Saturday, September 19, 2015

Joe Biden finds that the Colbert bump survived the move to CBS.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed: 

An internal memo circulating among supporters of a Vice President Joe Biden 2016 run for president shows that Stephen Colbert’s new CBS late-night show is still the home of the “Colbert Bump.” 

The memo, sent to top officials at the super PAC Draft Biden by its data vendor — a D.C.–based startup called VEDA co-founded by former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser and Democratic consultant Meghan Buck — shows huge increases in web traffic and so-called engagement with Draft Biden in the week since Biden appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last Thursday. 

“The power of the Vice President’s appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert cannot be understated,” Buck wrote in the memo, obtained by BuzzFeed News. “The Colbert Bump is real.”

This is one of those stories that I wanted to post just because it made me feel good to read about it.

However I am sad to report that I am still not making it through the entire hour of the Late Show.

I'm an old man, what do you want from me?

(Psst! Just between you and me I also used to fall asleep partway through the Colbert Report too.)


  1. Anonymous5:24 AM

    That's understandable: greatness does that. I sleep through Shakespeare plays on TV.

  2. Anonymous5:25 AM

    What an eloquent man is one Joe Biden.
    I loved this interview. Thanks, Gryph!

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Don't throw your hat into the ring, Joe Biden. I'll never forget what you did to Anita Hill, and how you favored financial institution welfare over poor sick people and students. Some see you as a jovial, wise, benevolent old man. I see you as a handmaiden to the wealthy and powerful, behind that jovial facade. When push comes to shove, you show just whose interests you put first. Go hang with your buddies Clarence Thomas and Citibank.

    1. Yeah. He did all that singlehanded.

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    This still makes me chuckle:

  5. ("Psst! Just between you and me I also used to fall asleep partway through the Colbert Report too.")

    Even the constant screaming didn't keep you awake?

  6. It was a wonderful interview. Colbert does have a gift for Interview.

    He's still finding his feet but each show is getting better.

    And the interviews are unpredictable. He doesn't ask the questions people expect him to ask.

    He had Carol Burnett on this week. And Bernie Sanders. I really enjoyed the Bernie Sanders interview too.

    It's unfortunate that Colbert is on CBS as unless you have cable and a box you can't record it. CBS is trying to be a subscription service so unless you pay them, you can't see all their shows online and they're not on HULU. That means if you're a cable cutter like I am you have to watch them live.

    I'm retired so I have no problem staying up late.


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