Thursday, August 27, 2015

As suspected Josh Duggar's "long term rehab" is going to consist of participating in a "pray the demons away" religious program with no oversight from medical or mental health professionals.

Just need a little more Jesus that's all.
 Gawker has the goods: 

Earlier today, the Duggar family confirmed that Josh has been locked away in a “long-term treatment center,” ostensibly for his self-described porn and sex addiction. And the most likely candidate by far is the Christian-based, North Love Baptist Church-affiliated Reformers Unanimous recovery center. 

A place that’s little more than a glorified, bible-based labor camp. Should this indeed be Josh’s home for the coming months, he just paid $7,500 to study the Bible and work for free for the next six months. Not at all unlike the time he spent at the facility that supposedly “cured” him of the perversions that caused him to molest five young girls in his teens.

(At the bottom of the post Gawker was able to affirm that this was indeed where Josh was headed.)

Gawker located this rather troubling introduction to the program from Benjamin Burks, the programs "International Director."

If you skip to the 6:50 mark you will see a guy in a lab coat, claiming to be a doctor, who craps all over the medical profession and says this:

In my medical opinion Reformers Unanimous has been so successful because it deals with the core of the problem in addiction. In medicine today we have dismal success rates unfortunately because most in the medical profession are only dealing with parts of the individual. They are dealing with the physical, they’re dealing with the psychological, but they are forgetting the spiritual.

Yeah I think I want to see that guy's license to practice medicine.

The whole program is broken down into very A strict schedule of prayer, eating, prayer, working, prayer, sleeping, and of course prayer.

Just in case anybody confuses the program with an actual medically approved rehabilitation program there is this disclaimer.

No doctor on site, no doctor insight, and apparently no doctor in sight of the facility.

In other words there is NOTHING here that is going to help Josh Duggar with what is turning out to be a rather powerful sexual dysfunction.

So by a show of hands, how many of you are surprised?

Yeah, me either.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Everybody's always hating. I went to their website and they claim an 82% sex rate!

    "Reformers Unanimous boasts an 82% success rate among the graduates of its discipleship course. The program has proven to be so effective for one very important reason—it takes people from lives of addiction and places them into God’s intended support group, the local church. Here the addict becomes firmly fixed in the ways of a healthy and godly lifestyle and forsakes his former ways for the abundant Christian life that proves to be so much more rewarding. This method is as close to infallible as possible because it is 100% Bible-based. It follows the doctrine that Jesus Christ is the only “Way, Truth, and Life.”"

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM


      They make no claims about their sex rate that I am aware of! The claimed 82% success rate is just as bogus as the whole program.

    2. Anonymous12:30 PM

      82% sex rate? These cons are able to make connections with other perverts and it is easy and it gets easier for them to cover up the crimes.

      Like Jared Fogel, who formed a union with his friend and they organized and ran a charity together. That's how it works with the worst of the worst.

    3. Anonymous1:57 PM

      That was a classic Freudian slip, my dear!
      LOVED IT!

    4. Anonymous1:58 PM

      This is likely to be as effective as the "pray away the gay" places. They can claim what they like, but it doesn't make it true. If the Duggars wanted a real program, there are those out there with real professionals who also bring in the spiritual. They are generally run by the Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Episcopalians. (yes, all those heretics). I suspect the Duggars are in for years of sadness and grief over their son.

      Elizabeth 44

    5. We already know Josh is a liar. There is apparently nothing here to prevent him from lying again.

      I think the "medical discharge" means "discharged from the facility for medical reasons," not "medically certified as well."

    6. Anonymous2:37 PM

      OMG, classic Freudian slip, 1:57 PM! Giggled!

    7. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Is Josh Duggar not already 'firmly fixed in the ways of a healthy and godly lifestyle'? What more can this summer camp do for him that his upbringing did not already do?

      (I know, it's a deflection).

      Archie Butt

    8. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Wait a second, so the Duggar family/church was enough of a God-intended support group? Not as good as an"local church?". Somebody better get te rest of those kids out of the evil JimbobbillyRalph:s and Michelle Sue Ràe Ann's clutches.

    9. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Basically, this is the way Josh Duggar has lived all his life--constant Bible teachings. Nothing against the Bible, but Josh appears to be a very sick man desperately in need of skilled, psychological help. And even that may fail. Some people cannot be rehabilitated--and he may be one of those.

    10. He already went through "the cure" after his pedophilia. So he switched to grown women instead. In what way will this second "treatment" cure him?

      Too bad they don't make chastity belts for men.

