Saturday, November 30, 2013

Levi Johnston's sad Thanksgiving Facebook post.

Courtesy of Facebook
I saw this yesterday on Levi's Facebook account:

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I'm thankful that I have a job doing what I always wanted to do. I'm thankful for my beautiful, loving, supportive wife and her inspiring drive in life. I'm thankful for the most perfect, gorgeous baby girl that is so fun loving and nothing but smiles. Very thankful for my perfect mini me of a son. I'm thankful that I might get to see him in December to come open all of his presents and hopefully get to stay for as long as possible! 

That last part really got me. I could not help but be reminded of the number of holidays that I also celebrated without my daughter, when her mother moved out of state. But at least in my case I had a custody plan on record with the courts and I had something to use for leverage if my ex decided to play fast and loose with the time I spent with my baby.

I can tell you from experience that it hurts your heart in a way that nothing else can, to put on a happy face, and try to celebrate when all you can think of is who is not there to celebrate with you.

At least I was able to talk to my little girl on the phone and tell her that it was only a few weeks more and we would be back together. We would countdown together and talk every week as the time grew shorter.

Levi does not have that. And neither does Tripp.

They seem to live in a constant state of insecurity as to when they can be together, or how long they must be apart. But the thing is, that commonality will create a bond, and that bond will be one that his mother is forging right now whether she knows it or not.

I cannot help but feel badly for Levi, but his day is coming.

All he has to do is to never stop telling his boy how much he loves him, how much he misses him, and how much he wishes that things were different. As long as Tripp knows that, and knows who it is that is making it hurt so much, then he will know who to blame in the long run.

I don't know if Bristol reads here but let me warn her that these games may be satisfying right now, but she will live to regret them when Tripp gets older. I have worked with kids for many decades, quite a few who came from broken families, and I can guarantee that the parent who uses their child to punish their ex pays a hefty price.

Trust me.


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    There is so much of public record that Levi's son is going to be able to read and see once he begins questioning things, which I suspect will begin to occur in his early teenage years.

    The young man is going to see how horrible his mother (Bristol) and grandparents (Todd and Sarah) were as to his father and his family.

    Keep up the good work, Levi and will be rewarded in the end. Love, support and guidance is what counts - not money and meanness as is constantly displayed by the Palins.

    Thank god you got away from them Levi!!! You'll be saying 'thank you' for the rest of your life!

    Once Levi's son becomes a teenager and gains more interest in the family dynamics, he is going to be able to read and view the crap said by his mother, Bristol, and his grandparents, Todd and Sarah. It's going to be a horrible experience for him, there is no doubt about it.

    Thank God, Levi has been level headed - along w/his darling wife - and projects the steady, loving hand as a father should.

    Keep up the good work in parenting, Levi. You will be rewarded in the end! It has everything to do w/love and guidance and not money and meanness as is constantly shown by the Palins! They are the losers!

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    When Tripp gets a little older, he will see his mother and grandmother for what they are. They will never see it, but Tripp sure will. Hang in there, Levi, as your day will come with Tripp.

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I feel bad for him for a bit, but really, he knows alot and has the power to end the entire Palin charade.
    Why he doesn't is a mystery - one that either is caused by fear or by complicity in a cover up.

  4. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Can't wait to see Brancy's blog with all the pics of Brissy and all the Thanksgiving day decorations and dinner all with friends - both hers AND Tripp's, and of course Aunti Willow to cook the meal.

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I feel really sad for Tripp. Bristol is the worst mother ever but he has Levi and Sunny and his sister. They will be there for him always. I hope he can live with them sooner than later. The Palins are toxic people.

  6. Anita Winecooler5:24 PM

    I've said it once and I'll say it again. You're supposed to LOVE your child MORE than you HATE the Father YOU chose. As heartbreaking as it is to read, it's clear that the Johnston's have had Tripp's best interest at heart from jump street. Levi has handled himself as a gentleman through this entire ordeal, and I'm sure that one day, Tripp will look for the truth and choose to have his father in his life.
    Your personal experience is proof that Levi should have taken your advice ages ago.

