Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Measles outbreak traced to mega-church where televangelist preaches that vaccinations cause autism. Probably just a coincidence.

Courtesy of Dead State:  

Texas health officials have zeroed-in on a megachurch — which has a history of preaching against vaccinations — as the point of origin for a measles outbreak. 

According to a report from ABC’s WFAA 8, a congregant contracted the virus while visiting a foreign country and then attended a service at the church before he knew he was infected. This Thursday, the Tarrant County Health Department announced its 11th measles diagnosis traced to the man, making it the 16th case to emerge statewide. As a result, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services issued a measles outbreak alert — an unprecedented development given that the virus has nearly been eradicated by vaccines for decades. 

Meanwhile this Sunday at Eagle Mountain International Church, Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons was forced to dedicate most of her sermon to the fact that 11 of the 16 measles cases had been linked to church attendees. 

“We’re going to talk about some things affecting our church. And as we go through it, we remain steadfast that Jesus is more than enough,” Pearsons told the congregation. “There has been a […] confirmed case of the measles from the Tarrant County Health Department. And that’s a really big deal in that America — the United States has been essentially measles-free for, I think it’s 10 years. And so when measles pops up anywhere else in the United States, the health department — well, you know, it excites them.”

Here's the kicker Copeland Parsons is the daughter of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who has been warning his flock about the dangers of vaccinations and promoting the idea that they are linked to autism, while promoting the power of faith healing.

In short Copeland's ignorance about science, and his proclamation that faith can overcome anything, has put his daughter's congregation in danger and forced her to essentially cover for his stupidity.  

And this my friends is why we get our health information from doctors and scientists and NOT from Evangelical preachers.


  1. The measles-- it is not exactly polio. Until 25 years ago, kids were allowed to have the disease and get the immunity for life. Rarely did the disease ever cause complications. Then, aha, the Rx industry found a new way to make $$$. Vaccinations for EVERYTHING - and make sure to get the state legislatures to mandate them! So while some folks with weakened immunity may truly benefit from a measles vaccination, there is no reason to inoculate the entire school age population. Moreover, plenty of kids have had bad reactions to the MMR(measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

    It is important to think clearly about these matters and not allow our annoyance with fundamentalism to becloud the issues. Some vaccines are important and useful for many folks, some vaccines are important and useful for a few folks and some are only useful for the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Sally in MI7:27 AM

      So when your grandbaby goes to school, gets the measles from another vaccine free kid, and suffers hearing losss, will you cahnge your tune, or just decide you were unlucky? I have a music student who coughed her way through a winter last year, and I finally teasingly asked her if she had had her perussis vaccine. She went to a Catholic school, and told me they 'don't believe in vaccines.' Luckily, I had had my DPT updated the fall before, or I, with asthma, would have probably gotten whopping cough and maybe died. So stuff your santimonious crap. Vaccines save lives.

    2. Anonymous7:33 AM

      Wow, you really have your head shoved up your own ass. Children died from the measles before there was the shot. Pregnant women caught measles from their children and passed it along to their fetuses, causing blindness and deafness. Children were weakened for life by it. Maybe you should spend some time in the real world and pay attention to countries where it's rampant, or even the news from cities in the US where it's made a comeback.

    3. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Sorry, but no.

      People with compromised immune systems are advised not to get the the MMR because it's a live vaccine. They are some of the people who benefit the most from herd immunity. This includes people with HIV and cancer. The same is true for babies under the age of 6 months.

      My daughter has been on steroids a couple times the past year because of a chronic illness that was recently diagnosed. People on a steroid med are advised not to get the MMR. Luckily, she is already fully vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella. We live in a community where there are pockets of unvaccinated children and while measles aren't polio, I certainly wouldn't want my chronically ill daughter to catch them.

      Here's a great blog post about how much money pharma companies make off of vaccines, where that money goes, and how it would be WAY more profitable for them if, instead of vaccines, people go the measles.


    4. Anonymous8:15 AM

      You are thinking of chicken pox, hon, not measles. Besides there are several kinds of measles one, the German kind, can cause severe birth defects in fetuses exposed to it when their moms come down with it. I had a cousin, 50 something years ago, who was born severely disabled due to his mom not being vaccinated or exposed to German measles as a child.

    5. @ 7:27 and 7:33 Oy vey- So.. if I have a point of view that is different than yours, ..."I have my head up my ass.." or "my grandbaby might get the measles.." This is how you folks argue? This is how you think??
      Attack and insult someone who does not hold your views? ...and you have problems with fundamentalists???

      Are you so threatened and so unable to read what is before your eyes in black and white?

      I simply said that there are good reasons to question some vaccinations. I said some were helpful and some were not. I am not against all vaccinations.

      But I'd watch my back if I were you because you obviously live in a place where they still burn witches.

    6. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Please define what you mean by "plenty of kids" and "bad reactions" in terms of the MMR.

      Then compare that to this:

      "In the decade before the measles vaccination program began, an estimated 3–4 million persons in the United States were infected each year, of whom 400–500 died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and another 1,000 developed chronic disability from measles encephalitis."


    7. @ anon 8:30 am -- OK let's look at your numbers-- 3-4 million contracted it and 4-5 hundred died. That is a 0.000125% mortality rate.That is 1.25 ten thousandth of a percent.
      You say that 48,000 were hospitalized.
      That is a 0.012% hospitalization rate. So for this level of mortality and disease, we should mandate that the whole population is vaccinated?

      Clear thinking is lacking here. The numbers are right there before you!

    8. Anonymous9:25 AM

      You haven't entered in the second part of the equation, CAL. Add in the mortality/hospitalization/long-term complication rates for mumps and (especially) reubella.

      Now tell me how many people die from the MMR? How many people are hospitalized? How many people have long-term complications (please don't include autism)?

    9. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Rare did the disease cause complications?
      Even in previously healthy children, measles can be a serious illness requiring hospitalization. As many as 1 out of every 20 children with measles gets pneumonia, and about 1 child in every 1,000 who get measles will develop encephalitis. (This is an inflammation of the brain that can lead to convulsions, and can leave the child deaf or mentally retarded.) For every 1,000 children who get measles, 1 or 2 will die from it. Measles also can make a pregnant woman have a miscarriage, give birth prematurely, or have a low-birth-weight baby.


    10. Anonymous9:52 AM

      ""Even in previously healthy children, measles can be a serious illness requiring hospitalization. As many as 1 out of every 20 children with measles gets pneumonia, and about 1 child in every 1,000 who get measles will develop encephalitis. (This is an inflammation of the brain that can lead to convulsions, and can leave the child deaf or mentally retarded.) For every 1,000 children who get measles, 1 or 2 will die from it. Measles also can make a pregnant woman have a miscarriage, give birth prematurely, or have a low-birth-weight baby.



    11. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Clearly it would be ok with you if your child or grandchild was one of the small percentage who suffered and died.

    12. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Witch hunts? Shrieking about eeeeeeevul vaccinations is the mindset of someone who goes on witch hunts. Obviously you have no actual experience with the reality of measles, mumps, and rubella.

    13. Anonymous12:12 PM

      sadly the vaccine is only good for 10-15 years - that's why kids need to get it again before entering high school.

    14. Anonymous12:38 PM

      It just came out oh two weeks ago that some kids in 1955-1957 who got the polio vaccine may now be facing Cancer from contaminated vaccine.

      I would be so quick to judge here.

    15. Anonymous12:45 PM

      CDC 'Disappears’ Page Linking Polio Vaccines To Cancer-Causing Viruses

    16. Anonymous1:20 PM

      My mom is a "die-hard" catholic - she has reverted to Pre-Vatican II masses/church,

      but I don't believe there was EVER an issue with Catholicism and vaccines. We had them all done before school started. I had not heard that before from a Catholic. Interesting.

    17. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Just using your numbers, Conscious at last, you are off by a factor of 100. 48,000/4 Million = .012

      When you convert a number to a percentage, you multiply by 100. 100 times 0.12 equals 1.2%, which may or may not be statistically significant to you, but, given that those not immunized can be carriers to others with weak immune systems, there seems to be a social responsibility to prevent needless transmission of diseases to those who are susceptible to these types of illnesses. But you are right, it is a parent's choice to make, and it should be taken as seriously as you consider the matter.

