Thursday, April 30, 2015

New human like robot is already creepy, but it also looks alarmingly like Sarah Palin. So you know, even more creepy.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

A humanoid robot named Yangyang is the latest to be revealed in China. 

Dressed in a full-length coat, the android can display a wide range of facial expressions and can speak, move its head, and raise its hands to greet people convincingly. 

And the machine bears an uncanny - yet apparently accidental - resemblance to former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. 

So the Japanese have made an emotionless humanoid like creature that looks vaguely like Sarah Palin.

Which is kind of ironic since today Sarah Palin appears to be an emotionless humanoid creature that looks vaguely like Sarah Palin.

Yeah, I'll take the robot.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    So, gop, get them. Then you won't have to donate.

  2. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon12:09 PM

    Does the robot come with inflatable parts and the ability to blurt out random words? Can it bake sticky buns?

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    One major difference-one is soulless. The other is a robot.

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Does anyone really think the similarity was accidental?

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    What does Sarah Palin have in common with the robot?

    Both have non-working hoohahs
    Both can't do shit unless someone programs it
    Both have skins cold to the touch
    Both do no have mothering skills

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    It is hard to imagine anything animatronic creepier than Sarah Palin.

  7. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Sadly, the robot will be more human, intelligent and compassionate than AIP Palin.

    Did anybody witness the rumble between the p4a group and the earthquakers yesterday? Seems the quakers invaded the p4a turf and started a big brawl. No reported loss of life or fuc_ing $300 sunglasses, but they wiped the site clean! Anybody know which of those troublemaking eqs showed up?

  8. Anonymous12:25 PM

    The only thing creepier than the robot is Sarah Palin. Okey, Bristol's bouched face work... her pal may come in third. That dirty doctor is also gross and creepy.

  9. You know that silly dinglehopper will be preening and smirking and winking at herself in the mirror because she will actually find this flattering and will never be convinced that it is accidental.

    "The android was produced jointly by China's Shanghai Yangyang Intelligent Robot Science Service Centre and renowned Japanese robotics professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who has created some of the world’s most eerily lifelike androids."

    Her narcissism, desperate for any attention at all, won't have any problem with being linked to sex toys:

    1. Dinglehopper is my new favorite word!

    2. Yep...the robot was modeled after Baldy...according to the article...
      "The latest iteration of Han can mimic expressions, hold simple conversations and smile, wink, frown and even act drunk,"


    3. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Perfect! Now if they can program it to pick pockets.

    4. PalinsHoax2:46 PM

      GinaM, great to see you here.

      I wonder if the robot can also wear a faux pregnancy belly. And are its TWOBULLs tied?

    5. "Aragon641:37 PM
      Dinglehopper is my new favorite word!"
      Aragon64, I remember the word from the Little Mermaid. It does just seem like a good word for Palin, doesn't it?

    6. Anonymous8:42 PM

      The dinglehopper (a.k.a. the fork) is an artifact from the sunken ship which Ariel and Flounder...

    7. Anonymous4:29 AM

      Actually, she's more of a dingleberry. My dog gets those when her rump hasn't been groomed in a while.

  10. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The robot has a higher IQ than Palin.
    Also, most likely an on/off switch.

    Sounds like a huge improvement over Sarah.

  11. Anonymous12:48 PM

    This confirms what I have suspected all along...Sarah Palin is a prototype robot. Like most early versions of technology, 1st generation Sarah has limited capabilities, is slow and hasn't held up. Behold, Sarah 2.0!

  12. Anonymous1:09 PM


    Both wear wigs
    Both has no feelings for others
    Both did not vaginally give birth to Trig
    Both do not have jobs
    Both do not know what a vice-president does
    Both did not win Miss Alaska
    Both has stuffed bras
    Both did not teach Trig how to eat solid foods

  13. Anonymous1:14 PM


    Bristol’s Brawler! Sarah Palin’s Future Son-In-Law Caught In A Bloody Booze-Fueled Fight — See The Shocking Photos

    Bristol Palin has a lot more in common with her fiancé than just her conservative political views: They both have found themselves entangled in a wild brawl!Sarah Palin’s daughter infamously threw a few punches at a party in Alaska last summer, and now, has learned, her fiancé Dakota Meyer was caught in a bloody scuffle that included an alleged gun and punching a girl!

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      What I hear is that Bristol has been palling around with with a "modeling agent". She and Sarah will be dressed to the nines for the most fun sports event in Kentucky. It is their chance to shine.

      Bristol and the family are getting ready for a Kentucky debut at the event of the year.

      Kentucky Derby: Owners put money on politicians, not ponies
      derby cartoon..

