Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sarah Palin is advising President Obama on Syria. Through the use of cartoons posted on Facebook.

The above cartoon showed up on Hypocrisy Barbie's Facebook page.

Under it she had tapped this out with her cloven hoof:

Mr. President, please give America justification before you spend blood and treasure to intervene. Start with: who are you rooting for in this?

Yeah, uh huh. 

I might be worth noting that when President Obama was approaching what to do in Libya and Egypt carefully, and trying to justify intervention, that Palin responded with this:

America can’t afford any more “leading from behind” in such a dangerous world. We already know that President Obama likes to “speak softly” to our enemies. If he doesn’t have a “big stick” to carry, maybe it’s time for him to grow one.

I don't speak for the President, who I am positive will never even notice this bullshit, but if I may respond on his behalf, just this once, I'd like to say, "Fuck you Sarah Palin!"


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I wish POTUS would order a Tomahawk strike on that bitches house.

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      How about her poonanni? Can't miss that humongous target.

    2. Anonymous7:19 PM


      A drone Missle loaded with penicillin would be service to a civil society by eradicating the bug. Then a good bunker buster with a fuse on a 500-lb pesticide booster would keep that weed farm from continuing to procreate and multiply. Humans would be unharmed, but parasites like the Heath-Palin clan are of a different genus/species.

    3. WakeUpAmerica7:36 PM

      Cracking up! How about a drone strike?

    4. Anonymous9:34 PM

      Hear hear! I wouldn't even care if it was some cheap scud missile.

    5. Anonymous10:49 PM

      go medieval on the bitch fraud skank and dumb a boiling cauldron of whale fat oil on her rotten lyin' ass

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Fuck her! Hey Gryph, is did she put a SaraPac logo on the cartoon?

  3. Gryphen, I glad you post this insanity because I don’t visit her, Bristol, or the pee pond. “Big Stick?” Can you please leave sex out of something for once, you freak? Even a hooker wouldn’t be so crude.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      She's a sicko, isn't she? She can't let a day go by without mentioning mens' body parts.

      And her cult think it's smart!

    2. abbafan8:39 PM

      Hey $arah - the President's "stick" is far bigger than the Pimp Toad's, you stupid cunt!

  4. Anonymous5:58 PM

    On this palin cult site towards the very bottom of the page is skank's state of the state address from jan. 15 2008.
    She was supposed to be what 5-6 months pregnant. Watch part 1 video as she enters the room and leans over the wood partition without any bump at all!
    Thank you skank cult!!!

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      She would have been about 4 mos. pregnant based on her claimed due date of around May 21.

    2. Sally in MI7:19 PM

      So that chubby baby being held by her parents in the hospital was 2 months early? Right.

    3. Anonymous6:41 AM

      she didn't have a baby bump on March 26th either, but the bandage from her stomach area liposuction was evident.

  5. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Like flies, the right-wing and Fox and conservative news sites are criticizing the President even before he makes a decision. It's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't with them. They can't find one moment to unify and provide suggestions in a decent humanitarian manner; they play politics all the time, and if they and Sarah really cared about the plight of Syrians, she'd be showing concern and express sympathy about this complex situation, instead of making jokes and putting cartoons while mocking the President while he's the one who has to make the call and carry the burden.

    It's no burden off of silly Sarah's nose. She's a stupid stupid little piss-ant.

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Wow! Palin is now pro-dithering. Her hypocrisy and flip-flops continue to amaze. It's also a flip-flop on her insistence that the U.S. fall in line with whatever Israel wants and her recent statement, "I respect Senator McCain’s stance on Russia, al Qaeda, and foreign threats."

    So on this auspicious day...
    *her wedding anniversary,
    *the 5th anniversary of her presentation as McCain's VP pick
    *and John McCain's birthday
    ...she chooses to take a swipe at Pres. Obama, Israel, and John McCain.


    I have a theory that IM sent her over the edge today by ignoring her anniversaries.

  7. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The good news is that honestly no one really cares what she thinks.
    Really, hardly anyone does.
    She's trash and she's stupid.

  8. Anonymous6:15 PM

    President Obama is thinking of over 300 million citizens when he makes decisions. Palin could not handle a state with just over 700,000. Who in the HELL does she think she is, advising our President on how to handle his job? Loser, quitter, skeleton of a female should get the HELL off the stage, nobody but recist p pond illiterates are interested in anything she has to write. Her glory days of $100,000 speeches, private jets and bendy straws are behind her. GO AWAY, $CARAH.

  9. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Hey is the photo in this article from same date? March 12 2008?
    She is in no way even close to being pregnant!!!!!!
    Send this link around!!

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      I have seen pictures since 2008 of her fake pregnancy and I have never seen this one. Thanks for posting it.

