Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kathleen Parker examines the importance of "fertility" to the Palin brand.

Courtesy of the Miami Herald:

Lately, a strange shift has occurred among female politicians as they have resorted to flexing their womb-manhood. Rather than try to out-man the men, women have begun to celebrate — or exploit in some cases — their higher purpose. 

This brings us unavoidably to Sarah Palin, who reminded us recently that fertility is the ultimate trump card. 

To be fair, Jeb Bush started it. He was attempting to explain the need for immigration reform as an economic argument. That is, we need an influx of immigrants — WHO TEND TO HAVE LARGER FAMILIES — to counter native-born Americans’ low birthrates. Our current rate isn’t sufficient to keep our nation’s economic engine running competitively. 

This is a legitimate argument, most forcefully advanced by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Republican economic adviser and former director of the Congressional Budget Office under George W. Bush. Alas, Jeb Bush inartfully said we need immigrants because they are more “fertile,” which sounds an awful lot like, “Hotahmighty, those people can’t tie their shoes without getting pregnant.” 

One is permitted a certain number of verbal pratfalls in public life, a bit of latitude Palin should appreciate. But Mama Grizzly came roaring out at Bush during a speech at one of those confabs where faith-and-freedom lovers assemble to flex their moral superiority. She not only scolded the third Bush for speaking in such terms but reminded the audience of her own bona fides in the matter. 

“I say this as someone who’s kind of fertile herself.” 

As though anyone could forget. 

In an earlier speech in May at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Palin drew applause with a quip about her marital virtuosity. For Christmas, she gave husband Todd a gun, and he gave her a gun case for the four-wheeler, and … 

“He’s got the rifle; I got the rack.” 

Oh, chortle chortle. Palin is nothing if not fertile. 

Or perhaps more accurately, she is nothing if she isn’t fertile. 

This last line is the most important of Parker's article, because it speaks to the most important falsehood about Sarah Palin. That she was a forty something, still fertile female Governor, who found herself pregnant with a special needs child that she bravely decided to carry to term (Well almost).

Based on that mythology, Palin was able to attract support from Fundamentalists, pro-life groups, women, and horny old men who were amazed that she still looked so fuckable after recently giving birth.

And the whole thing was bullshit.

Sarah Palin on March 28, 2008, 3 weeks before the "birth" of her fifth child.

Which I believe I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt back in 2011.

In fact it was to prove that very fact that so many Palin blogs were launched in the first place, including my good friend Audrey's Palin's Deceptions, Regina's Palingates. and many many more.

In my opinion we did that. And with the help of Joe McGinniss we brought the story out from the shadows.

So to respond to Kathleen Parker's final point, no all evidence points to the fact that she is NOT fertile, and that same evidence indicates that, yes she IS nothing.

Now if only Kathleen Parker and her fellow journalists would, as Palin herself suggests, "get a still spine" we could finally prove that fact to the majority American people.

I think I, and others, have done the heavy lifting. So all that remains is for somebody with a larger audience to take our evidence and run with it.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    The Palinbots hate Kathleen Parker. They published a response to her on their crazy web site. If you look at the current C for P site, you see absolute proof that really it is run by the Palin's. Why?? You know how Sarah can NEVER let go of a grudge? That is part of narcissistic personality disorder, by the way. Well, there are multiple responses in articles on that we page to almost anyone who has even slightly criticized Sarah.

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Kathleen Parker is the voice of one type of mainstream conservatism.
      Of course, the Palins hate her. She hasn't signed on to the tea party, looks with a critical eye at all things, left and right, and is smarter and more verbal than all the Palins rolled into one.

      "Chortle, chortle." She's not getting at the Trig fake pregnancy, but her simple sarcasm undercuts the myth of the Madonna, which Palin has promulgated for five years.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Didn't you write about this Parker story the other day?

    I have given up hope that baby gate will truly be exposed. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    She was bragging about having her tubes tied after Piper's birth. End of story.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      To whom did she brag? They live in fear of the Palin Mafia I take it? Not enough citizens in Wasilla, Alaska are sick of her bad name and deeds ruining the reputation of their community?

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      She used it as an excuse to not take her turn for the carpool One of the carpool moms posted it here.

  4. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Sarah posing the the doorway with Cummerbund Baby wrapped gently around her waist.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Ha.....Cumberbund......Perfect! In the Elan Frank video I always thought the "baby" she thumped so hard (NO mother does that!) looked like one of those waist life preservers that water skiers wear.

