Saturday, September 28, 2013

The barely bearded one, Joe Miller, who don't need nothing from no stinking "gubmint," is begging for donations on Facebook to pay for the birth of his grandson. Oh and a vehicle to transport his surfboard.

Courtesy of the Alaska Dispatch:

The Facebook page of Joe Miller, who is seeking the GOP nomination for Senate after a failed 2010 Senate run as the Republican nominee, has shared a plea for financial help from his daughter, Kelsey Meza, and her husband. The couple works in Mexico for Youth with a Mission -- a Christian charitable organization -- and they draw no salary, instead relying "on God’s provision and generosity of our support team for our income." Miller, who campaigned on a theme of smaller government and greater personal responsibility, shared the money request on Thursday. According to the couple's blog, which features instructions about how to help, the goal is to raise $10,000 by December -- to pay for the birth of a baby and for a new truck or SUV capable of carrying the family, its dog and surfboards.

A surfboard? Seriously?

Okay now I know what you are going to say. You are going to say that surely this is some kind of joke, because there is NO way that a man like Joe Miller, who constantly talks about pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps and how REAL Americans don't need help from anybody (Except maybe God), would stoop to begging for money from strangers on the internet.

And to that I would answer, "Man you don't know Joe Miller do you?"

Of COURSE Joe wants money donated to him when his family has financial problems, hell he has been grifting for money ever since he got his ass handed to him back in 2010 by Lisa Murkowski.

Not that it has usually done him much good:  

A campaign disclosure report shows Joe Miller’s political action committee raised $5,210 last year.

But hey maybe he has not always been good at attracting donations, but this time is different. 

After all there is a baby on the way. And a surfboard that desperately needs a ride. Have some compassion!

P.S. Speaking of compassion if you take a look at the comments section over at the Dispatch you will see that there is very little available for Miller in Alaska these days.

Good luck with that primary race oh Barely Bearded One. You're going to need it!


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    " they draw no salary, instead relying "on God’s provision and generosity of our support team for our income."

    Maybe they should apply for welfare and food stamps like all the other needy Americans. Oh that's right, they want to take that "socialist" help away from the poor. So begging and grifting are more acceptable? Tell it to the families that lost everything when the Big Banks took their homes.

    A truck for their surfboards.

    I can't stand these people more and more.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Tell them to get a "rill" job or better yet ask Sarah for a donation from her PAC.

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Didn't Sarah Palin put her curse upon him? BWAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Palin should invite Joe and Cruz for a good old Alaska fish fry. This would be Palin's triumph and the final nail in the bull crap machine of the republican = teabaggers. These douchbags still believe they won the election. How many times do need a kick in the head

  5. Relying on God's provision and generosity [of others]?

    No problem. But carry that all the way through and accept gifts only for your basic needs and your work.

    I know Buddhist nuns and monks who rely on Dana, or giving. But these nuns and monks don't breed, and they wear robes, and they don't have surf boards or cars, having renounced worldly goods. They also work to model wisdom and compassion.

    I wish for Miller and these spawn of his what I wish for the Palins: that they rot in the hell they seek to inflict upon others

  6. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Miller will do anything to avoid getting a job. He's the laziest man in America.

  7. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I'll pay him $10,000 to publicly tell Sarah Palin to F off!

  8. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Gee, Joe, I carried my windsurfer around on a Toyota Tercel with roof racks. What do these people need a truck for?

    And when it comes to food stamps, medical care or other needs, the conservatives are always saying "People shouldn't have children if they can't support them!"

    Tom, in FL

    1. Anonymous2:39 AM

      5:58 Amen to THAT!! Why isn't God providing them with a vehicle, don't they pray hard enough? Poor things might have to return to Alaska, leaving all the surf and sunshine behind. Miller has lots of kids, are they all grifters like their parents?

  9. Anonymous6:14 PM

    And what IF no one sends money? What then? Perhaps a stable and attendant angels? And a donkey can carry quite a load. A surfboard would be nothing for a donkey to carry.

    Geez, I have no sympathy. These grifters should do what the local Mexican women do when they give birth: home birth with a midwife. I am sure those poor souls whom they have converted will provide them with all they need. They chose this life; now live it.

  10. Doesn't old boy receive two pensions?

  11. Anonymous6:36 PM

    NOW.....I have seen everything. The shameless, unmitigated
    gall..... It will be interesting to see how many people vote for Miller....there will be some....I'm speechless...

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    The daughter has responded to you in the comments at AD. She is completely delusional.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:36 PM

      I just read her rant, whew! She covers everything from safe sex to not lying and saying she lives in California and is entitled to WIC etc. ... The" lady" doth protest too much with her holier than thou attitude!

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      She's an entitled little madam, isn't she? Whew, she believe she DESERVES to be supported by everyone else's money.

