Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fox News host is suing Hasbro for making a toy hamster that shares her name. In other news the animal fox is suing Fox News for poisoning its brand.

Courtesy of ABC News:  

An anchor for Fox News is suing Hasbro for more than $5 million over a toy hamster that shares her name — and possibly even her resemblance. 

Harris Faulkner sued Hasbro this week over its plastic Harris Faulkner hamster, sold as part of the Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based company's popular Littlest Pet Shop line. She says the toy wrongfully appropriates her name and persona, harms her professional credibility as a journalist and is an insult. 

"Hasbro's portrayal of Faulkner as a rodent is demeaning and insulting," says the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey. 

Faulkner has been at Fox News for a decade. She hosts the daytime show "Outnumbered" and anchors a Sunday evening newscast.

Here's my favorite line from the article, "harms her professional credibility as a journalist."

I hate to break it to you lady but that happened the day you signed on to work for Fox News.

Faulkner should be so lucky that when people think of her they think of this:

Instead of this:

One version is rodent like creature that associates with lowly life forms. The other is a cute plastic hamster.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    It's The Donald going to sue Toupees now? Sarah would love to sue Tina Fey. W. Sue shrubs? Way to set the bar woman I've never heard of. I hope th judge dismisses it as frivolous, and you can whine about activist hater judges.

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Taking stupidity to a whole 'nother level! Toy hamster has a good defamation case imho!

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Harris Faulkner should be proud that Hasbro made a cute little toy and named it after her. She read the news in Kansas City and later while we were living in Minneapolis she popped up on the TV there. She was a real channel changer. Really stare down spooky eyes that now that I think of it, she reminds me a rabid FOX.

    She had a "god" book published by a loopy do ol' guy while she was in KC.

    RJ in BBistan

  4. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Bristol will sue the toy for stealing her fake eyelashes.

  5. Anonymous7:09 AM

    O/T Trump: 'I always felt that I was in the military'

    Donald Trump did not serve in the military, but according to a report, the Republican presidential candidate and multibillionaire business tycoon said in a forthcoming book that he still "always felt that I was in the military" because he attended a military boarding school and "dealt with those people.".....


    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Who is falling for this shit?
      He always felt like he was in the military?

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      I always felt like I was in the military because I was a boy scout and my high school football coach was an ex-marine. Can I get veteran benefits?

    3. Anonymous8:12 AM

      A high school military school where ruffians like Donald Trump that no one else could handle is not "the military."
      Then, Trump got two student deferments for being in college and a mystery "medical" deferment until he got a high number in the draft lottery in the fall of 1969, when he was 23 and ripe for overseas combat.
      He was ever anywhere near the military and did all he could to avoid it, like so many people his age.

      Like Bill O'Reilly "feeling" that he was in armed combat in Argentina, etc. Lies, lies, inflated egos.

      Would love to know what that medical deferment was for. and when the truth will come out

    4. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Poor Donald, had heel spurs on both feet. Now there's a disability!

  6. I don't watch FoxNews, but I might consider starting if that cute little toy hosted a show.

    The toy, unlike the host, just screams "journalistic integrity" to me.

  7. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Aw... Hamsters are cute and cuddly. I use to love to play with my daughters hamsters. They would be just running around the house with their little fluffy bodies.

    But on the other hand, Harris Faulkner is a very odd name, so why would Hasbro choose that name to name the toy hamster? That is the 64 million dollar question.

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    off topic

    Cruz and Huckabee going to Kinfucky to support Kim Davis (arrested court clerk.)


  9. Anonymous7:26 AM

    LOL... It's kind of funny to me. hahahahahahaha

    Personally, I like hamsters.

  10. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Why are the men fully dressed in daytime casual or work clothes and the women look like they are going to a late-night party?

    1. Anonymous7:37 AM

      It is a sad commentary on women. They have to dress to entice, even on the job.

    2. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Not on my job. But it sure does seem like that's the way it is on Fox News.

  11. So did someone at Hasbro lose their mind and think that they could actually use this woman's name for one of their toys without her permission? WTH?

    I've actually never heard of her before as I don't watch Fox for fear of brain damage--which I'm sure she adds to--but she needs to sue Hasbro's for big money.

  12. Anonymous7:50 AM

    William Faulkner estate to sue Fox News host!

  13. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I totally agree with your premise that this is a cute toy and that the crap about ruining her professional credibility is ridiculous. However, they named it the same and do seem to be using her visibility to market their product -- and she gets no benefit from that. Look for the settlement to be her getting a cut of the proceeds from sales of the toy. Suddenly professional credibility be damned if she can make a buck.

