Friday, October 09, 2015

Ladies and gentleman Alaska's lone Congressman.

I have actually spoken to Don Young once in person, he is just as much of an asshole face to face.

Don't bother asking me why we don't vote him out of office, I have been trying to figure that out for the last thirty plus years.


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    What a flaming asshole!

  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The guy is a pompous ass! I've been in Alaska for over fifty years and I've NEVER cast a vote for him. The native population has been his biggest source of votes.

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      I know! I feel like telling Alaskan Republicans: "Okay, guys-- joke is a joke but this isn't funny any more!"

  3. Refresh our memories, if you would: this is the 'don't touch me' clown, or I'll threaten you with violence...? Statesmanship. What a long way it's come.

  4. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Goddamn cranky government welfare asshole believes the public owes him.

  5. That guy is a putz!

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I swear he's senile. -sjp

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Don is the essence of Alaska. That's why he'll be in office forever. The majority of people here suck.

  8. Chenagrrl5:29 PM

    And as a former, now dearly departed aide said, he's dumb as a fence post.

  9. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I gotta say

    That's the Yon Dung we know!

    1. Anonymous8:39 PM

      I hope he does everyone a favor, and chokes on his next Steak dinner.

  10. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Yon Dung spreads his bull shazzle at Wasilla High School.:

    "Young made what they called hurtful and insensitive statements about suicide just days after a Wasilla student took his own life.

    That encounter occurred after teacher Carla Swick posed a question about Alaska’s high suicide and domestic violence rates and asked what Young's office is doing about it.

    Young started talking about suicide, mentioning the role played by alcohol and depression, several witnesses said. The school didn’t record the assembly.

    But then, witnesses say, Young said suicide shows a lack of support from friends and family.

    That comment stunned students and staff still mourning the loss of a student who died Thursday, staffers say.

    "When I heard 'a lack of support from family' and I heard 'a lack of support from friends,' I felt the oxygen go out of the room, but I gasped as well," Spargo said. "It just isn't true in these situations. It's just such a hurtful thing to say."

    Both Spargo and Swick say a friend of the victim, moved by emotion, shouted at Young, “He had friends. He had support.”

    “The kid said, ‘It’s depression -- you know, a mental illness,' ” Spargo recalled. As she remembers, Young replied, “ ‘Well, what, do you just go to the doctor and get diagnosed with suicide?’ ”

    At some point during the exchange, several school staffers say, the congressman also used either the words "---hole” or “smartass.”"

    Also too, his telling the high school students all about bull on bull cow sex.

  11. A majority of Alaska voters don't want anything different. As long as he identifies as a conservative, nothing else is expected. That he does nothing matters not.


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