Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jeb Bush wants us to remember what his brother did AFTER 9-11. Okay let's.

Just to add a few, Bush also started the domestic spying program under the NSA, used those colored terror charts to keep Americans in a constant state of panic, and outed a CIA agent whose husband dared to argue against misinformation suggesting that Iraq had access to yellow cake uranium.

(H/T to the Democratic Underground.)


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Great overview of a horrible, horrible president...

  2. Anonymous3:52 AM

    To say nothing of the havoc wreaked on the American economy by the end of Bush's second term. Yes, George W. Bush accomplished a lot -- but none of it was good. If Jeb Bush were to receive this list with the addendum of the near destruction of the US and world economies and someone were to read it slowly to him maybe he would understand why NO ONE wants another Bush in the White House. Not even his mother.

    1. He surely knows all this, doesn't he? Are the Bushes so delusional they can simply deny all of this? This is so hard for the rational mind to fathom.

      Why aren't these lists printed DAILY in newspapers, put on on billboards? Used by Democrats MORE?

    2. I tweeted the Democratic Underground article to Jeb at @JebBush.

  3. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Google "50 despicable things George bush did" and it includes those above but a bunch more like theft of the 2000 election, ignoring warnings of a potential attack, pushing tax cuts while we were at war, etc.

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I think it takes a special type of narcissist to run for political office. Many of them are pathological and delusional on top of it. How else would you explain someone like Trump. My motto about the Bush/Cheney years "never forget!".

  5. Anonymous7:11 AM

    The fact that under GW, there were at least 13 terrorist attacks on US Embassies & Consulates with 60+ killed & wounded. Those are NEVER mentioned. It's gross neglect on the part of Democrats & the Media to ignore those attacks. We have to stand up & fire back at the rethugs each & every time they open their mouths in lies, deflections & persecution. Damn! Kept us safe? Biggest lie yet.

  6. In another generation or two, I fully expect the GOP to attempt to make GW it's new Ronald Reagan.

    The truth, never held to too high a standard in politics, now means nothing. It's just what you can spin and make people believe. The safety of the nation after 9/11 cannot be measured. Because something didn't happen doesn't mean it was prevented. If that's the litmus test, then Bush can take credit for all the meteors and asteroids that didn't hit the earth.

    The biggest threat to this nation is ignorance.

  7. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Two important words: "BUSH OIL"

  8. Sharon12:56 PM

    Let us not forget Katrina....his buddy Brownie doing a heckava job! There is not enough paper to include what Bush/Cheney did to this country & the horrible PR to the rest of the world. The sheer arrogance of Jeb of even thinking about running says it all. Seems no one remembers how Jeb was Gov of FLA which allowed his retard brother to win in the first place...the SCOTUS just finished the job.

  9. Anonymous3:18 PM

    And the idiot had the gall to write a book. All that waste, blood on his hands, and he tried to re write history. We'll never, ever forget.
    And Jeb! shows his own delusion by saying he kept us safe? What an idiot!!!! Is darling Nicole still tooting cocaine? Is her mom "forgetting" to declare thousands in dresses? Sonny boy still nailing any girl not glued to the floor?

  10. physicsmom7:38 PM

    I had seen elsewhere a list of the 12 or 13 embassy incidents during GWB's terms, as mentioned above. There is no way to put this all on a billboard. If a clever marketer figures out how to present the message in a succinct way, I'd chip in some $$ to have billboards put up. The media is culpable for a lot of what is happening today, due to their lack of coverage on significant incidents. The DNC is also responsible for its failure to construct a cohesive message that would bring W's perfidy into public discourse again.


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