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Great photo of Sarah not being pregnant! And I love this..."The group talked with Palin about renewable energy and action on global warming."

      How times have changed with the bitch that was never pregnant with Trig.

    3. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Boy, this picture pisses me off. Everybody at this function knows she wasn't pregnant and no one came forward.

    4. Anonymous6:59 PM

      I've seen several references to that photo being from her extensive farewell tour of Alaska, using a great deal of government resources to fly herself and family members around Alaska signing obscure bills for photo ops - and tweeting illiterate shit about the gutteral instincsts of bears.

      My God, she's a stupid woman.

    5. Anonymous7:13 PM

      This is a picture from the 2008 Civics and Conservation Summit for "future civic leaders".

      Scarf is at the read and it appears that quantities of crunchwraps and candy have been enjoyed lately but every ounce of the weight has gone to her big old face!

    6. Anonymous7:24 PM

      I just checked and the event was held from March 9-13 (I don't know which specific day this photo is from). She was supposedly 7 months pregnant in that picture (the start of her 7th month)?

      I don't think so!

      Also, what the hell is she wearing?

    7. Anonymous8:25 PM

      wow. Is the date certain? Knowing that the truth, buoyed by all these candid photos, must be what keeps her manic madness flowing, especially of late. Her rage will soon take her down and that pleases me. It's sort of like Mitt's idea about 'self-deportation'.

    8. Anonymous9:27 PM

      Good one! I have never seen that one, and believe me I thought I'd seen them all. Nonpreggers lying bitch.

    9. Anonymous10:44 PM

      NO WAY is she about a month from delivering that bruiser, Trig! Liar, $arah.......

    10. Anonymous12:04 AM

      The "cafeteria" picture was reportedly taken in Unalakleet on July 17, 2009.

      At the Alaska Youth thingie in March 2008 she is wearing a different blue jacket - and a scarf. There are other pictures of her in that turquoise jacket/green scarf 'ensemble', possibly the Xerox machine pic is one?

    11. Anonymous5:04 AM

      "Reported" by whom? Nice try though. Also too, you forgot to add "get a life"

    12. Anonymous8:36 AM

      I did find this:

      Which is the same photo that they say was taken on July 17, 2009.

      I don't understand why the Juneau Empire has that photo for the March 2008 event.

    13. Anonymous10:32 AM

      PHH goody. Are some of the scrubbed photos from this time frame being rereleased? LOL Remember, the Gusty photo was taken a mere 4WEEKS LATER!!! lol!!
      You are so screwed Sarah.

    14. I am going to have to say that if the Juneau Empire post was up on March of 2008, more than a year before the Desert News article, that it is not difficult to ascertain who mislabeled the photograph.

      Don't you think?

    15. Anonymous11:41 AM

      I also found this which strongly suggests that hideous outfit and hair is from July of 2009
      (read the article that reiterates that Sarah won't abandon Alaska..hardee har har).

      So, again, what's up with the Juneau Empire? Can they travel into the future?

    16. Anonymous7:24 PM

      11:41 Britta looks like a space cadet. Preacher's daughter lives the lie.

  10. Anonymous6:20 PM

    John Bolton on Greta now talking about how POTUS shouldn't take military action and earlier, Donald Rumsfeld, criticizing POTUS for leading from behind; then earlier, McCain was on Piers Morgan criticizing POTUS for not doing anything and advising a strike should happen...........they're all over the place. THank the Good Lord President Obama is in charge. I can't imagine a McCain/Palin presidency being on that 3:00 am call. McCain would order a strike, and VP Sarah would go rogue on him or she'd be calling cameras on her front lawn to spin word salad on Seeeeeeeri-aaaayyyyyy, Haaaas-bowl-la and Al-Queeeeeeeee-da.

    1. Sally in MI7:23 PM

      What's telling is that Boehner has no plans to call the House back on the job and actually discuss options. NONE. We, like Britain, should not do anything without Congressional approval. Looks to me like the leaders from behind are the gOP, who are all too happy to offer single opinions on TV, but refuse to actually VOTE on anything that might come back to bite them. The cowards. let the President do something, and then they will all criticize it and wipe their grimy hands of any involvement.

    2. Cracklin Charlie7:37 AM

      Boehner has been neutralized. He seems to have little, if any, power to control the Republican congresspersons. They may as well just stay away, and let the grownups handle the situation.

  11. laprofesora6:23 PM

    I think the question is, Hey Scarah, who are YOU rooting for? Do you have any friggin' idea even where Syria is? Had you ever even heard of Syria before this week? And no, it's not a city in New York state (Syracuse). Do you honestly think that ANYONE believes that you understand the complexities of the Middle East? Go choke on a Crunch Wrap Supreme you moron.

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Great questions, we all know the answers.