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      11:01 AM That was Sponge Bob. More cruelty to the innocent. She has no shame.

    3. Anonymous2:26 PM

      "Sponge Bob Square Pillow" is the baby in the Elan Frank video.
      "Cumberbund" baby is a perfect name for the wrinkled black pants pregnant woman opening her own doors picture.

    4. That thumping has always been my smoking gun. Pregnant women caress their bellies.

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    That she was a forty something, still fertile female Governor, who found herself pregnant with a special needs child that she bravely decided to carry to term.

    I dropped out of high school in my sophomore year so maybe somebody can explain this to me? How can an elder woman give birth to a DS child when after her 4th child she had a tubal ligation?

    1. She lies a lot.
      Thanks for keeping this going, Gryphen.

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      I can explain it: LYING!

      Worse than that: key GOP guys enabling that LYING.

      Worse than that: Covering it up, to this day.

      Worse than that: MSM abetting the cover-up of the LYING.

    3. Anonymous11:11 AM

      It was a miracle birth, I tell ya. Sarah is the rebirth of the Virgin Mary, doncha know? Tubes tied, doesn't even sleep with Todd, and yet, at a crucial moment in her political 'career,' she finds herself not only preggers, but the baby is DS. What a movie..maybe Hustler could film it.

    4. Anonymous11:12 AM

      She lies a lot.

      Everyone is a victim and how much do we tolerate? Why can't there be a way we can stand up for what is good in America?

    5. AuntieRuth11:20 AM

      I really and truly do know someone who got pregnant after the cut and cauterize procedure. It is not as rare as you might think. That is not to say that she isn't lying about the pregnancy, it just isn't a sure thing.

    6. PalinsHoax11:40 AM

      AuntieRuth11:20 AM
      I really and truly do know someone who got pregnant after the cut and cauterize procedure.
      - - -
      Did that woman's husband sleep on the couch too, like Tawdry?

    7. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Yes: miracle birth -- and one that also included liposuction, unlike other miracles.

    8. AuntieRuth1:10 PM

      The lack of opportunity is another issue. Just sayin' that the tubes don't always stay closed. Sometimes one will grow a replacement. I wish it was conclusive, but I looked into it and it is not.

    9. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Tubes or no tubes. SHOW US WHERE THE BABY BUMP IS IN THE PHOTO ABOVE OF SARAH PALIN. March 28, 2008, 3 weeks before the "birth"

      Can anyone show us where the baby would be in that picture? How rapid it would have had to grow if you consider the Gusty photo, taken with Sarah Palin in a hall on April 13, 2008. There was other shape shifting over the months but those two are very interesting.

    10. angela2:01 PM

      Except Sarah never said she'd had a tubal---she just kept the supposed pregnancy a secret-----from everyone. Also, the woman didn't sleep with her husband during that time, allegedly.

    11. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Why does Trig look just like Levi? Mrs. Palin has some 'splainin' to do!

    12. Anonymous3:29 PM

      @ 2:29 PM

      I would like sum 'splainin' by Levi, also, too

      He said the date of that picture was April 2008.
      He must have other dated photos of his hair like that. Or did John McCain get those when his staff stole things from Sadie's computer?

    13. she was 44 with the behavior of a rabbit. What responsible woman has an oops baby at that age? Because of her irresponsibility a child suffers. No wonder her children have sex without using protection, she is a fine example.

      Fertile is getting pregnant at a drop of a hat. Either she was pregnant and had white-out babies or she is wishing she can be all that. The government jobs she held were easy as pie. So I hope she isn't comparing herself to women who really work and have children.

      Anyhow there are too many gaps between her kids' births to consider her anything but fertile. she was more horny.

    14. Cracklin Charlie8:41 PM

      Anon 3:29-

      The reason that Levi said that picture was taken in April of 2008, was because it was taken shortly after Tripp was born in April, 2008.

      If you look at the picture of Trig with the Heaths in the Mat-Su hallway taken in April of 2008, you will see what Tripp's brother, Trig, looked like the day Tripp was born.