  13. If she were a liberal or a minority, the teabaggers would be saying that she made a "poor choice" by getting pregnant when couldn't afford a child so tough sh%t.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM


    2. Anonymous7:42 PM

      "They don't draw a salary?" As if that were something inherently evil....
      I give all I can to charities that help those far abroad, and to the food pantry in my own town. I give part-time work to those who can work, and I know there are some who are needy who can't work, for good reasons.
      I cannot, however, imagine anyone asking me to feed not only themselves, but their dog, as well as providing transportation for their recreational equipment.
      It would be an hilarious joke if these people didn't take themselves seriously.
      At least Sarah Palin dresses up her begging by saying it's for postage. She hasn't yet explicitly announced to her donors that their money will pay for the gas in Todd's airplane, or for the pool boy for her house in Arizona.

    3. Boscoe8:02 PM

      EXACTLY! The sad thing is that I have no doubt that Joe and family are experiencing absolutely no cognitive dissonance over this. It is totally obvious to them why their need is "real" unlike all those "lazy parasites" they loathe.

      Just like their queen Ayn who had no problem signing up for government handouts when her lifetime of bad decisions (smoking) resulted in terminal cancer.

  14. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Maybe ol Joe ought to start MIllerPAC and pay the daughter in "postage" like the Palins do!

  15. Anonymous7:42 PM

    A surf ministry? What a clever way to avoid work.People like this are proof that there is no god,if there was he would slay them.

    1. The running joke on Television Without Pity back in the day (in the face of the improbable, the illogical, or the unjust) was that God couldn't be bothered to get out of the tub.

  16. Anita Winecooler7:48 PM

    Ah, yes. Let me play Republican teatard for a moment.

    "I'll send you money when you post a sex tape on the internet."

    "Couldn't you put an aspirin between your knees?"

    "Why should "I" pay for "YOUR" expenses, what's in it for ME?"

    "Let Allah sort it out"...:

    All joking aside, If the church sent them on this mission, isn't it the church's responsibility to pay for their child, transportation, Surfboards and dog?
    I never thought I'd say this, but the vaguely bearded one has some cajones!

    I know this is different, but my blood boils whenever our military is deployed to save missionaries who find themselves where they don't belong, doing what they shouldn't be doing.

    1. Anonymous9:01 PM

      good one.

    2. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Totally agree! If you knowingly and arrogantly choose to be a "missionary" you accept full responsibility.

  17. Now the daughter has written a lengthy rant whining that what she posted publicly attracted public commentary. How can she be effective at anything if she is this naive?

    And she cannot spell "adventures," so so much for her education.

    Like others incapable of critical thinking, she dismisses ANY critique as "negativity." Well, yeah, damn straight I'm negative in the face of her delusional self-righteousness.

    But best wishes for her spouse's "surf ministry."

  18. ETA: Forgot the link:

  19. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Anyone who donates is a damned fool.

  20. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Home-schooled with her eight other siblings.

  21. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I'm starting a drinking beer/playing the guitar too loud ministry.Please send money.

    1. Hee!

      "Kelsey" is a "missionary" in Ensanada, for fuck's sake! Third largest city in Baja, cruise ship destination, aerospace and bio-tech center. 90 miles from San Diego.
      Jesus wept.

    2. Boscoe7:12 AM

      Clearly a hive of unsaved HEATHENS! (-And bitchen' waves, dood!) LOL

      They don't take "salaries" because every dollar goes into their "ministry" slush fund so they don't have to. More lowlife grifters sponging off suckers in the name of the Lord.

  22. Anonymous3:31 AM

    If you are not ready for the responsibility of a child, then keep your fucking legs closed. Sincerely, Pro-Lifers

  23. Anonymous4:16 AM

    How arrogant it is to go into another place and then start telling the natives they're worshipping all wrong. It's even more arrogant and clueless besides to then demand money from everyone else to support the rude lifestyle.

  24. Anonymous4:43 AM

    You've really got to wonder what kind of fool would send this guy, and people like him, money. But they're out there.

  25. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Gee, anyone else in the predicament of Miller's daughter and her husband would be considered to be a no-account in the eyes of people like Miller and his ilk, especially if that person were of a different race. Hmmm. I think the girl and her husband ought to get jobs and support themselves. They can do their missionary work in their spare time, just like the surfing. Who is going to support them once the baby is born and the next one and the next one? Do they stand on street corners in Mexico begging for pesos for Christ (and a few for them too)?

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      The Republitards who watch Fux Noize are currently soiling themselves in rage over a surfer dude in California who gets food stamps. Looks like Miller's spawn wants to be completely supported...and is breeding a new generation to be supported.

  26. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I totally agree. What arrogance to think that your "god" is better than their's!

    A local mega church takes its youth group on "Mission trips every summer. They strong arm businesses to donate items for an auction (making it clear thaf if they refuse, the congregation will be informed) They also hit up everyone they know for money. One year they went to San Francisco. Afterwards I asked a neighbor boy what they did. Sounded like they did a lot of sightseeing (boat to Alcatraz, day at beach etc) One day they spent at a soup kitchen...not working but sitting with people sharing their own personal testimonal. He said he is sure he saved a man with his story. Hmm..17 year parents who bought him a brand new car at 16 and replaced it twice already when he wrecked it. A kid who has never been hungry a minute of his life and wears nothing that isn't expensive. What in the hell could he share? I asked him if he asked the guy how he got to this place in his life...blank stare. I then asked if he didn't think those poor people would be better served if this group stayed home and sent the money this trip cost to the soup kitchen. Again, blank stare.

