Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas state trooper confiscates "deadly" maxi-pads from woman before allowing her to enter state capital. Could have been worse, could have been a gun. What? Those AREN'T being confiscated?

Courtesy of Americablog:  

A woman was apparently waiting in line to go watch the Texas Senate debate and vote on new restrictions against abortion, and a state trooper searched her and confiscated her Maxi-Pads as being too dangerous to bring into the state senate visitors gallery. He then started showing them to other people. 

“In front of, all of these male troopers took away my maxi-pads, and made a huge deal out of flashing them around and showing… and then saying that I couldn’t go into the gallery, I couldn’t take maxi-pads into the gallery. I’ve never been… I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.”

Yes, well to be fair there is really NO telling how many lives she could have taken with those dangerous female hygiene products.

However, and this will blow your mind, actual weapons, ie guns, WERE allowed into the Capitol building during these debates.

In fact, guns even help you to get in faster: 

At the State Capitol here, a legal concealed gun is the equivalent of an E-ZPass. 

To enter the sand-colored building, most people — schoolchildren on field trips, out-of-state tourists — must wait in line to pass through a security area outfitted with metal detectors and scanners. But those with state licenses to carry concealed firearms can enter in a matter of seconds. They simply hand their permit to a state trooper, who verifies its authenticity. No metal detector needed.

To be fair, it appears that the reason the feminine hygiene products were being confiscated is for fear that a pro-choice protestor might throw one and it might hit a legislator.

So to be clear, the Texas law enforcement is MORE worried about flying tampons, then it is about flying bullets?

Only in Texas my friends, only in Texas.


  1. The idea was to insult and humiliate. That is what men with big guns and no brains do.

    While the UN applauds a 16 year old from Pakistan standing up for her rights - in the US women are losing all their rights.

    If this doesn't force women to vote down the GOP in every state it will be the saddest day in history for those who fought for women's rights throughout the 20th century.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      "The idea was to insult and humiliate."

      That's it right there. And they're proud of it.

  2. So the little bitty dick club really is terrified of women and their mysterious, icky, scary, lady parts.

    I would say fuck 'em all, except no. That's the last thing in the world they deserve.

    Ladies, I do believe it's Lysistrata time.

    1. Leland5:21 AM

      Good idea, Nefer, except for one "tiny" problem:

      Too damned many women (not to mention men) are brainwashed into actually BELIEVING they shouldn't have any rights! So the men wouldn't be too deprived of a piece. At least, not the ones who NEED to be deprived, anyway. Besides, the men in need of a disease called "lakonooky" would probably just beat their wives into submission!

  3. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Once you get beyond the security check, there are restrooms, with dispensers, where you can buy, gasp, TAMPONS! Security disaster!!!

    The Texas Legislature cowers at tampons but cheerfully welcomes concealed guns via a security check by-pass. You can't make this stuff up.

    Last night religion won over science. Male terror of lady parts won over commonsense.

    1. I bet they made sure they were all empty.

  4. A. J. Billings5:25 AM

    I cannot imagine what the rest of the world thinks about the lunatic far right fringe of gun worshiping militant fanatics who run some of our state governments.

    Pads are confiscated, and loaded weapons are allowed?

    Women being forced into brood mare status, tied to the sink, and barefoot is their dream

    I swear, it's only a matter of time before all female humans over 10 are going to have microchips embedded in their wombs to monitor egg production and pregnancy status so assholes like Santorum and Palin can ensure ALL fertilized eggs are monitored 24/7

    Then the christian Taliban can prosecute those who miscarry from too much exercise or falling accidents .

  5. Anne in Texas5:26 AM

    The rage I felt last night watching all of this was really overwhelming. Then I cried. I need to leave Texas.

    1. jcinco6:55 AM

      my heart breaks for all progressive women in the red states. we women didn't fight so hard to have our rights stripped away from us again...think about this ladies, we all know racism in this country is still rampant, however black men were given the vote before women. the fat old white guys are trying to keep us down and make us second class citizens. what kind of moronic woman can agree to that? seriously, have they been knocked down so many times they won't get back up? are they so ignorant and brain washed not only will they allow this to happen to them but also their daughters and granddaughters. We have to stand up and fight this battle all over again. we can begin by voting on a local, state and federal level. we are the majority of voters in this country we can't continue to accept minority, 2nd class citizen status.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Please don't leave, fight fromwithin. Join local government, join democratic activits groups, talk to other women. Strip the power from these bastards.

    3. Anonymous9:25 AM

      I feel your pain. I was even angrier when I read the Guardian report about Ricky Perry's sister benefiting from this bill. It's all a sham about wanting to protect women; it's about lining someone's pockets! I knew there was an underlying motive months ago! I'm stuck here in Texas for a while, but I will speak at the voting box. What an embarrassment!

    4. Not only that, but I read a rumor that Perry will be working for his sister's company after he leaves office.

      So he passed a law that he'll be financially benefitting from when he leaves office in a year or two.

      Why is that not illegal?