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM

    A picture is worth a thousand words:
    Here are two photos of Sarah Palin when she claimed to be pregnant. Where she is wearing her red shirt, she is as big as a house, expecting to give birth to Track. In her black suit with the pink scarf (designed to disguise her "pregnancy") Sarah is expecting Trig. She may be expecting that frail baby to survive and be released from the hospital, but there is no way that she is about to give birth to him in six weeks. Not the plump, pink full term-looking baby who was photographed with Chuck and Sally Heath hours after he arrived. (Arrived, as in arrived at the hospital. Careful wording because Trig was born much earlier, if that baby is Trig). The photo of Palin in the black suit, with the perfectly flat stomach can be dated to early March, 2008 because she was photographed with others while being interviewed; a microphone is in the full photo. Things like that can be dated.

    Because things like childbirth, labor, amniotic fluid, cramps are words that turn off most men, people didn't want to invade Palin's "privacy." And, she was bold enough to confront an inquiring reporter, "What do I have to do, show you my stretch marks?" Palin's style is to bully and confront people rather than answer pesky questions. People didn't want to write about Palin faking that last pregnancy because it meant answering the more difficult question, "Who was Sarah covering for?" The first person who comes to mind would be her own promiscuous daughter, Bristol.

    It's not rude to write that about Bristol. In an exchange of My Space conversations, Bristol complained that Sarah took her cell phone away for a few days in the summer of 2007 when she did think that Bristol was pregnant. (Parenting tip: Taking away anyone's cell phone does not prevent pregnancy). Bristol was out of school for 5 months with mono (end of 2007, early 2008) staying with an aunt and cousins who could have caught her mono. It was considered "inappropriate" to write about Trig and Bristol who may have been a single teen mother more than once. The reason to write about such things is that Sarah has identified her qualifications for anything based on her family. Never mind that her father almost died and she was touring the country making speeches and important appearances at race tracks. Sarah's appeal to right wing religious groups was based on her giving birth to Trig, a symbol of Right to Life. It's too bad that Palin has nothing else that defines her. And, for the little that we hear about Trig, he doesn't seem to have received much therapy, if any. No mother should treat their child like that!

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      That speaks volumes.

    2. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Great comment!

    3. Anonymous2:27 PM

      With the current weight loss exhibited by Mrs. Palin it can't be too pretty "down there". Our female outer genitalia is composed mostly of fat; the pudendum, the outer labia, all of it is padded by fat to protect a female during the contact during intercourse. Hers must be less than plump and pretty and more like strips of beef jerky hanging off her pelvic bone.

    4. Anonymous4:24 PM

      I guess I'll hold off on dinner. I thought she could shut everything down, "down there".

    5. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Like banging a crack in the sidewalk. No, I've never tried that. But I would, if I had to make a choice between that and Sarah's bony, diseased, rotting hoo-ha.

    6. Anita Winecooler6:51 PM

      The comparison of the Red maternity Sarah and the Black maternity Sarah was always perplexing to me. Perhaps, in Wasilla World, it's like bread making? Different yeast strains produce different results, One was a Menard strain and the other was a Palin strain.

  7. Anonymous10:34 AM

    It's simple: Palin wants men to think about her vagina.

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      That's why Sarah wears her big shiny Christian belt buckle so close to her poonanni.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      And her miraculous boobs: now you see 'em, now you see 'em even bigger! I think she has as many fake chests as she does wigs. There was a photo of her with Todd from somewhere standing in front of a big flag with their precious hands over their hearts. I think it was some fundie site,and they were gushing over her. And what was she wearing around her neck? One of her gigantic lookatme crosses? Oh, no, she had on her big old Star of David, because she's a closet Jew or something....who knows with this liar.

    3. Anonymous12:20 PM

      10:34 Hopefully they are wearing a gas mask to fight off the odor.

    4. Anonymous5:18 PM

      10:34 PM

      That's what she sells because it's all she has. The sexual innuendos in speak, the dress code. Every gun toter's dream girl...all the way to the bank.

      She's not running for anything, she CAN'T, just pimping like TAWD taught her. What a worthless family in the name of "God."

    5. Anonymous5:29 PM

      She likes to watch men vomit. Might be related to her bulimia eating disorder. If they think of her rotting private parts, say goodbye to dinner!

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Palin is all about cashing in with fertility. She also speaks out about vetting people. That is her way of asking for someone to further scrutinize her fertility claims. Especially since there is photographic and circumstantial evidence to prove she is a fraud. What can the public do to get LSM and journalists to go to work?