      I admit to a personal bias, having lived with a spouse who had immunodeficiency resulting from childhood cancer and radiation treatments. We treated every potential exposure seriously, and were proactive in minimizing any potential risks by using the best hygiene practices that we could manage practically while still living *normally*. Mainly we did the practical things as though we were in a hospital setting with hand washing and keeping things as sanitary as possible, even with an active young toddler son. Plus, we used common sense in avoid those who were ill whenever possible. We both chose to work, so our son was in daycare for half days until he started to Kindergarten. On occasion, some parents would bring their kids to D/C when they were sick, and then many of the kids in their class would be sick, and other classes would more or less be quarantined from playing with those in a room where kids has been sick. As a result, instead of one parent staying home a day or two with a child with fever, in a couple of days there would be 8 or 10 patents staying home with a sick child.

      I realize that we were very fortunate in that we could afford to miss work---either one of us--- at times, but I almost always was the one of us who stayed home with our son, so my wife wouldn't be exposed to whatever crud was "going around".

    18. Anonymous1:26 PM

      infowars et al should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt (no pun intended).


    19. Anonymous8:19 PM

      I'm seeing a weird pattern here. Conscious at last who I've seen on this blog forever, is ganged up on b/c she doesn't "toe the party line"?
      The other night it was Kajo....some nights its GinaM (obvious trolls) Just a mote....
      I'm thinking IM is being invaded with trolls!
      Oh the "libel" trolls wouldn't bother here (Sarah pac won't pay this blog post) but some other RW Kochsuckers would to divide and conquer.

      Think about it.
      Do you all REALLY BLINDINGLY trust Big Pharma when they put out poison pills? Lipitor? Even Drs won't take that crap and now there are HAVING to come out with all black box warnings. Rick perry tells you to get the HPV vaccines so y'all stampede down to get it?
      Big Pharma has their trolls too...just saying...good money selling drugs that make people sick and make them buy more drugs...down on herbs, homeopathic, MMJ etc.
      Hey! I have a bridge to sell in Alaska!!! Who wants to buy?

    20. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Anonymous1:26 PM

      infowars et al should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt (no pun intended).

      That "skeptic" site? Is full of big pharma bullshit.

    21. Anonymous8:48 PM

      I love GinaM's comments and I usually agree with Conscious at Last. I don't agree with him/her on this.

      I'm pro legalization of marijuana, and not just the medical kind.

      I am also pro vax

      Not everything is black and white.

    22. Anonymous9:29 PM

      No, not blindly trust, but do depend on the advice and professionalism of several docs that I know are not working on side deals for the Big Pharms as educators, opinion leaders, symposium speakers, etc. Docs are consumers of healthcare sevices to, and they are often weighing the same risks as us, especially if they are in a similar range in their life cycles. They're not a bunch of zombie robots getting kickbacks like it once was for many who would push off-label prescribing.

      I know tax strategies and sheltering income and diversifying investments to hedge risk and manage the beta for the portfolio to meet the clients risk quotient. So I help them with their areas of interest where they lack expertise, and they do the same likewise. I always wanna know what they're prescribing to their mom or kids and why. Not so much that I would distrust them, but to lean myself so I can learn what to avoid and what possible reactions have been associated with a particular med.

    23. Anonymous9:33 PM

      Wow even RFK slams the newest bullshit vaccine to come down the pike...
      "Yet environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. slams Offit as a “biostitute” who whores for the pharmaceutical industry." Love RFK tells the truth like his father did!
      I suppose all of these Vaccine addicts will be stampeding down to get their rotavirus vaccine! Woo!
      Have some Mercury!
      Got a bridge to sell ya????

    24. Anonymous3:58 AM

      Anon 12:38; are you shocked that some 70-year-old people have cancer? You're blaming it on vaccines gotten 50-plus years ago? Wow, that's really a reach. What's next, are you going to blame getting gray hair on vaccines gotten 50-plus years ago? How about wrinkles?

    25. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Anonymous3:58 AM

      Anon 12:38; are you shocked that some 70-year-old people have cancer?
      So Cancer is just "expected" when "you're" old? Is that what you say? No.
      Pollution, bad medicine, a world that cares about $$ and that IS ALL.
      No Vaccines should not be comprised!
      And we should not all be getting Cancer, sorry.
      Anonymous9:29 PM

      No, not blindly trust, but do depend on the advice and professionalism of several docs that I know are not working on side deals for the Big Pharms as educators, opinion leaders
      Even the CDC has no aligned themselves with Big Pharma & Ins industry.
      Do you know there is a deadly medicine, that has killed many still being sold and it is labeled under a new name for "Gambling" disorder.
      And they don't rx off lablel? BULLSHIT! I'm a victim of "Off label" rx'ing. These drs don't know WTF they are giving! They only know what Big Pharma reps tells them! Yes YOU take the poison pill Bub. I will educate myself before I blindly take anything from big Pharma.
      "They're not a bunch of zombie robots getting kickbacks like it once was for many who would push off-label prescribing. "<-----That statement is the biggest pile of BS ever! Almost as bad as what spews from Palins mouth. I'm so sorry this convo got started b/c of some fundy's b/c this has NOTHING to do with Religion and everything to do with THE FUCKING ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!

    26. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Ask your dr. friend about hypothyroidism. Most likely he will tell you "Synthroid the gold standard of treatment"!

      But chances are he doesn't even know this:

      Syn/Levothyroxine is causing Lung CA!

    27. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Concious at last:
      " So while some folks with weakened immunity may truly benefit from a measles vaccination, there is no reason to inoculate the entire school age population"

      That is it in a nutshell! But if ALL the kids didn't get it Big Pharma's profits would go down.

      Remember a few years ago all the idiots buying up "tamiflu"?
      And now its mutated so tamiflu doesn't even work anymore b/c so many idiots took it as a "preventive".
      I'm also sorry you are being abused here. You are a longtime poster.
      Either the trolls have invaded or the level of 'tards has went up, suddenly! I'm shocked at the idiocy shown here to blindly take any medicine vaccine without investigating it.
      Appreciate your Voice of reason.
      Don't let the stupid get you down.

    28. @ 9:55 AM

      Thanks for the kind words. To be honest with you, some of these reactions make me laugh and some make me angry.

      I had not considered your hypothesis-- that some of these may be trolls ?!? Verrrry Interesting--(scratching my head.) I'll have to chew on that for a while.

      No- I am not discouraged, actually, I am encouraged, because eventually many others came and commented in more thoughtful ways.
      I don't care if someone agrees with my point of view or not, it's the process of discussion that I value. How fortunate we are to be able to communicate across the nation and the world in this way. It can be disappointing when some of us use a potential discussion as a trigger to let out their anger, ignorance and confusion, but so be it - we are tied to each other whether we like it or not!

      What many do not realize is that so called scientific testing and experimentation has been almost completely commercialized. This means that most funds that universities receive for research is from the corporations that will benefit from the work. The other research is conducted at the corporate facilities themselves. A far smaller amount of research is clear, clean inquiry -- you know science for the sake of discovery and learning. So we have to be even more vigilant when the "authorities" in white coats tell us that something is good or bad. This simple truth escapes many.

    29. Anonymous3:49 PM

      conscious at last1:00 PM
      Yes the simple truth is, its all about the Money!

      For every "scientist who says Vaccines are safe" you will see they are usually paid by someone connected with Big Pharma, in some way.

      Oh yes the trolls, I notice how they are picking certain people to gang up on. One night its Kajo, then Just a mote, then You, GinaM always...

      They call it "Gaslighting". Some maybe be big Pharma trolls but could be Koch trolls... Gaslighting you b/c you make too much sense.

    30. Anonymous6:50 PM

      But chances are he doesn't even know this:

      This is what we call the ecological fallacy. They studied prevalence rates, not individuals. And, of course, they only showed correlation. There were some other problems with the research (for example, they looked at the age group 30-80, but only had smoking data for 2007-2009).

    31. Anonymous6:54 PM

      I think it's hilarious that you automatically think we are shills for big pharma. I've been reading and commenting on this blog since Sarah Palin was tapped for VPOTUS.