    11. Anonymous6:13 AM

      The 82% success rate means that they are very successful at separating clients from their money. In religious terms, THAT is success. SHOW ME THE MONEY. He is reportedly in the program in Rockford, Ill, about 90 miles north of Chicago. Hopefully given his past history, Josh will not move on to semnior citizens after this latest "cure" Who is paying for this, since he is unemployed.?

  2. Olivia12:17 PM

    Poor Anna, I would love to hear her explanation(in that sing songy voice of hers) to her children of why Daddy disappeared.

    1. Just wait until they're old enough to google him.

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I'm not talking about Josh Duggar here, because he molested his own sisters and another girl, the youngest of whom was only five at the time.

    The sad thing about these so-called "rehab" programs, is that the behavior is often not abnormal. For example, it's not abnormal to be interested in pornography. And many young adults aren't ready to get married at age 19 or 20. They want to have sex with other partners, sometimes lots of other partners, before they settle down.

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      There lies the challenge of differentiating normal from abnormal and to recognize degrees of behavior.

      Drinking a couple of beers or a glass of scotch may be normal. It is when you hide scotch in your trunk drinking in secret, the drinking increases, you lie to hide your behaviors, blame your kids for why you got a DWI, get your spouse to lie when you are too hung over to go to work and so forth.

      When pornography escalates to following and paying the sex act worker, using fake names, acting out fantasies and consequences of loss of job, reputation, destroying relationships, terminating the livelihood of others and traumatizing innocent people there is nothing "normal" about that.

      This "the devil made me do it" rehab, Satan took over to destroy our lives is bull shit and a version of blame shifting. Between Anna Duggar blamed and Satan little accountability is on Josh Duggar.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      12:18. For the record Duggar was not merely interested in porn. He pursued and paid a favorite porn movie sex worker thousands of dollars for private dances and sex twice. He went to strip clubs where she performed.

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    OK, where is the scam, are they billing insurance companies, medicare, medicaid?

    These so called Christians don't do anything for free, they must be raking in the money from the taxpayers somehow.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      It's a bible camp for addicts. The patients/addicts are the one's being bilked for $$$ and scammed by the promise of recovery.

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM

    What about Track Palin? It seems like forever since Sarah gave an update on his treatment progress.

    THE WOODLANDS — Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shared her views on the Second Amendment, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria crisis and military issues, as well as cracked some jokes and told personal anecdotes at the Mighty Oaks 4th Annual Gala at WoodsEdge Community Church Friday night.

    “She’s (Palin) coming here as an American who loves her warriors and as a mom of a warrior,” he (Chad Robichaux) said.
    She talked about her son, Track, an army veteran who served in Iraq, and his experience with the Mighty Oaks Programs.
    “He was enamored,” Palin said.
    “At this time in such a tumultuous world, we need our returning warriors to be strong, we need them to be healthy,” she said. “They need to win these battles too, the battles that are at home.”
    Palin went on the reminisce about the time when she went into labor with her youngest son, Trig, while in Texas and flew back to Alaska before he was born.
    The former governor touched on some political issues, including commenting on the violence in the Middle East and the president’s lack of response, global warming and Second Amendment rights.
    “One more thing Alaskans and Texans have in common,” Palin said. “I know I’m amongst a bunch of people clinging to their guns, their God and their Constitution.”

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      “They need to win these battles too, the battles that are at home.”

      That is why Sarah rented that limo and the family got drunk and loaded?

      The Mighty Oaks Program sure did a bang up job on old Track. He was good as new once he got the treatment.

      I expect them to be speaking about the success Track Palin has shown since he was so enamored with them. Track will certainly be playing his good fortune forward.


    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Track Palin admired U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle more than anyone. Kyle was indeed killed by PTSD in the process of treatment at a shooting range in Texas.

      Kyle's widow was in Anchorage recently to help dedicate the Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital in Anchorage on July 28. It is an intensive inpatient treatment facility designed to help veterans in need of mental health assistance. The healing of PTSD at it's best. You bet Sarah Palin is proud.

      Sarah may have been out of town at the time and unable to join the widow, Taya Kyle, for such a monumental event.

      Track Palin would be the best choice to represent the Palin family along with Kyle's widow.

      It is an event that would benefit all. Track's appearance demonstrates hope for other vets suffering with PTSD. It is inspirational to see those who have overcome so much when they are able to give back to their community.

