Saturday, December 28, 2013

Number of reported military sexual assaults shot up 50% this year.

Courtesy of Politico:  

The number of reported sexual assaults across the military shot up by more than 50 percent this year, an increase that defense officials say may suggest that victims are becoming more willing to come forward after a tumultuous year of scandals that shined a spotlight on the crimes and put pressure on the military to take aggressive action. 

A string of high-profile assaults and arrests triggered outrage in Congress and set off months of debate over how to change the military justice system, while military leaders launched a series of new programs intended to beef up accountability and encourage victims to come forward. 

According to early data obtained by The Associated Press, there were more than 5,000 reports of sexual assault filed during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, compared to the 3,374 in 2012. Of those 2013 reports, about 10 percent involved incidents that occurred before the victim got into the military, up from just 4 percent only a year ago. That increase, officials said, suggests that confidence in the system is growing and that victims are more willing to come forward. 

Asked about the preliminary data, defense officials were cautious in their conclusions. But they said surveys, focus groups and repeated meetings with service members throughout the year suggest that the number of actual incidents — from unwanted sexual contact and harassment to violent assaults — has remained largely steady. 

As much as I would like to take solace in the fact that the increase is not due to more attacks but instead due to the fact that more are being reported, the fact that the number is more than 5,000 kind of prevents me from doing that.

And as we know between 50 to 90% of rapes go unreported. So even if there has been an uptick in the number of reported cases, the vast majority of them are not brought to the attention of the military, which means the rape culture within our armed services is completely out of control.


  1. I know the young women are doing it to earn a living and get an education, and I respect that, but they’re walking into hell.

    This might be the answer.

    1. That is the type of leader I would follow anywhere! Australia actually has a bigger gender gap than the US according to this article;,d.cGU&cad=rja but apparently their leaders are working at narrowing it where ours seem bent on setting us back to the 19th century.

    2. Thank you Darlene Underdahl, I am going to share this video. Our leadership in the US is very lacking, for one thing we have lots of psychopaths at the top. This man is an example for everyone under him and to other military leaders all over the world.

  2. Anonymous5:00 AM

    I was appalled when I read this, IM! But, after thinking about it, should I be surprised when I look at what our world is like today? I refer, in part, as to how women are demeaned by the Republican party i.e. very publically! (At least, the older, white guys portion of the party.) Respect is gone....

    I have a friend (not in the military) that was raped and she went through a horrid process even though 'some' tried to make it as easy on her as possible. The defendant's attorney was unbelievable and every time I see him today, I just want to knock his block off! But, of course, I can't!

    The woman is the 'victim' of a sexual assault, but once in the Court system, it doesn't feel like that!

    I think this part of the legal system needs to be reviewed and changed.

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Gryph, your title isn't honest. The number of assaults didn't increase. The number of reports did. "The number of reported sexual assaults ...." From your source. It is still horrible, but no need for you to appear to misrepresent the actual report.

  4. Anonymous5:38 AM

    It is beyond me why anyone in this country would encourage their child to become part of our brainwashed military system.

  5. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Sounds like it's gotten' much worse than it was in the '70's when my daughters were in service. They were routinely pinched and would come home covered in bruises from their own troop members. Each girl had to be escorted on base because rape was so prevalent. However, there were no protectors for their protectors. They both got out as soon as possible. Both discouraged their children from joining the military, male and female.

    It's become a service for the unemployable and the poor that have no opportunity for education.

  6. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus keeps the misogyny alive and well with her antics.
    Maybe she should go sit with a few of the rape victims and see how she feels after they've told her their stories.
    And Rihanna should, too.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Personally, I think some celebs that act out sexually are childhood molestation victims.

  7. Anonymous9:09 AM

    They have ALWAYS been high. I think we finally have an administration that has removed a few top guys that let complaints lay or punished the victims. But it is terrible to think it hasn't really improved since I was in the service in '69-'72.
    Believe me, the knife I carried was the ONLY thing between me and a few would be rapists. And I worked in in a field hospital where I will assume the average education/skill level was higher, but behavior wasn't.

  8. fromthediagonal10:32 AM

    Anon@9:09... You are right, and I thank you for sharing. As a military wife, I remember the years of which you are writing. They weren't pretty.There were many problems, all of them "shoveled under the rug". I have often wondered what happened to those who "fell between the cracks in the system". Unfortunately, in those days, discussion of distress of all sorts was discouraged, and all any of us could do was "put on the mask" and carry on. Don't get me going!

  9. Anonymous11:02 AM

    While all rape is bad news, there may be a silver lining in this story. Maybe, just maybe it's no the assaults that has increased. Maybe it's that women in the military now feel empowered to report rapes without losing their jobs or being the victims of reprisals.


  10. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Justice for Pfc. Lavena Johnson who was brutally raped and murdered while serving her country. Please sign and share!


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