  7. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Bristol strikes me as the kind of woman who has a baby because it gives her control over some man. You see it sometimes... girls who make sure they have a baby with every man, then if the relationship goes south, and it will, they've got a connection and some power. It's usually women who don't see themselves as having any strength or control in their lives... and just as I wrote that, I thought about Bristol's and Sarah's insistence that Bristol is a "strong" woman... right up there with being an "honor student."


    1. I've seen it work where a man has a baby with a woman so he can have a wedge and stay in a power position too. It's not exclusive to one sex or the other. I knew one very charming con man who had, I think it was, thirteen kids by twelve different women (I wasn't one of them.), and it gave him a foot in the door with all of them.

      I've seen it in my family as well. And in both cases, sorry to say, it was the mother of my son's daughter and my own daughter using my grandson against her ex. I hated it both times, but I reminded both my son and my former son-in-law of exactly what you all are staying. My son's daughter is an adult now, and they have a wonderful relationship. My other grandchild is only eight, but if his dad sticks it out, he will reap the rewards too and have his son in his life later without anyone pulling strings.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Agree with you Ivyfree. Bristol sure uses Tripp to hurt and control Levi. I don't like to see Levi and his new family, including Tripp, suffer because of hateful Bristol.

      If Bristol had the kind of self-confidence and self-awareness that comes from within, a real "moral" strength, she would treat Levi and his relationship with Tripp with respect.

    3. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Sorry to disagree, but there is probably a much more logical reason why Bristol had Tripp. She already had a baby, at the most inconvenient time as far as Sarah Palin was concerned. Sarah wanted to get the nomination for VP, and having a pregnant, unwed daughter would not make her a good candidate as far as the religious right was concerned.

      It's happened before. It's an old story. The girl goes away to live with an aunt for a while, and oh, surprise, look what happened. Mom had a baby, surprise. The fact that photos of Sarah's previous pregnancies showed her as big as a house don't seem to matter. This time, a scarf hid her slim figure and no one knew that she was supposed to be pregnant. Holding the baby with DS, Sarah could wave her Right to Life credentials in front of the religious right, and they love it! (The singer, Bobby Darin found out that his older sister was really his mother and the woman that he thought was his mother was really his grandmother. He didn't learn this until he was an adult. And, it's an old story, and it's happened before).

      Why did Bristol have Tripp? Raging hormones. A mother just took her baby away from her and was claiming him as her own, even changing the birth story and making it sound as if she gave a speech and traveled for 12 hours while leaking amniotic fluid and was in labor, all while flying from Texas to Alaska. Bristol wanted that first baby to hold and love and he was taken away from her to be used as a prop. Bristol told Oprah that it was her choice to keep Tripp. You bet that was her decision, and it was also a good way to punish the woman who had just taken her baby from her. I think that Bristol and Sarah have a relationship where each one screams at the other, "You owe me!" "No, you OWE me!" Why did Bristol have Tripp? A replacement for a lost baby. Getting even with her mother. Someone to love, Maybe a way to cement the father of her child to her side (before Sarah stepped in and threw Levi out). Raging teen hormones can make an immature kid do all kinds of things. (Just my opinion).

    4. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Same goes for Sarah. Her forte' is disrespecting others no matter who they are.

    5. Anonymous3:07 AM

      According to Sadie, Levi's sister, the baby was planned. They both wanted Bristol to get pregnant. Levi's facebook account said he did not want any kids, however. Sunny really looks exactly like her name! What a beautiful young lady, so fresh looking. Levi hit the jackpot with this Sunny.

    6. I like anon7:55's explanation but it still leaves up in the air the astronomical small odds of a 17 year old girl having a DS baby. Certainly I don't believe Sarah gave birth to Trig or any other baby in April 2008, but I'd like more to go on than Bristol's withdraw from view for the length of a possible earlier pregnancy.