    2. Anonymous5:09 AM

      Yup...hand her a map and ask her to point to Syria and Egypt. Then ask her to explain what is going on and the history leading up to the present problems. Remember what a good grasp she has on US history?

  12. Anonymous6:29 PM

    One of our heroes received the Medal of Honor 3 days ago. Sarah Palin was silent...not a single word of congratulation for this heroic young man. She cares nada about 'blood and treasure.'

  13. I'd like to say, "Fuck you Sarah Palin!"

    I'd like to say, "Fuck you Sarah Palin" also too!

  14. O/T -- Shemane Nugent (Ted's wife) arrested at the airport for gun in her carry-on bag. Doh.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:54 PM

      Shemane? Is that like a hermaphrodite or does she wear the pants in that house?

  15. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Sarah has become the Heckler in Chief, or at least the mean girl heckler. A real leader would take a position, state the facts that supported that position and then rally people around that purpose. Sarah doesn't do that. She has no plan. And, she certainly doesn't have the inside information (I was going to write "intelligence" but she doesn't have access to security details and she isn't intelligent enough to process it anyway.

  16. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Madame Presidentess, please go fuck yourself; if you knew anything about foreign policy the world wouldn't still be laughing at you 5 years later.

    Go keep an eye on Putin, Stupid.

  17. Anonymous6:51 PM

    laprofesora 6:23 PM said:
    I think the question is, Hey Scarah, who are YOU rooting for?

    A: Whoever is willing to pay the biotch and willing to give her a bendy straw.

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      I thought Sarah Palin is rooting for the North Koreans?

  18. Anonymous6:53 PM

    You go right ahead and "advise," you know nothing piece of SHIT. Back to the sex talk, are you? You have NOTHING, no solutions, shoot, how long did it take you to figure out where Syria was? Those "consultants" of yours must be putting in overtime up the ying covering your @ss.

    Face it, prima donna. You are DONE in politics, period. Post your racial crap, stir up the hate, "Christian" tramp. Maryline Blackburn, PRESIDENT Barack just must chap you that BLACK is chosen over you every damn time. As long as you're getting money, it doesn't matter, right?

    On this, your five year anniversary of "I've finally reached Ivana status," you GO girl! You will ALWAYS be ridiculed for the ignorant, jealous, narcisstic putz that you are.

    BLACK is BEAUTIFUL. YOU, my dear, are as ugly as they come.

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

      I loved your last line.

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      I'm just waiting for the next crazy-eyed Faux spew. I watch it with the sound down because you can see the tics. Crazy bitch.

  19. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Commander-In-Liar Wannabe Something what would your seasoned proven make believe combat vet Caint Get Right son do?

    Get another tattoo on his warrior body for mommy to worship and rub?

    Get another preacher's daughter pregnant?

    Choose a bb gun over his daughter?

    Hide out in his mother's house with Tawd?

    Play football in his reserve uniform?

    Hang out with his needy friends you are raising?

    Stop pretending to be something you're not. Karma is a bitch and your icebergs are coming.

  20. Anonymous7:14 PM

    OT but Wonkette had a funny Palin retrospective commemorating this being the 5 year anniversary of McCain picking her as his VP nominee.

  21. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Somebody with no worldly wisdom who is willing to side with her buddies from North Korea is better off going back into the woods and party on top of her 55 gallon drum lids.

  22. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Sarah you worthless piece of shit mother with the sexually active family, how about advising your daughters and son where babies come from? Oops too late.

  23. WakeUpAmerica7:22 PM

    Bullshit Betty spews again!!! Yeeee-hawwww!!! Nobody listens to her dinkleberries of wisdom.

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Tsk! Tsk! Like anyone of importance gives a damn what she says!

  24. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Alaska's former Commander-In-Chief, it appears with your history, you root for and side with whomever will keep you in office.

    If Gomer Pyle was still with us, he would tell that loser beauty pageant contestant "SHAME SHAME SHAME"

  25. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Do you think Sarah Palin had the guys pack all her stuff to go hunting only to return the next day to post this or do you think some paid consultant or SarahPac flunkie did this for Sarah while she is out and about doing whatever in the woods and Sarah is taking credit for this picture and comment from her followers as usual?

    1. Anonymous9:33 PM

      Every one knows what she does in the woods.Just like a mama grizzly.Shitting and rutting.Man if that don't put you off your food I don't know what will.

  26. Anita Winecooler7:41 PM

    I love how her mind works! In that cartoon, she's the vulture pointing the way to Syria. I'm sure POTUS appreciates her valued input in such pressing matters of governance, or is that comic relief? I can't tell.

    What is is with Sarah and phallic references? What's next? Sarah pulling a Miley and "twerking for dollars"? Stop dithering and twerk, baby twerk!!

