Monday, September 07, 2015

Arkansas state senator kinda sorta threatens to kill his constituents if they ask him a question in public.

Later out of curiosity Mr. White visited Senator Rapert's Twitter account and found this:

 Soooo, to be clear this legislator is suggesting that talking to him in public, or let's go ahead and say "harassing him," is reason enough for him to shoot you?

With bullets and everything? 

Later the Senator attempted to convince Mr. White that HE was not the one who he was threatening to shoot:

Well good to know that Mr. White wasn't the guy that Senator Rapert considered important enough to almost shoot in the face.

However that means that somewhere in Arkansas is some poor schlub who just barely escaped with his, or her, life and doesn't even know it.

And I guess for future reference if you want to confront Senator Rapert about some legislation he introduced or how he voted, probably best to do so when he is stepping out the shower at the gym.

That way you know he is not armed.

And I imagine nothing else about him will seem terribly intimidating either.

(H/T to the Arkansas Times.)

P.S. And oh yes, Rapert is a Republican. But then you knew that already, didn't you?


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I saw this somewhere else today and was just amazed. Wow!!! Hard to think of a sensible comment.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. fromthediagonal1:37 PM

      Pat. I retired the expression "unbelievable" some years ago. Don't have anything else either.

  2. "I don't answer questions to smarty pants like you."
    Actually you do, or should. That smarty pants is your employer.

    That jackass reminds of when McCain asked a reporter "Who do you think you are?" for having the audacity to ask him a question.

    It is amazing how quickly some elected officials decide upon taking office that they do not answer to their constituents (employers).

    This is why "running a business" is *not* a good qualification at all for elected office. Serving all citizens is not at all the same as ruthlessly eliminating anything or anyone that does not raise the corporate bottom line and believing that the peasants and riffraff answer to you and not the other way around..

    1. I dunno. Last president we had who had run a business was actually pretty good (history will show). James Earl Carter, remember him?

    2. Leland3:35 AM


      I agree about your estimation of President Carter, but you forgot to mention he was at least used to non-commercial operations as he was a commander of a nuclear submarine, giving him experience in command of a different type.

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Either way Senator Rapert you should lose your job!

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Two-to-one he's a tea-party-whackjob-Palin supporter. Anyone want to take my bet?

    And yes, he should lose his job in addition to losing his gun permit.

    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Rapert's twitter output is a mindless stream of retweets. Rightwing nutjobs and religious fervor, mixed with plain stupidity, like a car decal of a kid peeing on the word "Obama".

      Rapert is probably too stupid to get creative himself. But I bet his handgun is makes him feel a lot better about his tiny penis.

    2. Not any more it isn't. SUSPENDED!

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Evidently parking lots are where I should expect to encounter armed&ready people. And their interpretation of "harassment" is on a hair trigger.


    The Arkansas Tourism folks must be really appreciate of this Senator Rapert fellow.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    If Lance White was a black guy and reached in his pocket, Senator Rapert would have shot him.

  7. Anonymous12:41 PM

    When I first saw his picture he reminded me of someone. Hard to pinpoint - but Thicke - the singer - came to mind. Weird. Did anyone else see a resemblance to someone we have seen online? Gosh!! He looks so normal.

    Past Padrnos

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Todd Palin?

  8. What must it be like for a person to wake up every morning so scared to death he piddles when someone asks him a question and wants to shoot them when he can't answer it?

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I can not find the armed&ready tweet in the twitter timeline for Senator Rapert. Did he delete it? (warn: I am not particularly twitter literate.)

  10. Was this Sen Rapert endorsed by the Duggars.

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Yes, Arkansas Senator ason Rapert from Toad Suck Arkansas (for real!) was endorsed by osh Duggar and the hate group he used to work for.

      "Press Release
      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 27, 2014 CONTACT: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, (866) FRC-NEWS

      Family Research Council Action Endorses Jason Rapert for Arkansas State Senate

      Washington, DC-- Family Research Council Action, the political action affiliate of the Family Research Council, is pleased to endorse Jason Rapert for Arkansas State Senate for the 35th District.

      Josh Duggar, Executive Director of Family Research Council Action and Arkansas native, made the following comments in regards to the endorsement:

      "State Senator Jason Rapert is a good friend and a stalwart for Arkansas values. I have personally watched him take the lead on pro-life and pro-family legislation. He is a model of leadership - even willing to buck the tide to do what is right for the people. Arkansas families are looking for a leader who will continue to challenge the elitist notion that government is the solution to all our problems. Arkansas needs a leader who will boldly challenge those who would jettison the core values that made this a great nation. I'm confident that Sen. Rapert will continue to be a solid voice for Arkansas families.