    She knows she will never run for an office. Ploys to collect donations, yes. WAITING for her to run for an office is pointless, she won't do that. She is not actually a politician at this point. She is a celebrity and she does sell product and manipulates the system.

    She needs to be vetted for the shady business she does. One of her businesses is SarahPac.

  9. Anonymous11:22 AM

    but, but ... Todd calls her "juicy"

  10. Anonymous11:31 AM

    All one has to do is, as well, put the picture of Palin with her pregnancy belly up against any of the stars, celebrities and royalty who now exhibit their "baby bumps" with no shame.
    Well, Kate Middleton has "retired," waiting for her first baby in a month. But that means she's as pregnant now as Sarah was. And Kate Middleton, even with the best seamstresses at her disposal, has exhibited a large belly.

    Each week, some new well-known young woman, or not so young, is shown pre-birth. Halle Barry is the latest -- she's 44, I think, and she's shown her pregnancy for five or six months now.
    There is no possible way that Palin's pillow represented a real pregnancy or a
    real baby. And the squeamishness that most reporters, esp. males, show toward all matter of female anatomy, meant that Palin could skate through without many questions being asked.
    My question now: If someone is pro-Right to Life, doesn't that mean they have to do all they can to make that Life special once the baby is born?
    Sarah displayed that DS child, and, after his usefulness, has banished him to a netherworld. It's shameful and hypocritical, but that's Sarah Palin.

  11. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Creepy Daddy Chuck made sure it was rammed home with pre-teen Sarah that her sexuality was what kept the attention coming. She learned early how to manipulate, tease and provoke. She's still doing it, since it became embedded in her psyche at such an early age, it's how she sees the world, and reacts to it.

  12. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Gryphen - ya got that right! How do you spell Palin? B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.!!

    Grypen isn't makin stuff up!

    Jeez I can't stand that fake bitch!

  13. Anonymous11:48 AM

    No woman that nasty can convince media that SP is a nurturing mom of a DS child. Her sexual tease and constant need for adulation and attention and her mean streak and constant criticisms (which she chose to enact herself; no one made her) are the things that provokes more and more conservatives to wake up.

    No mom of kids, unless she's mentally ill, can ooze such hate and resentment and say such hateful things about others, and smuggly smile, while making a living off of her 'celebrity' and hate. What happens if poor Trig has an off day? Does she call him names too? No one is convinced she can be so nasty in public and not be the same at home. If she's mentally ill, little Trig still has to contend with her. How can her 'base' not see how abusive this is for this child?

    The old saying of "street angel, house devil" applies to narcissistic women. But when the same woman acts like a street devil, imagine how she acts like at home?

    1. I'd say Sarah's borderline mentally retarded. Her IQ is 83 after all.

    2. I'd say she's borderline mentally retarded.
      Sarah's IQ is 83 it's been reported. I believe it.

  14. Moosewood12:09 PM

    Sarah Palin seemed to be trying to perpetuate her youthfulness by remarking that she is *sort of fertile myself." If her youngest child is Trig, she was last *fertile* about six years ago. There's been no indication of Palin late-40s fertility since 2008. Why bring this red herring into the argument unless to suggest how youthful she is? In fact, Palin is probably at least peri-menopausal ....

    1. I think you are right and this is exactly what she intended. Fertility also is closely linked with being sexually active, which is also an impression she wants to give as being oh so sexy.

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Your premise is backed up by mountains of photographs taken of her since the 2008 campaign. Most of the outfits she has chosen to wear in public venues are more appropriate for women 20 years younger than she is, and not for ANYONE in the settings she's flaunted them in.

      Tight shirts showing off the fake, ever-changing boobs, skirts that are way too short, and shoes that belong on hookers, exotic dancers or celebrities at the Grammy Awards demonstrate her desperate attempts to maintain the youthful, sexy image that propelled her to fame.

      Sorry, sister Sarah, time stops for no one and without the professional stylists and expensive wardrobe, you just look like a pathetic, sad, old barmaid.

    3. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Look, you all just lighten up a little bit on Sarah. When she says she's fertile, all she's saying is that her dick still gets hard every now and then.

  15. PalinsHoax12:20 PM

    Oh Ppsshawww, Ol' Dried Up Saree, you're not fertile! You're FUTILE!!!

    As well as sterile, juvenile, senile, reviled, oh, and an imbecile.

