Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trailer for "The Unbelievers" starring Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss.

I know that many people are put off by this kind of an aggressive attack on illogic, superstition, and religion, but of course I would disagree with them.

In fact if we look around we can see numerous examples of people in positions of power making important choices about education, women's rights, and basic human freedoms based on a Biblical mind view that is anti-intellectual and ultimately damaging to the future progress of our people.

For quite a long time most scientists believed that Creationism and its ilk would simply die out as more people became educated, and they resisted the distasteful task of getting into the trenches and battling the ignorance behind it. Instead what happened is that it spread and has become pervasive and even entrenched in certain parts of the country making the task of enlightening our fellow Americans virtually impossible.

So I applaud the efforts of aggressive scientists like Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss to take this issue head on. Ultimately I think our country will benefit from their courage.


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Free at last

  2. You mean my underwear really isn't magical? Well, poo on you. -:)

  3. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Christians dare to claim the Muslims misinterpret their holy book, by saying it tells them to hate and kill everyone.

    A casual glance at the Qu'ran reveals its a book expounding love for fellow man.

    Meanwhile, you hear Americans saying such insane things as, "It says somewhere in Revelations that God wants us to be Republicans."

    1. Leland9:25 AM

      NONE of the monotheistic, middle-eastern religions are free of hatred and violence preaching! They are all Abrahamic.

  4. SHARON8:36 AM

    For those of us of a certain age....I was watching some old George Carlin videos (thanks to Malia blog) and damn he was so right all those years ago. George was the best and loudest voice against the right wing and Republicans and his favorite venues were college campuses. His rants are needed today more than ever as he spoke the truth in plain English, even the dumbest Fox viewer could understand. Critical thinking, informed citizens and younger generations active in politics are their greatest fears. They used to say China was the sleeping tiger we should all turns out Obama woke up the sleeping tiger in us, hooray!

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Ha! Also please look up on YouTube 'Carlin and Lance Armstrong' and you'll see that George had a prescience regarding that douche bag too! The guy was smart; always one step ahead of the rest of us and hating Lance when it was very very unpopular to do so.

      I actually personally don't think Carlin is really THAT funny, and much prefer Bill Hicks (please check out Hicks' and his religion and creationism views on YouTube too!) style of comedy, but there is no doubting Carlin's incredible smarts and quick wit and brass balls - that willingness to say what most of us are far too afraid to say out loud!!

  5. Leland10:28 AM

    Any idea when/where it plays?

  6. Anita Winecooler6:40 PM

    Thanks for the heads up! Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Sarah Silvermann,
    and Ricky Gervais. Two great scientists and two comedians take on reasoning vs belief.

    My kind of film, finally!

  7. Anonymous3:31 AM

    That looks great!


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