    1. Anonymous2:57 AM

      She can't do that, she has no arse!! Skinny skank. Bristles could, but we all know how well SHE moves. Lying on the ground, with a guy above you is more her style.

  27. Anonymous7:52 PM

    It is pretty funny that she thinks he pays attention to anything she shoots out of her salad shooter. Typical narcissist — she has no self awareness.

    But, keep it coming Sarah. You really entertain me!

  28. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Is this one of Gov Sarah Palin's high school bffs, Karen Olson of Wasilla she gave a job to?

    Former head of failed Alaska dairy indicted for fraud

    The head of a defunct Alaska dairy that was created partly with the assets of a public dairy under the oversight of former Gov. Sarah Palin has been indicted for allegedly bilking the state for $430,000 in fraudulent agricultural loans.

    Karen Olson of Wasilla, former chief executive of the now-defunct Matanuska Creamery, was indicted on Friday by a federal grand jury on three counts of wire fraud, plus mail fraud and making false statements to influence the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Olson's indictment came eight months after her former business partner, Kyle Beus, was accused in a federal court indictment of defrauding the Agriculture Department of $643,000 in agricultural grants that prosecutors said in part went to personal purposes rather than the faltering dairy.

    The Matanuska Creamery in Palmer, Alaska, opened in 2008, in large part from assets of the state-owned Matanuska Maid dairy that went out of business in 2007. The private creamery received several government loans and grants before shutting down at the end of 2012.

    Although Olson and Beus were business partners and the , charges against the two are similar, the cases are separate, Assistant U.S. Attorney Retta Randall said. Beus is scheduled to go to trial in September in Anchorage federal court.

    If convicted, Olson faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine, Randall said.
    Palin was not implicated in the criminal case, Randall said, although the collapse of the Matanuska Creamery is considered a blot on her gubernatorial record.

    Palin was governor when the dairy, which was then owned by the state, announced plans to go out of business in 2007 and she fired its board and replaced it with a new one. Palin approved state grants to keep the dairy in business but it failed and many of its assets went to create a new private dairy. That dairy failed last year.

    Palin's Alaska critics accused her of botched management and of favoring her Wasilla-area friends over experienced business people. Palin said at the time her goal was to ensure a smooth privatization to keep local dairy farmers in business.
    Beus' attorney could not be reached immediately for comment and public court documents did not list an attorney for Olson.

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      Hey Sarah, who are you rooting for in Dairygate? Did you ditch your buddies once they got caught?

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Music to my ears.

    3. Anonymous9:56 PM

      Any comments Sarah?

    4. Anonymous3:01 AM

      THIS copuld be the beginning of the end of Skank $carah. Maybe one of these two will finally speak up, rather than spend most of the rest of their lives in prison. Someone who knows the full truth about this bitch will finally expose her and her pimp ex-husband.

  29. Anonymous7:57 PM

    OT Ted Nugent's wife is arrested at the Dallas Airport for carrying a gun into the terminal.

    1. Anonymous9:45 PM

      That gives Teddy a chance to molest another child.

  30. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Sarah, you are a fuckwit

  31. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Any advice from Sarah Palin regarding Dairygate?
    Mums the word?

  32. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I second that. FUCK YOU Sarah Palin. May the Earth shake you to your boney knees and the sea watch you to your miserable evil fate of doom. Fuck you sarah

  33. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Good gosh that woman is a fake POS liar. Wondering? Does sarah have a swiss bank account? Hope she is charged in that one coming down.

  34. Anonymous8:06 PM

    wonkette is a scream, as are the comments.

    Hurricane Katrina, eight years ago today.
    Hurricane Sarah, five years ago today.

    Good lord, deliver us.

  35. Anonymous8:20 PM

    why does the soldier in the cartoon have a white beard? is he old? what's with that?

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Uncle Sam

    2. Anonymous8:55 PM

      My best guess is that the soldier's supposed to represent Vietnam, Korean and WWII vets, all of whom were sent into war by Democratic presidents (along with Congressional approval). It's the tired old saw that the Democrats are the "war party."

      Except, perhaps, Dessert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan (whatever they called it) -- all very recent and disastrous Republican wars, which cost "blood and treasure" that we'll be paying for for decades, with a national debt of added trillions, and thousands of dead and wounded soldiers.

    3. Anonymous9:12 PM

      It's Uncle Sam.

    4. Anonymous9:48 PM

      He is supposed to represent Uncle Sam, always drawn with the scruffy chinbeard.

    5. Anonymous10:07 PM

      He represents the volunteer military that has been sent back time after time, deployed as many as 5 times after serving and being injured. For some of them, it's the only job that they can get. And look at the gun that our military supplied him with. It's not funny. They did not have proper equipment in Iraq. That's why the vulture is waiting to for him.

