Monday, July 29, 2013

Now that George Zimmerman has shown the way, the KKK is trying to start neighborhood watch programs nationwide.

Courtesy of Forward Progress:  

Some residents in Springfield were greeted by a flier in their front yards the other morning from none other than the local area Ku Klux Klan. While most groups seeking to advertise something they’re wanting to promote might stick paper fliers on cars, put a few yard signs out or staple a couple of advertisements on a few light poles—the KKK didn’t quite go that route. 

Oh no, they took their fliers, then used a rubber band to attach them to rocks and threw them into residential yards overnight. Because nothing says “sleep well” quite like the KKK throwing rocks into your yard while you’re sleeping. 

But this isn’t just an isolated KKK group that’s starting a neighborhood watch, apparently this is part of a nationwide push from the KKK to recruit local residents to be a part of their neighborhood watch. 

Let that sink it for a moment. A racially driven hate group is behind a national push to recruit citizens for a neighborhood watch program. 

Oh, but don’t worry, a spokesman for the KKK says citizens can rest assured that race will play no part in who they see as a threat. Because it’s perfectly logical to believe a hate group driven by racism could separate themselves from their ignorance while “fighting crime.”

Oh yeah, I am sure that the Klan would treat every young person they see walking around at night exactly the same.

And if you believe that then you may be the very person that the KKK is currently looking to recruit.

Gee and just when Fox News was trying to hard to convince all of us that racism is really dead and the ONLY people still bitching about it are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.


  1. Sally in MI3:37 AM

    I bet the NRA is holding a hoedown, and the gun manufacturers are upping production of those AK-whatevers. I mena, nothing says freedumb and patriotism like buying more weapons, joining the NRA, and then, signing up with a hoodie wearing bumch of cowards to 'watch the neighborhood.' THIS is what the GOP, Palin, Rush, and Fox have wrought. Thanks so much. I always wanted to be confined to my home for fear of an idiot with a gun walking my neighborhood. And I always dreamed of my grandkids growing up amongst gun-carrying teenagers in their schools.
    I was just reading where they voted in NC to allow guns in bars. Yup, depsite recent shootings by drunk men, the NC legislature wants every drunk man or sober women to have the same opportunity to be shot. Somehow, the Founders are NOT happy about these events.

    1. Anonymous12:40 PM

      Sally, I read today on huffpo that in Michigan, any child over 12 may own a handgun. They are apparently trying to generate a munchkin, but equally dangerous, version of the KKK.

  2. The local news here in Springfield showed the flyer and neighborhood attitudes. (CT residents also got this flier) It appears to not only be unwelcome but unnecessary. Nice try KKK. I envision some dude in a white hoodie sitting in a car guarding a what a target!

  3. Leland4:30 AM

    Sally, you have GOT to be kidding!


    In BARS?

    I live in SOUTH Carolina and I hadn't heard that.

    Their local emergency rooms must need business. And their undertakers.

    Weapons are like cars. They DON'T mix with booze. Period! And I meant weapons. It isn't just guns.

    (Of course, I know of few things that DO mix with booze.)

    1. Sally in MI10:40 AM

      I just read about it this morning. Hope you found the link...yes, NC is going to be turned over to the NRA.

  4. First the KKK is reported in local news everywhere saving lives and pulling accident victims out of burning cars and buildings on fire. Heroes, all.

    Next, the KKK will do community service--- manning phone banks for local NPR/PBS affiliates' membership drives in full hood & robe. They participate locally in cleaning up roadsides and parks, and provide park security free of charge, coordinating with local police, who welcome the help due to budget cuts and reduced manpower.

    Then the KKK provides security (free of charge) for school events like ballgames, especially the parking lots during the events. Petty theft and vandalism is reported to be reduced dramatically,as well as all crimes other than unexplained suicides of black teenagers, plus SYG cases, most involving cases of unarmed black teenagers attacking KKK members and then being killed (legally, of course), which is their own fault.

