Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I don't care how many "R's" they add, I'm not going.



  1. Leland2:38 AM

    By the time I was in the first grade I was able to spell fairly well. I at least knew the RULES for it!

    This place looks to be around a hundred and they STILL can't read and spell? Uh huh. Kind of like being unable to explain the contradictions in their religion.

    I had a hard enough time getting out of that insanity. I am NOT going back!

  2. Anonymous2:57 AM

    What an original church sign! I've never seen a church put up a sign like that in my life (rolling eyes) :-)

  3. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Homeschooled staff?

  4. Anonymous3:23 AM

    What church does Sarah Palin and family attend in Alaska? One in Wasilla or Anchorage?

  5. Anonymous3:30 AM

    I suppose they were afraid of the connotation had they written CH__ __CH?

  6. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Got to start somewhere:

  7. As churches become more political and extremist, they must shoulder a lot of the blame for decreased attendance.

  8. Anonymous4:34 AM

    How about "Choose to leave the church"

  9. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Pirate Day in Conlig! Aww, that's nice, Arrrrrh!

  10. Anonymous6:13 AM

    As an Agnostic I like to listen to all before judgment. What floats my Yacht does not float ones dingy. Fortunately I am solid in my beliefs but will always listen to you. Its all good kids. Just pay attention.

  11. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Science and DNA is sure defunking medical BS, history BS, religion BS, I am loving the NEW Science and proof

  12. Anonymous7:50 AM

    “There is no god — now what?”: How to find meaning in an atheist world


  13. Anonymous7:50 AM

    There must be a website for pithy Ch__rch sayings, cuz the church I pass almost every day has the same message on its sign. Always get a chuckle from what's posted

  14. It appears they can't spell. CH UR RCH? Since when does "church" have 2 R's?

  15. Anonymous5:06 PM

    There's a church in our old neighborhood that put up a sign that said "This church is on FIRE! Someone call 911", and people flooded the phone lines with calls, either because they believed it, or thought it was a good idea. In this case, it was quickly taken down and the church gave a contrite apology, but those who called, technically, put others who really needed help in peril by wasting the public's resources and tax money.

  16. Home schoolers.

    Speling knot theyr strang soot.


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