    The funniest part of Kelsey's whine is her complaint about how dirty politics is. She must think we are as stupid as her.

  27. Anonymous6:10 AM

    There is a word at the tip of my tongue that Republicans call these types of people.. Wait a second it will come to me.. what is it... oh yeah, TAKERS!

  28. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I'm amazed Miller is doing this! Most people have more pride than that. Why anyone would vote for the likes of him is an idiot. Kind of like Sarah Palin in her support of him!

  29. "REAL Americans don't need help from anybody"... Uhh, ok- 1st made-up statement from your poorly written "blog". Joe Miller has never said that, or anything like that! Also, this was not "begging" and it wasn't written by Joe so, FALSE- Joe Miller wasn't asking for anything. (Also, he didn't run a FAILED 2010 campaign, ahem- HE WON THE PRIMARY AGAINST MURKOWSKI, don't you remember??? And that's why she had to do her pitiful, fraud-riddled write-in campaign! Must have slipped your mind :) You absolutely do not do your research before writing on topics. Clearly you are poorly educated, perhaps you should fix that. First off, it isn't right to link back to a personal blog- invasion of privacy much? Second, for you to even MENTION a person's child, especially in the demeanor that you, is reprehensible. You clearly have NOT ONE OUNCE of respect or dignity. How ASHAMED would your mother be. to know you turned out with out an ounce of manners. In the end, your hatefulness only says something about your character, and that is you sir/ma'm are pure evil. Politics was never intended to be personal, so attacks on someone's character are ridiculous to begin with, sweetheart, politics aren't Hollywood, so save yourself a little dignity and keep your gossiping to yourself. REGARDLESS of how you feel about a person, or if you agree on their position or not- you should NEVER, EVER speak about their child, especially in this kind of manner. Can we say, GROW UP? Seriously! Get over yourself! Quit the negativity. Ya'll look like a bunch of hateful crazy people. Why don't you go read her response and correct your story baby doll.

  30. Anonymous10:12 PM

    The fact that you even claim to be spreading "truth" is baffling. EVERYTHING in this little "blog" is false, misleading, and one-sided. Clearly you're uneducated, and you do not research your topics before you write on them. Pitiful. Your statement that Joe claims "REAL Americans don't need help from anybody.." Did you pull that one out of your ass last-minute? He has never said that, or anything similar to it. Another correction- Joe did not "lose" the 2010 election, think back- it wasn't that long ago, unless you have memory loss issues, JOE WON THE PRIMARY, he beat Lisa his very first attempt! Lisa then spent insane amounts of money on her pitiful write-in, riddled with voter-fraud. Another correction- JOE didn't WRITE the blog, so HE was not BEGGING for anything. In fact, no one was "begging". If you'd actually do your research, you'd have read the response that his daughter wrote to CORRECT all of you hateful losers. Do ya'll have no lives at all? You have to go pick on a guy's daughter. HELLO, when did politics become HOLLYWOOD? Never. Regardless of how you feel about someone, or if you disagree with where they stand on issues- it gives you NO RIGHT to slander his name, and ESPECIALLY not his child's. Have you no morals? No dignity? NO SHAME AT ALL?? What kind of Mothers raised you??!!! The surfboards are for a children's ministry. But what's the point in trying to explain anything to people with shit for brains. joe's daughter builds houses for people who have nothing (one of the many volunteering things she spends her life doing) that's her choice! Who cares! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY???? I don't see you making a mockery of anyone else's career choice. GROW UP. Have a little dignity and DON'T talk about someone's kids. Ya'll keep running scared and writing things, you obviously lead pathetic lives, it'll get you nowhere. OPEN YOUR MOUTH ONLY IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE. In simpler terms- if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

  31. Anonymous10:13 PM

    But of course, you'll only approve things that are negative- which is fine, shows more and more of your disgusting bias... 'Freak of the week" award goes to you, sir

  32. Anonymous11:14 PM

    This is sickening. How many of you who have commented have a couple kids and haven't gone through a hard time?? And if you haven't gone through a hard time are your parents supporting you????? How about: how many of you have EVER served as a missionary, much less in another country. Are you jealous that she lives in sunshine whereas you hermits only live in darkness behind your computer degrading missionary women who are pregnant?? What would your preachers say about the things some of you have said...or how about your mothers? Joe miller and his family are all good people. Are you upset that they don't live off welfare like the rest of you scummy inbred Americans that are soooo much better than everybody else do?? Joe Miller has worked his ass off to get where they are. Just because you don't support them or are jealous because you're too lazy to get off your pathetic ass to make something of your lives doesn't mean you have any right to HARASS his pregnant daughter. I'm sure none of you have any place to sit on your pedestal (which I'm sure the government gave you) and judge people who are doing what they feel God has led them to do. Maybe the next time you feel you want to look down on someone and think you can change them for the better, look in the mirror and better yourself. Oh and get a life!

  33. Wow, Gryphen, you REALLY hit a nerve with this post!!!!


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