      The other thing that's wrong about Sarah's choosing that cartoon is that Obama said that he would not be sending soldiers into combat. It would be some kind of "surgical strike." Sarah chose the cartoon which shows Obama pushing a soldier into a war he doesn't want to fight. I guess that means that we should turn the other cheek and ignore the innocent people who the Syrian government gassed and killed.

      A message to Sarah Palin: Pretend that you have the job that you have been dreaming of for the last five years. For the sake of argument, pretend that you are the President of the United States. What would YOU do? You love to insult President Obama but you never offer any solutions or suggestions. Just lame cartoons and insults. That's not leading. That's heckling. That, Sarah, is shucking and jiving, you betcha.

    6. Anonymous3:51 AM

      10:07 PM - spot on. She has nothing but well-rehearsed talking points. If she had to explain any "common sense solution," she'd sputter worse than an overfilled tea kettle on a stove. Her insults mirror her own inadequacies and pure jealousy that "Queen Esther" was all in her head.

    7. Anonymous8:07 AM

      Aren't I correct in thinking that the last President Bush did NOT obtain Congressional approval for his warring? (Probably not a word!)

      Interesting how confusing the Republicans are making the matter - some state being for a war, some want limited entry and some want full-out war. Some want President Obama to call Congress back into session to discuss the Syria matter (like that is gonna work!) and there are others who want Boehner (House) to call it back (he isn't responding, of course!).

      If Congress were to actually return (and WORK!), discussion and voting should be done publically so Americans don't have to research their votes on line (although the latter is a good backup).

      The media talking heads are adding so much confusion to the subject! They try to project themselves as 'experts' on the matter and they are NOT! Some appear totally unknowledgeable about the middle east and its history.

      President Obama made a call to Congress members and some that actually did participate are putting him down. Did we expect anything differently? This is a matter that needs to be worked on carefully by BOTH parties.

      But, the BIG corker to all of this is that some of the Congressmen and women did NOT even participate in the President's call to all of them! Don't they ALL want to be informed?

      Those members showed nothing more than disrespect to our President and the American people for whom they serve.

      Americans - pay attention for whom you vote as to our U.S. Congress! We need new blood in there so very badly,

  36. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Since Sarah Palin is in the advice business, any advice from the great hunter on how to shoot a non-moving herd of caribous? Wouldn't it have been cheaper for Sarah to take her entire family to Taco Bell instead of wasting gas, time and bullets missing the entire herd?

    And Sarah Palin is supposed to be a conservative?
    Yeh right.

    "A most unforgettable/unforgivable moment was Palin trying to shoot that caribou which was striking a cute pose for her while she shot and shot, missing and missing. We see that some nimrods really do need semi-automatics for hunting."

    1. Anonymous10:51 PM

      A hunting guide shot that caribou while the cameras were turned off. A friend knows this guide. What you say sarah, you faker?

  37. Anonymous8:50 PM

    She must be pissed that she is often mocked and she now wants to mock the President with that cartoon...really Sarah, the President doesn't give two shits what you have to say or what cartoons you post.

  38. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Sarah peddles hate. That will not change. She is evil incarnate.

    1. Anonymous2:35 AM

      ....and puts "Christ" in Christmas. What a crock of crap!

  39. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Want to hear from Sarah Palin's own mug about the Wild Ride?

    PLUS read the entire post associated with this audio:

    "Sarah Palin's Version Of Trig's Birth May Be More Troubling Than The Hoax"

    "Held accountable? Throughout her political career, Sarah Palin has been the master of the dodge. She has never held herself accountable. At one point she claimed that she had made Trig's birth certificate public; she did not. The hospital has never issued a formal birth notice. She said that she would make her health records public. She did not. It was another lie.

    This past week Palin had the gall to giggle and smirk her way through an interview on Fox News in which she supported Donald Trump's investigation of President Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii: "Well, uh, I appreciate that 'The Donald' wants to spend his resources in getting to the bottom of something that so interests him and many Americansm," Palin opined. "You know, more power to him."....

    PAGE 1

    PAGE 2

  40. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I can't help but notice that the Republicans with lots of shares in the munitions industry, like Rumsfeld, are shitting themselves over the prospect of making more war profits.

    Meantime, the ones like Sarah Palin, who no doubt invests her money by using cash for bedbug bait, are the ones who don't see the financial benefit in cheering for another war.

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Rumsfeld came out against Syrian intervention.

    2. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Interpol wants to know his coordinates when he stuck his head out of that hole in the ground to make his announcement.

      I hear the want to ask him about those diagrams of the sophisticated underground cave network that Bin Laden built in the mountains in Afghanistan. And maybe about some of the crimes against humanity that he facilitated in the aftermath of his deceptive snow job on Bush, Blair, UN, our Congress, and the American people.

