Friday, July 10, 2015

Guess who met Creationist Kent Hovind at the prison gates when he was released for tax fraud? That's right Jim Bob Duggar!

Courtesy of Patheos:  

Kent Hovind, the creationist who was serving prison time for a 2006 tax fraud conviction was released from prison Wednesday morning and will spend the next month under house arrest and then three years of probation. 

Kent’s son Eric met him at the prison gates along with none other than Jim Bob Duggar, father of sexual predator Josh Duggar, whom which Jim Bob went to great lengths to protect from prosecution for molesting four of his sisters and a babysitter.

It looks like these fundamentalists have no problem with tax fraud or child molestation, just so long as you never stop using Christianity to cover for your crimes.


  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Vegas has posted odds on who is Bristol's baby daddy.

    Currently, Jim Bob is 35 to 1

    Dakota is 100 to 1 odds; and the front runner is an Aftadark stud at 5 to 1. Junker is a close second at 9 to 1.

    1. The Aftadark crew's motto is "we everywhere y'all never there!"

      I suppose that could mean in Bristol's nether regions.

    2. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Jim Bob never gets off of his missus long enough to impregnate anyone else. He's not the father of Bristol's fetus.

  2. Anonymous4:39 AM

    God forgives (unless you are a Democrat, Muslim, Palestinian, Syrian, poor, Russian, African, non-white, or female.)

    1. You forgot Jew, Native American, Mexican.....

    2. Anita Winecooler7:31 PM

      And Druids, can't forget the Druids!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:11 AM

    "Sexual predator Josh Duggar."
    Nice title, eh $arah?
    Boys will be boys?

  4. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Oh, what an honor!! Having Vegas bookmakers placing bets on your baby's father. Most women would be so embarassed, but I am sure Nancy French will think of an appropriate bible verse for this momentous occasion. I wonder if the Maury Povich show has contacted Bristles yet? She wants to be on TV, this may be her only opportunity. I wonder how many appearances she would have to make before the REAL dad is found, if ever?

  5. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Of course. "Secular law" means nothing to them---too inconvenient, and also demands some personal responsibility.

  6. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Tax evasion fits right in with the evangelical "Gospel of Prosperity," or in other words, God wants you to be rich no matter what it takes.

  7. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Nice to know that Jim Bob does not spend ALL his time trying to get his wife pregnant. Religion is a business, like any other, except it is tax free.

  8. what goes around comes around8:26 AM

    What are the Vegas odds that Hovind repays the favor when Jim Boob and the molester are released from prison?

  9. "...whom which..."
    Did Sarah write this?

  10. Randall4:11 PM

    ...the company that you keep.

  11. Anita Winecooler8:06 PM

    What a hardy welcome! Three piles of dust and one rib in the back seat! And what a hot looking rib!!! (Hey, he's been in prison, give him a break!)

    OT, The "View" was on, and their guest hostess was Canned Ice Cameron Bure, aka "Banana Boy's sister) She's off of Facebook, because it's all PORN! She's on a "christian" facebook type site without PORN, This PORN and PERSECUTION of Christians has to stop!!! She also admits that the "christian verseions" of "secular" social media usually stinks because everyone, like, agrees with you, and such!"
    Whoopi "Porn? Forreal??? Piorn on Facebook?"
    Nicholle "blink blink blink Well, good for YOU! That's wonderful!"
    Canned Ice thanked her and said she wouldn't let HER kids on Facebook because of PORN! But it's nice that they have like minded christians to socialize with" big smile.
    Raven Simone rolled her eyes and shook her head
    Rosie Perez watched her and said "I know, Right?!!!!!" They have christian everything these days.
    Whoopi changed the subject and they never went back to Mrs Bure'.

    Hear that, Sarah, Bristol et al. Facebook has PORN. Take your diatribes to Godbook,

    No porn there!!!!!

  12. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Jim Bob WHO?????????????????????? He was insignificant then and now. What's so great about knocking up your clueless wife every ten months? Take a look at some of those little kids: they look sloppy and miserable. There are simply too many of them. Does Michelle have help besides her older daughters?


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