Monday, February 04, 2013

Why Hillary Clinton may be the Republicans worst nightmare come to life.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast:

Message to the Republican Party: Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Hillary Clinton stands atop of the Democratic 2016 scrum, set to resume where Bill left off. A second Clinton candidacy would likely put the white vote in play and jeopardize the GOP’s dominance in the Old Confederacy. Recent polls put Hillary ahead of possible Republican challengers in vote-rich Texas and in Kentucky, home of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. 

Unlike her husband, Hillary is personally disciplined. Unlike Barack Obama, she has demonstrated an ability to connect with beer-track voters across the country. 

And that is where the GOP’s problem begins. In addition to benefiting from Obama’s ascendant coalition of younger voters, minorities and women, Hillary connects with the white working class and would likely improve upon Obama’s showing among this bloc. Instead, of the forced optics of Obama sitting down to a beer with the prof and the cop, voters would likely be treated to moments of a relaxed Hillary knocking back a boiler-maker in Youngstown or Dearborn. 

Clinton could make a serious play in the South and build upon existing margins in the Midwest. North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas would be in play. Indeed, Hillary could reclaim the newest bloc of swing voters: America’s wealthy

You know I think we have already accepted that if Hillary decides to run she will undoubtedly have almost the entire Democratic field to herself, but I have to wonder who among thee Republicans would be willing to take her on?

I think we can expect the guys that are in it for a shot at exposure and future book deals like Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich to throw there hats in the ring, but who else would take the plunge?

I would think that even such stalwarts of the party like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie would hesitate to go up against Hillary in 2016, for fear of being destroyed by her incredible political machine and losing whatever credibility they currently enjoy.

And as for the Republican women like Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, or Condoleezza Rice, I doubt that ANY of them would be able to help their own with Hillary, though I do admit it would make GREAT television.

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous4:22 AM


  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Nikki Haley and Condi can't win...they have brown skin. Ain't no way you win a GOP primary in this day and age if your skin ain't lilly white. Sad but true.

    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      I think Condi has too much baggage from the Bush years. None of Bush's circle can get away from it.

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Condi has never married, and is not dating, therefore she is suspect by the evangelicals.

      Whisper>>>> she's a lesbian!

  3. She could wipe out any other woman.

    As far as men go, I think Christie will run at some point, but he’s too smart to let Hillary destroy him, and he’s only fifty.

    Jeb, that’s a tossup. If he runs against Hillary and loses, he’s done.

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      If, God forbid, Jeb Bush were to win the presidency, the whole country is done. In fact, if any Republican wins, we're done for.

    2. No one will vote for Jeb.

      After his brother the Bush name is tainted. It also smacks of a Bush dynasty. Americans don't like that.

      That is one of the things held against Hillary. But it's been long enough since Bill was president I don't think it will hurt her much. She's proven she's her own woman now.

      No one wants another Bush in the White House. EVER.

  4. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Hillary is a force to be reckoned with. She is the whole package. I would be proud, honored, and damn lucky to call her President Hillary Clinton.

    Also too, I just ran across this gem:
    "Glenn Beck Saves TheBlaze by Not Offering Sarah Palin Job"

    "God knows I love her, but we can’t have that kinda crazy around here" ~ Glenn Beck"


    Happy Monday!

    1. Mia...thanks for the laughs...the entire article is satire...but don't tell the patients at the Asylum that! LOL!!

  5. Anonymous5:04 AM

    You know what I think? I think she oughtga let that Arkansas twang through every now and then--to me she always sounds as though speaking Midwestern (without an accent ) puts a tremendous strain on her.

    Let loose, Hillary!

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      5:02 AM

      I don't see. Krusty's comment on the story over there yet. She's slacking.

    2. Anonymous5:49 AM

      Except that Hillary is Midwestern. She's not from Arkansas.

    3. Hillary Clinton is from Scranton and Chicago. Bill Clinton is from Arkansas.

  6. Anonymous5:09 AM

    If Marcus can stand further scrutiny of his obvious gayness, I think Michele will run again.

    Rand Paul is posturing like a peacock to get the buzz going for his sorry ass.

    Marco Rubio is too green and I think Chris Christie will actually bide his time with another Gubernatorial term to solidify his standing and credentials as a moderate Republican that would be nationally palatable for rational voters (this is not an endorsement of Christie, I don't have amnesia, I think he's still a thug and a bully but he's doing right by his disaster struck state.)

    Paul Ryan may have been scared off higher office aspirations and may just be happy being believed to be a smart guy in the House.