      I'm a PhD, I teach research methods. I've also only voted for democrats since I started voting. I love Kajo and GinaM's comments. I also support marijuana legalization, my kids have been vegetarian since birth, and we take supplements. We also vaccinate and take advantage of modern medicine.

      I've done my research, just as you say you have (although we obviously have different concepts of empiricism).

      It's just a cop out to say we are all shills.

    32. Anonymous7:56 PM

      It's also a cop out to say that all scientific research is suspect because they might be funded by pharmaceutical companies.

      Do you actually know anyone who does pharmaceutical research?

    33. @ Anon 7:56

      [Laughing, actually really joyfully.. :-) ]

      Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do!

      I also know folks who run entire research divisions in universities that are entirely funded by drug companies.

      So, let me ask you this question: If there was a car that had a history of difficulty in crashes and the company stated that they conducted tests that "proved" that this car was safe, would you believe it? If you would, that is of course your right to do so. For me these findings would be suspect.

      Furthermore, Why is it a "cop out?" If by cop out, you mean a dishonest excuse, I'd have to say that you are mis-using this term and you are incorrect in your assumption. First, my reason is the TRUE reason for my conclusion-- that is, I am leery of research that is largely commercially driven. If you doubt that academic research is largely commercially driven, I suggest that you explore this point yourself.

    34. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Of course it's commercially driven, but if you really do know people who work in pharmaceutical research then you know they are not monsters and evil-doers. They don't want to do bad research and they especially don't want to falsify findings. That kind of thing ruins careers, not to mention the fact that most researchers are in the field to help people. Are there people who do bad research and falsify findings? Of course there are (Wakefield for one, and look what happened to him). But that's the exception not the rule. Then again, maybe you disagree and all the pharma researchers you know are evil. The ones I know are not.

      Secondly, it is a cop out to dismiss research on its face because it's funded by a pharma company. Tell me what's wrong with the research. Critique the methods or the data or the conclusions. Being leery of a study and it's findings is always a good idea. That's what makes for a good consumer of research. We should all be skeptical. So maybe I overstated it in your case when I said it's a cop out to be suspect, but there are some on this board who dismiss all pharma-funded research out right.

      I'm not a cockeyed optimist. I'm a realist.

    35. Oh dear, I never said they were monsters or that they had evil intent. They have systemic goals and responsibilities which may sometimes conflict with the goals and needs of patients/consumers.

      This need to paint things in black and white is a problem. Half of the comments here are based on ideas that I NEVER raised- simply "fig newtons" of other commenters' imaginations. We have a rather childish dicotomy here- Science - good, Religion - bad. Some people want good daddies and bad daddies. The world does not work like that. It is far more complex.

    36. Anonymous7:47 PM


      It might be difficult for you to believe you aren't the only rational person commenting in this thread.

      On the other hand, there's someone else in this thread who DOES seem to think pharma researchers are evil, which is what sparked my original comment.

      Then look down at the post about the polio vaccine and other wild-eyed nuttery and the irrational accusations of "big pharma shills!!" That represents your allies in this thread and may color the responses you get.

    37. @anon 7:47

      Please see my comments above @ 1:00 PM
      (2 days ago) where I say precisely that- I was encouraged because other reasonable folks commented.

      I know that it is difficult to follow the time line here because the comments are not dated, they only have the time, but, if you start at the beginning, you will see that the thoughtless and vulgar comments began long before the arrival of the very active and humorous commenter that I think you are referring to.

      But why the edge in your tone -- perhaps you suffer from the illusion that you are the only one here with a Ph.D. ?

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    I would say it's evolution at work if it wasn't for the fact that there are infants out there too young to be vaccinated and people with certain conditions where they can't be vaccinated. These morons put those people and those babies at risk.

    1. An European Viewpoint8:43 AM

      But... religion is always right, huh ? Except no, it's mostly wrong, like every other human enterprise.

      Only religion can't accept being wrong. Can't accept reform. Can't accept being up to date with the rest of human knowledge. Even when babies and people with certain conditions could die from it. And now, maybe they will.

    2. Anonymous9:30 AM

      So she is taking over the "family bidness" much like Franklin Graham. Amazing that the Lord calls ALL the members of one particular family, ignoring others, isn't it? She looks like Anne Meara, the comedienne from Stiller and Meara.Good living to be made preachin'

  3. Randall6:56 AM

    The Church is wrong about science and health issues?

    I just took off my hat and said "imagine that".

  4. Lonely people who want a sense of community will listen to anything. It makes me wonder how sixty percent of Iceland manages so well without organized religion, but I’ve read a few thrillers set in Northern Europe, the last one set in Finland, and they drink a lot. I think that’s their coping mechanism. I’ve had a number of relatives who bounced back and forth between the Bible and the bottle. They need something, and they either find it in church or in a bar. They’re very unhappy with their own company.

    1. Evelyn Waugh7:21 AM

      Same here. Clearly neither alcohol or religion saves lost souls.

    2. Anonymous8:30 AM

      And that is a good point —  “uncomfortable in their own company.” Teaching children to enjoy their own company is the key to happiness!

      Emily Post

  5. Evelyn Waugh7:04 AM

    6:44 -- Your convenient and popular antagonism to the medical community makes you blind to the real effects of measles, mumps and rubella.
    I had measles before there was a vaccine, and my hearing has been affected for the rest of my life. I got mumps and gave it to my father, who was rendered insterile.
    The Lancet article that claimed a link between innoculations and autism has been totally discredited. I have an autistic child. Believe me, I'd be at the forefront of the anti-immunization crowd if I thought there was a link. THERE'S NOT.

    Instead, contemplate the long-lasting effects of measles, for children not immunized (in Africa and other third-word nations, as well as Europe):

    "Complications with measles are relatively common, ranging from mild and less serious complications such as diarrhea to more serious ones such as pneumonia,[7] otitis media,[8] acute encephalitis (and very rarely SSPE – subacute sclerosing panencephalitis),[9] and corneal ulceration (leading to corneal scarring).[10] Complications are usually more severe in adults who catch the virus.[11] The death rate in the 1920s was around 30% for measles pneumonia.[12]{" The death rate now can be 30%.

    Why would a parent gamble the life of his or her child based on a disproved scientific journal article, vs. the hands-on testimony of physicians and parents who have seen measles patients die, go blind, or are compromised for life?
    AND who then threaten the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact?

    Your life-affirming decisions end at the threshold of your own house. If you infect someone else, then you should be sued for reckless endangerment of a child. Not your own, but children in the community.

    1. @ EW WHOA- you've made so many illogical and unscientific assertions, I hardly know where to start!

      First, it is unfortunate if you have suffered due to measles. However, a data point of one or even one hundred, does not a general theory make. You had a particular experience SO THEREFORE EVERYONE WILL HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE AS YOU DID??? If that was how science worked, we'd be in big trouble.

      Next, I don't know where your quote is from "proving" that measles complications are common. I am sorry to inform you that measles is not the same thing as measles pneumonia. Moreover, how did they keep this lethal epidemic a secret for so many years? How is it that millions of children in developed nations with public sanitation had the disease and survived just fine? Why are we informed of this dangerous disease just when there is a vaccination being developed? Could it be that there are OTHER VARIABLES involved in the disease process, beyond the pathogen???

      Finally, if folks who have been vaccinated can catch the disease from those that have not been vaccinated- then your entire argument falls apart. ... and if you read my comment without your own passions overwhelming you, you'd see that I am not against vaccinations!

    2. Anonymous8:16 AM

      When we were children, the daughter of one of our neighbors became deaf as a result of measles. My sister and I had measles as quite young children and suffered no permanent effects but we are both aware that there can be permanent effects. I also know that if a woman gets German measles early in her pregnancy it can have serious effects on her child. These childhood diseases seem mostly innocuous but they can be dangerous and are always dangerous in third world countries. If a vaccine can prevent possible serious consequences, why not?

    3. Anonymous8:18 AM

      If someone has an old vaccination they can catch the disease again. That is why you get updates to your vaccines or two. In the case of kids, all college students where I live have to get another MMR before they are allowed to show up for class. No shot, no college. They don't want even a dozen adult people coming down with measles.