      He's a criminal.

    3. Anonymous11:35 AM

      Cheney and Rumsfeld are the very LAST ones that should be talking about this mess w/Syria after what they did during the Bush Administration phony war!

  41. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Uh, oh. Bad news for Sally Palin:
    "Sally's Dream" came in 8th in her race today at Saratoga. She's slipping. Out to pasture pretty soon....

  42. Anonymous9:56 PM

    She can't have it both ways, but she assuredly always tries...especially when it comes to our wonderful President Obama!

    And, fail she does every friggin' time! The idiot!

  43. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Five years ago, appalled at what I had seen on the television as the purported Republican VP nominee, I searched and found this site.

    Almost every day I come here, hoping against hope that the nail in her political coffin has been found and driven in.

    One can continue to hope...


    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Me too!

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Me three!

    3. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Also, too.

      RJ in Brownbackistan

    4. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Me four!

    5. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Can I get in line?

    6. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Take a number

    7. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Don't cut in front of me! See that mile marker past Piggy Mart? Now walk another two miles and you should be able to see the end of the line.

    8. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Hello , back here!

    9. Anonymous11:53 AM

      That is my story as well. I have been tuned in to the Sarah Palin saga ever since, and will continue until she is finally outed. That she has been at this for so long is mind-boggling.

      I have to admit that I don't understand why not one journalist out there has not broken all the stories of Sarah Palin. Yes, they seem unbelievable, but that makes getting them out there even more important. In fact, that has become part of the story--how did someone get away with all the things for so long, in plain sight. Especially so blatantly faking the birth of a child. And then, giving that child little to no love or support, just using him as either a weapon or a shield.

  44. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Yep, I see her head is still so big that they have a hard time squeezing it through the dock doors at Todd's shop. Oh... how she likes to run that dick sucker behind her Facebook posts and carefully programmed Faux News sideshows. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone. She disgusts me..

  45. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Sarah posted to facebook twice and her facebook fans showed they know nothing about her. None of them wished her either Happy Anniversary or remembered it was the 5th anniversary of her being introduced as McCain's VP pick.

  46. Randall2:15 AM

    (The gnat takes another swing at the lion.)

    Sarah WHO?

  47. Anonymous2:40 AM trolls? What's wrong, "Dingbat Diehards?"

    1. Cracklin Charlie7:33 AM

      Someone broke the troll. It seems to have happened on the "Trig's first day of school" thread.

  48. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Sarah Palin before the cock has crowed three times you will receive a knock on your door with your subpoena for Dairygate.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      You think you are so clever posting this on every blog, but honestly it's silly and that's being polite.

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Your 'politeness' is restricted to ad hominem. That's rathet sad, wouldn't you agree?

    3. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Guess what, I posted this originally the other day on SPHASH , but did not post it anywhere else. So, fuck you! Others thought it was funny and used it.

  49. Anonymous4:01 AM

    And They're coming to take you away Ha Ha

    They're coming to take you away ho ho he he ha ha

    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      ... to the not-so-happy home...

      Haha I remember hearing this on Dr Demento's radio show in early-mid 70's, when we used to actually listen to programming on radio at night like King Biscuit Flower Hour.

  50. Anonymous7:04 AM

    She really is a vulgar woman…I would call her trailer trash but such a statement denigrates trailer trash.

  51. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Thanks, I guess, Anon 7:52pm. Sarah is only found guilty of incompetence.

    "Palin was NOT IMPLICATED in the criminal case, Randall said, although the collapse of the Matanuska Creamery is considered a blot on her gubernatorial record."

    The end of dairygate

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      This little tidbit is from site you posted. So much for Sarah Palin condemning cronyism. Cronyism is quitter Gov Sarah Palin's legend.

      "Palin's Alaska critics accused her of botched management and of favoring her Wasilla-area friends over experienced business people. Palin said at the time her goal was to ensure a smooth privatization to keep local dairy farmers in business. "

    2. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Sarah did have a responsibility as to the mess of the milk business in the valley.

      She provided state funds = tax payer money, knowing full well they were in big trouble. She tried to save her buddies in Wasilla - some of whom didn't know shit about the milk/cow business even though one of them was said to "like her cows"! Amazing!

      And, didn't current gov (and friend of Palin) provide additional funds to the declining business, securing it by cheese?

  52. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I'll bet Sarah talks to the television set and think that they respond to her.

    She's about as important as tapes of Roller-derby reruns in the ESPN Film Library from Fall of 1979, when the network had the sports desk but no programming. Of course, those clips from the early days are still kind of amusing. Sarah's shelf life was about 2 weeks, when the RNC could no longer hide her behind the curtain.