    The only thing I see as a threat to Hillary's candidacy is her age, and as blown-up as Benghazi was (though it failed to knock Obama down) they'll hope it will act as a cudgel against the former Sec. of State.

    1. Anonymous6:26 AM

      Paul Ryan's ego is as BIG as a HOUSE. I think he's eyeing a run in four years.

    2. Leland6:42 AM

      I think I would LOVE to see the idiot repubes bring up Benghazi during a presidential campaign. Hilary would literally DESTROY them by slamming them in public about their hypocrisy about the ELEVEN embassy attacks during W's time in office that they never complained about, or the fact that he COMPLETELY ignored al Queda as soon as he got into office, or....

      I would DEARLY love to see that!!!!!!!!!!

      Benghazi? NOT a problem for any decent percentage of the American population.

    3. Oh, man. I would *love* to see a debate between Lyin' rAyn and Hillary.

      She'll wipe the floor with him.

    4. Anonymous2:49 PM

      I think they still don’t get the fact she whooped them at the Benghazi hearings. Truly, the whole lot is challenged when it come to rational thought after nonstop listening to their own little (and I mean little) choir.

  7. Crazy Sarah would run, because when that glass ceiling is finally shattered, you know she wants HER name connected to it. And if the GOP senses another loss, who better to throw under her big ugly bus than Sarah Palin? Of course, she ahs to survive her eating disorder, actually RUN and not just talk about it, and get her wayward family under control. I know, sounds like a lot of work she is incapable of doing, huh?
    So leaving her out, my bet is on Paul Ryan doing another round of lying road stops, Sanctimonious Rick doing the same, and Perry, who may lose his governor's job (come on Texas!) trying once more to remember which government departments he most hates... or he could just pull a Palin, "any of 'em, all ov'em." Regardless of what preibus thinks, Marco Rubio is a fraud, and people know it. Haley is a a lightweight who is also not well-liked. There are no GOP women to compete with Hillary, even as VP (which the GOP knows well.) So this one should be a lock, once we get through the piles of crap they will throw at Hill.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      5:10 I doubt very, very much that the Republican party would put Sarah Palin up against Hillary Clinton. Remember, they wouldn't even have her grace their Convention in this past election process. There is no way as there is way too much dirt out there about her and her family. She'd be reamed from one end to the other. Plus, her husband is a pimp and how in the hell would you expect that to go down?

      She is a proven liar and fraud - there is no way!!!

    2. Hmm. I don't know.

      Neither McCain nor Rmoney really had a chance against Obama.

      If Hillary ran they wouldn't waste a viable future candidate. They'd put up another goat, a sacrifice to make the ticket look good but who had no chance of winning. Someone annoying they'd want to finally get rid of.

      Like McCain. Or Rmoney.

      Who would that be?

      An annoying GOP hanger on with delusions of grandeur that just won't let go.

      A believable placeholder.

      No, it won't be Sarah Palin. But it will be someone else.

      Maybe Rand Paul. May be Paul rAyn. Just to shut them up and send them back to the kiddie table with "you had your chance".

    3. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Palin would definitely have to run third party because the GOP has cut her off. No invite to Tampa and no one wanted her endorsement in 2012, no one.

  8. Anonymous5:14 AM

    It comes down to who can raise the money, and in my opinion, Jeb Bush is head and shoulders above all of those you mentioned. Jeb is viewed as "establishment" by the RW fringe of the party, but unless there is a strong populist candidate from a 3rd party that causes the GOP vote to split, Jeb will get some independent voters in the middle.

    Jeb is a neocon and those guys thrive on the war machine, with support from AIPAC, Big Biz, Big Pharma , and Big Defense. Jeb could be a strong candidate if he's able to keep his name separate from W's legacy.

    If Jeb were to be up against Hillary, it would be a fight between a couple of junkyard dogs. Ugly, lots of hits below the belt, and blood everywhere. In other words, in the environment that Turd Blossum Rove thrives. Plus, there's not a lot of daylight between Hillary and Jeb on the issue if war/defense. In the. Senate, she was known as more of a defense hawk than a dove. She had to soften her stance in 08 against Obama bc of the nation's weariness of Bush's wars. We see that Obama is not exactly a dove either, but still the right tries to call him 'soft' on terrorism sometimes and yet they criticize for the drone attacks. Just partisanship & hypocrisy there by the opposition echo chamber.

    IMO, Rubio and Jindal are just going for the VP spot at best, because neither will have a strong enough brand to bring in the billion plus in $$$ that it will take to compete with Hillary. Twelve years removed from W's reign of terror, many would differentiate Jeb from his retarded brother, and he could be a threat if he is allowed to dig his hees in and gets traction early. We'll see. I still favor Hillary, and hope she's up for the dogfight.


