point I would agree with him; "get in shape", its one of my on-going NY resolutions. Apart from that I would suggest serious mental health intervention, this guy is a threat to himself and others.

  10. Anonymous5:15 PM

    WHO is that idiot going to start killing? His local policemen? Strangers? The fantasies that freaks like that are indulging in are scary, they're feeding off of each other's irrational rants.

    I was reading some FB comments today where people (like that guy) were calling for a revolution. Someone ask "are you going to kill family members too?" The replies were "yes if they supported gun control". One thing the man in the video left out of his preparation instructions was to make a Will.

    1. Someone ask "are you going to kill family members too?" The replies were "yes if they supported gun control".

      What if that's what set off the Sandy Point killer?

      Here's a perfect opportunity to stop tragedy before it happens by getting this guy off the streets for a mandatory mental health evaluation -- in the lock-up section of the local psych ward.

  11. Anonymous5:16 PM

    We can thank the FOX for inciting people like this.

    Instead of responsibly reporting on how it has become obvious that some reasonable legislation must be passed involving MILITARY STYLE weaponry being in the hands of the mentally unfit, they've got everyone (stupid enough to watch that channel) thinking their President wants to sneak into their homes at night and steal their handguns and hunting rifles.

    The stink of paranoia that would ensue from a law proposing lopping off the penis of American males, is all over this ridiculous reaction.

  12. Olivia5:21 PM

    These bozos just don't understand that nobody is going to rise up and follow them into Civil War. There won't be a civil uprising with "patriots" marching into Washington. They need to pay attention to what happened to David Koresh et al because that is exactly how it will end for them.

    The other thing they need to understand is that any harm that might come to the President due to their misguided (read idiotic) reactions to reality will elevate President Obama to hero status for all time and deal their movement it's fatal blow.

  13. He's just begging for TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation), FBI, or ATF to pay a visit.

    After all, Schaeffer Cox is gonna need a fellow prisoner pen-pal who understands that big tough gun-worshippin' guys need them some loving, also, too, when they're in the pokey for a few decades.

  14. Anonymous5:24 PM

    i take it this dirtbag doesn't care that treason is potentially punishable by death ?

  15. Anonymous5:28 PM

    me thinks it's gonna end badly for this tea_tard, sooner rather than later

  16. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Am reminded of the movie-ending shootout in "Enemy Of The State" at 11:00.........

  17. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Fox Regular Admits He's Making It All Up On Obama And Guns

  18. Anonymous5:39 PM

    "I understand that my video was very volatile. You have no idea how many people that sent me emails and texts and call me like 'Right on! My shit's clean. My bag is packed. You tell me when and where.' You have no idea how quickly I accidentally assembled an army. I assure you, a quite formidable army."

    1. Sally in MI7:27 PM

      Yes, formidable all right. A bunch of unemployed racist jerks with guns. Just what this country needs. An army of idiots with weapons. Lock 'em up and throw away the keys. They can be 'patriots' behind bars.

    2. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Youtube video posted by Yeager. "James Yeager's Bugout Bag "

    3. Anonymous6:45 AM

      "...I assure you, a quite formidable army."

      Well, in the formidable dept., we have a pretty good selection. For example, the 82nd Airborne

  19. James threats against your Country or fellow citizens is in a word "Stupid"what are you thinking? People are dying and you want to kill more ?Accept the inevitable sensible regulation! Nobody wants to take away your guns only the ability to kill multiple people.What the heck is wrong with that ?I'm an old Marine I've owned guns ,Hunted,etc.By the way I love my Country enough not to make idle threats.It's called being a Patriot.Oh and I respect the President that a majority of Americans elected!

  20. Anonymous6:02 PM


    Come on people, the guy just runs some training sessions for a few gun nuts on a gun range. Hardly a captain of industry of a global corporation.

    Yeager is mostly just another gun nut who has been posting videos on YouTube for years. Big-freaking-deal. Get over it, the guy is nothing.

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Well, he's a 'nothing' that I wouldn't want to tangle with:

      James Yeager is currently the CEO of Tactical Response which provides tactical training worldwide as well as being CEO of Tactical Response Gear an industry leader in products and service to the tactical community.