      That said, if Bristol did indeed birth both babies, it does keep the secret much more safe and locked up inside the family, which wouldn't be the case if Trig came from an unrelated mother.

      For a young man, Levi is showing tremendous self-control and I think is getting good advice from someone. His every utterance has to be measured by any possible harm -immediate or future- it might do to his son. The temptation to trash Bristol in turn must be wrenching, but if he can get through without having to ever explain to his son nasty things Levi said about Bristol, he keeps the moral high ground. Yes, one day he'll have to explain the impulsive Playgirl decision, but it will undoubtedly be a blip compared to everything Tripp's mother's side must account for.

    7. Anonymous8:31 PM

      The odds of a 20 year old having a giving birth to a baby with down syndrome is 1 in 2,000.

      The odds are against it, but not "astronomically" so.

      I agree with all your other points. Levi has really never said a bad word against Bristol, while Bristol and her mother take every opportunity to trash him (sometimes in front of his son).

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Patience, Levi. What people above have said is TRUE.

  9. Anonymous6:06 PM

    At least Levi got out from under the Trig responsibility and now that he has Sunny and Breezy perhaps he should just step away from the Palin mess and live life. The Palins have broken Tripp and he is just as wild and ill behaved as the rest of that felonious Klan. Be happy Levi, have more beautiful well-behaved children with Sunny and write off all the bad stuff.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      That's terrible advice, you don't write off your kids. Normal people don't anyway.

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Terrible advice, 6:06! Most people do not walk away from their children. This kid needs Levi and his family involved as much as possible for the rest of his life!

    3. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Children are not disposable.

    4. Anonymous7:29 PM

      Trust me, sometimes the other parent is toxic enough to legitimize walking away from a kid that was really just an accidental seminal event with a crazy woman.

    5. Anonymous7:43 PM

      It seems that in one week, Melissa Rivers had Tripp minding and doing chores from a chores-chart. It's Bristol who has turned Tripp into a holy terror. I think that a stable, loving home might be a better place for him--m not living with a girl filled with jealousy and revenge.

    6. 6:06, you ignorant twatwaffle, you tried this "just walk away" trolling before.

    7. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Every time theirs a story about Levi someone in the comments mentions that Levi should just walk away from Trip my response to that is WTF is wrong with you??? You don't tell a man to walk away from their child no matter how much of a nightmare the mother can be. If anything that should push that man to stay in their child s life as much as possible to see that their offspring turns out better. I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I'm starting to think that these people are trolls from CFP trying to give Levi a reason to give up. Levi if you do read this site DON'T GIVE UP EVER!!! Tripp needs you more now than ever.

  10. Anonymous6:12 PM

    "I'm thankful that I might get to see him in December to come open all of his presents and hopefully get to stay for as long as possible!"

    Does that mean that Levi is asking and Expecting to get "Full custody" of Tripp?
    Seems like it.
    Boy that would frost bichols ass but she has proved over and over what a crappy ass mother she is.
    And its on Video!!!!

    1. Brisket won't give up Tripp unless she's sure she can't make any money off him and he's impeding her career/private life.

  11. Sharon7:04 PM

    It is always sad to see when children are being used, for whatever reason. Sarah has always used Bristol...Willow to a certain extent, but Piper I think will be the one to tell Mom to get lost, like Track. Trig is the big loser here but maybe Todd has more real dad time not needed to be advertised. Tripp will be more curious when he starts school....if that ever happens. The Palin tradition is to keep everyone out of the general public...keeping those annoying non media away.

    1. Anonymous7:41 PM

      There's no question that Bristol enjoys being used-- what a nice free ride that girl has enjoyed. She has no talent and yet she appeared on TV shows. She can't speak yet she was booked to give speeches. She can't write, but someone wrote a book for her. Somehow, this all mushroomed into swell house on the lake and more bitterness than a young woman should still be waving around in front of her kid. One day, Tripp will be able to read Bristol's nasty remarks, not a good thing.

