Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fox's Elizabeth Hasselbeck thanks creationist Ken Ham for "standing up" to Atheists. By doing what, misinforming people about evolution?

Courtesy of Raw Story:

The president of a Kentucky creationist museum told Fox News on Monday that Christmas was a “time to take on the atheists” who used their free speech rights to doubt the existence of God. 

“Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without someone complaining about Christ,” Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck told Creation Museum President Ken Ham, noting that atheists had put up a billboard in Time Square which suggested that Christ was not needed during Christmas. 

“You know, the atheist who are a very small minority in the population have been trying to impose their religion of atheism on the culture now for quite a while,” Ham explained. “You know, getting Bible, prayer out of schools. Christian symbols out of public places.” 

“Because they’re becoming so aggressive, I just feel that it’s really time Christians really stood up in this culture to take on the atheists and to proclaim their message of hope,” he continued. “I mean, what’s the atheists’ message? There is no God? When you die that’s the end of you? So everything’s just meaningless and hopelessness?” 

Ham said that his group, Answers in Genesis, had put up its own billboards in Time Square, including one that says, “To all our atheists friends: Thank God you’re wrong.” 

“Our message to the atheists is, hey, we’re not attacking you personally but we want you to know the truth, that there is a God who created you and you are sinners as all of us are, but that God sent his son to become a babe in a manger,” he insisted. 

When you call somebody a "sinner" based on your superstition, yes that IS considered attacking somebody personally and is insulting to the rational thinkers who refer to themselves as atheists or agnostics.   

“The atheists are only a small part of the population,” Hamm said. “And really, it’s that minority, less than 2 percent of the population, that seem to be having such say in our culture, in imposing their anti-God religion.” 

Actually there are a hell of a lot more people who think of themselves as Atheists who are simply not yet confident enough to come out of he closet, or who realize doing so will jeopardize their jobs, relationships, or their reputation in their communities.

That is really why the atheist community are "becoming more aggressive." It is to help make being an Atheist more acceptable and to help others hiding in the shadows that there is a community out there who will embrace them and allow them to be who they are without fear of persecution.  

“What they’re really doing, the atheists, they’re really wanting to impose their anti-God religion on us, on the culture. And so we need to stand up against that.”

Just a small correction, Atheism is NOT a religion. That is unless the consider bald a hair color. 

Boy it certainly looks like Elizabeth Hasselbeck has finally found a place to call home doesn't it?

She could never have got away with a softball interview like this on The View.


  1. Hey Gryphen, In Australia bald is a color, we call it Eggshell Blonde.

  2. I know there are quite a few people like me. We aren’t Atheists or even Agnostics, but we’re disgusted with the attempts by very rich men to Hamm string America’s children (you know that clown gets funding, in addition to living off the museum) by giving them an inferior education and beliefs with no scientific basis. The children would be fit for little more than the service industries or the military, and no threat to the One Percent. This is abundantly clear. It’s an attempt to go back to the old days of lords and ladies and serfs, an attempt to erase the Rise of the Middle Class, which they never liked anyway, even though their ancestors usually came from the middle class. How quickly they forget. Christ in Christmas is just cover.

    Thank you, Atheists and Agnostics, for standing up to them.

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      + 1.

  3. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Hasselbeck is a smug arrogant dope. She is perfect Fox 'pundint' material. I loved the way Maher really got her goat.

  4. Anonymous5:33 AM

    it wouldn’t be Christmas without someone complaining about Christ,

    Citations, please? Otherwise, STFU

    1. Anonymous5:50 AM

      Are you kidding?

      From Palin to O'Reilly, the right wing starts drumming up indignation and false shite about XMas in September,
      and doesn't shut up til January.

      The Christian self appointed Taliban bloviators are all over the news. If you need citations, you must not know how to use Google.

      How many Christians have been prevented from holding CHristmas in their churches and homes?

      How many Christians have been prevented from preaching, being on TV and radio, and spreading their "good news" on their media of choice?

      How many Christians have been denied permission to put a plastic Jessus nativity scene on their front lawn or church grounds?

      How many Christians have been arrested or persecuted for believing what they want


      1st amendment protects their mythology and lifestyle

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      The one thing that the generals, chaplains, and pin up girls that rally their troops to war on christmas is that they all have something to gain from book sales, viewership, radio listeners, and/or the collection plate. Money is the reason for the season. BELIEVE!!!! They are coming for your guns and your bible and your plastic baby jesus.

      RJ in Brownbackistan

    3. Anonymous9:18 AM

      @5:50; you are so right. Despite the increasingly-unhinged shrieks of the wingnuts, no Christian has ever been forbidden from entering the church of their choice, from praying around their dinner table, or kneeling at the foot of their bed at night in prayer.

  5. Boscoe5:44 AM

    What's interesting to me is the way Ham (whose name is just more proof the universe is made entirely out of irony) frames the issue in a way that suggests that this country is openly run as a Christian stronghold and these "minorities" are trying to take everything that's good and decent and sacred away from "us".

    You've gotta love the pure propaganda that drips from these idiots' cake holes. Stand up for the constitution and the freedom of people to not be saddled with someone else's religion, and somehow YOU are an oppressor!