    4. Anonymous8:34 AM

      "Measles pneumonia" is a complication of the measles. It is not something different from the measles, it's something that can occur because of the measles.

    5. Anonymous9:43 AM

      conscious at last 7:31 AM wrote: Next, I don't know where your quote is from "proving" that measles complications are common.

      Evelyn should of course have provided a link, but really, you can't have tried very hard. It's from the Complications section of the Wikipedia article Measles. And all those numbers in square brackets are footnotes, with references. Poor googling skills does not an argument make.

      BTW, surely you are aware that in science there's no such thing as "proving"—with or without the quote marks. As Stephen Jay Gould put it, 'In science, "fact" can only mean "confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent."'

    6. Anonymous9:59 AM

      everyone being in the lottery of suffering damage is the problem. You aren't a statistician.

    7. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Google is your friend,especially when you are trying to sound like you know something you don't .

      From the CDC

      ""SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis)
      SSPE is a very rare, but fatal degenerative disease of the central nervous system that results from a measles virus infection acquired earlier in life. Analysis of data from an outbreak of measles in the United States during 1989-1991 suggests a rate of 4-11 cases of SSPE per 100,000 cases of measles. A risk factor for developing this disease is measles infection at an early age. Studies in the United Kingdom indicate that 18 out of every 100,000 people who get measles when they are less than a year old will develop SSPE. This is compared to 1.1 per 100,000 in those infected after 5 years of age. On average, the symptoms of SSPE begin 7 to 10 years after measles infection, but they can appear anytime from 1 month to 27 years after infection."""

    8. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Birth defects if acquired by a pregnant woman: deafness, cataracts, heart defects, mental retardation, and liver and spleen damage (at least a 20% chance of damage to the fetus if a woman is infected early in pregnancy).

      Maybe it would be ok with you if your baby was born deaf and blind and needed heart surgery as an infant.

      Stop being an obstinate fossil.

    9. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Unconscious must be a conservatard because it has the argument completely backward. There are reams and reams and reams of data about the harmful effects of measles, mumps, and rubella; many older adults grew up in a time before vaccinations against these diseases. Even today, in backwards communities like the one Unconscious likely inhabits, infected children are dying or permanently disabled from having measles. Does Unconscious also believe polio is a myth made up by EEEEVULLLLL doctors?

    10. Anonymous12:19 PM

      the polio vaccine is a myth - most cases were undiagnosed meningitis

      the vaccine was an expensive farce forced on school kids


    11. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Both my mother, my husband and his sister had severe polio.
      It wasn't meningitis. My mother now suffers from post-polio syndrome a the age of 91. (You can look it up). And FDR?

      Incidents of polio are almost unheard of, post vaccine, in the developed world.
      Please explain the "hoax" part to me.

    12. Anonymous12:57 PM

      I read the article you link to, 12:19. Now my head hurts. Look at their so-called evidence is like falling down the rabbit hole.

    13. Anonymous1:28 PM

      My great aunt had polio, walked with two canes her entire life, and had a daughter with severe physical birth defects.

    14. Anonymous1:36 PM

      safety statistics are grossly manipulated so that promoters including health authorities and doctors will believe that side effects occur so rarely that the vaccines are “safe”. Terms such as “very rare”, “1 per million” etc may in fact be, and often are blatant lies. Statistics are presented after being massaged by highly paid statisticians who are employed by the pharmaceutical industry.

      The entire pharmaceutical industry is based on acceptance of these “safety” statistics. When the truth is revealed the industry will topple into the dust.

    15. Anonymous2:12 PM

      "may in fact be, and often are?"

      You can take the raw data yourself and do your own statistics on the side effects.

    16. @ Ted Powell- yes, re: Science &Proof - yes I know this, that is why I have "proving" in quotes in the comment that you refer to.
      But many people here use a quote from some source to "prove" their point, as if once they can show some article that supports their point, they are correct. I am not impressed by this method of discussion or logic.
      Anyone can tell any story they like with numbers. Many medical journals are tainted because most of them take money from the very drug companies who's vaccinations are being "vindicated." in the articles.

      Furthermore, I never said that I didn't agree with vaccinations NOR did I use the term autism once.

      I was discussing measles, that is all.

      But the reasoning employed here is not sharp and clear, instead insults and accusations are tools of dialogue for some.

      For example, I said and will repeat that measles is not pneumonia. Someone with measles may develop pneumonia because their immune system is not up to snuff. BUT MOST PEOPLE WHO CONTRACT MEASLES DO NOT DEVELOP PNEUMONIA or any of the other complications for that matter.

      But the hysteria and fear trumps logic and even open heartedness. Why do some here think it's ok to attack someone that you disagree with?? You think of yourselves as open minded, liberals, etc.??

    17. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Hysteria indeed! You would think the measles are flippin' rabies the way these idiots are carrying on...
      and this one:
      Anonymous9:59 AM

      everyone being in the lottery of suffering damage is the problem. You aren't a statistician.
      Obvious POS BIG PHARMA trolls or woefully ignorant fool!
      Anyone who blindly runs to get the flu shot or what ever the Vaccine de jour of the day is...or purple pill, is very, very misinformed and brainwashed. Until "something happens" and the Big Pharma has their asses pretty well covered.
      Ta Da.
      To trust big pharma is like trusting Sarah Palin!

    18. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Anonymous12:19 PM

      the polio vaccine is a myth - most cases were undiagnosed meningitis

      the vaccine was an expensive farce forced on school kids

      Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!! G I DARE you to run this one!!!! This is right up there with "Palin did not birf TriG"!!!
      Great find!!!!

    19. Anonymous5:16 AM

      Gryphen would be wise to do a little more research before "running" an article that says the polio vaccine is a myth.

  6. OT, but I wonder if "Crosshairs" Palin is going to jump to her fellow racist buddy Laura Ingraham's defense again and yammer about how there was nothing wrong with Ingraham on her radio show cutting off John Lewis's speech with the sound of a gunshot.

    1. Fuck you, McCain!1:23 PM


      What. The. FUCK???

    2. You can here it here: http://tinyurl.com/n8srlq3

  7. Sally in MI7:23 AM

    Ooohh, so this is just a case of an 'excited' health department? And nothing to do with a bacteria that can cause impotence and death, which is why we developed a vaccine for it decades ago? I hope this woman get the measles and suffers for a couple of weeks. And if she has small kids around her, she'd better pray hard that they don't die. Does it ever occur to them that maybe God is behind the wonderful vaccines we have? Tnat maybe He was trying to ease suffering? Nope. The devil is in the labs and hospitals. Keep it up, lady, and when half your congregation is out sick, you can pray it away.

    1. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Sally in MI7:23 AM

      Ooohh, so this is just a case of an 'excited' health department? And nothing to do with a bacteria that can cause impotence and death, which is why we developed a vaccine for it decades ago? I hope this woman get the measles and suffers for a couple of weeks. And if she has small kids around her, she'd better pray hard that they don't die.
      Wow ms. sally! You better pray really hard b/c those words...those are going to hell words!
      Shame on you!
      You better run to church and confess so you will be forgiven and come here and shoot some impreccartory prayers at some others! HOLY COW!

  8. Evelyn Waugh7:43 AM

    In addition, "rubella," the third arm of the MMR vaccination, guards against a variety of German measles complications, including a LIFETIME of susceptibility to extremely painful, some say excruciating, shingles. Talk with someone who's endured shingles, and ask if they'd rather have had a vaccine against it in their youth.

    When these pastors go to an accredited medical school and can document, scientifically, their opinions, then maybe I'd listen to them. In the meantime, I listen to my own common sense and to the wider medical community.

    1. Oh Evelyn, my friend, Rubella is aka German Measles. Shingles(herpes-zoster) comes from an unresolved case of Chicken Pox(varicella-zoster), not German Measles.

    2. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Shingles comes from the chicken pox or herpes zoster virus.

    3. Ailsa8:23 AM

      If you are unfortunate enough to get shingles, it was because you had chicken pox (herpes zoster) in the past. It has nothing to do with German measles (rubella).

      I agree with everything else you say, wholeheartedly.

    4. Evelyn Waugh12:42 PM

      I WAS wrong.
      There is now a chicken pox vaccine.
      Are we against that, too?

