Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sarah Palin reposts 2008 article on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seemingly unaware that he has not been the President of Iran since 2013.

You can see McCain's face in the back almost pleading with Palin not to say anything stupid.
Courtesy of Foreign Policy Barbie's Facebook page: 

The more things change the more they stay the same in the Orwellian Obama World… here were some of my thoughts on Iran almost exactly 7 years ago during the 2008 campaign.

With that the post links to a ghostwritten 2008 speech that Palin was unable to give in September of that year because rally organizers thought she was too polarizing.

Instead The New York Sun published it instead.

Now at some point the argument will be made that Palin DID realize that Ahmadinejad was no longer in power and the the article, entitled "Palin on Ahmadinejad: 'He Must Be Stopped', was really about Iran and not it's then president.

But that may be a difficult sell since the article/speech is riddled with statements like these: 

He must be stopped. 

The world must awake to the threat this man poses to all of us. 

 He dreams of being an agent in a "Final Solution" — the elimination of the Jewish people. 

And of course this:

On our soil, he will exercise the right of freedom of speech — a right he denies his own people. He will share his hateful agenda with the world. Our task is to focus the world on what can be done to stop him.

There is of course some stuff in there about Iran's nuclear capabilities and unfair treatment of women, but the main focus is all Ahmadinejad.

Like I said damage control will insist the article is about Iran and not it's one time president, but if Palin wanted to make that clear then she should have fired up the old ghostwriter and had another article written for her to put her hoofprint on.

Of course an article written for her by Nancy French or RAM would surely pale by comparison to one written for her by John McCain's crack team of political advisers and the "Make Sarah Palin look smart" makeover specialists.

P.S. By the way it should be noted that the article has nothing but good things to say about Hillary Clinton, whose foreign relations credibility the Republicans were openly aggrandizing as yet another shot at Obama. 


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    1. Boscoe9:10 AM

      Do you think maybe this was a desperate attempt to distract everyone from her previous dumbass statements about how she's totally qualified to be Trump's Energy Secretary and then proceeds to talk about things she'd do that the Secretary of the Interior would actually be in charge of? LOL

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Different topic but very relevant:

    White House Releases Official Video Exposing Dick Cheney’s Lies (VIDEO)


    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Worked for me.

    2. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Me too! 5:44 PM.
      5:06 PM - Try, try again!

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Open mouth, insert foot. Remember, she was one elderly cancer survivor's heartbeat away from losing the campaign on her own. Now she proves she lose it without any help at all from McCain. Gotta give her an "A" for recycling. An F minus for world issues and how they've changed over time.

    1. Anonymous6:35 PM

      And I still say, for the questionable deaths involving that tribe, McCain would not have seen the end of his term.

  4. One of the best features of the deal with Iran is that it should help continue the marginalization of extremists. With any luck, in our nation too!

  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    It's inevitable, given the right's lack of insight and original thinking, that whatever progressives say to call out right wing hypocrisy and idiocy, they will try to co-opt to use against progressives. For Palin to call Obama's world Orwellian is priceless coming from the queen of topsy-turvy, up is down, white is black.

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      "Orwellian" must have been Sarah's word for the week because I seriously doubt that he ever read anything written by George Orwell.

    2. Anonymous4:54 AM

      when I read "Obama's Orwellian World", I thought it was code for OOOOOOOWWWW! because she's so butt-hurt over her own trite self being ignored. She is crying the blues.

  6. Anonymous5:40 PM

    What a retard that narcissistic Sarah Palin is. Donald Trump must not be aware of the Sarah Palin Curse.

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Donald is also a megalomaniac narcissist. They are very similar and notice he is not really articulate....he just uses lots of adjectives for everything he is going to do, no meat though.

  7. abbafan5:50 PM

    She is just too simple and stupid to move forward; she is still stuck in 2008! As the caption says, McCain is nervously hoping she doesn't blurt out anything stupid; since it will embarrass him! Suck it up old man; she prick-teased you with a lick and a wink! Deal with it, live with it, you created it!!