    She's YOUR legacy, McCain. It's too late to fix that for you, sir. We've done our part to neutralize her ability to damage the country. Now we await the Justice Dept and several of the alphabet soup Agencies to do their thing and bring her to justice or justice to her. Either way, she gets an orange jumpsuit. Toddy-Pimp, too.

  53. Anonymous9:46 AM

    {Anonymous 8:12 AM You think you are so clever posting this on every blog, but honestly it's silly and that's being polite.}

    @ 8:12 AM The rumor in town is that three cocks HAVE crowed (or came) for the dim-witted idiot - Glen, Curtis, and Brad!

    Now we are just waiting for the 4th cock to crow then there will be a knock on the door with a subpoena for Dairygate

    Don't shoot the messenger, no pun intended.

  54. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Is that Sarah's Draft Dodging Pal Ted Nugent in the cartoon? President Obama watch out for the Poopy Pants on Ted. BWAHAHAHA. Sarah Palin Pals around with Pedophile Draft Dodging Clowns. How's that SHEMAN E Law Breaking Wife, Ted? You Gun Freaks always get caught doing something STUPID.

  55. Anonymous9:53 AM


    While the law typically gets tepid support in polling, a Kaiser Health tracking poll released Wednesday shows that 57% of Americans oppose defunding Obamacare. And Palin herself may not bring much to the debate. The latest polling (taken this July by Gallup) shows her approval rating at just 35%, while Clinton enjoys an approval rating of 71%, according to the latest survey (taken in April by Fox News).Who do you think will have a greater impact on the debate?


    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      The 'idiot' is only followed by a minority of the population and I seriously doubt she has 35% approval!
      Palin will NOT run for POTUS - she would never get past the primary stage - she's too stupid!

      Hillary Clinton would kick her butt and send her crawling off the stage! Sarah has proven she cannot debate unless she memorizes answers ahead of time (remember "Game Change" folks!).

      Plus, Hillary is so much more qualified - Sarah is way, way back in her shadows!

  56. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Not trying to be funny, but these Dairygate findings has left another BLACK mark on Sarah Palin. Do you think Sarah Palin will be able to walk around town in Wasilla and throughout Alaska wondering who is talking about her. Sarah Palin is known to worry about her polls. Everybody in Alaska is following this story.

    Sarah Palin has been knocked off her high horse for her incompetence in this matter.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Another black mark? Are you saying a young studly out of state college basketball player left his mark on Our Sarah From Alaska?

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Everybody in Alaska is following this story.

      But putting pillows in her panties and calling it Tri-G wasn't so interesting to Alaskans?
      You are the reason she exists as she does today. Not enough of you have come forward. What is WRONG with you people????

    3. Anonymous10:46 AM

      When all else fails, go to Sarah Palin Plan B.

      Try to distract attention to President Obama.

  57. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I guess this Dairygate mess ends all this Sarah Palin rhetoric she's thinking about running for the Alaskan senate. It is over.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Then can I get my Sarah Pac donation back? I could really use it.

    2. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Sorry @10:50, your money has been washed and laundered. Thank you playing


  58. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Why does Sarah need all those houses on her Wasilla compound? Nobody lives there.

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      You forgot about Camp Palin, her hidden fully furnished cabin. The one she didn't pay property taxes on.

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Who knows why Sarah has two houses right next to each other?

      So the Russians won't know which house to attack?

      Can't serve a subpoena if you go to the wrong door?

      Trig needs his own space?

      Who really knows?

  59. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Happy anniversary, America!

    Light your Jahrzeit candle, because today is the five-year anniversary of the day John McCain got all mavericky and picked Sarah Palin’s well-jogged ass off a Google image page of lady GOPers to be his co-loser in the 2008 presidential election!

    We sure have had a lot of laughs since then, haven’t we, America? Mostly at Sarah’s expense, but occasionally at the expense of her terrible potty-mouthed gay-slurring children and even conceived-in-sin gay-slurring grandchildren too! Let us take a trip (the travel kind, not the stupid name of Bristol’s little baby) down memory lane but probably quit midway because that is what mavericky mavericks do, you betcha also too also, as well!

    It all started back on Aug. 29, 2008, when John McCain was all, “Hey ladies who wanted Hillary but did not get Hillary, here is another lady who also has a vagina, maybe you will vote for her instead even though she is nothing like Hillary except that she also has a vagina! Go mavericks!”

    It did not take the basement-dwelling bloggers very long — like, oh, maybe six seconds — to be all, “Hey, John, did you mean to pick that governor of Alaska, what is in the middle of an ethics investigation?”