      At Derby Day With Murdoch, Rand Paul Goes Through His Paces
      LOUISVILLE, Ky. — On the afternoon of the Kentucky Derby, Rand Paul, the state’s junior Republican senator and likely presidential candidate, spilled out of an elevator in the exclusive Jockey Club Suites of Churchill Downs with an entourage of women with flower-adorned hats, men in seersucker suits and Rupert Murdoch.

      Establishment power brokers, most notably Mitch McConnell, the endangered Kentucky senator and minority leader, have courted Mr. Paul in the hopes of obtaining some of his popularity. So it was unusual to see the solicitous side of Mr. Paul, an often curt and highly confident politician who made his name upsetting the establishment.

      Rand-Ban the Ray-Bans

    2. "Anonymous1:59 PM What I hear is that Bristol has been palling around with with a "modeling agent"."
      She won't succeed as a model any more than she has succeeded in anything else.

      Do you suppose the trashy Palin wimmen have learned anything more about how to dress for formal horsey events?

    3. Anonymous4:21 PM

      The one on your right has nothing to do with human.
      Where is the eye bleach?

      Please, can't we soon have a day at the races?
      “This Kentucky Derby, whatever it is—a race, an emotion, a turbulence, an explosion—is one of the most beautiful and violent and satisfying things I have ever experienced.” —John Steinbeck

      Kentucky Derby - Inside
      Churchill Downs
      Derby Delight
      Red Hot

  14. Anonymous1:18 PM

    It's WAY hotter than Sarah, though!

    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      And probably a lot more intelligent.

  15. London Bridges1:22 PM

    This where is Sarah's trademark (TM) comes in handy! Sarah may try to sue the Bots and if she wins, she can quit politics.
    Bonus: Sarah has to travel to China or Japan for court hearing. While she is there, O puts her on the terrorist, no-fly list for her paling with terrorsts. Sarah spends rest of her life in China complaining about too many foreigners!

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Remember, Palin left living in Hawaii (while there a short time for college!) because there were too many 'others' living there - like Hawaiians, Samoans, Asians and Chinese.

      And, that was a statement made by her father - so, it is factual!

      She'd never make it in China and sincerely doubt she'll travel there - unless they came and got her for her Court appearances.

      She'd be deathly afraid of being abducted while there and never returned to the USA - which the majority of Americans would love seeing occur! It can't happen soon enough!

  16. Anonymous1:23 PM

    just tried to share this on facebook and was blocked for security reasons???? wtf

    1. fromthediagonal3:13 PM

      anon@1:23, FB apparently had a glitch which seems to have been fixed by now.

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      thanks thought i got hacked by the wasilla wendigo!!!

  17. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I would love if the bot had a string to pull in back and she blurts out palinisms like "you betcha", or "where's my underwear daddy", or " fuck you Todd" followed by winking, flailing her arms and writing on her robotic hand.

  18. Anonymous1:50 PM

    If Tawd is smart he'd order one and then knock off Sarah. This one looks way smarter and doesn't need to be put in a psych ward every 6 months.

    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      does she come with accessories? like a matttress to go on her back and pregnancy kits?

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      or maybe an Exotic friend?

  19. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Artificial intelligence is better than none at all.

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Good one. 2:00, keep 'em comin'.

  20. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Pailn is a robot.

  21. Anonymous2:22 PM

    the robot doesn't smell bad to to poor hygiene&a smelly hoooohah..but does it give b.j.'s? I'm sure toad and the Gop would like to know.

  22. WA Skeptic2:48 PM

    Actually, I think it looks more like Bristol. Her MOH fiancee might be better off getting this model, rather than the flesh-and-blood original.

    1. Anonymous4:36 PM

      I thought so, also too.

  23. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Bottom photo of Palin above = frumpy, saggy boobs, aging and dirty physical appearance.

  24. Bet the robot speaks better, more coherent English than the Quitter.

  25. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Actually, the Porn industry's been light years ahead. Google "Blow up Doll" Ta Da!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I would want to slap the thing around!

    1. Anonymous10:07 PM

      or strangle it if I hear That voice.

  27. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Thompson said when Meyer offered him the get out of jail free pass, he was “furious.”

    “I felt like he was trying to take anything and everything I had,” he said. “I think I was taken advantage of and he didn’t want to know a girl beat him up.”

    Since Thompson, now 21, pleaded guilty to 4th degree assault and got two years probation, he admits it’s been difficult to find a job because of his record.

    “I would have called him a friend before the incident happened,” he added, still maintaining his innocence. “I feel like what he did was very wrong. He knows that I didn’t do it.”

    “I think he’s a punk and liar because if he was any kind of a man he’d own up to it and take his fault,” he continued of the war hero,” he added.

    “If you can take all the praise, you can take the fault. It goes both ways. I don’t think it was honorable.”

  28. Anonymous10:05 PM

    there'll be a scuffle. barstool will grab him by the dick.and out will come the gun....


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