  8. Caroll Thompson5:50 PM

    It's a done deal. And the Republicans are going to have to come up with 60 to have a vote. Senator Dick Durbin said that since every Senator has gone on record, they are not going to waste time having the President veto the bill. There will be no bill to veto and there is not a thing Sarah can do about that.

    But tomorrow will be interesting to see Trump. Will he embrace Sarah or will he run the other way and try to avoid her.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      whaddya wanna bet the bloviating blowhard grabs her by her clawed paw, throws it up in the air, and announces her as his running mate ?!?

    2. Anonymous9:16 PM


    3. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Yet again, the Republicans are playing checkers and Obama is playing chess and he has check-mated them again. They fight every single thing he does and he wins almost every time. And everything he does they talk like it’s the apocalypse if it doesn’t go their way and yet NONE of the stuff they’ve said would happen has come to pass. They’re pathetic.

  9. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Next, Sarah will post a high school paper she wrote about how Ayatollah was, like, a bad man who needed to release the hostages, like, right now.

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM


  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    They made her practiced the dude's name 1000 times until she could do it without giggling or passing out.

    "Can I call him, Joe?" she asked them.

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM

      And then she called him O'Biden in an answer to a question, and he sh*t-eating grinned at her in return.

      I watched that debate. She changed the subject when she couldn't answer the question, and she and her clueless followers think she won it?

      Vice President Biden could have had her for dinner but chose not to. It's called strategy...had he really laid into her, he would have been seen as picking on the "poor woman," which, indeed, she is to this day.

    2. Anonymous6:37 PM

      I meant she wanted to call Ahmadinejad "Joe"

    3. Anonymous6:58 PM

      She was so proud of and pleased with herself for learning to say the name Ahmadinejad. She said it as often as possible, always while sporting a 'look-at-me-daddy' goofy look on her face.

    4. Frank Flashback8:11 PM

      Another in a continuing series.

      Flashback of the Day with Governor Palin!

      A Where Are They Now Special Report featuring campaign insider and Palin debate coach Brett O'Donnell. First the flashback:

      Shortly before the October 2, 2008 Vice Presidential debate the Wall Street Journal reported that things were not going well in the McCain Palin camp.

      "The McCain campaign moved its top officials inside Gov. Sarah Palin's operation Sunday to prepare for what is certain to be the most important event of her vice-presidential campaign: her debate on Thursday with Democrat Joe Biden.

      Additionally, at the urging of the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, Gov. Palin will leave late Monday for his Arizona ranch to prepare for the high-stakes debate.

      The moves follow several shaky performances by Gov. Palin last week and come amid concern and grumbling from Republicans, and even a few queries from her husband, Todd Palin, according to campaign operatives and Republican officials." (www.wsj.com/articles/SB122265784614384667)


      "But in recent days, Gov. Palin flubbed quasi-mock debates in New York City and Philadelphia, some operatives said. Finger-pointing began, and then intensified after her faltering interview with CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric. However, she performed better when she took questions from the press after touring Ground Zero and remarked about her parents' visit there after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."


      "Amid the heavy scrutiny in a close campaign, Gov. Palin is under considerable pressure to make Thursday's debate a "game changer," advisers said. The campaign is sending in Sen. McCain's debate coach, Brett O'Donnell, to help with her preparation, advisers said. Though he always was expected to help out after Sen. McCain's debate Friday in Oxford, Miss., Mr. O'Donnell now needs to "undo" much of her previous debate prep, which has resulted in occasional "rote" responses, one adviser said."

      EVEN JOE O'BIDEN STILL REMEMBERS HOW THIS ALL TURNED OUT. (http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/121012021610-vp-debate-biden-expressions-1-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg)

      END OF FLASH BACK, Where is Brett O'Donnell now?

      He's in the news with a guilty plea!

      The Washington Post:

      "Brett O'Donnell admitted to misleading the Office of Congressional Ethics about consulting services he provided to former Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), whose office paid O’Donnell using taxpayer money even though his services were campaign-related. In total, O’Donnell received about $43,000 between June 2012 and March 2014 from Broun’s congressional office, according to a court filing."

