Sunday, September 15, 2013

Church sign du jour.

More than likely a fake, but still worth sharing.


    note identical location of poles and wires in the background.

    1. hedgewytch7:27 AM

      Church sign maker - love it!

      You could really mess with some people. Just saying....

  2. Sally in MI3:44 AM

    That's priceless. Especially for Newt and McCain.

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    50 years ago today 4 little girls were killed.

    On a Sunday.

    In a church.

    By a bomb.

    Never forget.

    1. Dynamite Bob Chambliss, who also firebombed homes of black families in Alabama, was finally convicted in 1977 of the crime of bombing the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed 4 African-American girls and injured 26 others, with 20 requiring treatment at hospitals.

      The girls' names who were killed in the blast:
      Addie Mae Collins, 14
      Carole Robertson, 14
      Cynthia Wesley, 14
      Denise McNair, 11

      Later, other black children were shot by police, including two boys, 16-yr old, Johnny Robinson and a 13yr old, Virgil Ware, who was shot while riding his bicycle.

      For more details of the horror that continued as The Black community became enraged and Police Chief Bull Connor began turning police dogs and fire hoses on citizens protesting, along with photos of the victims, the crime scenes, etc, be sure to visit:

      Or you can wait a day or so and see the iconic photographs superimposed with a Sarah PAC logo hidden in the corner of each photo. These alterations of the original work help identify Sarah's ongoing courageous work in her struggle to improve the human experience in this country for ALL Americans. It will also designate that Sarah has diligently complied with the laws of the land, as always, by purchasing the work her self or, at least, purchased the copyrights on the work to do as she pleases to increase her donations to her very personal charity, er, political action committee. Because, as she was quoted in a well-researched biography of her life, she would "never take advantage of anyone in any situation to enrich herself unjustly", as she has "always followed the spirit of the law because or her upstanding ethics and concern for her fellow citizens".

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    This is so good!
    All these hypocrites, they don't know what sanctity of marriage is.

  5. Anita Winecooler1:39 PM

    Some of the real signs make this one "believable".


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