      In return for what ever Bristol gave up to Sarah (we can make a good guess here), she has been paid, repaid, and paid again. How about sullen Willow? All that she got was a trip to hair school, and all that she seemed to learn was to put a powder puff of hair on top of someone's head. Willow got dragged along on the book tour, and looked mad as Hell. If anyone would be the perfect candidate to spill the beans in a tell all, multi-million dollar book deal, I would bet on Willow.

      Piper was too young to know what was going on. That's why Sarah always kept Piper close.What Piper does know, she knows second hand, from stories that she hears. She isn't in any position to tell anyone anything. I don't see her having the same kind of gutsy personality that Willow has. Willow looks like she could be trouble. I think that Track has removed himself as much as he can.

      I agree, it's sad to see Sarah use her children as props. As for Tripp, he has been used by Bristol to continue her rage against Levi. It's time to for her to grow up, let it go, Levi is married and not to her. And, if Levi really is Tripp's father, he is entitled to see him on a regular basis. What Levi needs is a good lawyer. In the end, Bristol will hurt herself. Kids in school talk, and kids in school can be cruel. Even if Tripp never reads a word about his family on the internet, in a few years his classmates will, and Tripp will get an ear full, poor kid.

    2. Willow has a "gutsy personality"?
      Willow is a bully, with the courage and intellect of a tree stump.
      I don't believe she can read.

  12. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Levi as they say Karma is a bitch. Bristol will get hers someday.

  13. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Maybe Tri-PP didn't want Grandma Sarah's upside down raw turkey dinner and decided to stay in Sarah's place in the state Sarah loves, Arizona.

  14. From Levi's Facebook:

    Levi Johnston
    June 22 via mobile
    I pay my monthly child support, I see my son twice a month he stays the night at my house and I take him to do fun stuff every time, i give him rules and discipline and he listens to me here, he has a room filled with clothes and toys here, he has his own brand new four wheeler here and a loving family. Im in the process of trying to get a court ordered arrangement. (Because there has never been one) I work my butt off when I could easily go back to getting that fast easy money. I don't know what more I could do for my role of being a good father. Yet my wife is getting emails saying tripps mom is still taking shots at me being a father... I thought everything was going great but apparently it doesn't look good on her that I'm 100% there for Tripp. We normally don't pay attention or follow any of that mess but I guess I'm just sick of it. I love you trippy we miss you.

  15. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Oh man, that girl is a knockout.

    I'm betting no one will ever call her barstool or wallow.

    But then, they were never in her league anyway.

    The B.

  16. I'm sure Brisket and the clan are busy brainwashing Tripp into hating Levi for abandoning him, being a deadbeat Dad, etc. etc. any lies they can think of and rewriting history to match the fantasies in their heads.

    The Tripp that could have been is gone. More and more there is a Tripp that is a foul mouthed, ill tempered, out of control spoiled and entitled brat. In other words he will be Tripp Palin, not Tripp Johnston.

    While it would be a nice pipe dream to think that Tripp will someday read the truth, believe it, seek out his Dad and all will be mended, I'm afraid that reality is less likely. The Palins will make sure Tripp believes what they want him to believe. With each passing year it will be more and more difficult for Levi to make a dent in Tripp's indoctrination, especially given the limited time he has with his son.

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      I so disagree with you 8:01. I think that w/consistency from Levi and Sunny, he will know he has their love and support.

      Have seen too many of these type situations turn on the parent that was mean and nasty. As I've said before, there is too much out there for Tripp to see and read when he is older.

      The Palins are one nasty bunch and do NOT have good parenting skills as we have all noticed w/their own tribe of kids.

  17. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Sunny looks like she could be Tripp's mother. Great looking mother and son.

    1. Anonymous8:34 PM

      A very pretty girl.

    2. Anonymous8:48 PM

      I agree

    3. Anonymous10:37 PM


    4. Anonymous7:16 AM

      Not what Bristol wants to read.

      Not what the Grifting Grannie wants to read.