      Here is another report:

      "The ethics investigation into former U.S. Rep. Paul Broun has now become a criminal case, with a former consultant pleading guilty to lying to investigators about a scheme for taxpayers to help finance Broun’s campaigns.

      Brett O’Donnell, a high-profile Republican debate coach from Virginia, faces a maximum of five years in prison on one count of making false statements."


      It's always good when you see a former campaign insider has become a federal cooperating witness!

      Stay hungry my friends and remember to keep those google alerts set for "Palin"+"arrest"!

  11. Anonymous6:04 PM

    You go to Israel and see how much her friends are hated there. The Zionists are abhorred by the ordinary Jewish people. Nobody understands how BooBoo keeps getting elected but they have their suspicions.

  12. Hasn't been President for 2 years? Psst, Sarahdumbass you need to keep up. Posting stupidity is getting to be your norm.
    What's really funny is that Evilgelcals hate the Jews. They only want them around because those idiots "think" that Israel has to be here when Jesus returns, just so he can destroy Her. Yeah, that's how little faith they have in their god.

  13. Anonymous6:09 PM

    America ignores Sarah Palin but for some reason she doesn't get the hint and keeps coming back.

    Whoever said the Sarah Palin Curse is a hoax has never been in Sarah Palin’s shoes.

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska bombed
    Sarah Palin Channel bombed
    SarahPac is bombing
    Amazing America with Sarah Palin bombed
    FOX News dumped Sarah Palin again
    Todd Palin cheated on Sarah with Shailey Tripp
    Quitter Sarah Palin's governorship bombed
    Sarah Palin’s vice president attempt bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to be America's energy expert bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to get a MOH to marry her daughter bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to make Bristol a reality star bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to make Todd a reality star bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to get Levi not to marry Bristol succeeded
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to look like she has a happy family bombed. Britta divorced Sarah Palin’s tattooed war hero wannabe combat vet bombed.
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to be a View host bombed
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to be 2012 and 2016 POTUS never materialized
    Sarah Palin’s attempt to be a big breasted starlet bombed
    Sarah Palin’s wish to be loved by Alaskans bombed
    Sarah Heath's attempt to be a sports castor bombed
    Sarah Heath's attempt to be Miss Alaska bombed

    Sorry Sarah Heath/Palin, Americans are just not into you.

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Sorry Sarah Heath/Palin, Americans are just not into you.

      Neither are Alaskans
      Neither is Todd

    2. Anonymous8:35 AM

      sarah palin's attempt to be "miss Big Lake" also bombed. She didn't even place. She doesn't talk about that much., actually never.

  14. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Palin on Ahmadinejad: 'He Must Be Stopped', was really about Iran and not it's then president.

    America's discussion on Sarah Palin: 'She Must Be Stopped ' and guess what we did


  15. Anonymous6:28 PM

    She's still just reliving the glory day when she actually learned how to say "Ahmadinejad".

    1. "she actually learned how to say "Ahmadinejad"
      Yup. "Ahmadinnerjacket."

    2. Anonymous9:00 PM

      She's still just reliving the glory day when she actually learned how to say "Ahmadinejad".
      Yes, that was a high point in her career...


    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Remember him on "60 Minutes"? I was impressed. Say whtever you want about him, but he is highly intelligent. My son watched, and concluded the same thing. I remember thinking at the time that it is no wonder people have lost respect for the USA, given that W was our president. That leader could have chewed him up and spit him out. Very intelligent, knowledgeable.

    4. abbafan8:38 AM

      Anon @ 3:50 A.M. - totally agree with you! President Ahmadinejad could have ripped both dubya and cheney a new asshole, but he was far too intelligent and civil to lower himself to their level!

  16. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Sarah Palin’s new TV network shows just how far her star has fallen
    July 2014

    After her resignation as governor of Alaska in 2009, Palin pivoted seamlessly to television....

    Palin clearly wants to be on television. But she wants to be a TV personality on her own terms.  Having tried reality TV shows and news programs of various stripes, Palin is now making TV that is part of no established genre besides “things that come from Sarah Palin’s brain” –and asking her fan base to pay her $99.95 a year for the privilege of watching it....