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM


    2. Anonymous5:34 PM


      And don't forget "hostile".

  16. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Gryphen mentioned Palin's Deceptions, a blog hosted by Audrey, a lactation coach who had been around plenty of women who had just given birth. Her husband was a doctor. Something about Sarah's Wild Ride story didn't ring true, and Audrey started a blog for people who didn't believe that crazy story.

    Palin announced that she was 7 months pregnant, surprising everyone who worked with her and her own family. 7 months pregnant and no one suspected that fertile woman had conceived again, not even her own mother. She didn't show, thanks to her "tight abs," even though she was as big as a house in previous pregnancies. (There are photos of Palin pregnant with Track and with Piper on the internet. That stuff "down there" doesn't tighten up with age; it loosens up.)

    Palin wasn't pregnant. While most women are advised not to fly when they reach their 7th month, Palin flew-- a 40 plus woman with a history of several miscarriages, expecting a special needs child. And, not one flight attendant noticed that Palin was pregnant. No one offered her a pillow or a seat belt extender.

    In what was supposed to be her 8th month of pregnancy, Palin flew to Texas to give a speech-- in spite of labor pains which woke her up in the middle of the night-- and she claimed to be leaking amniotic fluid. Instead of heading to the nearest emergency room, she gave her speech and flew for 12 hours, returning to Alaska because Todd said that they couldn't have a fish picker born in Texas.

    If that story is true (and it sounds fishy, considering Todd' fish picker remark), then Palin put her unborn special needs child at risk of being born on a plane. The lower atmospheric pressure might have brought on early labor. She endangered the child, herself and the passengers on board two different planes. Then, the Governor of Alaska, who could have had a police escort waiting at the airport, drove another hour to give birth at MatSu which is not equipped for the birth of special needs infants. Palin passed up a hospital in Anchorage, closer to the airport, which did have a fully equipped neonatal ward. If she had given birth at MatSu, Trig should have been transferred to Anchorage. He was a premature, special needs child with a hole in his heart.

    Absence of proof is not proof-- but where are the photos of Sarah in the hospital bed, holding the baby who was just born. Where is the photo of Sarah in the hospital bed with Todd at her side? Instead, we see Chuck and Sally holding a baby would could not have been born prematurely hours before.

    Audrey thought that the story sounded false. The story has been presented to a number of doctors. None of them would advise a 40 plus woman who had gone prematurely into labor, leaking amniotic fluid to give a speech and fly for 12 hours. Everyone of them said, "Get to the nearest ER, stat!"

    I would argue that Sarah endangered herself, Trig and the passengers on the planes-- if her story had any ring of truth. So much for cherishing life; Palin risk lives, if you believe her story. The fact is that her story is not believable. Add the photos that show Palin's stomach flat as a board instead of big as a house (as she was in previous pregnancies). Sarah used Trig as her prop during the 2008 election and her 2009 book tour. Now, the prop has served his purpose, except for the first day of school photo at the end of the school year. With the Right to Life comes the responsibility of taking care of that life after the kid is born-- that goes for Sarah, now Tripp's de facto mother and for Bristol, taking care of her son, Tripp. They have traded on Right to Life for the unborn. It applies to Trig and Tripp now, too.

    1. Excellent summation.

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Thank you. Yes, excellent.

      She is still defrauding the public with ye olde fertile meme.

    3. Thank you so much for that concise and accurate account of the controversy. I miss Audrey, and some of the old gang who built up knowledge of the hoax.

      There is some frustration about the way that things did not move forward - "Fred's Babygate book", which never appeared, and the strange way that Levi went on the record to support Sarah's absurd birth story.

      But 'truth is the daughter of time' and I think the full story will eventually be known.

    4. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Although not for a minute do I believe she was ever pregnant with Trig, I have always maintained that the Wild Ride story makes her look even more irresponsible and dangerously stupid than the fake pregnancy.

      If the story were true, she deliberately put herself and hundreds of other people in danger, not to mention her precious infant, in order to make a speech. That decision demonstrates a lack of intelligence as well as a level of narcissism and self-absorption that is truly stunning.

  17. Anonymous12:34 PM

    That dried-up wonky-eyed hag doesn't in the least evoke images of a fruitful fount of life. Scalding, stench-ridden, sulfurous pit is more like.

  18. Anonymous12:39 PM

    The two stories Palin you link to today have a total of 4 comments. I think the Magical Griftery Tour is coming to an end.

