Monday, August 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders edges closer to Hillary Clinton in the Iowa polls placing her front runner status in jeopardy.

Courtesy of Bloomberg:  

Hillary Clinton’s once-prohibitive advantage in Iowa has slipped enough to jeopardize her front-runner status and Bernie Sanders has moved to within striking distance, revealing a Democratic presidential field in unexpected flux as Vice President Joe Biden mulls whether to make a late entrance into the race. 

The results of the latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, released Saturday, show Clinton is now the first choice of 37 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in the state where the first ballots of the presidential contest will be cast early in 2016. She's followed by Sanders at 30 percent and Biden at 14 percent. It’s the first time the poll has had Clinton's support under 50 percent. 

In May, the Iowa Poll put Clinton, a former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady, at 57 percent, Sanders at 16 percent, and Biden at 8 percent.

Okay NOW we have a horse race.

And the great thing is that I think this has inspired Hillary to get a little tougher with her GOP rivals and make remarks like the one she made comparing  them to terrorists and a more recent one where she suggested that they wanted to gather up undocumented immigrants and ship them back home in buses and boxcars.

That has not only REALLY pissed off the conservatives, but it has also changed the dialogue from her so-called e-mail "scandal" to the fact that she compares Republicans to terrorists and Nazis.

Personally I'm okay with that, because, you know, it's pretty accurate.

The thing that sets Clinton apart from Bernie Sanders and the rest of the potential Democratic candidates is that she can not only take a lot of hard hits from the Republicans but when she is tired of playing rope a dope she can hit back hard enough to make their knees shake under them a little.

As an ex-fighter that kind of thing really gets my attention.

To be honest I don't just want a candidate who can win, I want a candidate who leaves the GOP bullies lying bleeding and fighting for consciousness on the canvas.

But hey, that's just me.


  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    O/T Alabama Republican Gov who refused to expand Medicaid - this is what we are dealing with in our very red state and last gov's son-in-law is on Ashley Madison list. Info from Legal Schnauzer

    According to Dianne Bentley's divorce complaint, the couple separated in January 2015 because of a "complete incompatibility of temperament" and a "conflict of personalities which destroys the legitimate aims of matrimony." In fact, sources say, Gov. Bentley's affair with Mason destroyed the matrimonial bonds.

    The 72-year-old Bentley, a Republican serving in his second term, repeatedly has touted his Christian faith and conservative "family values" to attract voters. He long has served as a deacon at First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa. Bentley made national headlines in 2011 when, shortly after his inauguration, he said, ""Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister. And I want to be your brother."

    Gryphen, this hits on your major trigger points: using religion, traditional family values to control low info voters and remain in office

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Hillary is legitimately the meanest person. How she's a viable candidate I will never know. Literally everyone has said she's cruel and disrespectful. Her secret service hate being on her detail, slightly more than Biden, according to a book.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Slightly more than Biden????? That tells me everything I need to know about you and the book. Biden, according to everyone, even republicans, is one of the nicest human beings.

      Go peddle it elsewhere. We are all stocked up on batshit hit jobs.

    2. Leland7:29 AM

      "...according to A book?" ONE?

      I have always had a problem with one-sourse information or claims.

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

      @6:35 AM Your addiction to trolling is apparent. Can't you find anything to do in Florida? Go outside and play in a hurricane, you won't be missed.

    4. Leland8:34 AM


      Sorry, my comment should read "source".

    5. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Actually according to my uncle, who was on the 1st ladies security for Babs, Nancy and Hillary... he said that Nancy was the coldest, Babs the nastiest, and Hillary the most demanding.

    6. Guess you don't know the meaning of "literally", do you? Which puts the rest of your post in serious doubt.

    7. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Was that according to Shailey Tripp's book?!?! If it was in print than it must be true.

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I am totally stoked to watch Hillary eviscerate the republicans. Grphyen nails it again.