      From July 2004 until May 2005 James Yeager was on Protective Security Details in Baghdad Iraq. His Team was responsible for the protection of the 8 Iraqi Election Commissioners during the violent pre-election, election, and post election. His Team was also in charge of the physical security of their offices at the Interim Iraqi Government Building and we worked closely with the Gurkhan guard force there. Yeager’s duties as I.C. (on-site supervisor) included acting as a media liaison, coordinating the security force for the building (Contractors and Iraqi), coordinating with the security force for the compound (Global Risk and US Army), and coordinating with the two U.S. Army Force Protection groups for the area (82nd ABN). He also assisted with the planning, advances, coordination, and execution of the many meetings, plane rides, helicopter shuttles, conferences, and trips around turbulent Iraq that the 8 commissions took to set up and complete the electoral process.

      May 1996 through September 1998 he worked as a Patrolman and K-9 handler for the Big Sandy Police Department. In the fall of 1998 he was asked to be the Chief of Police. It was during this time he trained and led the County’s first Tactical Team. He held the position of Chief until a new Mayor fired him in May of 2000. He was hired as a Deputy at the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in May of 2000. His duties at BCSO included patrol, Tactical Team leader, and trainer for the Multi-Agency Crisis Response Team. September of 2002 after a new Sheriff came into office Yeager decided the political strife of full-time Law Enforcement was too much for him and he went into private training full-time until July of 2004 when he turned his company over to his Board of Directors to go to Iraq.

      January 1992 through May 1996 James Yeager worked with various Drug Task Force units as well as many local Departments’ Narcotics squads buying and selling illegal narcotics in an undercover capacity. He specialized in deep cover operations, used fictitious names, and moved frequently. The agencies he worked for included, but were not limited to, the 24th Drug Task Force, 23rd D.T.F., 27th D.T.F., Paris Police Department, the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, and the DEA. He made hundreds narcotics buys and sales during this period and still continues to work in short duration operations as needed.

      James Yeager is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) – Life Member, the Southern States Police Benevolent Association, the Tennessee Tactical Police and Paramedic Association (TTPPA) and is a member of I.L.E.E.T.A.

      * Louisiana State Police Firearms Instructor Number #0259
      * F.B.I. Certified Firearms Instructor
      * TN Department of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor
      * FAA certified to instruct Law Enforcement “Flying Armed” courses
      * A.L.S. Master Instructor (Less Lethal, Flashbangs, Chemical Weapons)

    2. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Sounds like he's compensating for something. A small something.

    3. Anonymous8:36 PM

      That's his bio from his own website. How do we know any of it is true?

    4. Paul - Minnesota5:10 AM

      If his bio is true, he's done very well being in government for decades. He's another of these benefits from long term government service types of people (even if he was a contractor or vendor later) and now he's anti-government only when it suits his personal causes and $$$.

      It comes down also to racism. If John McCain were President, and still it now, if he'd proposed actual legislation to ban guns or limit them, I don't think this gun nut would have spoken out against the POTUS or government.

  21. You know, Gryphen, your recent posts have been scaring the shit out of me. All these people in positions of power and influence-- "whoops, did I accidentally amass an army? my bad"-- I can't believe that they are actually THAT naive. They know what they're doing because it's all they know: talking big and instilling fear. How is it that when terrorists attack, they're all for cutting our freedoms but they're not willing to give up select material possessions if it means the possibility of reducing violence in our country?
    I own guns for sporting purposes, but I was appalled when I saw a comment on a local news site saying that HIS rifle was "designed to hit a paper at 100 yards, not to kill anybody, it's for entertainment purposes only." Dear god, if I use my shotgun to paddle my ass down a river, that doesn't make it any less capable of killing a person. I don't leave it loaded and on the floor by my young son because-- DUH!!!-- it's a weapon!! I may use it for entertainment purposes, but it's still a weapon!

  22. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Wouldn't his words constitute treason? Wouldn't somebody seriously investigate this guy's threat to the safety of the American public? He is inciting violence.... that scares me.

  23. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Well there goes his background check. And, I think that they should put him on the no-fly list, too.