      "Jason will be a strong proponent of limited government, individual liberty, and family values. While serving as State Senator, Rapert helped pass some of the strongest pro-life legislation in the nation. I am pleased to offer our endorsement and will urge those who care about America's future to support Jason as well," Duggar concluded.


      FRC Action is the legislative advocacy arm of the Family Research Council, a 501(c)(3) organization.

      Since Josh Duggar was exposed the FRC has apparently scrubbed all traces of Rapert's butt boy Josh from their website.

      Bonus Duggar Rapert pictures.

  11. Anonymous1:12 PM

    "Smarty pants?"
    How old is this guy?

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      his legislature bio says he has an undergraduate degree from University of Central Arkansas.

      Perhaps, "smarty pants" is considered an articulate description in Arkansas. Where I am, it's occasionally used by 5 year old children (when they are too lazy to use their otherwise impressive array of insults).

  12. Boscoe1:13 PM

    Afraid to answer questions, arrogant, insulting, paranoid and armed? Now why would we assume he was a Republican?

  13. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Even Sarah Palin was smart enough to say"I'll get back to you on that," although, if NBC had allowed her to bring her gun into the interview, who know what might have happened? God doesn't like you to ask questions of his anointed ones.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Like heck He doesn't, and there's the rub with her. She's not anointed, just thinks she is in some delusionary psychotic mindset.

  14. Anonymous1:57 PM

    This guy sounds like my state senator, John Eichelberger (R-PA). He won't answer your questions if you are a public school teacher. He will actually send you personal emails saying: "I don't have to respond to you because you are a member of the teacher union, therefore all you do is lie." He recently went all cry-baby because too many public school teachers were contacting his office with comments and questions about legislation, and he was being "harassed," so he contacted the police to ask for protection. He claimed that he feared for his family's safety from all of these elementary teachers who apparently scared the be-jeebus out of him (with their teacher sweaters, bulletin boards and stickers!) And yes, before you ask, he is a MAJOR tea-bagger.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      A dry-erase marker can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an irate teacher!

  15. Anonymous1:58 PM

    this. Rapert guy is a real piece of work

    He is a FULL BLOWN right wing Fundy (yup and a pastor of the church of the unhinged )

    this site is a great one on this fuckwad

    just google this dick and go back ten or so pages

  16. Our Lad2:25 PM

    Another fake tough guy fat fuck with some hardware.

  17. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Why couldn't the senator have said something like, "Gee, Mr. White, that's an interesting question but this isn't a good time or place for me to give you a serious answer. Send an email to my office, explaining how we met, and repeat the question. That way I can think about it and give you a proper answer." No constituent should ever be shrugged off. The senator doesn't just represent the lunatics who voted for him; he represents everyone in his district and his state.

    1. Leland3:40 AM

      Beaglemom, it has been a LONG time since elected officials felt compelled to actually do the job they were elected for - especially for the CONSTITUENTS! They feel they work only for the financiers of their campaigns.

  18. Anonymous3:31 PM

    They ALL do it. These "morans" should answer to any question they're asked, period. Effing cowards....and that goes triple for you, $arah, and your lamestream media crap. Scripted questions only...what a loser. Afraid we're going to find out you're stooopid?

  19. Anonymous5:09 PM

    In February of this year, this Arkansas State Senator was keen on using nuclear weapons on ISIS.

  20. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Was going to post the wonkette link, but it's been done.
    Hey, I get pissy when loading my truck at Lowes, but never took an oath to represent ALL constituents, and don't carry a gun. Something tells me this guy's over compensating for his shortcomings. It's not like some idiot put gun sites on a map with his name on it, the guy asked a question and, as a representative, his duty was to answer it. Don't like your job? Then quit.

  21. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Jason Rapert is a real piece of tea party shit. Here Rachael Maddow reports on his extreme beliefs.

    AR Rep. Jason Rapert: ‘We’re Not Going To Allow Minorities To Run Roughshod’

  22. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Twitter Users Troll GOP Senator For His “B.S. Cover-up” Story Regarding Constituent (IMAGES)

  23. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Threatens his constituents...and a senator no less. Classy.

    1. Anonymous9:11 PM

      Not a US senator, a state senator from Darkansas!


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