Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donald Trump gets into yet another Twitter war and gets his ass handed to him.

This is somewhat off topic for this blog, but I simply could not resist sharing with you this incredible, and satisfying smack down that resulted when Donald Trump picked a fight with Modern Family writer Danny Zuker. Now keep in mind as you read this that Trump was the keynote speaker at this weekends Faith and Freedom Coalition, which is a gathering which includes virtually ALL of the who's who in the Republican party.



There were a few other back and forths which you can see here but this gives you an idea of just how childish, pathetic, and arrogant this lunatic is, and yet he is warmly embraced by a party that is supposedly trying to reinvent itself in order to win future elections.

Yeah, good luck with that GOP.


  1. Boscoe6:41 AM

    Wow, I knew 7 year-olds in elementary school that had more game than Trump. What's scary is that I've just realized Palin is actually smarter than Trump! She at least had the sense to hire a ghostwriter...

  2. WakeUpAmerica6:46 AM

    Trump's insults are on the level with, "I know you are, but what am I! Nana nana boo boo!!" (insert razzberry here)

    Trump has the personality of the typical privileged, prep school bully. Does he have any real friends or just followers?

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Wow, he's really dumb, isn't he?

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      And to think, he's a Republican 'powerhouse.' Doesn't say much for those folks does it?

    2. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Faith and Family - uhhh, which of the Donald's families would he identify with - Ivana? Marla? Melania?

      Gotta love these serial adulterers.

  4. Maple7:05 AM

    "Trumplestilksin" Hahahahahaha!

  5. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Whenever I see Donald Trump's name, I am reminded of his influence in the wrongful convictions of "The Central Park Five". Ken Burns made a documentary on that subject - aired last year:

    So now, whenever I see Donald Trump, or read anything he writes/posts, I just naturally conclude that he's a lying racist. He's a cartoon version of the Koch bros.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Cartoon is right! "What a maroon!"

    2. Yep, I saw that documentary. As if I couldn't hate Donald Trump anymore than I already do.

  6. Bullseye, Danny Zuker!

  7. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Yeah, "loser," "lightweight," "racist" -- the kind of taunts that a brain-addeled person yells at another, because he can't think of anything smart to say, or because he doesn't know anything smart to say.
    Sarah Palin is following in his gigantic footprints -- call people names when you have nothing substantive with which to volley.
    Remember, Sarah, just how ludicrous Trump is to the average American, and try hard not to be a copy-cat. I know that original thinking is hard for you to do, but, if you don't come up with something besides talking points and insults, you'll be as dead-to-the-world as Prince Trump.
    Remember how he treated you to pizaa in Times Square? That's what he thinks of you -- a paper plate, a plastic fork, and a slice. That's what we think of you, too.
    Did you ever get to meet Trumps wife #1? Your heroine?

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      I think Ivana was several wives back for Mr. Trump.

    2. Anonymous10:43 AM

      It was Ivana -- three children. Dropped her for Marla Maples -- one child. Dropped her a few months before their tenth anniversary, which would have kicked in more alimony. Now married to a stepford wife -- one child.

  8. Anonymous7:33 AM

    So no reply about his made in china clothes? Rethugs are truly masters of deflection.

  9. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Maddow Predicts Doomsday For GOP: Gay Marriage Rulings Will ‘Come Crashing Down On Republican Party’

    “In Republican world, it is a very different world than the rest of us are living, when it comes to The Gay,” Rachel Maddow said in a blistering segment taking the mainstream GOP to task for their ossified position on homosexuality.

    Whereas the country is rapidly moving in favor of gay marriage—Maddow referenced a poll showing a 57/40 divide in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage—Republicans gathered at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington DC this weekend, which is just Ralph Reed’s Christian Coalition 2.0, where they reaffirmed their opposition to any form of gay rights.

    But the MSNBC host says their staunch refusal to liberalize on gay issues is about to be tested in two different ways: when the Employment Non-Discrimination Act comes up for a vote in the Senate, and when the Supreme Court hands down its ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 sometime in the next two weeks.

    “Republican politicians are about to lose the luxury of only talking about gay rights in front of anti-gay audiences like the Faith and Freedom Coalition, or avoiding the question altogether because they don’t want to be quoted about it because their Republican position on the subject is so unpopular,” Maddow said.


  10. Anonymous7:59 AM

    The photo says it all. Self awareness doesn’t even enter his mind as he believes he is above reproach. He outsources his clothing line and then disses the Chinese people who work for him. What a sick man. I think his prep school days were spent in a haze of alcohol and his emotional and empathetic brain cells stopped working. As to Sarah? She sees herself in this man.