  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I want a candidate who can win. I want Hillary. 6:35, where do you come off with the "meanest person" bullshit? What book? Who is "literally everyone," which makes no sense no matter what you're talking about? You're full of shit.

    1. Who is "literally everyone,"

      Perhaps s/he means means 100% of the sources they've consulted, and the other seven billion people don't count. :-)

  5. Anonymous7:07 AM

    If Bernie can't win NH, he's toast. Even experts predicting a Hillary win have said he'd take NH and maybe even IA and still lose the nomination.

    Beyond that, not sure Americans really want to put a socialist at the helm. Nominating him would lead to certain defeat in November.

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    6:35, if the secret service hate being on Hillary's detail, they should resign and stop sucking off the gov't. Better yet, they should be fired

  7. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Republican Disapproval Hits A Record High

    A new Quinnipiac Poll has revealed that disapproval of Congressional Republicans has reached a record high and voters will blame the GOP if the government shuts down.

    According to the Quinnipiac poll, “Voters disapprove 81 – 12 percent of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job and give the Republican Party a negative 31 – 58 percent favorability.” Democrats are also in negative territory, but they are more than twice as popular as Republicans in Congress (27% approval), and a net 17 points better than the Republican Party (40%-50% approval/disapproval).

    The Congressional Republican disapproval rating today is 14 points higher (88%) today than when they shut the government down in October 2013 (74%). Republicans have managed to register their lowest approval rating since in since the question was first asked in February 2009. The previous low for Congressional Republicans was 76% disapproval in January 2014.

  8. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Will someone please recommend a good therapist for the Johnstons? This social network war between sister and sister in law is sad. Clearly neither are happy people.

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Can they use the same therapist that the Palins use, Trial Daddies? Why are you so concerned about the Johnstons, troll? Try getting your own miserable life in order.

    2. Anonymous8:22 AM

      You are on the wrong thread.

    3. Anonymous8:27 AM

      I want a candidate who can win, too.

      I don't like Hillary she is tight with a family who trashed this country, the Bushes. I would prefer another Dem who can win, to be nominated.
      I would prefer a candidate who does not associate with the Bushes, like Sanders, Chafee, or O'Malley.

      BUT if she is nominated, I will have to support the choice of the majority.

    4. Anonymous8:59 AM

      7:49 You're trying to make a mountain out of something nonexistent. The only person you are outing is yourself for being a Jealous-Of-Sunny-For-Being-Prettier-and-Happier-Than-Bristol troll. Sunny is a happily married and a wonderful, educated young mother. The Johnston's are making their way through life honestly and by their own bootstraps. Too bad you can't stand it. Sucks to be you doesn't it?

    5. Anonymous11:54 AM

      8:59, Sunny is a lot of good things especially a good mother but she is NOT educated. Deal with it. She can still go to school and I wish that she would do so. Just my opinion.

    6. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Alicia, please go back to dreaming about licking Bristol Palin all over. Nobody here has any sympathy for you.

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    o/t chucklesjr spamming c4p. Frantic ass-kissing ensues.

    chuckjr • an hour ago
    Good Morning C4Per's. As many of you know, Obama is here in Alaska for the next three days. To hear my thoughts on what his intentions might be, go to and read the article I wrote last night.

    Thanks again for everything you do!

    Chuck, Jr.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Sarah, Brancy & Mansour are working up faux outrage. It will be out in 3..2..1..

  10. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Why Every 2016 Candidate Should Get Out While They Still Can

  11. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Kanye Announces 2020 Presidential Run

    1. Anonymous8:19 AM

      PLEASE!!!! I came to this site to get away from the Kardashina/West circus..
      Now I come here to talk about serious topics, and here you are talking about that clown Kanye..

    2. Anonymous8:44 AM

      8:19 Now I come here to talk about serious topics,

      So talk. Want to talk about US politics? Have you noticed the GOP's clown candidates? Hint: It's a circus... What can possibly said about ANY of them that isn't as crazy as the Kardashian/West crap?