    With crime down in the areas initially patrolled by KKK, more neighborhoods openly welcome the Klan to help reduce the "crime wave caused by blacks all over the country", as reported on Fox News. Crime in these areas is self-reported to be reduced dramatically. SYG is deemed to be a major success in reducing the number of black thugs (redundant) committing crimes as these heroic crime fighters dressed in white are taking criminals off the streets. These heroes are constantly targeted by the thugs, but successfully stand their ground. After all, it's legal to kill blacks because its just natural to be afraid of them, so it's good citizenry to kill them before they do something bad to our white daughters or our white wives or white mothers.

    KlanCommunityWatch is lauded across the country (mostly in red states, but also in republican enclaves (suburbs) within blue states. The Klan adopts the AR-15 as their official Neighborhood Watching Assault Weapon of choice, and special Sniper Posts are set up to remove the wrong kind of people walking through white neighborhoods, first after dark and eventually 24/7 since "those kinds don't belong in white neighborhoods during the day because all the white people are at work so they can pay taxes to pay the bills for all of the welfare hoodlums." Recycling programs are dropped to free up the resources (trucks and drivers, workers) to collect the bodies of all the thugs that the KKK has heroically taken off the streets because they love America and Stand Their Ground For Their Communities.

    The KKK becomes a powerful, visible voting bloc and participates in municipal parades, toy collections for white tots (whites don't never get Nuthin free), and rallies to promote the protection of the white people in the race wars that the blacks have been getting away with since the 1960's. The heroes of the Klan win the endorsements from the NRA and Tea Party and are provided assault weapons at reduced prices along with special "black-piercing" ammo that is "designed to stop thugs in their tracks".

    The white hoods of the Klan is now so popular as a crime deterrent that a special ride-along program with local cops is instituted, and communities become even safer as a stop-em-and-frisk-em or shoot-em-if-they-run program is implemented with the KKK given special limited police powers to "maintain order, keep the peace, and stop blacks from playing loud music or driving around in areas they don't belong."

    More trucks and routes to pick up the bodies of the black thugs who receive justice while they're constantly attacking the community's upstanding Klan Protectors, according to other Klansmen who thankfully are always around to be witnesses that the shooter was only standing his ground, usually in his sniper nest where his view is real good.

    Hey, this Neighborhood Klan Watch sounds like it could really do done good. After all, what's the downside, other than having a few thugs taken off the street permanently, which will just save the communities from future crimes.

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      What was your point? I initially thought you were being sarcastic, until your last sentence. I think it would be priceless if a group of blacks dressed up in the white costumes, manned their OWN AK-47 (hey, they have 2nd amendment rights too) and joined one of these groups.

    2. Anonymous12:44 PM

      In Sara-world, Ted Cruz-world, Rushbo-world, and the rightie world in general, your fantasy is not too far-fetched. The possibility of it happening merely adds to its creepiness.

      The far right/white inner mantra: "No rules or fear for us, but tons of rules and loads of fear for everyone else".

  5. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I'm sure Wasilla will be next on their list. Todd will probably be a leader for them. He did beat up an 8th grade black kid when he was a senior in high school. What a creep.

  6. And they'll be armed. Rest assured. And patroling only in those Stand Your Ground states.

    Has someone let all the Supremes know that racism is dead in America and their decision on VRA was so spot on? No. Well, someone quick, type it, print it and tie it to a rock. Or you can just put it on a cross and burn it in their yards.

    Start with Roberts, Scalia and Thomas.

  7. Anonymous12:45 PM

    This is horrifying.... Can you "stand your ground" against the Klan? They are a terror-based racist mob.

  8. I was horrified yesterday to see another of those fake stories about black teenagers beating someone. It was obviously fake, but the racists pass them along on FB. Then while researching the story I read the KKK was passing out leaflets in that area, then found out it was happening all over the country. This is scary for many reasons.

  9. all the Klan members I have met, Don't work get government assistance, have a drink or drug problem and have been to prison.


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