      "Very proud that Alaska is the new home of the Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital to serve the over 100,000 active duty and retired military Alaskans."
      Posted by Sarah Palin on Friday, July 31, 2015

    3. Anonymous5:48 PM

      So you're saying it would have been a great way to show support, but all they got was a crummy half-witted, hslf-assed, ghostwritten, fb post from the half term ex guv?

    4. Anonymous6:36 PM

      5:48 PM

      That is about it. After all Sarah's squeaking how Todd, Track and she love Kyle.
      She ripped President Obama a new one over him.

      Track Palin was enamored with the PTSD care from Mighty Oaks.

      Yet just last month he didn't even give a crap and show up for Kyle's hospital? Sarah dribbles some shit on Facebook, but she hates Facebook, too. Why is she even using social media she hates?

      Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal. There are Seals that think Sarah Palin is a Senator. They may really need good quality treatment. Sarah doesn't even care about this Paul Evancoe that bestows such honor on her.

      "Senator Sara Palin attended Chris' Memorial in Arlington, TX"

    5. Anonymous12:57 PM

      That is too bad about some of the Navy Seals. They are not all cray cray enough to think Palin was a senator.

      Sarah should be proud of Track for hooking up with a family who has a patriarch that is an actual Navy Seal hero. I am shocked they dissed Taya Kyle and the treatment hospital she helped to dedicate.
      What is wrong with that dysfunctional family?

  6. He will find a way to make new "friends."
    I guarandamntee it.

    I think he is AC/DC and shoulda' been sent to Marcus Bachmann. They could duke it out.

    Wonder if they allow conjugal visits?

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      I thought of Marcus right off the bat, laurensd1!

  7. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Funny...and sometimes dangerously...fundamentalists are perfectly willing to see medical professionals for heart disease, cancer, the flu, whatever; but they're afraid of actual trained mental health practitioners.

  8. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Looks like Sundays are free days for Josh Duggar. That's a lot of hours to plan his next sex adventure.

  9. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Alittle porn, and a little ass on the side, I swear Josh Duggar is the only normal one amng them. Wait, There's a couple hot chicks coming our waY. Nike! Nike!

    1. Anonymous6:22 AM

      Maybe Josh forgot the word Nike, and was saying Reebock instead That is what screwed everything up, doncha know?

  10. Anonymous12:37 PM


  11. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Just so it's clear what kind of a program Reformers Unanimous is

    They have a seven part series on spiritual warfare. Reformers Recovery is the domain behind Reformers Unanimous.

    It starts off with

    "Spiritual Warfare 1: The Armor of God

    In this series of posts I would like to cover a most important topic, that of Spiritual warfare. In a previous post we discussed what the enemy’s military hierarchy looks like, but in this post we will cover how use our offensive and defensive weapons against the enemy.

    The first question you may ask is their even a need for spiritual warfare? There are three categories that Christians can relegate demonic activity to. First is that their really just on their doctrinal and that they don’t really believe in the reality of the devil. They have been influenced by the western world-view which says every effect has a physical cause; if you can’t see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, or hear it, it probably doesn’t exist; all phenomena can or eventually will be explained or accounted for scientifically; reality is material and mechanical; if there is a spiritual realm, it has no relation to or impact upon the physical realm."

    Sounds just like what a licensed therapist or professional wouldn't waste time with. Looking for the false boogeymen to blame for the sins of Josh and his fellow perps and abusers.

    Part 2

    Truth? You betcha!

    Part 3

    Righteousness? No doubt there is plenty of that!


    And so on.

    Just the thing to not cure anyone of their deeply embedded cult mis-behaviors.

    1. I wonder if you can buy those "Gospel sandels of peace" online.

    2. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Thats all from Ephesians 6:10 and following. He's heard it from really early on. It didn't work then...

    3. Anonymous6:26 AM

      Maybe he was neglected from early on? His parents were so sex crazed, they spent most of their time in bed, rather than raising these kids they are so eager to produce. Maybe Jim Boob can spend a weekend at this place. It is less than 100 miles from Chicago, and all the temptations. They could do a little "father and son" bonding. Unless, of course, Michelle does not let the older pervert out of her sight?

  12. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Did ANYone expect anything else? As for success rates, they have been fudged since I worked in drug rehab back in the '70's.

    First you must know what THEY( as they self report) deem success. Next you must have a 10 to 20 year followup on former 'clients' - NOT self reported.

    Wanna bet there is no follow-up with this scam?

  13. Wait, what?
    How can they give a "medical discharge" if there is no "medical" involved?

  14. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Reformer Unanimous has a "discipleship program". Josh Duggar already acted in the position of a disciple and his sexual acting out escalated.

