Saturday, February 02, 2013

Anti-gay politicians and pastors might as well just come out of the closet now. They are fooling nobody!

As indicated by a recent study, those who are aggressively homophobic are often gay themselves, or at the very least confused by their sexuality.

So my advice to all of you who are trying to prove your heterosexuality by attacking the LGBT community I would just like you to know that it's okay. We understand.

You don't have to hide behind your anger here. We are liberals and we accept people just the way they are.

You don't have to agree with every point of view that I share, or that others express, but please recognize that when people are hiding something they often aggressively attack others in order to take the focus off of themselves. And the majority of us on this blog understand that.

In short, like it says in the headline, you're not fooling anybody.


  1. I think the same can be said for these gun fanatics...they are actually scared little boys who have teeny man parts, and think that carrying a big old Glock around is a fine substitute for being a wimp.

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    There's an age-old adage, "If you don't like something about someone, change yourself," as in, what we dislike in others is often a trait of our own.

    It's been PROVEN that homosexuality is not a choice. You're spot on in your assessment, Gryph!

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Spot on, it's not a choice. But to claim it's nature all the time and not nurture is being dishonest. Take jesse's dotter for instance and then what we all can't help to know about jesse, considering how he is transfixed with hating certain women and how he dwells on homosexuality in 1 out of 3 posts here. Something is definitely fucked up!

    2. Anonymous11:46 AM
      Something is definitely fucked up!

      You got that right troll! Something is "fucked up" with your thinking...your comments...your worship of a band of grifters from the swamps of Wasilla...your inability to spell...and YO MAMA! LOL!

    3. Now, now Gina. Instead of attacking our trolly little closet case we should be thanking him for helping to drive home the point of this post.

      Without this kind of bizarre input some may not have been sure exactly who I was talking about.

      Like fish in a barrel.

    4. LMAO @ are so BAD!

      Keep it up! LOL!!

      *GinaM giving the finger to the dumbass troll*

      Sorry Gryphen...I couldn't resist! LOL!!!

    5. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Anonymous11:46 AM

      Yep Troll, those that protest too homophobic no cojones, vile pond scum...
      You always Bite Trollie!
      LOLOLOLOLOLOL! G put up the Troll Bait and
      you never fail,lololol. it something else?

      "So my advice to all of you who are trying to prove your heterosexuality by attacking the LGBT community I would just like you to know that it's okay. We understand."

      posting again just for Trolly! Tra,la,la, la!

      Its time...Come out of the Closet!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    We are liberals and we accept people just the way they are.

    Well, that's not true Gryph, we don't accept racist, mysogynistic thugs who use the Bible as their license to abuse others with impunity.

    Other than that, we are as forgiving as so called Christians.

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Yet, we grant the racist, misogynistic thugs their constitutional rights, free speech etc., much as it pains us to do so.

      BTW, if you fart in a crowded room, what's the best way to avoid looking like the culprit?

  4. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Conservatives and Religious Fanatics Demand that Gay-Hate Remain a Part of Boy Scout Policy

  5. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I don't mind racist, misogynistic thugs so long as they don't impact me.

    It's when they decide that they have to change society to support their beliefs that I get a little het up about them. Leave us alone... I'll leave them alone. They can start.


  6. Anonymous7:51 AM

    There is more brain power in the that room than at any gathering of repubs. Especially the RNC, with Rancid Piebush in charge.

  7. lwtjb8:45 AM

    It's called reaction formation.

  8. Randall8:55 AM

    I think someone might want to keep an eye on that Bryan Fischer guy from the American Family Association...
    he sure thinks an awful lot about what Boy Scouts do in their tents and how disgusting sex between consenting adults "must be".

  9. I read another interesting idea as to why so many Christians are anti-gay: It is the only rule in the Bible they actually follow.

    Let's face it, when you bad mouth non-Christians in your mega-church that you drove to in your SUV, you are probably not loving your enemies, selling all you have to live with other believers, or feeding the poor.

    But then if they can ignore the fact that the "be nice and help others" passages in the Bible far outnumber the "being gay is bad" by a pretty wide margin, then they are probably not open to reason.

    So a lot of them are not denying their orientation. They are denying the religion they claim to believe in and the very Bible in front of them.

  10. Anonymous11:40 AM

    It's been pretty well proven that little boys aren't safe around catholic priests if they're not superviser by a straight. But so far they are safe from being assfucked by their boy scout leaders. That remaining refuge for boys will be eliminated too if the queers are allowed to be scout leaders.

    Something for you to censor out jesse.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Why should he "censor out" your pathetics ramblings? You are a real source of amusement troll!

      Poor retarded...dumbass Baldy Louise Heath Palin...the last of her "fans" are so pathetic that they are reduced to writing their "feelings" on a "defunct"'s okay dirty panty Palin can come on "out" and play...we "libruls" won't hurt you! LOL!!!

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM



  11. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Catholic priests are mostly gays and there's nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with being a pedophile but the two aren't even close to being the same thing. Right? Riggghhhhttttt!

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Sounds like you have experience with pedo's.

      But Catholic priest might be pedos that doesn't mean gay folk are.

      Sounds like a personal problem to me, get some therapy.


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