    5. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Evelyn Waugh12:42 PM

      I WAS wrong.
      There is now a chicken pox vaccine.
      Are we against that, too?

      Who is "We"? The "herd"? Don't you know...if you are for or against it?
      Do you have to wait for "Someone's " approval? Where are your critical thinking skills? Ooops must be the damn chicken pox or Measles, right MEASLES....like Rabies or something...causing herpes, shingles....
      Are we for it or against it?
      Herd, Can you hear me now?
      That bridge is still for sale....

  9. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Paging Jenny McCarthy


    1. Anita Winecooler6:44 PM

      That's the funniest site EVER!


      Take anything this bimbo says with a grain of implantable grade silicone.
      She's replacing Lis Hasslebeck... can't get much lower on "The stupid" scale.

    2. Anonymous6:45 AM

      Here's your Big Pharma:
      "Your Steak Is Addicted to Drugs"

      "Meatpacking giant Tyson recently grabbed headlines when it announced it would no longer buy and slaughter cows treated with a growth-enhancing drug called Zilmax, made by pharma behemoth Merck. Tyson made the move based on "animal well-being" concerns, it told its cattle suppliers in a letter, adding that "there have been recent instances of cattle delivered for processing that have difficulty walking or are unable to move." According to The Wall Street journal, Zilmax (active ingredient: zilpaterol hydrochloride) and similar growth promotors are banned in the European Union, China, and Russia.

      The news sent shock waves through the beef industry. Merck denied any problems with its drug, but announced it would temporarily suspend sales of Zilmax in the United States and Canada pending a "scientific audit" of the product, which generated $159 million in US and Canadian sales in 2012, Merck added.. Soon after, Tyson's rivals, JBS, Cargill, and National Beefpacking, announced that they, too, would stop accepting Zilmax-treated cattle for slaughter, pending Merck's review.

      Together, Tyson, JBS, Cargill, and National slaughter and pack more than 80 percent of the beef cows raised in the US, according to University of Missouri researcher Mary Hendrickson (PDF). If they stick to their refusal to buy cows treated with the drug, it's hard to see how Zilmax has a future on America's teeming cattle feedlots. Is the US beef industry turning away from the practice of turning to drugs to fatten its cattle?

      Not so fast. Rather than wean themselves from growth promoters, the companies that produce cows to supply the likes of Tyson and JBS are instead shifting rapidly to a rival beta-agonist, this one from pharma giant Eli Lilly, called Optaflexx. The suspension of Zilmax sales has caused such a "surge in demand" for rival Optaflexx that "Lilly is telling some new customers it cannot immediately supply them," Reuters reports."

      And y'all trust Big Pharma doncha! Eli Lilly well now that was founded by Prescot Bush!
      Y'all know, THAT Bush's Grandpappy!
      But we trust Big Pharma! Give us our VAX!
      Give us our Blue pills!
      Give us CANCER!

      Oh this is not from some fundy news its from MOJO!

  10. Smirnonn8:08 AM

    I guess stupid is as contagious as measles amongst these people. Science IS the devil, after all (SMH). Once again, religion proves to be an anchor tethered to the ship of humanity, dragging on the bottom and holding us back.

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Spot on Smirnonn! I am all for cutting it loose.

      Emily Post

  11. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Sarah Palin Set To Back Obamacare Defunding Effort

    Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is expected to announce Tuesday that she is joining the likes of Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) in the movement to defund Obamacare.

    In a statement to be released by the Senate Conservatives Fund and obtained by the Washington Post, Palin will signal that she and her husband, Todd, are backing what Republican leaders on Capitol Hill have rightly branded a quixotic effort.

    “This beast must be stopped — by not funding it. Today, Todd and I joined with many of our fellow citizens to urge those in the U.S. Senate to not fund Obamacare," Palin will say in the statement, according to the Post.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund, founded by former GOP Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), has recently gone after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) for resisting calls to block any continuing resolution if it provides funding for Obamacare and risk a government shutdown.

    McConnell correctly pointed out earlier this month that a government shutdown will not halt the new federal health care law, while House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) stated simply that Republicans lack the votes to make the defunding dream a reality.

    There's also the glaring obstacle of persuading President Barack Obama to sign a bill that would effectively gut his signature legislative achievement. But conservatives like Cruz and DeMint, now the president of the Heritage Foundtation, have been undeterred by those factors.

    DeMint said last week that it's unclear if Obama would sign such a bill, while Cruz assured supporters that the defunding movement "is a fight we can win."

    Cruz and Paul are set to participate in a rally next month on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol to promote the defunding effort.


    1. Beldar Dih Ked Conehead9:35 AM

      Am I the only one who remembers when The Screechy Wretch(tm) said something like "The day I call for the defunding of Obamacare is the day y'all can go ahead and call me "twathead"?

      And before anyone gets their panties in a twist, get your mind out of the gutter!! It's pronounced "twa-thed" and I'm pretty sure it's a time-honored Aleutian islands term of endearment loosely translated as "head like a twat".

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      I hope if the government gets shut down that it takes their Indian Health Benefits with it so they can suffer along with the rest.

    3. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Also, the elder Heaths' social security and medicare, and special services provided to trig, any air traffic controllers needed for Screech to fly to and from Arizona, and all the other handouts Alaskans so happily take from the rest of the country.

  12. Anonymous8:37 AM

    People need to calm down a bit and meet a common ground. Yes vaccines are life saving and miraculous. However, even the pediatrician academy agreed several years ago that the vaccination schedule was a bit intense and should be adjusted. There is no fucking reason in the WORLD why a newborn infant needs a hep B vaccine before discharge from the hospital. None. Zero. If a mom is breastfeeding and has immunity, her infant will be passively immunized. If you are a stay at home mom, there is no reason your kids need to be vaccinated starting at birth, then 2 months and 4 months....Wait a bit. Kids do have reactions to MMR and don't tell me they don't. I know of 3 kids who suffered badly, weird GI complications and lost milestones after the MMR. With lots of hospitalization and therapy, they recovered but who knows if they are really as good as they were before the insult.
    So, I am not saying don't immunize, but be prudent. I think the babies can wait a bit.
    However, people in medicine make a mom who wants to wait a few months feel as if she is putting the whole community at risk. I'm not - I'm immunized, my breastfed infant is passively immunized and mostly we hang out at home or the park, or with our immunized family and friends. Give the babies' systems time.
    And at the old vaccination schedule before thimerasol high dose was removed, infants WERE getting levels of mercury that exceeded EPA and WHO standards. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, (that is why we are supposed to watch how much tuna and other fish which contain mercury). So, for years, kids were getting too much mercury. Even if the link to autism is disproven, common sense tells you that people do not need a known neurotoxin injected into them at high levels. And after people actually started to do the math on this, the thimerasol was removed and the schedule eased up on.
    People's fears of vaccines are multi-faceted but at the heart of it, is the last issue I just raised. Diptheria is not such threat in most of the USA. For diptheria, it is treated with antibiotics. Before sulfa drugs were available, 20% of kids who got diptheria died. Now, with antibiotics, no one needs to die from it. One can safely wait until the kid is at least a bit older to vaccinate, if a prudent educate parent wants to wait.

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Thimerisol was removed from the vaccine as a precautionary measures (just in case...later found to be not necessary), but mainly because people were freaking out and it was important not to reduce vaccine levels because of it.

      There is a difference between ethlymercury (which is found in thimerisol) and methylmercury (which is the "mercury" we watch out for in fish, etc.). Yes, they are both technically "mercury," but methymercury is much, much more toxic. Ethylmercury, on the other hand, is negligible in terms of toxicity.

      I'll let Dr. Steve Novella explain the difference and why the same EPA regs don't apply to thimerisol (his post relates to the flue vac, but still applies for obvious reasons):


    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      With your immunized family and friends - really - do you make them present an immunization schedule before they touch the baby? What about that worker at the deli? The restaurant server? Heck other people in the park - or the kid who played somewhere before you?

    3. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Because all babies are breastfed.

      Of course babies are exposed to diseases. Most babies are born in a hospital.Where do very sick people go?Most babies go to the Pediatrician. Where do sick children go? Most babies mothers like to show off their baby to friends who visit. Do moms ask for health certificates? Most moms take their babies with them to go shopping ,etc. Do moms have the grocery store or Walmart inspected first and cleared of shoppers?