    IMO people like him need to choose: he can choose serial affairs, violent sex, paying for sex, following sex workers and maybe even kiddie porn. When do these fundamentalists stop enabling and minimizing or framing the problem as not knowing Jesus and accept he is sick?

    1. He already has four kids.

      I suggest abstinence. If he doesn't have the mental discipline I'm sure there are chemical or even surgical procedures to help him stay clean.

  15. To bed at 10:00, up at 4:30... a little sleep deprivation aids in brain-washing.

    No rest for the wicked.

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      My thought exactly. We had to follow almost that exact schedule at the "Christian leadership camp" where I was sent in high school. About a week in, I realized that the combination of sleep deprivation and almost no unscheduled time (to reflect, ponder, etc.) was designed to make us easier to brainwash.

  16. Janice A Soderquist1:07 PM

    Sarah and Bristol will be all for this saying this is the only way to cure him. You watch, they will post how wonderful this is...

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Bristles should attend this center. Oh, wait, within the first couple of days, she would find a way to have sex with half the "inmates" Scratch THAT idea. Maybe Marina and Bristles should start a program of their own. So much sex, the inmates get sick of it, and lo and behold, they are CURED.

  17. Anonymous1:23 PM

    He needs real help. Not this. Looking at the schedule there's nothing that seems to resemble actual therapy to get at the root of his issues.

    I checked out the facilities website--they don't appear to be a licensed facility. The impression I got was they were a glorified retreat center. With his track record, I expect him to be back in the headlines for more bad behavior within 2 years

  18. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Isn't that special? Josh gets to go to summer camp. What about the wife and kids? Do they get to go to camp too?

    This is just scam on top of scam on top of scam. How can people like this be so brain washed? What's wrong with their brains that they would allow themselves to be treated like this? It just befuddles me.

    This brain washing fake religious cult shit......two words always float through my head, Jim Jones. How can humans be so goddamn weak minded?

    But then, when we as Americans KNOW that young girls are being molested every damn day in these ridiculous cults and nobody does a thing, what do we expect? Because law enforcement is scared of some fake religion, rape, child abuse, etc, is okey dokey. Well hell, if your god says that's okay then I guess it's okay.

    This country is so sick.

    1. I'd like to know what the wife and kiddies are living on after Josh has forked over a big bundle to attend summer camp.

  19. Anonymous1:33 PM

    After screwing Sarah and Bristol at the same time, Josh is receiving treatment for his "mother-daughter" sex fetish.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Speaking of Bristol, I wonder why she's not posted any more pregnancy pics. Something to hide?

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      She is too busy checking on President Obama's golf games. Hey, Brancy, news flash. President Obama has spent LESS time golfing than you have screwing. Take THAT to the bank.

  20. Anonymous1:40 PM

    The only thing this asswipe will be praying for is more sex.Fake bunch of fucks the lot of them. I feel sorry for the Duggar women.

  21. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hmmm... Nothing surprising here.
    Just wondering, though... If that porn model that he roughed up so badly would press charges against him - and maybe if any other of his tryst women would come out: could he potentially be committed to a bona fide medical facility? i think that is the only way to get him some real help that he needs - and that would also help his wife!

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Yes, she should have filed charges. What the hell was she thinking? She was assaulted.

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      She admitted he paid her $1500 for the session.

    3. Anonymous5:05 PM

      4:10 pm, doesn't mean she wasn't assaulted. Buying a service from a prostitute doesn't mean you have carte blanche to do anything you want to her.

    4. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Money is so easy to these people. No college educations, no morals, but lots of $$$. America really is the land of opportunity. Josh had a good job, spouting religion at others, telling others how ungodly they are. Paid handsomely. Time to TAX these religious freaks, and institutions like Tony Perkins grifter paradise. Perkins looks like he is a good friend of Lindsey Graham, one step out of the closet.

  22. Anonymous2:06 PM

    One of the "rules" of this place (found in the Gawker article) is a bit strange.

    Talking about old habits or lifestyles is against God's word and is not permitted.

    How is anyone supposed to get to the root of their problems when they aren't allowed to talk about their problems?

    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      Too much stimulation for the inmates. Get them excited, and a mass exodus ensues.

  23. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Hey, Gryph. That is a real doctor. And, surprise, surprise, he is from Florida.