    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      I thought she dropped the price to $10 and didn't get many takers there either!

  17. Anonymous6:39 PM

    The Iran Deal is safe & will pass: there are enough votes to back up the Prrsident. Ha ha - Palin is there a day late & a dollar short. The Palin Curse strikes again.

  18. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Energy Secretary Sarah Palin?

    Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has quite a bit of work to do before he has to worry about cabinet secretaries, but he already has some people in mind for his executive-branch team. In July, for example, Trump was asked whether he’d consider former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) for his cabinet.


    “I’d love that,” he replied. “Because she really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person.”


    Evidently, the Alaska Republican already hasa specific job in mind.

    In a freewheeling and strangely self-defeating interview on Sunday, Sarah Palin rallied behind Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, promoting herself as Trump’s potential secretary of energy even as she pledged to abolish the department. 


    “I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.”

    Palin added, in the same interview, “I think a lot about Department of Energy. And if I were head of that, I would get rid of it.”


    In other words, Palin wants to be the Energy Secretary, so that she could play a direct role in eliminating the Department of Energy. She wants to get the job, in order to walk away from the job – which, if nothing else, would fit nicely into Palin’s career pattern. (The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza joked over the weekend, “Palin is the only politician who takes jobs strictly so she can resign from them.”)


    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Trump is probably saying I wish she would shut the fuck up. I just want her followers votes.

    2. Anonymous7:02 PM

      She means the Department Of Interior.
      Can this woman not learn a damn thing????

      She's NOT running, 4pees, the world would laugh and rightly so!

    3. Anonymous10:09 PM

      Department of Inferior (h/t to the first said it) is the 'position' and 'title' that Donaldass T Rump has in mind for ol' Sarah P.


    4. Anonymous3:27 AM

      It looks like Trump is as dumb as Sarah when it comes to who does what in the various Cabinet positions. My fervent prayer is the God will save us from the GOP in 2016.

  19. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Iran... Isn't that a state in the country of Africa?

    Just think of how close that ditz was to being just a heartbeat away from the presidency...

    Scary the predicament the "low information" voters almost placed us in...

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Sarah Palin wants you to know it's pronounced "Eye-ran."

  20. Anonymous6:46 PM

    She looks scared to death and very unsure of herself! What else is new - very low self esteem which is still apparent today!

  21. Anonymous6:48 PM

    You keep laughing at Secretary of Energy Sarah Palin and you will see who has the last laugh.
    -Lou Sarah

    1. She wouldn't get confirmed. She couldn't last 5 minutes answering questions that weren't prescreened, and answered for her by her enablers. On her own, Sarah is a blabbering idiot.

    2. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Sarah should look up and see what the Dept of Energy does.....lol not even close to what she said. She is so damn stupid. It has nothing to do with drilling, oil gas, and "minerals."

  22. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Seeing how many people are standing up for religious kook/county clerk Kim Davis and elevating her to sainthood makes me see how Sarah Palin could fake the birth of Trig with certain players enabling her fraud like Baldwin -Johnson. Funny how the media refused to even question her.

  23. Anonymous7:32 PM

    What a dumb ass is all I can say.

  24. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Sarah sure has some butt-ugly ears.
    Goes with her being such a dumbass.

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      I thought I was the only one to notice she has butt ugly ears.

  25. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Who is dumbest? The Hoohah palin herself or her followers?

    1. Anonymous4:38 AM

      IQ is normally distributed with a mean of 100, 2/3 of people are between 84-116, leaving 16-17% above and below that range. One in 6 people with an IQ below. 84. Plus people with higher IQ but delusional/paranoid tendencies. She'll never get elected dog catcher with that base now that everyone else sees her for what she is, but she's still their Sarah, Queen of. The Crazies. They never had a political leader who is truly LIKE THEM, and they're as giddy as she is.