    4. Anonymous10:26 AM

      yep. I know all my family and friends were immunized. And other than polio, the diseases are spred via droplets, so it matters not who was playing in the park before we got there. Get it? I didn't go to the deli or a restaurant for several months. My choice.
      And 9:06 there have not been studies on the effect of ethylmercury as compared to methylmercury - so the academy of pediatrics assumed it was at least as dangerous. Look, don't tell me that putting a heavy metal in your body can be good for you when there was an alternative. Multi use vials was the alternative - but it was way more profitable or convenient to make single dose vials with a preservative in them - Read the congressional record on this back in 2001. Thimerosol had been removed from veterinary meds , cosmetics, eye drops - it took a long time for us to decide to stop injecting it into our kids.

    5. Anonymous11:33 AM

      you people are fucking ridiculous.
      I never said all women should or do breastfeed.
      My point is : If you do breast feed you are passively immunizing your child so you cn go wherever the fuck you want and kid will be protected. If you want to wait to immunize - there is NO HARM in WAITING. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY A BRAND NEWBORN NEEDS A HEP B SHOT ON HIS FIRST DAY OF LIFE???????

    6. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Thimerisol was removed from the vaccine as a precautionary measures (just in case...later found to be not necessary)

      Bullshit and WRONG:
      The AMOUNT of thimersol was reduced to trace from 50mcg per 0.5ml vaccine to just trace amounts. And the trace amounts lo and behold are sufficient as a preservative.
      It is still used as a preservative.
      It is still used in the higher concentrations in flu , RHogam and tetanus, meningococcal and japanese encephalitis .
      If it is no big deal, why did 32 states as of 2010 have legislation banning the use of thimerosol in vaccines?

    7. Anonymous12:23 PM

      it's all a lie - mercury is still in vaccines


    8. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Reduced to trace amounts or removed entirely doesn't matter.

      The World Health Organization has recommended retaining thimerosal in vaccines since 2008. At the end of 2012, they put out a statement that thimerosal in vaccines should be except from any efforts to reduce mercury exposure. The American Academy of Pediatricians supported this decision.

      "In 1999, the AAP, in a joint statement with the US Public Health Service, advocated for elimination of mercury in vaccines but retired that recommendation in 2002."

      "Thimerosal contains ethyl mercury, which has not been associated with any of the toxic effects linked to its relative compound, methyl mercury, a known neurotoxin. Studies since the late 1990s have found no evidence of harm from using thimerosal in vaccines, and the WHO endorsed the use of thimerosal in vaccines in 2008."


    9. Anonymous1:28 PM

      If you don't study it then of course yo can say the effects have not been proven lol!!

    10. Anonymous2:15 PM

      It has been studied.

      "In one of the commentaries, Walter A. Orenstein, MD, from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and colleagues write, 'Overwhelmingly, the evidence collected over the past 15 years has failed to yield any evidence of significant harm, including serious neurodevelopmental disorders, from use of thimerosal in vaccines."...Had they been working from today's knowledge base, they continue, 'it is inconceivable to us that these organizations would have made the joint statement of July 7, 1999.'"

      [From the same medscape article as above]

    11. Anonymous2:58 PM

      I am talking about studying the effects of ethyl mercury on humans. All studies are on methyl mercury. I know of only one study done on monkeys and the mercury was found to cross the blood brain barrier and affect neurons.
      Kind of hard to do a randomizd controlled study of ethyl mercury in humans when it is thought to be a neurotoxin and doesn't do anything good or useful for the body.

    12. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Yes, they are both technically "mercury," but methymercury is much, much more toxic. Ethylmercury, on the other hand, is negligible in terms of toxicity.

      Bull shit = at the high levels the kids were getting, it has not been stufied in humans.

    13. Anonymous3:36 PM

      What was the level the kids were getting?

  13. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I live deep in Amish country. Some of the more progressive groups vaccinate their kids, but not the old order/Swartzentruber group. One day in the grocery I heard a child coughing like I have never heard before...and absolutely horrible sound. A older customer near me said that was whopping cough..she remembered that sound from her childhood. In fact, her brother had died from it. If you ever heard it, you would never be against vaccinating again!

    Are you aware that adults should get the DPT booster at 65? I got it recently and I now know why little ones cry....it hurt like hell!

    On a different note..that picture made my skin crawl. She reminds me of that ding bat Sue Ann on Mary Tyler Moore. Who would listen to anything that lady says? My son's minister was a kindergarten teacher who went to seminary after retiring. When I attended my grandson's confirmation, I thought surely blood would be coming out of my ears after listening to her sing-songy voice.

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      Oh, it's only a cough. It's not polio or anything

    2. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Yes, I remember when whooping cough came back into my community in the 1980s when people stopped vaccinating their kids. It was just sad and unnecessary pain. My father suffered as a kid from this affliction and died rather young as it weakened his heart.

    3. Anonymous11:43 AM

      While their are many genetic disorders endemic in this inbred population, autism is one disorder they do not see. It would be interesting to know why. What about their lifestyle spares then this human scourge? They have a healthier diet?

    4. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Do any of you really really really think if there was a link to autism from vaccines, we would be told?? Really? Vaccines overall save lives and make a fortune for people. What is a few cases out autism. Acceptable risk?

    5. Anonymous12:15 PM

      There is no link to autism. Period. You can read the Scientific research for yourself.

    6. Anonymous12:29 PM

      yes - the CDC QUIETLY confirmed vaccines cause autism just two weeks ago


    7. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Um, no. I went to your link and read the article. I don't know where you came up with the idea that the CDC confirmed anything.

      Did you read the entire article, including the response from one of the readers? You need to learn more about vaccine courts and what was actually decided by them.

    8. Anonymous1:48 PM

      I too went to this article and see it has no such information. Again, please do not be a low-information conspiracy-driven reader! Essentially, using articles to debate this issue from third-or fourth-hand writers and or opinion pieces by writers who do not use primary sources like Science magazine, New England Journal of Medicine etc. to back up their arguments ... just makes you look like a conspiracy nut.

      Emily Post

    9. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Also, the “CDC QUIETLY” comment is a symptom of conspiracy affliction disorder. I guess the rest of us just have auditory problems.

    10. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Anonymous9:27 AM

      Oh, it's only a cough. It's not polio or anything
      No now it might turn into something b/c anti-biotics have been over prescribed. Idiots run to their drs and demand "Something" instead of going home and getting some rest and drink some tea! They demanded anti-biotics and now we have MRSA!
      We have Super bacteria!
      And also, b/c our meat was injected with antibiotics also,too!
      Yes don't leave the drs office without a rx for some pills!
      Pills that will make you come back for more pills!
      People are idiots. If a little works (like a vaccine or homeopathic) then alot must be "Good".
      NO. :/
      Anonymous1:52 PM "Conspiracy affliction disorder"?
      Conseratard, much?

    11. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Anonymous12:29 PM

      yes - the CDC QUIETLY confirmed vaccines cause autism just two weeks ago

      Anonymous12:29 PM

      yes - the CDC QUIETLY confirmed vaccines cause autism just two weeks ago

      Great site THANKS!
      Too bad there are so many brainwashed here.
      "News blackout"
      It should be obvious to those who read here but I see its not.
      Keep watching the msm to learn where your local flu shot clinic will be. Coming soon in Oct.
      Don't miss your annual dose of Mercury! You might smarten up!?!

    12. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Please cut and paste where it says the CDC confirmed that vaccines cause autism.

      You can't because the article isn't talking about the CDC.

      You also can't because that's not what the Vaccine Courts decided.

  14. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Looks like Baldy and Disaster Cruz are looking for trouble:

    Sarah Palin backs Defund Obamacare

    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is set to announce Tuesday that she has signed on to the Defund Obamacare movement.

    “Forced enrollment in Obama’s ‘Unaffordable Care Act’ is weeks away,” Palin says in a statement to be released by the Senate Conservatives Fund and shared early with Post Politics. “This beast must be stopped — by not funding it. Today, Todd and I joined with many of our fellow citizens to urge those in the U.S. Senate to not fund Obamacare.”