    1. Jeb Bush run in 16? When pigs fly!

    2. Anonymous2:40 PM

      You are spot on 5:14.


  9. A. J. Billings5:16 AM

    As long as Hillary's health holds up, and she's willing to undergo the brutality of another Presidential run, I think it's hers for the asking.

    Chris Christie or Jeb Bush might have a chance, depending on the economy, budget, and any foreign policy or war issues that might arise by 2016.

    Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, and the also ran crowd from 2012 have no chance.

    Santorum is nothing more than a bloviating Catholic bible thumper, and as such alienates even some Christians with his condescending snark.

    The Teparty hard core are of course trying to foment rebellion, and form a 3rd party. Their darlings like Allen West or Rand Paul would be nuts to try a 3rd party. The country is not ready for that yet.

    Right at the bottom of the credibility gap is Granny Paylin who has destroyed her own political future by talking on TV, screeching about blood libel, and getting kicked to the curb even by Fox.

    If Madame President, Hillary Clinton does make it to the Oval Office in 2017, that will be a momentous occasion.

    The wailing and gnashing of Teaparty droids will be heard throughout the land, and yet another new refrigerator will be ordered by a certain house on the dead lake in Wasilla

    1. Christie isn't stupid enough to run against Hillary just like he wasn't stupid enough to be Rmoney's running mate against Obama.

      All the Bushes are stupid so Jeb may be the sacrificial ticket place holder. It will be the third go for the GOP to put up someone to make it look credible when they know they're going to lose.

  10. Anonymous5:49 AM

    During remarks at the State Department on his first official day as secretary of state, John Kerry on Monday said the big question facing the U.S. and the world is, "Can a man actually run the State Department?"

    "As the saying goes, I have big heels to fill," Kerry said, referencing outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    1. Anonymous6:44 AM

      It's nice to know that John Kerry is a humble man. He does have big shoes to fill. Yea, Hillary! I so hope she runs for POTUS...the Republicans have no one to put up against her w/her experience and positive following - her ratings are very, very high! Yea!!!!

  11. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Clinton Brought Women's Rights In From The Diplomatic Margins

    The most striking legacy of Hillary Clinton's four years at the State Department is an institutional shift in the way international women's rights are viewed, and a sense that the place of women and girls in a range of societies proper subject of high-level diplomacy.

    "What Hillary did that was unprecedented was to put [women's issues] in the center and not have it be a box-checking thing, and for women profesionals that's been a hard thing to do," said Heather Hurlburt, director of the National Security Network and a former staffer in Madeleine Albright's State Department. "There's a fear that you would be defined as a women's issues person."

    "But Hillary was fearless about taking up women's issues," Hurlburt said, "and the fact that it's now such that a male Secretary of State will have to maintain the initiatives that she institutionalized at State — it won't just be the project of a woman Secretary of State anymore."

    Clinton was known for meeting with women's rights activists and organizations during her travels abroad, as well as environmental groups, anti-poverty NGOs, and other things that make up a sector of foreign policy that former diplomat Aaron David Miller calls "planetary humanism." Clinton's ambassador for global women's issues, Melanne Verveer, traveled to over 60 countries on women's rights-related missions, according to the Washington Post.

  12. Anonymous6:03 AM

    According to the pee-ponders, Heifer Esther could beat Hillary with one hand tied behind her back.

    And THERE is your Monday morning guffaw!

    1. More flying pigs.

    2. fromthediagonal10:38 AM

      tailher1's Flying Pigs...

      I like the way you think! May you be right in all aspects in both your above posts.

      I had a dinner bet riding on Jeb Bush entering the 2012 race. I paid for that dinner and was happy to do so.

      I doubt he will enter in 2016. May I be right this time. No bets though.

      He may just remain a so-called private citizen like the rest of his clan and work behind the scene, but then there is "Turdblossom" Rove who collects wealth from his neocon, racist, misogynistic (add to the list at your choosing) contributors; which leads me to curse the decision of those justices of the Supreme Court who voted for corporations' unlimited, mostly anonymous expenditures to permit purchase of elections in the subversive "Citizen United"!

      But I DO think Jeb's offspring may enter the political arena to cash in on the Bush Clan name and "being bi-lingual and all". Hopefully that one will be a long way off and so much can and will happen in the meantime.

    3. Anita Winecooler12:22 PM

      Consider the source... they have a stellar record at picking losers.

