Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The reality of voting in America now thanks to SCOTUS.


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Disgusting. We already have this in your photo ID, or get a 'provisional ballot,' which is set aside and only counted if there is a horserace. I asked my poll workers what happens to them, and she just shrugged. So much for free and fair elections, huh? The sanctimonious SOBs who say, "See, the GOP just wants fairness" are so phony. The ONLY way this is fair is if the IDs are 'free' (and when have we seen the GOP do anything for free,) simple to get (Texas is already closing offices in outlying places,) and making sure all citizens understand the law (I'm sure Texas and Alabama will be spending millions to send instructions in Spanish and English to every household, aren't you?) It is a shame that people do not see this for what it is: voter discrimination. Blatant, legal voter discrimination. And if Congress does not get its act together and fix this, NOW, we need to send the lot of them packing next year and vote in people who care about the Constitution....if there are any left. And how do we end this tyranny of the SC?

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Our current Congress can't go to the bathroom without wallowing in controversy, and their greatest accomplishment has been the historic lack of accomplishment (other than setting new records for levels of obstruction).

      I have little hope that they will be willing and/or able to establish new protocols for election law changes.

  2. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Do you suspect we are going to have uprisings in certain areas of the USA when it comes to voting time in 2014. It wouldn't surprise me one damned bit! The Supreme Courts actions make me sick to my stomach!

    1. I am hopeful that times are a little different.
      I don't want to see the days of black panthers or cities being burned. I lived thru those times in Cleveland, OH. People nowadays are better and smarter than in the past. Let's remember that these are the days of the mega-churchs'.....and all the on-line tools.

      Let's do our best to expose wrongs before they result in chaos....we are not helpless. Document whatever can be taken a picture of or recorded....take no prisoners.

  3. I know the GOP keeps talking about "freedom", but to me it looks like what they really want is feudalism.

  4. Anonymous6:47 AM

    GOP goal = Win anyway - whatever it takes regardless of how blatantly dishonest it is. White, wealthy supremacy must reign!

    Is it so difficult for those arrogant, black robed right wing, poorly behaved (Alito, Scalia, Thomas & wife ) SC appointees with life long job assurance to do the job they were put there to do?

    Did I ever think that one of those (Alito) pompous _____'s would go so far as to make fun of the female progressives when they speak? And how about calling the president a liar during his speech in the Chamber?

    It was the beginning of the end of justice for US citizens when Thomas got on board after public exposure (pun intended) of his sexual harassment - and we now know there was far more to his past that should have cinched him not being brought on board.

    The GOP should have selected their token black by at least choosing someone with a decent reputation. But it was necessary to get a silent "go along, get along, do nothing piece of ________ who would not interfere with the direction of the business of the right wing SC.

    We must not get comfortable when they toss us a bone now and then because ultimately their actions seem to be targeting getting the GOP in all branches of the government as majorities no matter what it takes.

  5. hedgewytch7:46 AM

    Nah, they'll never require vaccination records for voting - too many fundies are against vaccies.


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