Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Obama just can't do anything right.


  1. Hahahaha. Perfect.

  2. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Ha ha! Great meme!

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    But its all part of the master plan to fool us into thinking he's not a Muslim. You want people to think you aren't a Muslim by doing those things. Kind of like those gay conservative politicians who get married later in life, are virulently homophobic, then get caught with their pants down in an airport men's room.

  4. This is what I tell my Republican friends who think Obama is a Muslim...if Obama is a Muslim would he have gone after bin Laden? Nope!

  5. Anonymous6:01 AM

    “More people are waking up to the global warming con,” says Sarah Palin

  6. Anonymous6:16 AM

    What's going on?

    Pope - immigrants
    Sarah Palin - Anti-immigration

    Pope - Climate Change
    Sarah Palin - “More people are waking up to the global warming con,”

    Sarah Palin is God's right hand man

    I'm confused, who do I follow?

    1. Anonymous7:14 AM

      Hopefully you won't follow Beelzebarbie.

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM

    It's his own fault. ;)

    1. Yes how dare he be born black and with a name like Barack Obama.

      What was he thinking?

  8. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Too funny and too true!

    Unfortunately, the folks who believe he's a "mooslum" checked their brains at the door.

  9. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Give them a chance and they'll say it's all just taqiyya

  10. I'm getting a "Malicious Website Blocked" message relating to that imgur image, Gryphen. Can you delete it, or copy it so it's no longer linked?

  11. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Personally I wouldn't even care if Obama WAS a Muslim (even though I don't believe he is.) A Muslim president or even a president who grew up around Muslims and knew them and their religion well would be an ADVANTAGE, wouldn't it? He'd be able to understand them better and this would work to the benefit of American foreign policy. And personally, I'd prefer a Muslim social conservative to a Christian social liberal. At any rate, the main proof that Obama is not a Muslim is that if he was a Muslim posing as a Christian he would have to also be lying to his daughters and telling them that he is a Christian since young children can't be trusted to understand and keep such a huge secret hidden.. How then would he be able to pass his faith on to them? If he told them when they were old enough to be able to be trusted with the deception he would have lost the crucial years in which faith is instilled in a child. No religious person would do this. To the truly religious, passing his faith on to his offspring is probably the most important task in life: right after serving God himself.

  12. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I sure hope President Obama writes a book about how he found the inner strength to ignore the relentless personal attacks he has had to endure for the past 7 years.

    That is why the Rethugs are so disgusting, they don't attack his policies, they attack him personally. May they all reap what the sow.


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