    How would you like it if some company comes out with a Jesse Griffin Alaska outdoors action toy and sells a lot of them with your name and likeness and you get none of the proceeds? As much as Faux News is a joke, I think there is a bigger issue here and she may well have a case. Even if they had not named the toy exactly the same as her name that would be better, but that is not the case here. Its clear it is intended to be her.

    1. I take it you are unfamiliar with the Gryphen action figure with the mighty muscled torso, skeptical facial expression, and seemingly unnecessary Kung Fu grip?

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      I agree with 7:53!

    3. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Gryphen, stop pretending "Gryphen" is your real name when a large team of highly trained investigators gets closer every day to proving it most very likely is very probably not. Expect a big break in this case within the next 6 to 18 months.

    4. Anonymous3:00 PM

      To: Anonymous 7:53 AM

      That toy does NOT have her likeness. Are you saying she looks like a rodent?

  14. Anonymous8:11 AM

    In other news, people realize they are getting Duggar'd.


    1. Palins and Duggars are cousins in grift9:10 AM

      Slow learners (a religious scam? GTFO!) but they are unhappy now that they realize they've been ripped off.

      Replace Duggar with Palin in that article.

      “People wise up,” warned fan Nikita Jones. “Can’t you tell when you’re being scammed? They’re taking trips to places that YOU can’t afford and they’re doing it with YOUR money. They have no credibility, they are NOT transparent with what they’re doing with your donations and they could care less about you. If you want to donate to charities, start locally. I’m sure there are people in YOUR community that are more deserving than these scammers.”

      Las Vegas! Hoohah!

    2. hauksdottir2:30 PM

      The Duggars are supposedly "ministering" to gang members in that lovely tropical setting with no oversight. Riiiiiight. What evidence?

      Are there no gang members or "at risk" youth in Arkansas? No good honest work that will bring hope to a local community? Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter's work with Habitats for Humanity was a living testament to their faith and had a positive impact on the people around them.

      All these Duggars know how to do is grift and scam and impose their will upon others.

      BTW, where is Josh?

  15. Anonymous8:48 AM

    In the photo the Fox presenter looks like a Barbie doll.

  16. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Attractive lady.

    So what is it Gryph, I thought you just posted that Fox was Nazi reincarnate... but now you are posting about their long term employment of a black lady?

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      To: Anonymous 8:55 AM

      Fox has always hired Blacks, BUT the Blacks they hire have to spew the same kind of right-wing rhetoric and venom.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Fox is still Nazi-ish. They do have Blacks who work for them, these are your right-wing Black sell-outs.
      The only one Black who would not be a sell-out for Fox, they fired him.

    3. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Ahhahaha 3:06 and 3:10....

      Once again showing your liberal racism.

      If a black person doesn't think like 'you' think they should, or prescribe to the political ideologies that 'you' have dictated to them, then you label them sellouts... Uncle Toms right?

      So basically in your minds blacks shall not be allowed freedom of politics and political choice correct? Essentially you don't want to allow black people to have freedom.

  17. Anonymous10:40 AM

    She looks more like plastic than the toy.

    Jennifer K

  18. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Great point, 10:40!

    And the only reason she looks at all doe-eyed like the toy is because of all the makeup she has on to make her eyes appear wider than they are. Thankfully, the toy doesn't have her hair--on the show, not in this pic, the host's helmet hair is huge and absolutely bizarre.

  19. Anonymous4:27 PM

    She's trying to make over five million bucks, can't say I blame her, what's the going rate for "eyecandy" private dancer news readers on Fox News? A buck fifty an hour plus tips?? Quit Fox, and find a streetcorner, lady. At least you'll be making an honest living.
    Gee, there's been a line of Palin dolls for years, and none of them decided to sue (yet) They're called Bratz, and in one case "blow up".

  20. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I have been a loyal reader of this blog and usually agree with what is posted. But I take exception here. Not a fan of Foe Nooze at all. In fact I never heard of this woman, BUT, there are laws that prevent using celebrities' likeness for profit without permission, ie: licensing. Ya can't print out a T-Shirt with Madonna or any other celebrities face on it without permission or a license or without paying a royalty. Ms. Faulkner has every right to protect her name and image from being profited upon my a huge manufacturer without her permission and a means of remuneration. Hasbro is obviously looking to make money off of her fame. Of all the visible companies that protect their own trademarks, Hasbro is very aware of copyright and trademark infringement and should be ashamed at this attempt to profit in a less than ethical manner. I despise Fox News, but fair is fair. I think if we were talking Hillary here, the comments would be leaning in a different direction. I hope she wins this suit.

  21. physicsmom7:56 PM

    I agree with 7:53 and 4:43. The woman has a very unusual name, so it can't be coincidence that Hasbro picked it. She has every right to sue and I hope she wins. What a ridiculously stupid move on Hasbro's part. That being said, the toy is really cute. I may get one for my granddaughter.


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