Sunday, February 03, 2013

Ravens win! Update!

Even the lights going out could not stop the Ravens, though it certainly did build a fire under the 49ers.

That was a great game, and a real naitl biter for an ending.

Now THAT is the kind of Superbowl worth watching!

Update: Best response to the power outage has to go to Oreo who put up this ad, almost instantaneously.

There were also a lot of other great commercials but the worst, most stomach churning had to be this one by Go Daddy.

What demographic were they even going for?

Good night my friends. Tomorrow we take on Bible verses, Republican 2016 nightmares, and Teabagger sex ed. It is going to be a full day indeed.

Update 2: You knew it was coming.

Psst! It's a joke.


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Watched it here in Australia.
    Great game. Almost 6 hours of TV after working 12 hour night shift. Did not fall asleep once.
    In celebration American food for dinner tonight. Totchos Supreme.
    Not so easy when there is no salsa con queso to be found on these shores.
    Go Ravens.

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Fox channel dimwits trying hard to find a tie of the power outage, to President Obama. So far, all they have is: It'd be just like him.

  3. Gryphen I agree about that GoDaddy commercial!

    EWWWWW...was my reaction and when they showed it again...I had to leave the room...that poor StuporModel...and why did fat boy look like he had been slapped a couple of times??

  4. Oh and how bout Beyonce's me some Bey...but did anyone else notice how low the volume was on Kelly and Michelle's mic? And the way they shot the two chicks up from the stage....I couldn't help but bust out laughing...did Beyonce forget to tell them that's how they were going to appear on stage? And did y'all see the lighted profile of Bey on the field...looking at each....good that's how a REAL narcissist rolls! LOL!!

    And finally...please read what the nuts said about Beyonce's performance at the Funny Farm...aka will not be disappointed...LOL!

    1. Anita Winecooler7:59 PM

      I laughed, too, but it was rude for her to treat them like that (Kelly and Michelle)
      The crazy has already begun!

      Get a load of this!

    2. Anita....WTF!! "illuminati"...isn't that from the Simpson's?? The comments to that article were hilarious...thanks for the link!

      Oh and Kelly and Michelle are use to Beyonce treating them like shit...they were so happy just to be seen and (barely) heard! It's in their contracts! LOL!!!

    3. Anonymous8:47 PM

      The volcano shaped avatar and Bey do not belong in the same universe.

    4. Anonymous9:25 AM

      This whole link between Beyonce and the Illuminati is rather hilarious as legend has it the Illuminati is known for the high intellectual acumen of its membership. Now Beyonce is certainly a decent performer but if you've ever heard her speak or seen her interviewed you'll quickly realize that she doesn't exactly display the intellect required for membership in this group.

  5. emrysa7:19 PM

    "almost instantaneously"

    yeah ask yourself about that one gryphen. chance, or....

  6. Anonymous7:49 PM

    New phrase of the day. "Recreational explosives".

    I am hoping that you will cover full automatic gun shooting, explosives exploding, fluoride hating, (possibly home schooling), dentists and their friends and neighbors from the Fairbanks Area- see FDNM.

  7. Anita Winecooler8:11 PM

    That ad WAS bad, but everyone's talking about that one, guess they got their thirty second's worth.

  8. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Watch Ads Aired During Ravens, 49ers Matchup (VIDEO)

  9. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I love Ray Lewis. During a 30 minute blackout in New Orleans he didn't manage to kill anyone.

  10. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Beyonce is fine to listen to, but don't ask me to watch her, I'd rather sort the laundry. As for the Godaddy ad, I didn't see it but I watched one a couple of years ago and was completely disgusted with Danica Patrick. I'm sorry to see that she doesn't seem to have progressed any, either with her status or with the quality of her sponsorships - not to mention self-respect.

  11. Anonymous2:20 AM

    MY question is: Did you get your brother in a headlock again, Gryph?


  12. Anonymous3:59 AM

    You need to switch to for your website hosting, G-man. They are very customer-friendly. Bar Refaeli really likes you intellectual-types. The company doesn't do contracts. They do business the old fashioned way, on the honor system. But instead of 'handshake' deals, they do handjob deals. I hear they have a pretty high close rate on sales by Refaeli and the other girls on the sales team.

    (Full disclosure: I am a godaddy customer, and they have a great referral program for existing customers who refer new customers to godaddy. For those customer rewards, both Danika and Bar pay a visit, and... I'll tell you ALL about it afterwards with photos of Bar holding my gun and Danika shooting it, and later both of them cleaning it and storing it properly, unloaded of course. No ammo left in the gun.)

    Sound like skeet shooting? Ummmm. Like I said, I'll send you the pics so you will know that when I tell you the three of us are a major skeet team, you'll have no reason to doubt.

    Please sign up and tell em Boney Boo Boo referred you. Please. Please. Please.


  13. Parade and rally starting at City Hall downtown on Tuesday.Go Ravens! What a game!


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