    5. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Sunny and Tripp look like mother and son. She is afterall, Tripp's step mother, and from what I have read about Sunny, she would treat Tripp with all the love she gives to Levi and Breeze.

  18. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Sunny is gorgeous, a knockout and would have won any beauty pageant she entered, had she been so inclined.

    And I'm a straight chick saying that.

  19. I hope you're right, G. Tripp needs Levi, Sunny & Breeze in his life, as well as some stability and love - with no strings attached. It will be difficult to counteract the damage that has been done to Tripp by Bristol and the rest of the Palin's, but it can be done with time and patience. I'm hoping that Levi is successful in court.

    PS - Sunny is so naturally beautiful, it must chap Bristol's butt that she can never achieve that level of true beauty.

  20. Anonymous9:22 PM

    "... I can guarantee that the parent who uses their child to punish their ex pays a hefty price."


    My children share their hopes, fears, and joys with me. Their mother is out of the loop. I actually feel sorry for my ex, whose children outgrew her in Junior High. We all patronize her now.

  21. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I work with kids too and I can tell you that you are absolutely right. If Bristol continues to play this bitter, vengeful game, it is going to come back and kick her in the ass in a horrible way. Tripp will most likely eventually disown her and her family, especially when he gets old enough to google their names and finds out what his mother and Granny Pants did to his dad and how they used Tripp.

    1. Anonymous3:17 AM

      $carah is a lot like Kris Kardasian, who also used her daughters to promote the family brand for $$$$.

  22. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Such a tender post, Gryphen. I doubt Bristol is able to relate to anything you said, however. As you know better than almost anyone, the Palin clan is not about love but, rather, about opportunity. Nothing is as important to them as promoting their sorry, useless selves... at any cost. It makes me so very, very sad for Levi and Tripp.

  23. Anonymous4:15 AM

    What exactly is Bristol so jealous of that she wants to make Levi miserable? Is it Sunny's natural beauty that doesn't require chin implants and brow lifts and fat suction? Is it Levi's happy home and gorgeous baby girl? Is Bristol jealous that it's Sunny who gets her bed showered with rose petals while Bristol has to settle for the Ginos and Joeys?

    Something is eating her up with resentment.

  24. Our Lad4:59 AM

    This young woman is simple minded and vindictive, much like her mother. Unlike her mother, her public persona displays not a sociopath but just a young stupid person who has not much education, most likely the reading and comprehension skills of a ten or eleven year old child. Whenever I had occasion to hear her speak, and she has gifted the public ample opportunities for same, I heard a confused and angry child in a surgery enhanced young woman. Except for the fact that the poor girl, left to her own devices would be earning a minimum wage, it's kinda sad. But then, she opens her mouth, and the reasoned among us think, aw fuckit. She may be a product of poor parenting and her stunted intellect, but she's a nastly little shit all the same.

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      The Leno Chin did it for me. She was fresh-faced and destroyed her looks entirely. Any psychologist will tell you that, at such a young age, it is from insecurity and self-loathing within. No surprise considering.....and no surprise that she wants to make Levi as miserable as she. Textbook.

      Hang in there, Levi, your time WILL come.

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Our Lad at 4:59...great post! You have described Bristol perfectly.

  25. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Gryphen -- Great write up about $arah's Xmas book flop at -- it will have you laffing out loud at the half term half wit loser!!! Please reprint for the amusement of IMers.

  26. Anonymous11:22 AM

    good comments at this link. Thanks!

  27. Anonymous11:32 AM

    My parents divorced when I was very young. My Mother went out of her way to demonize my Dad whenever and wherever she could. As I grew, I eventually gained the mobility to spend time with my Dad and get to know him for who he really was, and was really angry that my Mom had been such an asshole about preventing any relationship between us. They are both gone now. I think fondly and gratefully of my Dad every day. I struggle to forgive my Mother, but what she did was mean spirited, even evil. This will happen to Tripp, too.

