Friday, October 02, 2015

Bernie Sanders announces that his is the first campaign to receive one million donations.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal: 

With hours to go before the third quarter campaign finance filing deadline, the campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said it reached its goal of one million individual online contributions. 

He is the first candidate of the 2016 campaign to announce it had reached this number – and he reached it faster than President Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012.

You know that is nothing to sneeze at.

Sanders does not have any big corporations or SuperPACs backing him but you know that each one of his contributors, the average donation being around $24.86, are also a guaranteed vote for him in the primary.

I imagine that this third quarter filing will show Hillary crushing Sanders in the donation category, but how does she fair in the enthusiasm category?


  1. Anonymous4:59 AM

    I am extremely enthusiastic about Hillary being president.

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Me, too. I'm anticipating a lot of activity and a lot of fun in 2016.

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      I am too. But I love Bernie and how he has made her adjust her course.

    3. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Lol. She isn't going to make it thru primaries!

  2. Anonymous5:12 AM

    "91% of all @HillaryClinton donations were
    $100 or less. Thanks so much people."

  3. Anonymous6:15 AM

    My am a proud contributor to the Bernie Sanders campaign! Go Bernie!


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