Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday Night Live takes on guns in America. Because sometimes you just have to laugh.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

The two Weekend Update hosts joked about the role of the Constitution as it pertains to the right to own guns. Che joked, “There’s a gun for every man, woman and child in this country; what are we preparing for, a rap beef?”. 

He continued, “I know the forefathers said you have a right to own guns, but they also said you had a right to own people… the Constitution is a lot like our grandfather, he’s wise, we love him, and he means well, but he’s getting really, really old.”

There were actually two great clips from the show. I chose the one at the top first because it genuinely made me laugh out loud every time I watched it. 

The second one features host Amy Schumer. It is also humorous, but cuts little too close to home.

There are parts of the country that would watch this and say, "Yeah that seems right. What part's supposed to be funny?"

And that of course is much of the problem.

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    My favorite last night was the "hands free selfie stick".


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