Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Barack Obama first sitting President to be featured on cover of LGBT magazine. I can hear the conservative heads exploding already, can't you?

Courtesy of TPM: 

President Obama will be the first sitting President of the United States to have posed for the cover of a LGBT publication, it was announced Tuesday. Obama was named the "ally of the year" by Out magazine. 

Obama will be featured on the cover in a black and white photograph. 

"This is the first time a sitting president has been photographed for the cover of an LGBT title, a historic moment in itself, and a statement on how much his administration has done to advance a singularly volatile issue that tarnished the reputations of both President Clinton and President Bush," the magazine wrote on its website. 

The magazine's editor-in-chief sat down with the President for an interview, to be published as part of the publication's "Out100" 2015 edition.

(You can read that interview here.)

I think considering the President's support for LGBT rights, and how much progress has been made on their behalf during his presidency, that this seems kind of like a no brainer.

Of course it will absolutely be misrepresented by the Right Wing as proof positive that Obama is actually a closet homosexual. But then again what magazine cover could he had posed for where they WOULDN'T have seen it as proof that he was gay, a socialist, a Muslim, or a traitor?


  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    We are so fortunate in having President Obama leading our country....hate seeing him leave the presidency, but wager he's looking forward to it and his new opportunities.

    First thing though - he needs to relax and enjoy his home in the Hawaiian islands!

    I can hardly wait to see him go down as one of the best presidents our country has ever spite of all the obstruction and nastiness of the Republican party throughout his two terms.

    I hope ALL the evil doers in Congress rot in Hell!

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      We are so fortunate in having President Obama leading our country....


    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Completely agree!

  2. My husband and I will be together 40 years come February. We met when he was newly 26 and I was three months to go before 22. Ford was president. We were absolutely sure about each other in six weeks of acquaintance. I took him home to meet Mom two days after the first 'honeymoon' night. In those days, about the best you could hope for was 'acceptance without acknowledgment' in your families, but the level of acceptance was extraordinary from both my family and his.

    Gay couples didn't even dream out loud of legal marriage, or even of raising children if they hadn't already had them the heterosexual way. I'm shocked myself at the changes I've lived through in one lifetime. Honest.

    Greatest. President. Ever.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      I will never understand how, and in what way, people believed your loving and committed relationship was a threat to them. How was something so harmless a direct, or even an indirect, threat to anyone?

    2. Anonymous7:47 AM

      40 years together??? Wow! Congratulations and best wishes for many more.

      I have many friends and colleagues who are part of the LGBT community and I am so grateful that their lives have become easier and more respected in the past few decades. No longer do they feel compelled to hide in the shadows, hoping for mere acceptance.

      Love is love, and anyone who can find the kind of love that lasts is truly fortunate. (I'm still looking!)

    3. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Congratulations on 40 years together!

    4. Anonymous8:47 AM

      First of all, congrats on the 40 yrs :)

      Secondly, as someone whose parents could not get married in the USA due to the fact they were a biracial couple ( but at least they could go to Canada and get married and the US acknowledged that marriage legally) I think I was raised knowing that love knows no bounds.
      It has been a whirlwind of a couple of yrs going to weddings of many of our longtime couple friends as they have finally obtained the freedom of their right to marry.

    5. Anonymous9:05 AM

      Big Congrats, dvlaries!! That is quite a feat, both for what you have had to go through and 40 years! That alone is an accomplishment. I agree, Pres Obama has done more than any other to bring us into this century. I will miss his sensibility and humanity when his term is up.


    6. Anonymous9:50 AM

      I second your statement of President Obama being the best president. I'm 63 and never expected to see the changes which have occurred. I lost my partner back in 1992 to AIDS. How I wish he were here to see how different things are today.
      I sent an E-mail to the White House shortly after marriage equality was passed. I received back the most gracious reply. I know it was a form mail, but it still meant a lot.
      Our president and his family are a class act in every way.
      Congratulations on 40 years together...

    7. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Wow! I'm so happy for you! 40 years! How nice that both your families accepted and welcomed you as a couple! I'm just so happy for you.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    He is the best President of my lifetime, and that includes JFK.

    Sorry for the JFK lovers, but his presidency has been over glorified.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Jfk was far from a great president. Obama is too. A great president doesn't have doubters in his own party. Obama has many dem doubters. The only reason we ignore his faults is because the media destroys republicans in every way. Huge double standard.

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      With all due respect, he was not in office very long, and he did lay the groundwork for Civil Rights. But yes, Obama is the best ever.

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      @anon 9:26 am

      Other people's doubt is never the Presidents issue, that is their issue and their issue alone. It's called personal responsibility. Now pull yourself up by your bootstraps and run back to the peepond......oh, and send Sarah some more money, Bristle's new bastard isn't going to earn her the big bucks like the last one so it will be on you sarahPac dupes to support it.

    4. Anonymous9:26 AM "A great president doesn't have doubters in his own party."
      Then according to you we have never ever had a great president. No president has ever had 100% support from every member of his party and that includes Washington.

      The rest of your comment is equally stupid and false.

    5. Obama will go down in history as one of the best presidents ever..ranking with Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, and Truman.

    6. Anonymous12:09 PM

      "A great president doesn't have doubters in his own party. "


  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Good that it's a gay president. I know he's likely not the first gay president but that doesn't matter.

    1. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Actually James Buchanan was the first gay president. He is an ancestor of mine and lived openly with his male companion for well over 20 yrs. But back then no one cared.

      But, President Obama is far from gay....that man is one sexy virile piece of man meat.....Mmmmm.

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      How sad for you that you think calling the President gay is an insult and something we should be upset with.

    3. Being an ally to GLBT people doesn't make you a GLBT person yourself, you know. It's not contagious.

      There is no reason whatsoever to think that the president is gay, other than a desperate need to deny the obvious love the Obamas have for each other.

  5. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Plus, JFK (god rest his soul!) wasn't president long enough to really accomplish a lot. He was handsome, from a very rich family, born, raised and educated well, etc.

    President Obama IS and WILL BE noted (in history) as one of our best POUTS! I'm so proud I voted for him both times!

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Americans Welcome Paul Ryan By Giving Congress Its Worst Rating Of The Year

    Just 11 percent of Americans -- a record low for 2015 -- say they approve of Congress, according to the survey, which was taken after Paul Ryan was elected speaker of the House and a deal was reached to avoid a government shutdown. Eighty-six percent disapprove.


  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I don't like it one bit. I LOVE it all but would love it in all the colors of the rainbow. History will be kind to this man for standing on the right side of history. His kids are lucky to have him as a dad.
    My two votes for him were the best votes I ever cast. The man got the nobel peace prize before uttering a word as President.


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