Tuesday, March 05, 2013

That awkward moment when after you say "three minutes is longer than I want to spend in a yacht club" in order to cement your grassroots bona fides, it is discovered that you are on the board of directors of a yacht club.

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God you just can't make this stuff up, can you?


  1. You know you can say, but sir, that makes you a compete fucking liar.... HERE's proof.

    Anything else to say before we expose you two

    Yo the rest of the words as a total fucking LIEDE

  2. Totally, totally O/T, but Joe Scarborough may regret trying to best Paul Krugman. There are some amazing things in the comments at Politico. Check this out:

  3. So...guess Republicans learned more from Mitt than we ever supposed. And can't unlearn it. Har.

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Goodness, does the GOP give lessons on lying or does it come naturallly?

    My money is that the Grand Old Party attracts only liars at this stage of its decline.

    What they need is a lesson on technonology and how, these days, the voters can double-check them as soon as their lies are public. Gees, the fools don't seem to understand the modern world at all
    Which, come to think of it, is a good thing for us. At least it is fairly easy to catch them red-handed.

  5. More on Joe:

  6. Anonymous12:18 PM

    The day this type of real NEWS is ever reported by Fox channel, is the day I'll write 100 times on the internet: Fox is actually fair and balanced after all.

    Until that time, I'll keep expecting all the talking heads on that channel, to continue baldfaced lying, like the douchebag mentioned in this piece.

  7. Anonymous12:21 PM

    American Atheists Hit Republicans With 'Go Godless' Billboards, Correct Sarah Palin Misquote


  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Groucho Marx also said he wouldn't be a member of a club that would have him as a member. Oh yeah, Grouch was a comedian, TV personality, and actor, one of the great stars of 'stage, screen & theater', as 'they' used to say.


    See, Mitt's a funny guy, just like his wife said...

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Sullivan will win the primary. This guy's a pretender with no respect for the voters to be so brazen to misrepresent himself. I guess he's severely conservative, too. The hits just keep-a-coming.

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sure.....not really inthe brothel for a quicky just popped in to rest my feet....no I am not drinking I just stopped at this bar for WATER....the lies go on and on.

  10. Smirnonn2:49 PM

    The Screechy Harridan is lampooned on Maher's Overtime. Everyone is laughing at her. Check it out at 2:00:


  11. Leland2:49 PM

    I just LOVE the fact that you can SEE that she just wants to explode into laughter - but has enough presence of mind to allow the audience to revel in the thought without her trying to amplify it. It's funny enough!

  12. Chenagrrl5:50 PM


  13. Anita Winecooler6:09 PM

    She's fantastic! "Oh lovey" LMAO!!!!


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