  26. Anonymous8:41 PM

    GOP’s Epic Failure To Stop Iran Deal Started With Netanyahu Stunt In March

    The long Republican battle to block the Iran deal is coming to a end, with Mitch McConnell begging Senate Democrats not to filibuster a vote to stop the deal, even as it has become obvious that the president has the votes he needs for the plan to survive, possibly even without requiring his veto. In their hopes to embarrass the president, Congressional Republicans have failed miserably, and now it is they, and not the White House that must endure the humiliation of a stinging defeat.

    While the final fatal blow to the Republican resistance is being dealt in September, opposition to the Iran deal was doomed long ago. When Congressional Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver a clearly partisan speech before Congress in March, the GOP sealed their inevitable fate on the Iran Deal.

    By poisoning the debate with the fiercely strident and distinctly partisan tones of Netanyahu, the Republicans pushed uncertain Democrats off the fence and into Barack Obama’s camp on the Iran deal.

    An American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyist admitted as much, telling an Israeli news source:


  27. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Obama Devastates Republicans By Securing Enough Votes To Block Iran Disapproval In Senate

    President Obama and Senate Democrats have reached the magic number of 41 votes and have the ability to block the Republican resolution of disapproval of the Iran deal in the Senate.

    The Hill reported:

    President Obama has clinched the 41 votes he needs to block a resolution disapproving of the Iran nuclear deal, sealing an important political victory over Republicans. 

    Three Democrats — Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Gary Peters of Michigan — came out in favor of the deal Tuesday, giving the president the 41 votes he needs to keep the resolution bottled up in the Senate. 

    A fourth Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, announced he would join all 54 Republicans and three other Democrats in rejecting the Iran deal and voting in favor of the disapproval resolution.

    Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) is the only undecided lawmaker left in the Senate.

    Republicans were banking on the resolution of disapproval at least passing in Congress and setting up a veto showdown with the President, but Senate Mitch McConnell could not get the 60 votes that he needed to get the resolution to Obama’s desk.


    Democrats Turn The Tables On Mitch McConnell As Republican Begs Don’t Filibuster Iran Vote

    Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spent years filibustering Democrats when he was in the minority, but as Majority Leader, McConnell is begging Democrats not to filibuster the Iran deal resolution of disapproval.

    ...When Mitch McConnell is in the minority, filibusters are good. When McConnell is in the majority filibusters are bad.

    McConnell’s complaints are hypocritical for another reason. He agreed to the 60 vote threshold for resolution of disapproval. Republicans were so confident that they could get the votes that they agreed that the resolution would not be passed by a majority vote.

    Mitch McConnell is complaining about a process that he negotiated and signed off on.


  28. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Obama Puts An Emphatic Veto Threat Exclamation Point On His Iran Deal Victory

    Just in case Republicans thought that they had any hope of stopping the deal on Iran’s nuclear program, the White House issued a veto threat that put an emphatic exclamation point on President Obama’s victory.

    In a statement of administration policy, the White House made sure that it’s over for the GOP:

    The Administration strongly opposes H.J. Res. 64, a joint resolution of disapproval of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, and Germany), the European Union, and Iran on July 14, 2015. Enactment of the resolution would greatly undermine our national security interests on multiple fronts. It would effectively block the international community from peacefully and verifiably preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, allow for the resumption of an unconstrained and unchecked Iranian nuclear program, and lead to the unraveling of the international sanctions regime that was sustained because the Administration sought to diplomatically resolve concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Further, enactment of the resolution would deal a devastating blow to America’s credibility as a leader of diplomacy and could ultimately result in the exhaustion of alternatives to military action. If this resolution were enacted, the hard work of sustaining a unified coalition to combat Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region would be much more difficult, as would America’s ability to lead the world on nuclear non-proliferation. (MORE in the article online)

    ...In other words, if Republicans were successful in killing the deal, they would weaken America. The President has the 41 votes that he needs to block the resolution in the Senate.

    The veto threat was a reminder to Republicans that they have no path to victory. Obama has sealed everything down. The warmongers have been defeated as a path to peace has been chosen over the road to war.

