Monday, February 25, 2013

Stephen Colbert breaks character for a good cause, to endorse his big sister's Congressional race.

Courtesy of Mediaite: 

Discussing the “character Stephen Colbert” from The Colbert Report, he said, “He talks about politics all the time, and he has stuck his toe in the waters of American politics, and occasionally his finger in the eye of American politics, but I have never actually supported any candidate before.” Colbert added that if he didn’t support Colbert-Busch, he 92-year-old mother would be very “disappointed.” 

From there, he went on to praise his sister, retelling some of the charming childhood stories he shared during the only time he has discussed her candidacy thus far on his show and sharing details about her career.

I thought this was very touching and demonstrated a great deal of love between Stephen and his sister "Lulu."

By the way I think that we can all agree that we owe Stephen Colbert a huge debt of gratitude for his work exposing the corrupting influence of SuperPACs and the shady manner in which they launder money from rich donors.

I think that South Carolinians are in a unique position to thank him for that hard work by supporting his sister at the polls. Besides if she has half the brains that her brother has, she is going to an incredibly effective member Congress.


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    A Colbert in every State would be ideal.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    ‘We’re Doomed!’ Jon Stewart Dons Hazmat Suit To Mock Sequester Panic

    Jon Stewart entered full-on panic mode over the imminent across-the-board spending cuts with a segment Monday night for the recurring segment, “Sequester 2013: Prelude to the Return of the Barter System.”

    As Stewart reviewed increasingly dire predictions from cable news, he got more and more agitated until he strapped on a hazmat suit and shouted, “We’re doomed!” When he found out it sets in just four days, he exclaimed, “Four days? That’s not enough time to do anything. We couldn’t even tow a cruise ship full of diarrhea to Alabama in four days.”

    Samantha Bee, reporting “live from Washington,” was not taking the impending doom any easier. Acting as if the world is ending, Bee told Stewart that she’s “bucket-lisitng” and he should be, too. What did he think President Obama‘s golf game with Tiger Woods was all about? And Michelle Obama dancing with Jimmy Fallon and handing out Oscars? Those are clearly only things a president and first lady would do if they knew the world was ending.

    Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

  3. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Don't tell my husband, but I am in love with Stephen Colbert.

  4. WakeUpAmerica9:17 PM

    This is awesome! You should post it. I can't stand Westboro Church and Fred Phelps

    1. Anonymous9:51 PM

      Some 400 students and their supporters, some waving big rainbow flags and feisty signs, such as, "God hates sexually repressed hillbillies," overwhelmingly outnumbered the handful of Westboro Baptist Church members who picketed Santa Monica High School Monday morning to spread an anti-gay message.

      The six picketers from Westboro Baptist Church, a fundamentalist group known for protesting military funerals, stood on the opposite side of Pico Boulevard with American flags and strongly worded posters of their own: "Fags doom nations" and "God hates fag enablers."

      Though colorful, the picket and the response it drew from the Samohi community were peaceful. About 25 Santa Monica Police officers patrolled the street and neighborhoods near the high school campus.

      Westboro has said it wanted to tell students "the Gospel truth," that "every adult in their lives has taught them that they can disobey God... that it is OK to be gay." Westboro says it opposes "the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth."

      Freshman Gigi Lewis said she didn't want to miss the school's response to the picket, and though she expected a big turn-out, was surprised by the throng of counter-protesters. Among them were a group of students from New Roads School.

      "I didn't think they would line all of Pico Boulevard," Lewis said.

      The protests culminated with resounding cheers from the Samohi students when the six Westboro members retreated about 45 minutes into their picket.

      "We made the trip primarily for the Oscars," Margie Phelps of Topeka, KS, the oldest daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps, said while picketing this weekend at Malibu churches.

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    What’s ‘Joe the Plumber’ up to these days? He’s giving away an AR-15

  6. Anonymous10:00 PM

    'Battleground Texas' effort ramps up

    Two veterans of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign are deploying to Texas to head up a Democratic group aimed at turning the Republican electoral stronghold into a bona-fide swing state.
    POLITICO reported last month that Democratic strategists, led by former Obama field director Jeremy Bird, were creating a group called Battleground Texas with a goal of making the Lone Star State politically competitive.

    Read more:

  7. Anonymous10:22 PM

    House Republicans To Meet The Millennials

    Paul Ryan just gives me the CREEPS!

  8. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Stephen Colbert has contributed so much to this country. He truly is a 'patriot' as opposed to the wannabe patriots that hawk their political wares for opportunistic purposes...I'm looking at you Sarah and your bullshit facebook screeds that your ghostwriter pens. And you Palin/Heath clan, any and all of you, for your faux patriotism and gun worshipping. Though Stephen approaches things with humor, it's deeply intelligent and hard hitting in a way that appeals to both sides, but only because the conservatives think he's 'one of them'...LOL...they really are fooled, which I find hysterically funny and love Stephen all the more for it.

    And, on another equally important topic here is some interesting news:

    Bigots in disarray: National Organization for Marriage declares war on Republicans

    As marriage equality continues to spread across the country, the bigots are becoming so desperate, they're even declaring war on each other! Yes, the Republican Party still officially believes in protecting the sanctity of Newt Gingrich's three marriages. That's why the party included its bigotry in the party platform in 2012—for which Tony Perkins, president of the hate group Family Research Council, personally takes credit.
    But that's not good enough for the National Organization for Marriage because it turns out, even some Republicans can read the writing on the wall. And the writing says marriage equality is coming, and the bigots have lost. So NOM has issued this laughable threat:

  9. Anonymous12:12 AM

    OK, this is a rant, Gryphen.

    This really DISGUSTS me! It's like a cancer spreading, this GOD DAMNED religious right putrifying the planet one country at a time. In ANY language it is raw, unadulterated, bigotry using a 'biblical' excuse.

    Anyway, Gryphen, you seem to handle these things so much better than I can, I'm just fucking livid after reading this.

    I don't use Facebook, but if any of your readers do and want to get the word out to the world at large about this creeping politico/theocratic cancer, this article really spells it out.


    American Christian Legal Group Exports Anti-LGBT Agenda To Brazil

    The American Center for Law and Justice, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, is now funding anti-LGBT work in Brazil. The group already has expanded into Africa and Eastern Europe.

    With the opening of a new office in Brazil, a leading U.S. Christian conservative organization may be taking on one of its biggest challenges yet — but one with some big opportunities if it succeeds.

    Pat Robertson founded the American Center for Law and Justice in 1990 to provide a national presence opposing the American Civil Liberties Union — often filing and defending cases all the way to the Supreme Court. But in recent years it has been growing its foreign operations, making it a player in policies to constrain LGBT rights on three continents.

    The head of the new Brazil office, Filipe Coelho, is a scion of one of Brazil's leading evangelical families, and aims to stop hate crime legislation from becoming law, opposes marriage rights for same-sex couples and speaks strongly about the dangers of employment protections for LGBT people.

    The ACLJ already has offices in countries where the climate is hostile to LGBT rights, such as Russia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. But as Political Research Associates' Jandira Queiroz points out in a new report, the organization is setting up shop in the country that is home to the world's largest gay pride parade. Same-sex marriage is also legal in some Brazilian jurisdictions. This includes São Paulo state, which has a population of more than 40 million people, roughly the same size as Argentina.

    But Brazil also has an evangelical movement that most closely parallels the United States. It accounts for about 20 percent of the population and it has serious muscle in election campaigns and the country's legislature. Queiroz writes that the Evangelical caucus in Brazil's congress includes:


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