  19. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Why does the main stream media protect this incredible fraud? She has virtually gotten away with the hoax of all hoaxes for political profit and cash.

    1. Anonymous1:49 PM

      I'd like to know.

      Someone like Snowdon can take charge of what gets leaked and what doesn't. But no leaks that will tell the truth about the mother of all political fraud (McCain/Palin 08)?

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Yeah! damn "librul" media. Why do they protect this fraud? If her BS was flammable, she should have burst into flames a long time ago.

  20. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Who is Dr. Susan Lemigie, Palmer, Ak? Connections to the Palins? Thanks

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM

      }:>)o Would that OB GYN be Dr. Susan Lemagie in Palmer Alaska? Is she the Dr. who performed the Tubal Ligation on Sarah Palin after Piper’s birth?

      When Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla, there was an attack on Dr. Lemagie's office by anti-abortion people: During this period, as incidents of violence against abortion clinics and doctors around the country mounted, Dr. Lemagie’s medical office became the target of anti-abortion protesters. Recalling the fraught atmosphere in a 1997 opinion piece in Newsweek, Dr. Lemagie’s daughter, Sarah, wrote that her mother “no longer talked about managed care and AIDS; she talked about buying a bulletproof vest.”

      Dr. Susan Lemagie was by then the only physician in the state who performed elective abortions after the first 12 weeks (incidentally, she delivered the first two of Ms. Palin’s five children). She and the Mat-Su Coalition for Choice sued to overturn the new restrictions.

    2. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Dr. Susan Lemagie in Palmer is an OB-gyn that actually performs abortions. She is constantly having her office picketed by the over- breeding-homeschooling-welfare-food stamp evangelicals here in the Valley. If she has a connection with the Palins it would have only been to perform abortions since hardly any other OB does it out here. I have to assume she was never any Palin woman's OB-Gyn since she performs abortions; the Palin women are against that ya know ;-)

      She's a wonderful doctor and unapologetic supporter of a woman's right to choose.

    3. Anonymous2:33 PM

      Dr.(ObGyn) Susan Lemagie's office was personally picketed by Sarah Palin and a Fundamentalist anti-abortion group when Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin had the Hospital Board stacked to stop abortion, but Lemagie won in a lawsuit that was taken to the Alaskan Supreme Court. Dr. Lemagie now has an office in Palmer, Alaska.

    4. Anonymous2:35 PM

      i think i looked her up once. I think she is a neonatologist in Anchorage - maybe the one who really took care of premature Tri-G after Bristol birthed him in Providence. I need to refresh my memory though.

    5. Anonymous2:38 PM

      No she is an OB. She went to Univ of WA medical school. Probably is a pal of CBJ who also went to UW med school.
      Maybe Susan was Bristols real OB with Tri-G? I think Bristol let that pregnancy go really rea;;y long before she told anyone and before she got any prenatal care.

    6. Anonymous2:52 PM

      She delivered Sarah Palin's first two children? Very interesting. Is that where Sarah Palin got her "witeout?"

    7. Cracklin Charlie3:58 PM

      I think you're right, 2:38. Baby One (Trig) may have showed up before Bristol told ANYONE.

    8. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Someone left a strange cryptic comment @ Malia Litmans, don't know when, about Dr. Lemagie. Not sure what it could mean. Called her a "butcher" for Palin. Something about "hired help". It was all too disjointed to get what it meant. But very possibly could be wite-out involved. Makes sense Palin would make a drama out of protesting against her.

  21. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Those pants worn by Sarah are wrinkled like she took them out of the dirty clothes hamper. What a nasty woman, and she has not gotten any better..

  22. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Corruption goes deep, all connected inside, and her followers are stupid beyond belief.

    As far as political media goes, there is no more investigative journalism. Who's the biggest buffoon today is the name of the game for ratings.

    She knows she's a loser, that whole family knows they are. They just got their little window to milk the misinformed and that they are.

  23. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Her eyes are always like two black lumps of coal filled with hatred. My guess is that she is a miserable, aging quickly, lonely old puss filled hag. The damage she has done to so many people is sickening. And yet....she still gets away with all her lies. It will not end well for her......Her day will come and she will be wearing an orange jumpsuit and an ankle bracelet. And Toad, too.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      I believe she will just fade into obscurity and be nothing more than a Trivial Pursuit question. That for her is worse than having a shocking ending.