    And then, about six seconds after that, we found out that Palin was going to be a grandma, which did not seem possible because Palin had always taught her children to abstain from the sexytime until they had a proper hillbilly wedding, and none of them had hillbilly wedding’d yet, so how could any of them possibly be pregnant unless it was immaculate conception maybe, like Jesus, except no, it turns out it was just drunken out-of-wedlock, going-to-hell “fuckin’ redneck” sextyime. However, with a reality TV show about how she’s just like any normal high school dropout teen mom and a book tour about how awful glad she is that she “chose life” after she “chose to get knocked up,” Bristol has revirginized herself and is now free to lecture the president on why every child deserves a mother and a father unless the father is Levi Johnston, so we can just strike all that stuff from the record.

    Then there was the most excellent interview with Charlie Gibson, where she explained how she would “perhaps” do war to Russia, about which she is an expert because she can see it from her house. (Okay, okay, she did not say she can see it from her house — that was a Saturday Night Live skit — but she DID basically say she knows all about them thar Ruskies because you can see Russia from Alaska, which is dumb enough for us.

    And then there was that gotcha journalism interview with Katie Couric, where Katie totally tricked Palin into being an illiterate idiot.

    It all went downhill from there, of course. Palin succeeded in destroying any chance McCain had at winning the election — which, to be fair to her, was … oh, let’s see, five times never plus three is … right, ZERO to begin with. But there was still so, so, SO many more funtimes to come with the lipsticked hockey mom from Alaska’s meth capital: the way she so spectacularly quit her job governing Alaska on America’s almost-birthday because jobs are for suckers and dead fish...

    LIVE LINKS in the article.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Bristol has revirginized herself and is now free to lecture the president on why every child deserves a mother and a father unless the father is Levi Johnston, so we can just strike all that stuff from the record.

      I thought we read Bristol went bar hopping? She has time to go bar hopping and time to criticize our president but no time for church?

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Bristol is having some fun for a change. Tripp is in school part of the day and she can scurry all over Anchorage area on her lunch break. She is loving the Thuglife.

  60. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Wow, the nerve of this sp idiot. She has done nothing to push, pull her people forward. She has done her same lines for 5 years to get money from them. How funny, they are idiots as well it seems. She can't hold a intellectual conversation. All she has is se_ on her brain if she has one. She is just so very jealous of the Obamas. You know their girls have a father a very decent father. Stupid woman, you killed any kind of father figure for your grandson. He has no one, but he really does but you ruined it all. Jealous mean stupid whare sp. You have some nerve sp to even talk about anything much less politics. What a waste of a human being.

  61. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Has Willow finally gotten off her butt to earn a buck as Wasilla's newest shampoo girl yet?

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      I'm sure the Bee Hive ladies would love to have Willow fix 'em up with the latest styles she learned at "hair school."

      It's sad after a year of "school" at $20,000 and free room and board at the Scottsdale Mansion, that Willow hasn't earned one lousy buck at her new "trade."

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      If Willow is not working at the Beehive then who is sweeping up the hair for them? Is the the up and coming hair designer waiting for the Beehive to beg her?

    3. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Jessica's Beehive is now in a tiny, tiny spot on the Palmer Wasilla Hwy. I don't think their reality show worked out for them and they had to downgrade to a little corner spot in an out of the way location. Guess no one wants to pay for "high hair" any longer?

  62. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Here's how it works, folks. If Obama says NO intervention, they'd be screaming their heads off for INTERVENTION. If Obama says WAR, they'll be bending backwards to don the 'Doveish' position and say NO WAR. So, in a 9th Dimension Chess way, Our Nobel Peace Prize Winner, President Obama is STOPPING the US from attacking, by simply having the opposite position that he KNOWS the GOP will, practically as a knee-jerk reaction, do the opposite. And so the cartoon, in an odd way, is right in that he DOES know what he's doing, and he's learned that the OPPOSITE of what he advocates is always their position, like spoiled, recalcitrant kids acting out. So, logically, he would have to posture about 'going to war', in order to stop it.

    And good lord, Sarah, girl, your sexual provoking of Barack Obama is falling on deaf ears. As far as big sticks, you'll never have his, you'll always have to settle for that stubby little pencil dick you married.

    Can you be more obvious with your guttural lust for the man who is our president? As if he, or any self respecting man, would ever get anywhere near that skanky, filthy crotch of yours.

    And we're laughing at your fact we are all laughing at you and your flailing jabs and screeches, telegraphing your frustration and rage that he utterly and completely IGNORES you and it drives you insane.

    And that's what we're watching, what we're witnessing. The complete meltdown of Sarah Palin, the last desperate grab for attention, with you growing more crass, more vile, more disgusting with every post you make...and he STILL doesn't want you. And he NEVER WILL.

  63. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Oh puhleez, Gryphen, stop with the Barbie comparisons. After all, Barbie is way more intelligent than $carah, much prettier, and she has better shoes. Not to mention, Barbie has Ken, and $carah has... Toad.


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