Thursday, October 08, 2015

Bernie Sanders explains that Social Security is NOT going broke. And offers a solution to keep that from ever happening.

Okay I think I felt a little of the Bern there.

Anybody else?


  1. Anonymous3:20 AM

    oh this is good. The republikkans as "truth tellers" !!!!!!! Repukklicans are doing back flips. And all the polls and people interviewed? whew.....BS did Clinton really hire the rump for entertainment factor> its working and I love it.!!!!!!! BING gaz B

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    msnbc host and guest say. look at these photos of immigrants!!!! look at their faces in the photos. Republicans are the war machine, the hate machine, the hate America machine, and the cancer inflicted on America and Americans from global hogs pigs and zeros. Msnbc should show the real cause of those faces fleeing their homelands. Just like our ancestors fleeing. DICK TATERS, BIGOTS, HATE, GREED. IGNORANCE. and now the usa war machine. the republican party

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Can I have the recipe for Dick Taters?

  3. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Thanks for this post Gryph. Bernie is a good explainer for those who have ears. Social Security, for the greedy, needs 'privatizing because we are a capitalist christian country, right?

    The USPO has been self-sustaining over the course of America's history. Taxes did not (do not) pay for mail delivery. Oligarchs through ownership of cheap (and dumb) politicians convinced the public (us) that the Post Office (a non-profit quasi-governmental service) was inefficient, cost to much and the union was bad. Competition is best!

    Too many of us bought the mostly lies. If you do not personally use the services of the Postal Service, you do not pay for its existence for others. Stamps and other sold items support the delivery of mail and provides pensions for the quasi-governmental workers. Congress decided that the Post Office needed to pay (set aside) money for an unreasonable # of years into the future for pension payouts. That led to an increased cost of stamps over continuing years. And the call to 'privatizing' the Post Office for profit for private investors began in earnest. Mail delivery by 'middlemen' who could pay employees less with less benefits meant money for new 'small business' entrepreneurs. Those changes hurt the middle-class; it continues to do so.

    Bernie Sanders is a wise democratic socialist. Many of us are though be don't recognize it. We've been 'carefully taught' that socialism is a bad thing. Education matters a lot. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are fearless teachers.


  4. My Social Security Nodernization plan is far superior to Bernie's, but at least he is trying. I Have sent it to him, Warren, and plenty others. Take the time to read all my posts as the blog serves as a repository of the entire plan.
    The BEST Social Security Modernization Plan could solve many of this nation's ills, including income inequality, But I need supporters to get the big dogs' attention. thanks!

    1. I'm sure Bernie will have a look at it. I have a feeling his staffers have been chosen well.

  5. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Welcome to the light, Gryphen. Go Bernie!

  6. He's the adult in the campaign (like Obama was), not out to profit from the power of the position, or a sense of entitlement, but to use it to solve problems with concrete solutions.

    He has optimism and common sense and integrity.
    That his mammoth rallies, clever use of social media & donation stats are off the charts now -- more than a year from the election -- speaks to a chord he is striking with a very diverse electorate.

    That America can't understand that socialism is already a part of every American's life is a sad and dangerous result of generations of fear mongering and disinformation campaigns by the right-wing.

    (That he didn't chop the air over and over with his hands in this video is great! Guess my note about this with my donation was read and applied...ha!.)

  7. In Jeb's aspirational society, hope replaces welfare, social security, and Obamacare. Ever try to bank aspiration? Ever try to cash an aspirational check? Ever try to give up that minimum wage job for Walker's new opportunities and better education?

    Don't you love it when inheritors of wealth lecture you about the evils of safety nets?


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