    2. The old grey mare is living viva loco 1950s thinking it's 1980s. she is so way behind the times that she is trying catch up, starting with her middle school days.

  24. Anonymous2:01 PM

    She's how old? More like menopausal.....

    In oil industry speak (the one she spend a lot of time humping): Drill, drill, drill all you want.

    That's a dry hole.

    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      A dry, crusty hole, rotting from the inside out.

  25. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Exactly Gryphen. All the heavy lifting has been done. The story IS ALL PUT TOGETHER with several possible variations and reasons for each deviation. The major consistencies are:
    1) It is physiologically impossible for a uterus to go from flat to Gusty is the time frame Palin chose.
    2) A family practice physician such as CBJ would never be a sitting governor's high risk OB.
    3) Mat Su would never ever ever induce a high risk sitting governor in their institution. EVER.

    THe whys still need to be firmed up. Why did CBJ and Matsu board decide that lyin' for the lord is OK? And why are they still in business. And why do not the doctors and nurses in Wasilla speak the fuck up?

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      And don't forget that Sarah had her tubes ties after Piper was born. There are people in Wasilla who know this and her doctor, CBJ, knows this as well but remains silent. Didn't Shailey Tripp give Sarah a massage about a month before Trig's "birth" and saw no signs of pregnancy?

  26. There are a series of new pictures of Trig appearing in the media, in stories that he has started school.

    We all wish the little boy well, and also his teachers and the school community.

    But I would like to see some discussion of those pics, in regard to the real age of the child, etc.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Soon he will be reading on the Internet that he needs to check the information on his own birth cert. A few years later, he will be required to register for selective service. We might need to be patient, but he won't be happy himself with being lied to and about for all these years. Looks like he might be an angry young man one day soon.

  27. Anonymous4:29 PM

    That bottom picture, why is that....

    Sponge Sarah Square Belly?

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Sponge Sarah Square Belly


  28. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Anyone with eyes and the evidence in front of him can see that Mrs. Palin was not pregnant with Trig. Pregnancies simply don't vacillate between nonexistent belly, big belly, non existent belly, weird museum belly, flat belly and then giant belly. It simply is not possible. She faked a pregnancy for someone and in Mrs. Palin fashion did a terrible job of it. Now she has a 5 year old DS kid that she seems to not have an interest in, not that she was terribly interested in any of the other kids either.

    If she wasn't crazy this would bug her and haunt her every day of her life, but she's just nutters so it is just par for her course.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      But but but Sarah can grow XL titties overnight. Why can't her uterus expand like that just as fast?

  29. The insufferable bitch is doing what she does, string people along. she knows she doesn't have proof of her being trig's birth mother. she knows this and she strings her sorry story along, we must suspend the laws nature things that we know are impossible to do, attain or see. We must act like she can do what cartoons can do. Blow up bellies, leaky nasty pussy-a nasty trail across America, believe that they induced that old biddy's labor when she was already in labor, chuckie saw the baby "pop out" of her (never heard toad say this) foh...cloak and dagger...full of lies, Oh hell nawh heifer and Awh bitch please moments.

  30. Anita Winecooler7:29 PM

    Kathleen Parker did an excellent job of dicing and slicing Sarah's fixation with sexuality and fertility.
    This is pretty close to the early days of the women's movement, when some women felt they needed to downplay their femininity or abandon it in order to compete as women in a man's world. We don't talk about it in our "youth is everything" society, but because of biology, women, even married women, have to take responsibility for their own fertility. That's why Planned Parenthood, sex education, and birth control are so important.
    Sarah can lick straws seductively, stuff her bra, wear short skirts, use sexually charged language and flaunt her stuff all she wants, none of that helps her come across as cogent, coherent, restrained nor wise.
    What will she fall back on in, say, ten years? What example has she set for her family? She's sicker than all the sick secrets she's kept, and even they'll see the light of day at this rate.

    Something tells me Mrs Parker knows much more than she's letting on.

  31. Anonymous8:25 PM

    DNA from Trig... DNA from Sarah. After all is said and done, game over. It is just a matter of time.

  32. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Since you mentioned him, Gryphen, do you have any update on Joe McGinnis's fight with cancer? I hope he knows that he has many fans out here sending good thoughts his way.

  33. Anonymous10:56 AM

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