Sunday, August 25, 2013

As of right now it looks as if Ohio is Hillary's for the taking.

Courtesy of Public Policy Polling: 

There's been a decent amount of buzz lately about (Ohio Governor)John Kasich potentially being a candidate for President in 2016 but our newest poll finds that most Ohio voters- including Republicans- aren't on board. 

Kasich manages only a tie for fifth in a hypothetical 2016 primary field in his home state, registering at 8%. Rand Paul and Chris Christie lead the pack with 17% each followed by Jeb Bush at 10%, Marco Rubio at 9%, Kasich and Paul Ryan at 8%, Ted Cruz at 6%, and Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum at 4%. 

It gets worse for Kasich when it comes to the general electorate- he trails Hillary Clinton by 18 points in a hypothetical match up, 53/35. Clinton looks very strong in Ohio- leading Chris Christie 45/36, Jeb Bush 50/36, Rand Paul 51/36, and Paul Ryan 52/36 as well- but Kasich does the weakest on the home front. One thing that is not helping his cause is the controversial abortion restrictions he signed into law this summer- only 34% of voters support them to 40% opposed.

Gee no wonder the Republicans lost their minds at the very idea of a pro-Hillary mini-series or biopic airing on NBC or CNN.

Of course it makes no actual difference. The people who are going to vote for Hillary, are going to vote for Hillary, and ones that are not, never will. I personally doubt there are too many people that fall into the undecided category.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Kasich for President? A Fox News douche nozzle running the country? Ain't gonna happen.

  2. Considering Kasich as a plausible candidate for president would make more sense if there were the slightest indication that he could run a state.

    1. Sally in MI4:35 PM

      You mean ALEC for President won't work? You are so right. All these genius GOP Governors are passing the rigid anti-woman laws, and unemployemnt is going UP in their precious Right to Work states, not down as promised. Loudly and often. Haven't heard Snyder's excuses yet on that...I'm sure it will have something to do with 'regulations and business taxes.'

  3. angela1:06 PM

    Kasich will be lucky if he gets out of the next year of his Ohio governorship with any political future at all. I'm thinking a city councilman's position in a backwater town in Florida, when he retires, will be his comeuppance.

  4. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I love watching these asshole Republicans squirm exactly the same as they've been doing w/President Obama since before he was elected the first time!

    They have not learned one damned thing! Haven't they figured out yet that they are disliked by many and will fail in the upcoming elections?

  5. What is the final take on the Hillary mini series? I'd love to see it, so I hope it gets made.

  6. Caroll Thompson1:54 PM

    Sad to say that when Republicans cannot win they resort to cheating. They scream about non-exsistent voter fraud and pass laws designed to keep legitimate voters from the polls. Thankfully, the ACLU, the Leaque of Women Voters along with the Department of Justice are standing up to these bullies and taking these cases to Court.

  7. Anonymous2:02 PM

    O/t but does trig have a black eye?

  8. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Wow, Gryphen, that's a HUGE assumption you're making there. If it's Hillary vs Rand, Cruz, etc, the far right theocratic crew, then there's no question about who to vote for, but if it's Hillary vs another capable Democrat, then that's a whole other story. I may or may not vote for Hillary. I think there are a lot of people who are in the same mindset as I am. Hillary is not a slam dunk. She's just a no-brainer when it comes to running against the whackcases on the right.

  9. Anonymous2:33 PM

    2:23 You are nuts! Hillary Clinton will win this hands down should she agree to get into the fray of the Republicans. They are scared to death of her! She has far more experience and readiness than any of whom they are putting up - Cruz (?) - give me a friggin' break!

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Actually I'm not nuts, you're just not a very good reader. I said that it would be a no brainer if it were Hillary vs the current GOP crew, BUT if a responsible and capable Democrat were to run against her in the primaries, it's no where the 'win hands down' at all. Of COURSE she'd cream the GOP, but that's not the point I was making, so read it again, and you will begin to comprehend, slowly, albeit, but you will. I have faith in ya.

    I've been on this planet for too many presidential races to assume anything. I love President Obama and consider myself an Obamacrat. Mostly the Dems are wusses. They don't impress me much at all. BUT, compared to the Rethugs...again, no contest. I'd like to round up every single one of the neanderthal thinking bozos and put them on an island somewhere and let them battle it out. But it is ignorant to think that they won't pull every trick in the book against Hillary, so NO it isn't a slam dunk, not at all. If they played fair, then yes, it does look pretty solid.

    Ted Cruz is a lunatic. Rand Paul is a whiny little hissy fitter. Jeb Bush isn't particular impressive. Christie is the closest to an old school Republican and he sucks too. They all suck. Period.

  11. Anonymous3:52 PM

    A prominent female donor to the Republican National Committee in 2012 is breaking off to head a Super PAC called “Women Lead”, so that her agenda to get more women elected won’t get co-opted by the boys party.

    Christine Toretti took over her grandfather’s drilling company, S.W. Jack Drilling Co., after her father died, and served as the finance co-chair of the Republican National Committee in 2012. In 2010, Politics Magazine named her one of the most influential Republicans in Pennsylvania. Yet, she tells Politico that at GOP dinners, she would often be the only woman and it was assumed that she was the then-RNC finance chair’s secretary.

    Hello, 1950, where’ve you been?

    From Politico:

    Toretti recalled that as she traveled the country raising money with then-RNC finance chair Ron Weiser, “At a lot of dinners I would go to, I was the only woman in the room and they would assume I was Ron’s secretary.”
    “I decided that if I was going to do this again, I was going to do it differently,” she continued. “Really, for me, it’s about getting more women at the table.”

    They thought she was his secretary. Really.

  12. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Hilarity Ensues When Conservatives Try to Protest Facebook and Utterly Fail

    Since hardly anyone did show up, the conservatives shut down the event page. It’s no longer accessible.

  13. Anita Winecooler6:27 PM

    It's a riot! She's leaving them in the dust and the election is three years away! Their next excuse will be that she's "overqualified".


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