    "How DARE you tell me I can't force your kids to pray to jesus in elementary school! I have rights! Why do you hate god??"

    Bleh. Only in a mind afflicted with Conservative Brain Disorder.

  6. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Fox News goes full tilt christianist to cling to its gullible revengelical viewers. Next thing it will o is hire(at an incredible pay package) the stale, and stinky Pat Robertson to explain the words of white/ right Jesus Christ who, due to travel restrictions, will speak through the cloud to Fox "News".

  7. Anonymous5:54 AM

    If she endorses him.......well,what do you think?

  8. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I don't think I'm an atheist, but I sure as heck wasn't brought up in a church that would endorse any of this craziness. I endorse the right of anyone to believe in any or no religion.

    It wouldn't be Christmas w/out Christ, you Fox dimwits. And his message was peace on earth, good will to ALL men.

    If you showed us what good human beings you were, maybe there'd be more people interested in your message. Right now, you've made Christmas a battleground -- the very opposite of what Christianity is all about.

  9. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I attend (occasionally) a christian church on a university campus and among the parishioners are physicists, engineers, a geophysicist, chemists and biologists, most with PhDs. Are they crazy? No they are good scientists who know the bible is a book of fables and analogies but also feel the while science can and will eventually answer the "how" questions, it can never answer the "why" and that's the answer they seek. They no more believe in a white guy in the sky than they believe in Santa. The search is to connect with the essence of being, as Aquinas said.

    1. Leland1:41 PM

      @ 6:18;

      With all due respect, who the HELL ever told anybody there HAS to be a WHY?

      Answer? A theologian!


  10. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Time Square?

  11. SHARON8:10 AM

    Remember even her parents were'nt smart enough to spell her name right....Elisabeth, no z. We all knew she would be a perfect fit with the morons, you can guess what Joy & Whoopie would have done with this asshat. You don't even have to talk about the US being the one true religion, they seem to neglect the rest of the worlds ideas totally, now that to me seems the height of arogance. The bible rules the entire world and only they understand the right way to live. Anything's God's will. Anything's God's will.
    How convient to divorce your mind to any facts, amazing. I don't need a book, a building, an enlighted person in a robe or donate money to perpetuate their ideas to be a good human being. The golden rule is all you need. Simple.

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Remember even her parents were'nt smart enough to spell her name right....Elisabeth, no z.

      I believe the "s" spelling is more common in Germany. The first two Google hits for elisabeth are:
      Elisabeth is a Viennese, German-language musical commissioned by the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (VBW) …
      Elisabeth of Austria (24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898) was Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary …
      The third is Ms. Hasselbeck. Google reports about 34,100,000 hits—considerably fewer than for elizabeth, but still sizeable, and the disparity drops if you include the search term germany.

      Not sure what you're trying to imply by "right" spelling, Ms "were'nt" …

  12. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Kinda O/T: O.M.G.

  13. Anonymous8:33 AM

    These fundie evangelicals must have little faith in their version of religiosity of they consider it so fragile that people not 'celebrating' their way would destroy it.

    Somehow they believe anyone not of their mindset must simply be atheists which gives them their instant enemy. They fail to count in the multi-millions of Christians who are NOT crazy like them along with Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Wiccans and countless other non-religious groups.

    Wonder what Hasselbeck wants to be if and when she ever grows up besides 'entitled' and 'self-important'.

  14. Crystal Sage8:45 AM

    Questions: what is "Atheist Culture"? How are atheists trying to impose this culture on everyone else? Let's see: atheists don't go to church. Neither do most Christians (I'm looking at you, Sarah.) Atheists often celebrate the Christmas season, just like Christians. They just don't lie and say, "It is all about the Baby Jesus" because they know that is a blatant lie. If Christians really lived the true meaning of Christmas, they would reject the commercialism and the trappings of modern day Christmas. There would be an Advent Calendar, alms to the poor and prayers of thanksgiving on Christmas Day. Anything else is pure invention - and greed.

  15. Who would have guessed a BJ would be so important.

  16. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Elizabeth Haplessf--k

  17. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Every year I celebrate my birthday.

    I don't expect everyone in the country to celebrate it.

    The fact that 99.99999% of people in this country (or any other, for that matter) do NOT celebrate my birthday does not have the slightest impact on my enjoyment of said birthday or the importance that I and my family and friends place on the day.

    If their celebration of Christmas is so fragile that everyone must be forced to join in their celebration in order for it to be valid and worthwhile, they might want to take a cold, hard look at the strength of their faith.

  18. Anita Winecooler6:59 PM

    I'm in the Atheist "Religion" (let them show their ignorance proudly, doesn't reflect one bit on me) , and I thank God and Christians everyday for giving me something to not believe in and for turning me into an Atheist by their "xample".
    I thought the Crusades ended ages ago, but apparently I'm wrong. I guess evolution is a hoax and the earth is 6000 years old, give or take.
    Gotta give Lis some credit in that clip. a) she didn't wish him a "Mary Christmas" at the end of the clip and b) she had her roots done professionally for the holidays, unlike Meghan "The Joker" Kelly.


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