    It’s all over for Republicans. President Obama has got them beat at every turn. In case they didn’t get the message, Obama has his veto hammer in hand and ready to strike them down.


  29. Anonymous9:06 PM

    “I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals,"
    -Sarah Palin
    Secretary of Energy

    Hey retAWDDD we thought Trig was your baby or was it Tripp? Didn't you offer to adopt Tripp and no one would be the wiser? But Barstool wouldn't let you have him. Why? Maybe Barstool knew that if she let you adopt Tripp then Barstool wouldn't have anything to keep Levi around?

    1. Anonymous3:56 AM

      Fortunately, Levi came to his senses. He definitely married UP with Sunny. Beautiful girl, excellent mother and wife. No plastic surgery, just a natural beauty.

  30. Anonymous9:10 PM

    White supremacists threaten to assassinate ‘anti-white’ Pope Francis during US visit


  31. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Every tactic used by the President’s opponents has failed.

    No matter what spin Republicans may try to put on it, the fact that they couldn’t get their own resolution out of a Congress that they control is a crushing defeat.

    The mainstream press has spent years claiming that President Obama’s power is diminishing, but the strength of his Iran deal demonstrates that this president is only getting stronger as his second term in office moves along.

    Republicans have been focused on handing President Obama a defeat on the Iran deal for months. The Netanyahu speech and their letter to the Iranian government both backfired. By trying to humiliate Obama, Congressional Republicans rallied Democrats around their president.

    President Obama and the Democrats have won in convincing fashion, as the only people swallowing the taste of bitter humiliation are Senate Republicans.


  32. Anonymous9:25 PM

    And what do you have to say to your buddy, Bibi, Sarah? Is THIS acceptable to you? Do you support THIS? Because this is horrific, disgusting and UNacceptable, then most likely you're on board with it. For me, it's reprehensible and pisses me off that we support what Bibi is doing:

    Israel plans to tear down 13,000 Palestinian Buildings in Palestine


    1. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Yes, you really understand the situation there, obviously. Moron.

  33. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Really worthwhile website to bookmark, Gryphen. You may even consider putting on the blog roll. He offers such indepth information and knowledge about what is happening in the middle east and also in US politics. I find his articles really eye opening in a good way. I was finding it hard to pick and choose, since there are so many good ones, so I just posted the main page and you can see what you find yourself drawn to.


  34. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Watch "Sarah Palin To Be Trump's Secretary Of Stupid" on YouTube


    1. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Well she has lots of stupid followers so she can be above them being secretary. But anyone else no.

  35. Anonymous9:49 PM


    A Special Letter to the President From Members of the Democratic National Committee


  36. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Late night comedians needed some new material. Maybe SNL will do a skit of Sarah not knowing who the heads of countries are losing her temper yelling "Who cares about trivial pursuit?"
    Hell, who wants a surgeon who knows where organs and arteries are located. When she says "no one cares" about important to know information she is adored by stupid people.

  37. Anonymous9:53 PM

    THIS is very disturbing:


  38. A. J. Billings2:49 AM

    Any person that remotely thinks that $arah the Idiot wrote that speech is truly deceived

    $arah ruined herself and her chances at national office forever by opening her mouth in 2008 and revealing her abysmal ignorance.

    The gaffes, the word salad, and the obscenely ignorant shite that she vomited forth during the VP "debate" was nothing less than a colossal fail.

    When she quit her duty to Alaskan voters, she really went down hill in the eyes of many conservatives.

    When she whined about blood libel, she did herself no favors

    When she and her family had the now famous Palin Brawl, people really had to question her sanity, allowing her drunk kids to attend a party and start fights.

    Christians the world over were appalled, and very critical of her insanely stupid and offensive line about "we baptise terrorists by waterboarding"

    I think the last straw was the $arah signature on the FU Michael Moore sign, which is what you might expect from a dull witted teenager on instagram.

    Really $arah, we know your game, and we know that you won't be running in 2016, or in 2020.

    Game over you defeated Quitter!

  39. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Sarah Palin couldn't locate Iran on a map if she tried and she certainly has no idea who is running the country or what the Iranian people are like.


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