    Defund Obamacare supporters pledge to not support any government funding that includes money for Obamacare.

    Palin becomes the latest leading conservative voice to back the effort — even as many in the party have balked at supporting it. Critics worry that it risks a government shutdown, and some Republicans have forcefully derided it.

    Those who have yet to sign on are under increasing pressure from groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action, the Tea Party Patriots and For America, which have all run ads against them or held events targeting them.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund and Palin have both endorsed against incumbents and against establishment-favored candidates in the past, and Palin’s move suggests that Defund Obamacare will play a role in her future endorsement decisions.

    “Those in the Senate and those seeking to serve there must stand strong against this devastating program before it reveals its true face now recognized by both sides of the aisle as the bureaucratic and economic beast that will deny our families, our businesses, and our sick the ability to access health care,” Palin says in the statement. “Join us in urging senators — Don’t fund Obamacare! Just remember: if you fund it, you own it!”

    Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) are expected to issue statements thanking Palin for her support and playing up its importance.

    “She’s a tremendous voice for liberty, and her strong support adds to our growing momentum to stop this ‘huge train wreck’ and help American families restore jobs and opportunity,” Cruz will say.


    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Palin and Cruz can fuck off. The only way Obamacare gets defunded is if they shutdown the government, it's part of the budget.

  15. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Bitch is at it again, Jess, stirring up the red meat crowd. She's so despicable.

    That said, the good news is that when Sarah is AGAINST something, most sane, rational, clear thinking people are FOR it, and when she's FOR something, it's usually a disaster waiting to happen.

    So, the BEST news is that Obamacare is a done deal and will help people all over the country for years to come.


  16. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Impeachment Fantasies


    They are so out of their minds with hate.

  17. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I guess when you don’t worry about your children or your adult children’s heath care dollars (Palin’s children and adult children are fully funded through Native health care in Alaska and I can tell you it is the cadillac of all health care available! Full pharmacy, no deductibles, full dental for life!!!) you don’t give a damn about anybody else. Answer to this Ms Palin! Tell us about your family’s full coverage!!

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      If the Palin's have full Native health care and fundamentalist church healing why don't they share anything with the country they claim to love? Senators and others in positions of power also have great health benefits while they short change the rest of the country. How do we end the injustice and inhumanity?

      Innocent and adorable Trig Palin, for many reasons and through no fault of his, has been placed by Sarah Palin as central to many issues that are vital to the country. However, he is medically covered and getting or not getting adequate medical attention matters. It matters to him to be properly cared for. It matters to others if he is used and the lies and secrets from the Palins are doing harm.

      Sarah made it necessary to get to the bottom of the many questions that came up in a previous article:
      How can anyone believe a chronic liar or a family of liars? Is Trig Palin going to an accredited school? Is he being medically attended in his best interest and to his special needs? Is the second first day of school photo a prop only? Do they intend to be certain he continues in that school? Is it a photo op and next he will be in Arizona posing with Sarah? No glasses, no hearing aides only his nose almost touching a book as if he is seriously reading like that? Or even looking at pictures that close up? Whether it is abuse or neglect both can be severely damaging.

      From a previous comment: May someone who knows the area in Alaska be able to determine what is going on with this dear child? What type of school are they claiming he is attending? There will be witnesses who can check on his well being like seeing him being driven to and from school consistent. Or will it be occasional?
      I am concerned he will be dished out to being chauffeured by the "needy buddies". No telling what they are on, legal medicine or not, it can impair your driving.
      Or worse, Trig is being farmed out to a questionable Christian school where he will live on "campus".
      If Trig is being stored at this so-called school that could explain why a monster back pack. It had been full of his clothes and necessities to move in. He could not wear it when packed. They thought it looked like a school pack if emptied and that is how they did the photo.
      There is something very alarming and suspicious about Sarah's post and second rendition of Trig's first day of school. Bloated Todd looks like it was an afterthought that he pose with the boy.
      I hope that concerned citizens look out for the child. It is doubtful the authorities, state or federal care about him at all. Including, had he, is he getting the correct occupational therapy for his situation?

  18. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Crotch shot alert!!!!


    The woman has literally no shame.

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Sarah can't go all Miley on us, that is her way to try and be the sex object of the geriatric Viagra set.

  19. Anonymous1:57 PM


    the CDC's claim that autism is not connected to vaccines is based on false evidence and junk science, but it pays well.

    My kids got a chicken pox vaccine as infants, an experiment at the time. 10 years later they caught chicken pox from someone at school, but it was a mild case for them. The doctor said it would have been worse without the vaccine.

    OTOH, my 38 year old partner got the disease from the kids and nearly died as a result. never fully recovered. nasty stuff that leads to a lifetime of shingles and/or herpes.

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Well, first of all, that study looked at the number of vaccines. Second of all...I'll let someone more articular than I explain exactly the extent that Heidi Stevenson doesn't know what she's talking about:


    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Chicken pox is not a deadly scourge. I had it when i was little - all i remember is all the ice cream and gifts my grandmom brought me! My kids both got the chicken pox vaccine and now we are told they need a booster becasue it didn't work as they hoped....so now they risk getting the pox as adult - which is alot worse plus you miss work til you are all crusted over. I would have rahter nurses them through the pox when they were little kids and i was as stay at home mom.

    3. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Varicella rarely causes complications, but that doesn't mean it never does.

      I have friends who have had pox parties.

      I had my children vaccinated.

    4. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Anonymous2:27 PM

      Well, first of all, that study looked at the number of vaccines. Second of all...I'll let someone more articular than I explain exactly the extent that Heidi Stevenson doesn't know what she's talking about:
      Sarah is that you makin' up a new word?

    5. Anonymous12:20 PM

      No, it's a typo. I'm posting from my cell phone.

  20. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I do not vaccinate my children, but it isn't for religious reasons.
    First, I have been in chiropractic for 20 years. There is way more scientific evidence to discredit the use of vaccines than there is for the benefit. I REFUSE to allow my daughter to take the Guardasil vaccine. There is study after study of the dangers. I first recommend people boost their immune systems with a healthy nervous system. My children are aged 18-10 and have NEVER HAD AN EAR INFECTION, much less any other virus or vaccine. A vaccine isn't enough if your immune system is crap. And for anyone to say faith will heal you is an idiot. There is a lot of evidence that vaccines cause autism. But there is more to this other than just "no vaccines". YOU can't exactly preach no vaccines because of health reasons, then eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the church social where you wash brownies down with ice cream. Boost your immune system by nurturing your nervous system and eat properly, exercise, and get adjusted...and you will be a healthy person that can fight off just about anything. :)

    1. Anonymous2:33 PM

      There is NO scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism.

      I'd love to see this "way more scientific evidence to discredit the use of vaccines than there is for the benefit."

      You've been lucky with your daughters, but they are also protected by the herd immunity vaccines have given us.

      My daughters will have the HPV vaccines when the time comes. I've read the research and the denials of that research and I'll stick with science.

    2. Anonymous4:18 PM

      It's chiropractic that has been widely discredited as "woo", whereas we have a century of solid data supporting the use of vaccines. http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/chirovic.html

    3. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Anonymous2:13 PM
      Thank you. You can see Big Pharma is out here in force.

      Chiropractic is woo? I guess Acupuncture is Woo, too? That's why they are covered under Obamacare and many ins co.
      Oh and what about Drs. of Osteopathy are they Woo too?

      Wow. I have a bridge to sell you. Its in Alaska! woo!
      Oh that quackwatch site, if it quacks like a duck it is, Big Pharma at work.
      Take the poison pill. Take it now.....woo!!!!

    4. Anonymous4:07 AM

      8:35, wow, you get all riled up when your sacred cows are gored, don't you? You don't like the truth at all.

    5. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Anonymous4:07 AM

      8:35, wow, you get all riled up when your sacred cows are gored, don't you? You don't like the truth at all.
      More like YOUR poison pills!
      What IS truth?
      Is it true that Big pharma gives you a pill off label that causes diabetes and death?
      Yes it is.
      Is it true that same pill is renamed and used for "gambling disorder" Yes it is.
      Is it true a anti-despressent is used under a different name to quit smoking? Yes it is.
      So 4:07 what is truth?
      What is your truth?
      Your truth is you will swallow IT hook line and sinker.
      Enjoy your pills, heart disease, Lipitor, CANCER!