    3. Anonymous8:55 AM

      He's less of a joke and blow hard than trump.

    4. Anonymous4:05 PM

      I'd vote for kimye in a heartbeat. But I am on Mikey Cyrus side at the VMAs. Nicki minaj is a stupid bitch. And I don't usually side with miley.

  12. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Yay! Go Bernie!

  13. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Hillary Clinton Is Right – Republicans Are Terrorists

  14. Anonymous8:29 AM

    We Bernie supporters are pulling for our man.

  15. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Can hardly wait to vote for Hillary Clinton. Don't think Bernie Sanders can win the race - even though I like him. They are finally making sure his hair is combed nicely for his appearances - noticed it on the news last night!

  16. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I agree 8:23 AM They are racists and dividers - causing nothing but hate and irritation to Americans. Sorry bunch of candidates in their party. Truly amazing to watch them! Especially The Donald!

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Racists and dividers... you must be referring to Obama and Holder. No, not kidding. And not a Breitbart follower, or Fox Viewer, or Trump listener, or right winger. The Obama administration has set back race relations 50 years.

  17. Anonymous8:51 AM

    O/T but funny:

    Donald Trump hits trouble with God as he's accused of lying about faith as twitter users share hilarious tycoon interpretations of bible passages
    GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that he attended Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan
    A spokesperson from the church said that Trump is not an 'active member'
    Earlier this week the Republican front runner wouldn't tell reporters his favorite Bible verse
    Twitter users began using the hashtag, #TrumpBible to rethink Bible verses with classic trump phrases

  18. hauksdottir8:58 AM

    So, Gryphen,

    I don't just want a candidate who can win, I want a candidate who can GOVERN, who has real policies for improving the lives of American citizens. Bernie Sanders is our best choice.

    Not another theocrat. Not another warmongerer. Not another member of some damned dynasty.

    If you insist upon a fighter, why not push for Alan Grayson for President? His legislative achievements are amazing despite a gridlocked Congress, and he'll take battle to the enemy.

    Clinton won't set her teeth and sail into the storm, she'll determine which way the wind blows and scud along with it.


    No more Clintons! No more Bushes!

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Bernie Sanders hasn't been able to govern since he's been in office. Bernie Sanders has been in Congress for decades, and has barely gotten any legislation passed. Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee, because he's only "surging' in the whitest states in the country. Iowa is one of the whitest states in the country, so this poll comes as no surprise.

      Nate Silver, Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball, and Nate Cohn already said months ago, that Bernie Sanders could win both Iowa, and New Hampshire, and other lily white states, and still lose everywhere else.

      Bernie Sanders supporters are overwhelmingly WHITE, and most of his supporters are MALE. This is why NATE SILVER, and others are skeptical that Bernie Sanders can win the nomination, because he's not "surging" anywhere else, except in very white states. Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders among women, and minority voters.

      Minorities aren't going to fall in line, and vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball, says the primary map still favors Hillary Clinton, because of demographics, and geography.

      No more old, white men! That includes, Bernie Sanders!

    2. Anonymous2:17 PM

      I agree. NO DAMN DYNASTIES.

      NO MORE Clintons and NO MORE Bushes.

      The Clintons and the Bushes think they are entitled to the White House. Enough is enough!

  19. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Bernie Sanders is only surging in the whitest states in the country. The recent speculation about a Biden run isn't helping Hillary Clinton, either. Nate Silver doesn't think Joe Biden will run. I hope he's right.

    A recent poll in Alabama had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders, 78-10. There are a lot of minorities, moderate and conservative democrats in the the South. This is why Nate Silver (who knows his shit), is skeptical that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination. Nate Silver, Nate Cohn, and Larry Saboto, jr., already said months ago, that Bernie Sanders could win really white states like Iowa, and New Hampshire, and lose everywhere else. Bernie Sander's supporters are overwhelmingly white, and mostly male. Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders among women, and minority voters. Nate Silver said almost half of the the 2016 voters are going to be minorities, and Bernie Sanders is only polling in single digits among minority voters. The first two primary states that will vote are Iowa, and New Hamphire, and Bernie Sanders could probably win both.