  24. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Hey Jesse, have you seen this?,596379949#

  25. Beldar J Conehead7:37 PM

    "And I need all you patriots to start thinking about what you’re going to do, load your damn mags, make sure your rifle’s clean, pack a backpack with some food in it and get ready to fight.”

    Hard to take this guy seriously when he's so obviously forgotten the most important piece of 'bug out bag" equipment: ALUMINUM FOIL-LINED HEADGEAR!!!

    Surely he knows that the Darkie In The White House has to pull but ONE single lever (or push one button. I forget...) and powerful high-beta frequency thought control rays will begin pulsating from antennae secretly installed atop the Martin Luther King Memorial which will render even the most stalwart yet foil-deficient pale-hued Merkin gun fetishist crumpled helplessly on their bedroom floor, one sweaty hand wrapped tightly around their favorite large caliber hand gun (frequently referred to affectionately as "Mommy") and the other just as sweaty hand wrapped just as tightly around their own tiny, limp banana clip.

    To the barricades, men!!!

    NO!!! The OTHER barricades, you idiots!

    1. Don't be so uppity, Beldar. Us militia guys down here in Tennessee still call it TIN FOIL. And yes, it does prevent them gubmint thought rays from gittin all up in yer noggin, 'specially if you fold it over and double line yer combat helmet with it. Plus, you can wrap yer sammich up in it to put in yer backpack so it won't get stuff on it.

  26. Anita Winecooler7:40 PM

    I think it's wonderful!
    These radical idiots will be the "face" of the gun lobby... notice the silence from the right! What cowards! If one was pro-gun, wouldn't it behoove them to get in front of these idiots?

    crickets chirping...

    1. ... and I completely agree with you. These guys, Yeager and Alex Jones are the most extreme of the extremists - they appear to normal people as insane. THEY ARE the wild-eyed, ranting face of the NRA... by all means, play their messages over and over.

      Think any of their goof-ball followers will be lining up to be Yeager first "casualties?"

  27. Anonymous8:10 PM

    It doesn't sound as if he wants a "civil war" but rather he wants to gather like-minded people and overthrow the government, specifically the Executive Branch. I guess he would kill those that don't agree with him as he marches to Washington, but it's not a civil war he wants by definition, it's more of a third world coup. Also, I think he'd be a little surprised by how many that don't agree with him are packing heat as well and would shoot back if accosted by this idiot.

  28. Anonymous8:13 PM

    What happens in the land of the gun when a nigra president gets uppity. The gungoons start to go off all over the place! It's getting good now! Keep stirring and do your part jesse.
    luv from Canada.

    1. Anonymous4:33 AM

      Well, "luv from Canada," I hope what you are saying is tongue-in-cheek and not your real hope. I sure would never hope that anyone would shoot up your country.

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      8:13 PM 'HATE FROM Canada' you are a tool. TROLL somewhere else, Jesse is providing information for those of us who have a clue as to what the issues of the day happen to be. The Gun Nuts don't need anything to 'STIR THEM UP', they are always in a STATE OF PARANOIA just like you.

  29. Anonymous8:50 PM

    He proves that the crazy people should not have guns.

  30. Anonymous9:08 PM


  31. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton issued executive orders regarding gun control when they were in office.
    I do not remember any right-wing nuts acting like this when George and Bill issued their EOs.

    1. Anonymous4:37 AM

      The internet was not a tool then and we were in early days with the 24-hour news cycle. Most people probably were hardly aware of their Executive Orders regarding weapon control. We live in a different world now. The crazies can take to the internet within seconds of their meltdowns and the right-wing radio and television shows are always there to welcome them.

  32. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Two word: Guantanamo Bay.

  33. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Sounds like a domestic terrorist to me. Lock his dumb ass up!

  34. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Close your eyes and imagine if, instead of good-ole-boy James Yeager, this guy had dark skin and an Arabic name.

  35. Anonymous4:10 AM

    A CEO of a Tennessee company. what does that stand for Cretin Executive Officer? The illiterate asshole must have (par for the course) must have read it as Chief Executor Officer.

  36. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Well, well well, lookee here:

    JOE MILLER makes Huffpo


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