  24. Anonymous2:38 PM

    How disturbing. But not surprising. Ever since the advent of self analysis in the early 1900s, fundamental religions have been on a rampage against learning how and why humans behave as they do. Previously, one had to depend on clergy to find and interpret a passage in the Bible to “fix” your problem. This is why people like Sarah Palin are so incredibly without insight into their outrageous behavior. In church, bad behavior is either evil or good and marked by how well one follows the 10 commandments. And if that isn’t working the answer is always “we are imperfect humans, pray more and you will be forgiven.” Don’t count on any religiously based program to fix Josh Duggar. it just won’t happen because there is no aspect in that program that will determine why this behavior appeals to him and how he might replace it with more positive and nurturing behavior.

  25. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Perhaps if the prayer sessions included hooking his nuts to a car battery they would be more effective.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      That might excite this pervert even more.....

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      I so agree! 2:53. He is a sexual predator, this would be a truly earned fix.

    3. Guillotine would be most effective.

  26. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Josh Duggar needed a media proof safe room to let the publicity die down. He's parked comfortably while his wife copes with 4 children and the media storm. It'll probably take the full 6 months for the Duggars to find someone that will give him a cushy job with perks like his old job. He'll go back to a comfortable life with lots of time to keep the wife pregnant.

    Josh Duggar has had an excellent lesson in how NOT to conceal bad sexual behavior. And he'll have 6 months to think up better methods to get back to his old games.

    The Duggar family is still dreaming of $s from the gullible morons that fund the religion industry. Getting Josh Duggar under covers (snark) is step one in road back to riches for the Duggars.

    (BTW, what kind of family with 19 kids can afford NIKE sneakers?)

  27. Anonymous3:20 PM

    It sounds like this program drills "sex is bad" into the minds of its participants. Dugger is so messed up about sex. What he needs is a mental health professional specializing in deviant sexual problems. Praying away sex problems doesn't work, and he'll come out more messed up. I actually pity this guy.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      I bet he'll always have the "sexual desires" described by the porn star even if he doesn't act on them. And I hope the Duggars don't convince Anna to take a lot of responsibility for his behavior but I bet they will.

  28. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Can he have visitors? Cause after tomorrow night, his supporter, Sarah Palin will once again be unemployed and have lots of time on her hands. Perhaps she could take Mike Huckabee along with her and all together they can pray the evil sex satan away from Josh forever!

    1. Anonymous6:44 AM

      Take Bristles along. Guys seem to flee prety fast once they have sex with HER!! Maybe she could be a deterent for the guys in that program? Also, too, Marina the chunky little BFF could turn them off.

  29. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I wish I could just pray away my brothers drinking.

    1. Anonymous6:46 AM

      I hear you. Lived my entire life with alcoholics. So destructive, ruining their lives, and everyone around them. Good luck.

  30. Anonymous3:47 PM

    He's an osteopathic doc and for real, but his hobby is preaching his god as medicine and he's totally into addictions and, naturally, saying with certainty when life begins and that abortion is a bad, bad thing. If you go to the link below you can listen to what are basically sermons. The one called " Is Abortion Scripturally Wrong?” was really something. He knows from the Bible all the answers when it comes to fetuses.

  31. Anonymous3:47 PM

    this is explosive:

  32. Anonymous3:50 PM

    The above link gives the POV of someone who checked out the Reformers Unanimous facility.

    1. hauksdottir9:11 PM

      Amusingly, down near the end of the spamming comments, is a testimonial from an old-timer saying that Country Judges love Reformers Unanimous.

      I wonder if there are kickback commissions for sentencing offenders to this brainwashing jesus-jesus-jesus camp?

      ::roll eyes::

      Thanks for the link.

  33. Randall3:57 PM

    First off: it is not all that impressive to go to rehab AFTER YOU'VE BEEN CAUGHT

    And, number two: no matter what old book you use (the Koran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, et. al.), getting down on your knees and wishing really really hard has never shown any long-lasting beneficial effect.

    Praying simply does not work and that's why it isn't used at REAL medical facilities.

  34. Anonymous5:13 PM

    So 27 years of church, prayer, and Bible study have yielded a dude who molested little girls and cheated on his wife while championing "family values.

    Surely all he needs is another six months. That's bound to make a difference.

    1. hauksdottir8:47 PM

      IFF he had real help as a teenage (just hit puberty) molester of those younger siblings, it may have been possible to control and avert the deviancy.

      It is far too late now.

      Sex for him is a matter of dominance (which is how his father uses it); he'll never be able to have a normal familial relationship... and one can only hope that he never gets into a position where he has authority, trust, or even proximity to the children of others.