    But, according to Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball, the primary map still favors Hillary Clinton, because of demographics, and geography:

    "In contrast to Obama, Sanders will be highly unlikely to win numerous Southern primaries if he doesn’t improve his limited support among nonwhite Democrats."

    "As far as American demographics go, many observers have pointed out the fact that Iowa and New Hampshire are notably unrepresentative states. Not only are the Hawkeye and Granite states very white, but they also have large populations of white liberals, many of whom are currently supporting Sanders. So it’s not shocking that Sanders has shown strength in the two leadoff states, particularly in New Hampshire, which abuts his home state of Vermont (Sanders has led Clinton in the two most recent polls of the Granite State)."

    "The electorates of Nevada and South Carolina, which are third and fourth in the primary process, will look nothing like those in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Silver State contest will have one of the larger shares of Latino voters, even with a lower-turnout caucus format. In light of racial political polarization, the Palmetto State will have a majority black Democratic primary electorate."

    Nate Silver said minority voters are also more pragmatic than white voters. Sorry, Bernie fans!

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      mostly white, mostly male? The Ron Paul cohort.

  20. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I'm a Bernie fan. He's like an older, whiter, more liberal and more honest version of Obama. I am NOT trying to bash Obama. I voted Obama twice, and would again. He's done wonderfully with what he had. But I like Bernie. Hell, he admits he's a socialist! Obama never was, and that was clear pretty early on. Hillary definitely is not a socialist either.

    Does anyone remember Mike Gravel? He ran very early on in 2008. He was always my favorite, because I liked and agreed with his ideas the most. I'm thrilled that Bernie's getting this kind of attention!

  21. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Holy crap who knew Gryphen was a fighter? I was aware you were Sarah's personal trainer for awhile and I think you mentioned bodybuilder and schoolteacher. What other jobs have you had?

    1. Sarah's personal trainer?

      Where in the hell did you get that?

    2. Anonymous11:25 PM

      Oh, what super duper manly thing, yet liberaly conscious (while maintaining physical masculine superiority) thing hasn't Gryph done? If you don't believe him, just ask him!

  22. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Bernie Sanders is going to prove to be the biggest spoiler of all time. His rock star status will ensure Obama-style crowds of libertarians and republicans and Democrats and then only the Democrats will vote for a Jewish socialist. So fuck him.

  23. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I like Bernie. I have for a long time. He has always told it like it is. I don't think he can be elected in the general. Sooo, I hope he can push Hillary to be much more direct, more open to the plight of little guy, and willing to fight those who trashed the economy rather then be in bed with them.

    I'd say I'd like to see him as VP, but I think he would be better staying in the Senate. Maybe Alan Grayson as VP?

  24. Anita Winecooler5:57 PM

    I'm with you, Gryphen. Having more competition on the Democratic side, will only make whomever wins a better candidate. No one's better at putting the Republicans in their place than Hillary. Trump had the balls to go after Uma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, and Hillary wacked that mole back in his place.

  25. Anonymous7:37 AM

    To win. a candidate needs the African American and Hispanic vote. Hillary can pull this off better than Bernie in my opinion. Of course, there are the young voters, but they aren't as reliable going to the polls. Bernie is a great guy with great ideas, but does he have leadership abilities? He could step up to that, but don't know how much he knows about foreign policy and international law. What is his relationship with prospects for cabinet members, and military commanders? Can he gain respect from them? If he were to go to the general election, he has baggage that the media would go after (just like Hillary), but the general public may not be as forgiving (they are use to the Clintons, and still love them). He looks good now, but the Koch enterprise will find ways to make him look terrible. I would love to know what President Obama thinks. :-)


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