  13. Anonymous6:34 AM


  14. Anonymous6:41 AM

    The Republicans will go absolutely nuts if Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016 and her chances of doing so are outstanding. They have no one with the experience to match hers to compete!

    That makes me smile from ear to ear! Just imagine 16 years w/a Democratic President! I'd love watching every minute of it as I have enjoyed watching and learning from President Obama and VP Biden!
    The Republican Congress have been such jerks, obstructionists and assholes that the majority of them should be voted out of office in their elections cycles.

    I'm sure that Hillary will say 'yes' to running again. Good luck girl!!!

    1. If she chose her running mate wisely (which you know she will) that running mate will run after her for two terms.

      So you're looking at another 8 years after Hillary's term.

    2. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Poor Republicans: eight years of a black man, and then Hillary! There will be blood in the streets. If Hillary decides to not run, and I sure wouldn't blame her, my money is on Joe Biden.

      Elizabeth 44

  15. Like many women, I would like to see a woman occupy the most powerful office in the world. Many other countries have had women at the helm and they have done GREAT things for their countries and for the world. America is almost the last first world country to be represented by a woman and this would really shatter that 'glass ceiling' for good. Our country has 51% women and we are woefully under represented in all branches of government. It's time for some REAL equality here!!!

    1. It's time. It's past time.

      If India and Israel and Germany and Great Britain can do it, why can't we?

  16. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I do not think a single Republican, that has a desire to remain in politics into the future, will put their name out there until they know for sure that Hillary won't run.

    If she does run, they will not put up a single credible candidate. They will run someone that is disposable, just like they did last year.

    1. Rand Paul?

      Paul rAyn?

      Bobby Jindal?

      I'm thinking Jindal.

  17. Of all the things Barack Obama has done as President, Hilary Clinton as Secty of State will be his tops on his legacy. In so doing, he gave Hilary the last nail in the coffin against the GOP if she chooses to run; diplomatic experience.

    If she runs she will be unstoppable.

    They can't even use her age against her, since they ran Reagan and McCain and there have been other nominees for the office as old or older then she will be.

    Just think. The Democrats made history with the first black president. They'll likely have the first woman president. And I'm sure after Hilary we'll have the first Latino president.

    Meanwhile the GOP will still be running the rich, old white Christian guys.

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      8:28 AM yes .... and losing!

      I don't think, without a very, very strong VP candidate, the Rethugs would run Christie, probably their strongest candidate, mentally, because his weight is such a factor - could he make it through the rigors of a campaign, much less 4 years of the stress the POTUS must face daily?

      Remember, Huckabee lost about 100 pounds before he ran, because he knew the obesity would be a liability that likely could not be overcome.

  18. lostinmn8:53 AM

    I'd love to see snooki make some money making pleas to raise cash. Then have to produce on the stump against Hillary. She'd get steamrolled so fast it would make even her head spin. As for Shelly, she's not even guaranteed to hold her House seat and as soon as she loses there she'll be off for a six month stint on Fox then back to grifting with her farm subsidies, foster children and Marcus' pray away the gay Medicaid money. The rest of the GOP? Did you watch how she schooled the members of Congress? They won't mess with her or even make her sweat. Those hearings set her race off for 2016.

  19. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'd love Hillary to be prez in 2016, but am afraid she's going to really like being retired and out of the shitstorm. She doesn't need it. She can spend the rest of her life enjoying herself and relaxing wherever she wants.

  20. Clinton/O'Malley 2016.

    I'd say Clinton/Warren, but I think that might be pushing it for "some people" least for the moment.

    1. I love Warren but age is against her as well. Plus lack of experience. But mostly having two women on the ticket would turn off voters that would otherwise vote for Hillary.

      My favorite would be Al Franken. He is extremely savvy. But his comedic career would work against him.

      Bernie Sanders is too old.

      Alan Grayson is too reviled by some. He's polarizing.

  21. Anita Winecooler12:32 PM

    Hillary has proven her mettle, and besides, the GOP has nothing of substance that even matches her, let alone defeat her as a viable candidate.

  22. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Hillary Clinton team has new website

  23. Well for me, Clinton and Julian Castro would be a dream ticket.
    Or Clinton and Brian Schweitzer. Schweitzer, btw, unlike the Lake Lucille Loon, is a real sportsman and a real energy expert.

    1. Now there's an idea. After Hillary's term(s) Castro would be in line for the office.

      The Dems would give the U.S. it's first Black, Female and Hispanic Presidents.

      And the GOP would still be running rich old white Christian men.


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