    6. Anonymous8:29 AM

      I love when people rail against "big pharma."

      Do you know what else is "big business?"

      Chiropractic medicine, supplements, alternative treatments, books about alternative medicine and wellness, and (considering how much money a chucklehead like Alex Jones makes) conspiracy theories.

      Now go and buy your Mercola supplements...that's a good boy.

    7. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Yeah, the anti-science people are becoming increasingly unhinged in this thread. Truth is that "alternative" medicine is big business and makes huge profits. Look at homeopathy; the idea that drinking water will cure cancer.

    8. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Funny that Homeopathy is "quack medicine" but vaccines are based on the SAME prinipals only injected!
      Homeopathy is diluted down.
      Also too, if Homeopathy is quackery or "sugar pills" as Big Pharma likes to say why are "nosodes" only available if you a dr.?

      As to the person about supplements are big business. YES!
      So BIG that SWABE a UK based co. is trying to get Gingko outlawed in US so they can Patent it and use it as a medicine! Big business indeed.
      As for your claim about Chiropractic well some ins Co b/c people demanded it. I believe they will be covered under Obama care. Tell me... Smart ass...what would YOU rather have? A BACK SURGERY (that may paralyze you) or go see a Dr. of Chiropractic? To me, the choice is clear.

    9. Anonymous7:49 PM

      I don't believe all homeopathic medicine is quackery. I take probiotics and use rescue remedy as well as some other homeopathic remedies. I also take advantage of western medicine.

      I'd never heard of nosodes before. I've done some reading about it on "natural health" sites as well as "pro science sites." I guess the idea is that you dilute the virus so much that...what? Does the recipient develop antibodies? It doesn't seem so since they dilute it so much that basically nothing is left. How do they work? As to why only doctors can have them (if that's what you mean), it's probably because they are made from live viruses (including polio).

      As for your other question, back surgery may paralyze you and...
      "Chiropractic manipulation of the spine may cause strokes and even death

      A study by American neurosurgeons adds to evidence suggesting chiropractic can damage arteries supplying the brain"


  21. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The irony of Andrew Wakefield's whole MMR-vaccine-leads-to-autism thing is that he did it to discredit MMR in favour of a different vaccine in which he had a financial interest. Yet it blew up in his face, resulting in suspicion of all vaccines, including the one he was expecting to make money off! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMR_vaccine_controversy.

  22. Anita Winecooler7:08 PM

    I'll make my decision after talking with my doctors, not the word of some wackjob bleach blonde preacher in a "Mrs Brady" blouse, with blue eyeshadow, uncombed curled bangs and a look on her face like she just met her donations quota.

    Apparently, they've changed their tune, guess they're afraid of lawsuits eating into donations quotas.


  23. Anonymous9:41 PM

    The Copelands are absolutely insane!!

  24. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I applaud and validate parents who make informed choices. The person who commented and was verbally attacked with statements indicating they had their head up their ass and others, was correct in comparing these remarks to the rabid fundamentalist thinking. I have noticed the same vicious words more recently here on this blog, and I have become very disturbed. If any contrary opinions are stated about say Trayvon , or other cases mentioned on the posts, the people remarking are similar to the Palin minions .

    1. Anonymous4:08 AM

      Actually, the half-baked assumptions cobbled together from questionable sources and the foaming attacks against proven medicine are the fundamentalist thinking, but thanks for playing, go get your consolation prize.

  25. Anonymous7:59 AM

    @4:08 has nothing to do with fundamentalism and so sorry that G put this up as a religious post instead of a MEDICAL issue.
    Just like this.
    Hey rushing down to get your Mammogram?
    Why Mammography Is Unscientific And Harmful

    "The interaction with the unaccountable, self-regulating business called "modern medicine" is analogous to buying a used car from a stranger: you never really know what you're getting because of the things you're not being told. And what is not being disclosed can (seriously) hurt you."
    And read the rest....if you dare!

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      My "favorite" part of that article is, when someone in the comments section asked what the alternative was for detecting breast cancer before it gets too far along. The answer from another commenter was...

      Eat more garlic and broccoli, get more exercise, drink purified water, etc. (she also throws in "avoid vaccines" for good measure).

      I'm all for eating healthier, getting more exercise, avoiding GMOs, but that's not what the person asked about. Are you supposed to do those things and then hope you don't get breast cancer or, if you do, hope it doesn't spread too far before you catch it through a breast exam?

      Luckily, another commenter actually answered her question.

      People, as usual, go off the rails. You can have both modern medicine and common sense natural remedies/prevention in your life.

    2. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Except that women throughout history who ate healthy and got exercise nonetheless got breast cancer and died.

    3. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Anonymous1:09 PM

      Except that women throughout history who ate healthy and got exercise nonetheless got breast cancer and died.
      like Linda McCartney.
      Even so why go get irradiated right on YOUR BOOBS if your trying to avoid Cancer?
      And its a fact that we are low in iodine.
      At Breast Cancer choices they recommend women with Breast CA and most all women get more iodine. http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html
      Of course your free to ignore it and just have your boobs irradiated.
      The choice is yours.

    4. Anonymous7:13 AM

      5:19; the treatment comes *after* the cancer. When you say stupid hysterical stuff, you sound as crazy at Batshit Bachmann.

  26. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Got Rx sleeping pills? Got Death!

    " Prescription drugs that are supposed to help us sleep like Ambien, Restoril, Lunesta, and Sonata can actually harm us.

    Some argue that those who take sleeping pills and suffer from insomnia already have an underlying health condition, aside from stress, which is causing them to have sleepless nights. A family practice physician at Cleveland Family Medicine, Dr. Scott Nelson said, “I think the underlying conditions which may require sedative-hypnotics are the culprits, not the medicines themselves,”
    Sure...ah riiiiiiight!
    Pop that pill! Its safe! My dr. gave it to me!

    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Don't pop those pills. I think you can buy some expensive supplements to take care of that insomnia. I'm sure Doc Mercola has some snake oil or some other tonic you can buy. He probably also has a book you can buy.

    2. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Anonymous12:19 PM
      I would think a big pharma troll like you would be popping all kinds of pills.

      You must be "in love" with the good Doc. You mention him enough.

    3. Anonymous7:52 PM

      You are ridiculous. I'm not a troll and, not surprisingly, you've completely missed the point of why I'm mentioning him.

  27. @ Anon 1:24

    You are correct about the numbers. Still, re: measles, both the mortality rate and the hospitalization rate are very small.

  28. Another day, another hope for sanity..


    Anon @ 8:30 shares numbers from the CDC for the period before the measles vaccination:

    3-4 million were infected, 4-500 died, 1,000 had chronic disability and 48,000 were hospitalized.

    SO.. based on these numbers, 1.25 hundredth of ONE percent of all measles cases resulted in death

    2.5 hundredth of ONE percent had chronic disability

    and 1.2% were hospitalized...

    AS I said at the very beginning of this discussion, there were few complications.

    Then Anon @ 10 AM tells us(no source cited) that SSPE, which is a fatal neurological disorder, and can result from an earlier measles infection, was, in 1989-91, in evidence in 4-11 cases per 100,000...

    That is 1.1 hundredth of ONE percent.

    As I said at the beginning of this discussion,
    COMPLICATIONS from measles are RARE.

    Then (this one is really good) Evelyn Waugh tells us that in the 1920's, the death rate from measles pneumonia) was 30%. The source here is Wikipedia. His/her very next statement is that it can be 30% now too. (His/her view, not from a source.)

    OK--so, if the death rate (from pneumonia associated with a previous measles infection) in 1920(almost 100 years ago) was 30%.. it can be that now???
    On what basis would any person make such a statement - I'll tell you, on the basis of fear and terror, not on the basis of science, logic or even inner knowing. For goodness sake, that was BEFORE THE VACCINATION, before many parts of the U.S. had effective public sanitation and full electrification. What are you talking about?

    I have not supplied any of the data, I am simply using the very data presented to refute my point. But thank you, because you proved the point quite well. Namaste


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