  11. Anonymous8:20 AM

    O/T but this is great news! I'm sure it will help with our president's negotiations with Iran and will avoid that war that Israel has been itching for...

    Hasan Rowhani, a Moderate Candidate, Declared Winner of Iran’s Presidential Vote

    In a striking repudiation of the ultra-conservatives who wield power in Iran, Iranian voters overwhelmingly elected a mild-mannered cleric seeking greater personal freedoms for the public and a more conciliatory approach with the world.

    Iran’s interior minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, announced that Hassan Rowhani, 64, had more than 50 percent of the vote, enough to avoid a runoff in the race to succeed the outgoing president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose tenure was defined largely by provocation with the west and a seriously hobbled economy at home.

    The hardline conservatives aligned with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei placed at the back of the pack of six candidates, indicating that Iranian’s were looking to their next president to change the tone, if not the direction of the nation, by choosing a cleric who served as the lead nuclear negotiator under reformist Mohammad Khatami.

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Israelis aren't "itching for a war." If you actually knew any real Israelis or had been there, you would know that.

    2. Anonymous8:55 AM

      The winner is only a figurehead. The people really in charge still hate America and Israel. I don't think you understand Irans politics and you certainly don't know the Israeli people.

    3. Anonymous9:39 AM

      >>Israelis aren't "itching for a war." If you actually knew any real Israelis or had been there, you would know that.

      I didn't say ISRAELIS were itching, I said ISRAEL which means the right wing government zealots in charge.

      Further, I not only have been to Israel repeatedly, I know MANY real Israeli citizens, as well as a huge number of transplanted Israelis living here in the US. In fact, two of my closest and oldest friends are Israeli, my sister in law in Israeli and my business partner is Israeli, so you can go fuck yourself with your comment.

    4. That's great news! 820!

      I agree that israel is doing everything in their power to get us into war with Iran, which is a stupidass move. israel isn't the 51st state.

      Until they all have nukes, israel continues to play a overbearing, apartheid, projectionist, bully role.

      Great going 855! You write about knowing all Iranians, including Iranian-Americans (there is such a "thing') that are going to annihilated the "Americans." israel isn't playing fair at all, from the beginning. Even before the end of WWII.

      Sign me -- Teed off.

    5. Anonymous4:22 PM

      "Anonymous8:54 AM

      Israelis aren't "itching for a war." If you actually knew any real Israelis or had been there, you would know that. "

      True, like the Irish before them, a lot of the violent, jingoistic rhetoric comes from safe in America Zionists.

  12. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Danny Zuker

  13. Anonymous8:32 AM

    In the battle of wits, Zuker’s Muhammad Ali and Trump’s a seeping sack of human excrement

    Donald Trump is a master of cognitive dissonance: he hosts a show about running a corporation and yet he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times; he has his own clothing line, yet it looks like he styles his hair by drunk walking through a wind tunnel; he believes that Obama was born in Kenya despite having seen his birth certificate. To add another item to the list of things that are mutually exclusive to most intelligent people: he decries America’s business relationships with China, yet his own clothes are made there.

    Donald Dumbass self-aggrandized on Twitter by claiming that he’s been sounding the alarm about China since the 80s. True or not, Danny Zuker, a writer for Modern Family, cannot help but point out that the clothing in Trump’s eponymous line are, in fact, made in China. And so begins the most one-sided fight since Indiana Jones shot that swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Trump may call Zuckera “lightweight,” but Donnie can’t land a single blow—or stay on topic—while Zuker tears him a new one. You can watch the carnage below:

  14. Anonymous8:46 AM

    This isn't new, it seems that Zuker bests the Trumpster on a regular basis! Good on ol' Zuker for taking this loser to task.

  15. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Donald Trump revisited his feud

    (be sure to check out this lengthy recap)

    with Modern Family writer, Danny Zuker yesterday by trash talking the show on Twitter.

    “Just tried watching Modern Family - written by a moron,” said Trump. "Writer has the mind of a very dumb and backward child. Sorry Danny!"

    Zuker countered with, “Your insults need work. Here’s one I’ve been working on: ‘Every picture you post of yourself is a d--- pic.’ See?”

    The altercation began in March when Zuker took a shot at Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice after a bad night in the ratings department. “The only way you could be losing rating points faster is if you inherited them from your father,” Zuker quipped.

    According to BuzzFeed, Trump was unaware of Zuker, despite his popular show, before the argument started.

  16. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Happy Father's Day Gryphen, and all your readers who are fathers, here is our Dad -in-Chief!

