Tuesday, May 07, 2013

South Carolina election gets ugly, and weird.

Courtesy of Slate: 

 Mark Sanford's "weird your way to winning" campaign strategy comes replete with moves such as getting sued for harassing his ex-wife and "debating" (and still somehow losing to) a cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi. Sanford, a Republican, is running in a special congressional election on May 7 in South Carolina against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who has the added advantage of being Stephen Colbert's sister. Now, the head-scratching tactics have caught on with those shadowy third party operations that run push polls. As Think Progress writes, voters in South Carolina claim to have received push polls from Survey Sampling International, at the behest of a non-disclosed client, that ask a bunch of leading questions about Sanford's Democratic opponent. A sample of the reported questions: 

- “What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she had had an abortion?” 

- “What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you a judge held her in contempt of court at her divorce proceedings?

- “What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if she had done jail time?”

 - “What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she was caught running up a charge account bill?” 

Hey, they don't have to prove these accusations, since there are question marks at the end! Plus, we should remember that Colbert Busch can actually accuse Sanford of billing the taxpayers for his two-timing trip to Argentina.

This "push poll" is disgusting and very indicative of how the Republican party does politics these days. 

Elizabeth Colbert Busch has talked publicly about her divorce, though until recently has never discussed that she was arrested for contempt of court during the proceedings. However Drudge managed to get their hands on an old and faded copy of her mugshot and has now plastered it all over Right Wing news sites.

Of course that arrest was twenty years ago, under extenuating circumstances, and since that ONE INCIDENT Colbert Busch seems to have had little trouble staying out of court, and out of jail.

Still that has not stopped some shadowy group supporting Mark Sanford from making internet only political ads comparing Colbert Busch to axe murderer Lizzy Borden. (Yeah, because you know THAT seems reasonable.)

All I have to say is that if South Carolina allows this weaselly, lying, POS to win this election, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I mean the man literally debated a card board cutout of Nancy Pelosi!

How can ANYBODY take this douchebag seriously?

Well I certainly hope that South Carolina doesn't.


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    If South Carolina elects this ASSCLOWN Mark Sanford, I hope that he Hiles the Appalachian Trail again with their taxpayer dollars.

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Unfortunately, it's South Carolina and the vast majority of people are not nearly as reasonable (or awesome) as the Colberts.

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    It's South Carolina... unfortunately he's got this in the bag.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      South Carolina voters sound as stupid as those in Alaska!!! Haha! Hope they have learned their lessons - both states!

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      We lived in South Carolina for a year while my husband was in the submarine service, and I can tell you we could not wait to get out of there. As Midwesterners we did not fit and were not accepted Some native South Carolinian told u s we "used big jwords" and talked too fast He said they like to think slow and talk even slower. Enough said.

  4. Trouble is, we get the benefit of him being back in Congress too. However, I agree that SC deserves him if they are stupid enough to elect him.

    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Unfortunately, he will have an effect on the rest of the country too. I don't understand how he isn't in jail after "hiking" on the taxpayer's dime?

      Also, how is it the President is a nazi communist for wanting healthcare available to all, but Sanford, who broke into his wife's house, abandoned his office, and who knows what else we haven't even heard of yet, can even be this close to another win?

      Makes me sick

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Republicans across the nation just want to make me barf! I so hope the jerk is NOT elected. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him and would be shocked if the people in that state don't see throw him. Pretty nasty guy that doesn't like to follow the rules!!!

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      ooops - goof made above by me - 'don't see through him'!!! Sorry!

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I wonder how this man could even be considered for election. He obviously has some serious mental problems.My fear is this IS South Carolina.They should be ashamed of their political record. Yet they seem to celebrate it.The mind reels at the ignorance.

  7. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Gotta love the Party of Family Values.

    They politick just like they live. Read into that whatever you want, C4P lurkers and trolls.

  8. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Shit going on today makes you weep for "humanity"

  9. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Even worse than we feared....


    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      She put herself on the ballot under two different party headings. One of the commenters there said it can be a great idea, but not in a low information voter area such as District 1, SC. I think she was merely trying to appeal to these two groups and hopefully her supporters will be savvy enough to not vote for her in both places.

  10. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Air Force brochure for rape victims: ‘It may be advisable to submit’

    A sexual assault “prevention and response” brochure issued by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) advises victims to consider submitting to their attack, Wired magazine reported on Tuesday.

    “It may be advisable to submit than to resist,” the guide (PDF) said in a section labeled, “If you are attacked,” saying victims should make that decisions based on the circumstances behind their attack while being “especially careful” if their attacker has a weapon.

    However, there are no instructions in the brochure advising service members to not commit sexual assault. Each suggestion listed puts the responsibility for avoiding assault or rape on victims. The brochure also seems to be written with the assumption that rapists do not know their victims, despite statistics indicating that a vast majority of assaults are perpetrated by people who know their victims.

    The author of the brochure is not listed, but it surfaced a day after the USAF’s Chief of Sexual Assault Prevention, Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in a Texas parking lot. Krusinski was charged with sexual battery. A report scheduled to be released on Tuesday will also show that more than 70 sexual assaults are committed against military members every day.

