Friday, September 04, 2015

Texas, where they don't just spout anti-gay rhetoric, they amplify it.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

Earlier this week, video posted on social media captured part of a sermon about homosexuality at The Door Christian Fellowship Church’s nightly tent revival at Leroy Elmore Park. 

“I still believe that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” the pastor says in the video. “I don’t care who told you it’s okay, God says it’s an abomination.” 

“A fag is still a fag, and a dike is still a dike!” he shouts. “If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it’s a cotton-picking duck!” 

“And I can’t stand men saying, ‘I need to get in touch with my feminist side!’ Have you looked in the mirror, brother? Don’t get me going!”

Well gee, he seems nice.

When questioned by the folks at local Texas affiliate KCBD Pastor Anthony Saavedra stood by his hateful rhetoric: 

"We preach on sin in general in the eyes of God," Saavedra said. "Sin is sin. Homosexuality is the part that is being mentioned, which the bible does say is an abomination…and we do believe it is a sin."

Despite complaints the pastor claimed that he would continue shouting his anti-gay invective's into his  microphone for the remainder of the week.

Perhaps an LGBT group could put up a tent directly across from Pastor Homophobe and start yelling into a microphone at the top of their lungs that archaeologists can find NO evidence of the Exodus mentioned in the Bible, that Egyptians had NO Jewish slaves, and that Jesus could NOT have been the Messiah because he was not a direct descendant from King David.

Just a thought.


  1. Balzafiar6:52 AM

    Ah, dear old Lubbock, home of a church on every corner. Been there too many times. It hasn't been until the last two decades that one could buy alcohol other than beer without driving forty miles (each way) to another town.

    Don't be totally turned off by Lubbock though, the M4M section of Craigslist is quite busy in that area. That pastor may be one of them. It happens; just sayin...

  2. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Can you even imagine Jesus talking like that; saying those hateful things? If there were a Jesus, of course.

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I'm convinced it was the gays that knocked Bristol up.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Since all is gushy about our upcoming president rump, this does not surprise me for some strange R reasoning. He even signed the 'PLEDGE" and that is the beginning of the circus 2016.

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I was recently wondering why I no longer go to church.oh yeah, now I remember.

  6. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Bet you anything that at night this POS funnels money out of the collection basket and parades around in lingerie before initiating BDSM sex with his neighbor's goat. You know people this awful are always festering with the sickest secrets, and by "sickest" I mean funniest.

  7. Anonymous8:19 AM

    OT... Sarah is trying to insert herself into the rename of Denali in her latest fb post. She refers to herself as 'Denali', which just happened to be her SS code name.

    WTF !

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Who's Trig's mother, Lady Denial?

  8. Anonymous9:28 AM

    New look for Brissy.

  9. A Superfan In Atlanta9:51 AM

    ...OR just follow him around for a couple of weeks to see what company he's keeping. Those typically with the loudest voices against an action are usually the main ones actively participating in it.

  10. a. j. billings10:15 AM

    Also, please note that this racist idiot used the phrase, "cotton pickin"

    Preacher boy, who used to pick your grand pappy's cotton in the good old days when blacks knew their place, women were barefoot in the kitchen without the vote, and white men ruled the world?

  11. If you believe the hatred and venom they spew as the word of
    Jesus Christ and his demented dad, God, then you just have to hate all Christians.

  12. Anonymous5:15 PM

    OT This just in.... President Obama to visit Lubbock Texas and rename it back to it's original Native American name......

    Buttocks Texas.

    Someone gag the preacher, he's polluting the air and adding to global warming with his hate speech while thumping the Bible.


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