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      OMG, those photos are adorable! What an amazing dad he is, it's just oozes from the images. And clearly his girls are wild about him!

  17. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Palin Blasts NSA: Couldn’t Find ‘Two Pot-Smoking Bostonians With Hotline To Terrorist Central?’

    Sarah Palin addressed Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference Saturday morning, skewering Obama voters, the NSA, and Washington culture in general, and throwing a good-natured elbow to her “friends” at Saturday Night Live while she was at it.

    “It seems so Orwellian around here,” Palin said. “Before 1984, terms like ‘leading from behind’ meant following. The other day the White House testified before Congress, bragging that they used the ‘least untruthful statement.’ Where I come from that’s called a lie.”

    “Yes, officials lied, and government spied,” Palin rhymed. “In Benghazi, government lied, and Americans died. These scandals are coming at us so fast and furious.”

    “It reminds me of a comedy bit from my really, really good friends at Saturday Night Live,” Palin said. “They should think of me as a friend, for a while I was supplying more job security for the Tina Feys of the world and doing more for those employment numbers than Obama’s ever done.”

    Palin proceeded to do her best Amy Poehler impression.

    “Our government spied on every single one of your phone calls,” she said, “but it couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechnya. Really? And it’s built apparatus to sneak into all of the good guys’ communications, but oopsy-daisy! It missed the Fort Hood mass-murder of our own troops, despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions and on his own business cards. But no red flags there. Really?”

    Palin also asked Reed to sic her on any protestors outside the conference. “Easy to spot them in the parking lot, in their itty-bitty purple Volts,” Palin said. “What gives them away is that Reelect Obama bumper sticker. That bumper sticker might as well say, ‘Yeah, I’m still dense.’”

    Watch the segment below, via CNN. Full speech will be posted when it becomes available.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      The comments on that article have me in stitches. Clearly, she is a laughingstock and people aren't holding back. Love it!

      And her new buzz word seems to be ORWELLIAN. What a dipshit.

    2. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Holy Sh*T Did she say this?? She is as fertile as Sponge Bob SquarePants!

      "Sarah Palin Knocks Jeb Bush's Comments On Immigration 'As Someone Who Is Fertile Herself' "

    3. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Sarah's two oldest daughters have passed the fertility test, after --- how many, five kids and one abortion so far between them? Or is it four kids and two preggo terminations? Either way, that's pretty impressive for them to accomplish before either of them could drink a beer legally. Not that the law matters to any of them. All of them. It's almost time for Sarah to teach them about contraception. Or better yet, Todd. He can do a hands-on show-and-tell by just reaching in his pocket to show them what used condoms look like.

  18. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Obama salutes fatherhood and parenting in departure from usual weekly address

    'I try every day to be for Michelle and my girls what my father was not for my mother and me. And I’ve met plenty of other people—dads and uncles and men without a family connection—who are trying to break the cycle and give more of our young people a strong male role model.'

    In an emotional departure from politics as usual in the weekly address, President Obama this morning discussed parenting, fatherhood, role models and the absence a father can leave in a young person's life—and the importance of the paternal role for children in general and the men who take it on (notably mentioning gay dads in the mix).

    'Being a good parent—whether you’re gay or straight; a foster parent or a grandparent—isn’t easy. It demands your constant attention, frequent sacrifice, and a healthy dose of patience. And nobody’s perfect. To this day, I’m still figuring out how to be a better husband to my wife and father to my kids.'

    Being the president, he didn't completely ignore policy—stronger child support laws were advocated and a hat tip given to organizations that promote "strong parenting and fatherhood."

    Still, it was quite a personal message, and one that gave listeners a glimpse into the First Family's life:

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      This man is such a fine and inspiring leader and man and husband and FATHER. I am so impressed with how he conducts himself in every situation, but no more so than his actions as a father. Those girls are so lucky to have that kind of influence and LOVE.

  19. Anita Winecooler7:03 PM

    Donald just doesn't get it. Letterman handed his ass to him over the same exact issue. Wave your flag all you want, MR Trump, but make sure your actions show you're worthy.
    He reminds me of another loser with polyester clothes and hair.

    Here's a trip down memory lane, with commentary from Joan Rivers.

    1. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Like Sarah, he continues the conversation long after he's proven himself to be an unwitting, witless idiot. I feel sorry for his kids who have enough self-awareness to be embarrassed about their father's lame efforts at self-promotion. But they can't shut him up any more effectively than Sarah's family can put a sick in her mouth. But the Trump kids have the decency not to ride the coattails of their demented dad into the same arena.


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