    According to Wired, the brochure was issued to service members at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.


  11. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:45 AM

    I heard that this trail hinkin' dinkus is actually ahead by a hair in the polls today. If so, expect Sarah to make a last-minute endorsement in 3...2...1...

  12. Anonymous10:47 AM

    “For those who agree with your opinions and your record and your opinions on debt the deficit and governing, but are concerned about how you left office and what happened, how do you answer the question, can voters trust you?” Brzezinski asked the former governor.

    “Well, I’d turn it around to you, Mika,” Sanford replied. “I’d say, I guarantee — we don’t know each other at a personal level — but I guarantee you, you’ve made some mistake in your life wherein somebody could raise that very question to you. I could turn it around to Joe. I could turn it around to anybody on the set and say, one offense does not define your life.”

    “What if I screw up every day?” Scarborough wondered. “Will people forgive me if I make horrible mistakes every day? Is that okay?”

    “Well, I guess it would be tough if there’s a pattern every day,” Sanford admitted. “It might be stretching it with the scope and nature of human forgiveness.”


    Damn this guy is a slippery little weasel!

  13. Anonymous10:52 AM

    It is unbelievable that he brings to light Colbert Busch' divorce after the sordid, public divorce he recently went through. He is class A skumbag. He has a long history of salacious behavior; his Appalachian escapade is the coupe de gras. Mrs. Sanford is fortunate to be rid of this empty, disgusting, amoral, shell of a man.

  14. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Fundamentalism Goes The Way of the Macarena

    Cheesy American evangelical culture, it seems, was a trend that swept America but now that people are beginning to realize it’s not a good look, they’re quietly putting it away and pretending in never happened. It’s like the Macarena, except hateful to women, gays, and science. Or that’s the argument being offered by Daniel D’Addario in Salon, in a piece about how Tim Tebow might be the last openly fundamentalist (which is what he really means, since there are openly evangelical celebrities who aren’t necessarily aligned with the Christian right) mainstream celebrity—and he just got shitcanned. (Already, you’re seeing whining about this from fundies who believe white Christians are an oppressed minority.) Part of the problem with the “brand” appears to be, you know, the hate issue. D’Addario quotes pastor John S. Dickerson, who is quite whiny about it:

    “The culture has turned the corner, specifically on the conflict between the LGBT movement, if you call it a movement, and the evangelical movement, if you call it a movement. Evangelicals have invited this, but they’re being typecast. The cultural view of the new America is that the biblical view of homosexual sex is backward, the stuff of cavemen or the Ku Klux Klan, ” Dickerson said. He noted that the recent ban on “reparative therapy” in California may sound a death knell for evangelicals’ influence.

    Or perhaps its that fundamentalists seem wholly incapable of understanding how their weird, prudish bigotry sounds to people who aren’t immersed in their culture. For instance, in just this quote alone, you can tell that Dickerson is a first class asshole, even in you know nothing else about him. Let’s just count the infractions against basic human decency in this comment:


    1. “Or perhaps it’s that fundamentalists seem wholly incapable of understanding how their weird, prudish bigotry sounds to people who aren’t immersed in their culture.”

      Bingo! There also seems to be a “tuning” issue. My father and I had no problem with homosexuals. We shrugged. I don’t think it even registered with my brother. But, my mother almost had a stroke, her face went bloodless when it was explained (tactfully) to her, and we all lived in the same house.

  15. Anonymous10:57 AM

    The republicans win elections by stealing it and dirty tricks.

  16. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Report: 48 Of 50 Top Advertisers ‘Exclude Rush And Hannity’ From Radio Commercial Buys

    In the midst of Rush Limbaugh‘s reported battle with Cumulus Media, which buys his radio show’, new details are emerging today about just how badly the conservative talker’s advertising woes have become. And now, it seems to be extending beyond just Limbaugh.

    ...This revelation is significant because it is the first time Limbaugh’s #2 competitor Sean Hannity has been brought into this conversation about advertiser aversion; and because, if true, a 48 out of 50 (96%) rate of top advertisers wanting nothing to do with the shows represents a rather striking figure.


  17. Anonymous11:47 AM

    She's a woman, with a vagina, so we have to accuse her of first being a witch, then a bitch, a slut and that good old standby, a slut that loves abortions.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:23 PM


      "Boys will be Boys", anyone?

  18. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Right-wing website World Net Daily hyped the news this week that Chuck Norris, the seemingly ageless martial arts star and a WND columnist, has joined the push to make Sept. 11, 2013, a "National Day of Prayer and Fasting."

    Norris added his name to the effort, also supported by other conservatives such as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), in an April 28 column. He cited anecdotes from the Founding Fathers to argue that organizers were right in "calling up America's spiritual reserves, challenging our spiritual fervor and cranking up our spiritual warfare."


  19. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Great win for Mark Sanford and America

    1. It's not your country, you ignorant, bigoted, regressive, misogynist tool.

      And the United States, "our" country, is going forward, not backward. Albeit more slowly in South Carolina.

  20. S.C. took him seriously. He's back.

  21. Leland5:12 PM

    Aw SHIT!


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