  28. I haven't read through comments yet so forgive me if I'm being redundant.

    I know there will be the inevitable protests of "levi knows EVERYTHING, he could end this any time!"

    I used to be one of the people saying that. I would point out in my comments, hoping against hope that he read the comments on IM items about him, that any nondisclosure agreement or gag statement he signed would be invalid because he signed as a minor, implore him to connect with Gryphen who has navigated every rocky island in the sea of parental alienation by an ex/long distance co parenting, etc.

    I used to wonder why the HELL Levi not only kept quiet, but reinforced Palin's version of the "Trig story" even though it would not have been possible for her to become pregnant by Todd if EITHER of the gestation periods she has warbled about in speeches are correct. (He was hundreds of miles away at time of conception whether Trig was born at "seven and a half months" or "eight months"- both of which are nonsense but just for the sake of argument)

    Then I started looking at the totality of "unfortunate events" occurring around people who pissed off a Palin. And the TOTAL secrecy/lack of accountability concerning these events.

    Everyone knows the story of Track's biological father who perished in a fiery inferno of a plane crash because WATER was put into his gas tank. He was rated an "expert" bush pilot. He taught aviation safety to others. Yet we are expected to believe he put water in his aircraft gas tank- WHILE it was docked at the Palin's backyard boat slip? Only days after he angrily confronted Sarah in her office about the way "his child" was being raised?

    Or the church fire. Everyone knows about that one as well. Only the portion of the offices which held adoption/birth/placement records was burned. The files INSIDE a metal filing cabinet were burned. I'm no arson expert but that tells me someone lit the FILES on fire- not the church.

    Someone set that blaze while teenagers and elderly were working on service projects inside the building. Obviously without regard for their lives or safety.

    Trying to get simple reports on these events, reports which should be easily and readily available, is met with near comical stonewalling. (Continued below as I am a blabber mouth)

  29. I think all of us were just flummoxed as to why the Palins had to answer for nothing, EVER...until one Shailey Tripp came onto the scene.

    Now we know why the seemingly always male investigators, law enforcement officials, and other authority figures protected the Palins even though it's obvious nobody actually likes or respects them. Todd probably has evidence of who knows how many trysts, evidence that would propel these men into divorce court and public ruination almost universally.

    And lest we forget...Levi's own mother. Busted for "drug dealing"...on a phone BRISTOL PALIN gave her- after a police informant begged her repeatedly to have mercy on someone who was in pain. Despite probation being given for nearly all first time drug offenses with small quantity sales, Sherry was treated like the kingpin of a cocaine cartel. Ultimately her deteriorating health helped secure her release but her home incarceration was strict and lengthy.

    Isn't it not only plausible but VERY probable that some player in this, most likely Todd, told Levi "look how easily this happened. Look what we did to your mother. Now you keep your mouth shut because it would be such a shame for APD to pull you over and find drugs in the wheel well of your truck."

    I can so easily see it going down like this. Once upon a time I would have dismissed it as conspiratorial bunk. But look at what the Palins get away with. Over and over. When normal people perjure themselves to a grand jury, they are arrested. But the Palins get tabloids to pay them to tell the tale. It's just one thing after another. The cabin, the dairy, the control of anchorage PD, the church fire, the airplane crashes, the CAR CRASHES...I mean how many people on Sarah's shit list have perished in auto accidents within the last five years? The answer is positively chilling. All seem to be single car accidents with fatalities, and no clear understanding of what caused the person(s) to drive off the road or plow into an embankment.

    I not only understand why Levi keeps quiet now...I am truly scared for his every public move lest it be perceived as a wag of the tongue by camp palin.

    Obviously, if everyone would talk, the Palins' power and grasp on the community would be nullified.

    But I don't expect a young man with a new bride and infant child to lead that charge. Why should he? It's the public officials and people in authority who should be ashamed of letting this continue.

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. "i'll do what I want until the courts say I can't."

      The FEW. The SMUG. The PALIN MAFIA.

    2. Anonymous8:21 PM

      Great comments, Nyah.


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