    5. Anonymous12:24 PM

      jcinco, yes, they are brainwashed. In the evangelical subculture, you grow up believing that abortion and gay marriage are the greatest ills that face our country and the ones that will draw God's wrath on us. God doesn't just judge us individually but as a collective/nation (per the Old Testament). An individual's decision to have an abortion or marry a same-sex partner is, therefore, not just personal, but an act that will bring fire and brimstone upon the whole nation. The concept of "women's rights" is, to them, a euphemism for "pro-abortion." If you view abortion as murder, then you are willing to view almost everything else--including care for children who are already born and care for mothers--as a necessary sacrifice to stop the "murder of unborn children."

      Also, you grow up hearing that women are second-class citizens, and it's very difficult not to internalize that when it's the message you consistently receive. No, you don't have the same rights as men, and you're not supposed to want the same rights as men, and if you disagree with a man, you are still expected to submit to his "headship." You're taught that the only way you can achieve true freedom and fulfillment is in a submissive role as wife and mother.

      Even though I rejected these beliefs long ago, I think growing up with them is part of why, at age 39, I've never gotten married or even had a serious relationship.

  6. Since we are talking about my home town here, I can no longer stay out of this discussion. I have been following it on my local channels. A few readers might find this bit interesting from late yesterday. Personally, I am not sure WHAT to think of it!

    1. "DPS officers outside the Senate gallery and at each entrance to the Capitol told The Texas Tribune they had not seen or found jars containing feces or urine, and multiple officers throughout the Capitol said they had not heard of any jars being found until a reporter mentioned it. Several officers also said they had not heard anything on the DPS radio system about jars of any excrement."

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      We need to bumper-sticker the next election, because that's the only thing the righties understand: extremely condensed, and easy to understand concepts. Here's my proposal:

      "Stop all abortions now: create more Democratic voters!!"

      If Republicans were truly able to think ahead, they would be one hundred percent behind Obamacare, ensuring that it provides across-the-board contraceptives to every potential
      Democratic voter. Fortunately, the GOP is not this smart.

      My question: everything the GOP does is for money, not for principle. I wonder who the health providers (that compete with Planned Parenthood) and sonogram manufacturers are that are donating heavily to its coffers??? If we uncover that rock, I think that's where we'll find the worms.

  7. Anonymous6:08 AM

    "Only in Texas my friends, only in Texas."

    Not if ALEC and the NRA have anything more to $ay about it.
    In$idiou$ and ubiquitou$ they are.
    $$$=$peech for Citizen$ United in these divided states of America.

    Misogynist moneygrubbing fraidycats in the Texas legislature, and North Carolina and Virginia and Florida and wherever you are,
    sneak and cheat. How Exceptional of you. Are your mamas proud?

    Women and the Real Men who love us,
    have we reached the Tipping Point?
    I shudder to think what more it could take.

    Here's some inspiration, though, from over to the mudflats:

    ~~Malala Yousafzai speaking to the UN on her 16th birthday.
    "So today, we call upon the world leaders to change their strategic policies in favor of peace and prosperity. We call upon the world leaders that all of these deals must protect women and children’s rights. A deal that goes against the rights of women is unacceptable."

    Please watch Malala's whole speech when you have 16 minutes to spare. Keep your hanky handy.

    Here's to peace and prosperity
    and liberty and justice for all.
    Isn't it pretty to think so?

  8. Here is an update. According to another channel, the DPS confiscated 18 jars of gradoo. Eeeeewww! Here is a discussion of details of the bill, including comments from Austinites.:

    1. Anonymous6:46 AM

      So Perry's sister stands to profit big time? Imagine that....

      Nice to "see" you here, Floyd!

  9. Elsie6:42 AM

    Any time you want TRUTH on the crap going on in Texas, go to These are the good folks who brought cameras into the state capitol building and showed us live broadcasts of the bullshit going on during the legislative sessions. Because of the Texas Tribune, the entire WORLD was able to look in on that body of politicians and personally observe, at the end of the first special session, the deliberate and fraudulent back-dating on the timestamp to get their illegal vote against choice and safe, available abortions WITHIN the first session's midnight deadline instead of the real time after midnight when the session was dead.

    Today, I want to know just where in the hell are all those supposed containers and vials of urine and feces? Isn't it downright amazin' that not one frickin container has been shown to the media and actually proven to exist?

    Yet again, we can go to our good folks at the Texas Tribune to address this lack of proof:

  10. Randall6:51 AM

    This sounds like something from The Onion.

    1. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Isn't it horrifying when the real news is more outrageous than The Onion?

  11. "Only in Texas my friends, only in Texas."

    If only that were true.

  12. And after the vote, Erick Erickson, Editor of , host of the Erick Erickson Show on WSB Radio and Fox News contributor tweeted the following just to gloat and further the torture and mistreatment of women...
    Dear Liberals, go bookmark this site now:

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM

      That is sick beyond words.

  13. The Republican party is more concerned with woman's salvation than anything. Tampons are evil.... "Satans Cotton Fingers" pure and simple. Praise Jesus...

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      What's really scary is that it took me a few moments to figure out if that story was satire or real.

  14. Anonymous8:37 PM

    The governor of Virginia will be forever called "vaginal probe" and now the Texas legislature and Perry will be known as the Tampon kings.

    The once famous Remember the Alamo! Can now be changed to Remember the Tampons! (we need t-shirts).


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