      Unfortunately, his "church" (jim-bobbobbin-daddy-o and his friends) will declare him cured, saved, and pure-of-heart again, with a high likelihood that he'll soon be leading a youth ministry or mission to an obscure place where he'll have access to obedient little quiverful kidlets.

      Remember the scandal when the Catholic Church routinely sent its sex-monster priests to Alaska and HUNDREDS of little girls were raped? No one would believe the word of a 6 or 8-year-old native girl against a {{{Man of God}}}.

      If incest and kiddie-diddling are so common in these quiverful families, they probably have a similar destination for infamous (caught) molesters to go and practice on the unwary, and where blanket-trained quiverful children will maintain silence.

  35. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I'm sorry to tell you but prayer and prayer sessions do not replace real honest to goodness therapy with a psychologist. A week of prayer is not going to cure PTSD, even though Sarah Palin thinks that it will. Prayer will not pray away the Gay. Prayer alone will not change Duggar since his family has been praying and selling religion and it obviously didn't have any effect on him so far. God isn't going to fix things for Duggar. Duggar has to do it for himself, but that would involve accepting responsibility for his actions.

  36. Anonymous7:54 PM

    If you go to YouTube and look up 14 Kids and counting (their very first special), you will see all the sisters he molested and how young they were /looked. It's very sad for those girls.

    1. Anonymous8:34 PM

      What is also sad is that Jim Bob was an elected lawmaker in Arkansas. As was Justin Harris ("rehoming" the foster child to a rapist). As was Mike Huckabee, who hasn't gotten around to defending Joshley Madison Duggar yet as far as I know.

      These people are exactly what a majority of republican voters want.

      So no doubt there is a lot of abuse committed and enabled and covered up by these so called christians.

      But they are against Obamacare and global warming as a thing, and want to invade Iran and Iraq again. So praise jeebus and vote them in again I guess.

  37. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Check out what People magazine has posted about Josh's wife.

    When Anna, now 27, met Josh at a Christian homeschooling convention back in 2006 when she was a teen, she wasn't allowed to gush about him to her siblings. "That's not something that's shared amongst siblings," says the source. "They always got 15-minute, one-on-one sessions with their mom every week. That was the time to share their feelings, but other than that they had to keep their feelings to themselves."

    So this type of child raising won't help much of anything in this abuse situation. But it probably would help cause abuse to be covered up. Hide your feelings except for the scheduled 15 minutes? WTF! I guess I should google Keller and 1/4 inch plastic plumbing supply line.

  38. Wonder whose house he's building.

    6 hours of prayer and no lunch.

    And only 6 hours of sleep - 10 pm - 4am.

    More Puritan early to bed, early to rise bullshit. And let us not forget that idle hands, devil's workshop crap.

    I'm surprised there is no self-flaggelation or hair shirts.

  39. WA Skeptic2:25 AM

    There is no cure for pedophilia; the safest thing to do is to keep him in this monastery for the rest of his life.

  40. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Well, if the Bible babble and jeebus jabber don't fix him, just cut his taxes and give him a gun. He'll be fine.

  41. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Here is your cure, Josh: The Biblical Cure. If thou right hand offends, cut it off. If your penis offends, cut it off.

    If your mouth spews B.S. - cut out your tongue.
    Good ol' Bible!

  42. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Josh Duggar will never get the "therapy" he needs until some day when he gets arrested. He and his ilk are so swaddled by their faux christianity (for them, the word does not deserve capitalization) that anything less does not penetrate their brains. This kind of "therapy" will only endorse his feelings of superiority.

  43. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Dan Loeb- fuck that you ass wipe..
    Liar - cheater - PRICK!

  44. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hey Gryphen. Check this out.

    Breaking: Leadership of Josh Duggar’s Treatment Center Allegedly Involved in Sex Abuse Coverup

    "Earlier this week Josh Duggar checked into Reformers Unanimous (RU), a Christian residential addiction treatment program in Rockford, Illinois, run by North Love Baptist Church and co-founded by the church’s authoritarian Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) pastor, Paul Kingsbury. Over the past twenty-four-hours, I have spoken with a number of individuals involved with or affected by either North Love or Kingsbury. Of primary importance are allegations that Kingsbury is actively supporting an accused sex offender, Richard DeVall, who is serving as a missionary in Bolivia and is sponsored by North Love Baptist Church."

    Read the whole post. Horrifying. Is this where the Duggar family's past fame whoring and refusal to see their probable criminality begins to expose some of those other abusers that Jim Bob seemed to think were everywhere in his social circles?


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