Saturday, November 28, 2015

Believe it or not it appears that Sarah Palin believes that SHE schooled Seth Meyers on the Syrian refugee situation rather than the other way around.

Courtesy of Cognitive Dissonance's most famous example's Facebook page:  

We desperately need a Commander-in-Chief for such a time as this, not a divisive "Community Organizer" with a blowhorn, stirring domestic aggravation (Seriously how can a man wrapping up his seventh year in the White House be dismissed as simply a "community organizer?" Even by somebody as chronically ignorant as Sarah Palin?). Americans should be able to live with no fear of any outmanned, outsmarted, outgunned punkass-evil, misogynist, homophobic, intolerant death cult trying to infiltrate innocent populations. ("Punkass?")

We the People know our United States military could utterly and forever destroy ISIS - all it takes is the political will from on high with the command to "fire!" Alas, no matter the writing on the wall, our President will never trust the world's mightiest army to defeat the enemy - an enemy he refuses to wholly identify. (And THAT kind of thinking is exactly why you and your grandfather did not win the election in 2008.)

Muslim extremists crave an oncoming clash of civilizations. (As do Fundamentalist Christians.) Nefarious characters hellbent on killing those who refuse to succumb to their warped ideology (we are the "infidels") WILL come on over, under current conditions, and ultimately supporters of Obama's weakened security agenda are liable when terrorists see open doors to bring the seat of their violence here. This is not illogical. (You know just because you say something is not illogical.....)

Well-meaning influencers of culture like Seth Meyers (bless his heart... I really like the guy!) need a great awakening to recover from their gullibility, as does anyone believing the Feds have an 18-24 month bureaucratic vetting process that successfully filters out the bad guys. "Question Authority" on this, Seth. And please peruse the attached op-ed to understand a differing point of view regarding unnecessary dangers we face with leaders' heads in the sand, refusing to consider this IS a clash of civilizations. (The oped goes to Breitbart, so we KNOW what that is worth.)

Wait, does Palin actually think that SHE was the one with facts on her side during their "debate" with Meyers? Because that is certainly not how most people saw it.

Here take a look for yourself.

Yeah it would take buckets of conservative koolaid before you could convince yourself that Palin got the best of that exchange.

By the way it also looks like people are getting a little testy about Palin's non-stop self promotion:  

Edward Wysocki Stop promoting your book on Facebook......10 times is okay but this is getting ridiculous.....not what FB is for.

Hey, if your book tour crashes and burns what choice do you have left besides pimping it on Facebook?


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Really? She schooled him? Well others see it this way: ISIS Or GOP? Sarah Palin’s Description Of Terrorists Fits Both

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Coming from The American Terrorist herself. You're nothing but an unemployed bad joke.

    2. 66gardeners2:08 PM

      According to that idiot sheriff in Oregon, it's the media's fault for printing the shooter's identity.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    There's just so much to laugh at here, but what kills me is that she was on TV Monday night, and who knows when Seth's show was actually recorded, and then in the wee hours of the morning Saturday, she posted this heap of crap. She must have obsessed all week and worked on her spiel and filling it with all her worn-out awkward and archaic phrasings that only she uses.

    Wow. She is trying so hard--bless her heart if she had one--to regain the reputation she had before when some people actually took her somewhat seriously, and this book thing and TV appearances and meeting Trump on his turf for the photo op has her believing that she is actually going to make it.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      And what the heck is a "blowhorn"?! Does she mean bullhorn? Her mangling of the English language knows no bounds.

    2. Anonymous7:58 PM

      Sarah was thinking of Glenn Rice's 'blowhorn'.

    3. Anonymous1:02 AM

      Sarah can only blow President Obama's horn in her wildest fantasies. Keep dreaming Sarah!

    4. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Her mangled brain combined " blowhard" with " bullhorn".
      She is mentally deficient.

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    $arah Palin! A Rill Murrican (tm)

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Can we rid our nation of Christianity, first? Because two of my kids live in Colorado Springs and I fear they might run into a Christian or two up there and both of my boys are liberal Atheists and don't have the good sense to keep their opinions to themselves-since they think it's America, and such.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Bless AIP PALIN's shriveled little heart. She got schooled on national TV and it still burns. Weird, because normally she doesn't hold a grudge!

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Normally doesn't hold a grudge?!?
      Hope that was tongue in cheek.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Yes, and writing it was much like 'tongue down throat'-it made me gag!

    3. Anonymous3:25 PM

      that's a scary good job of mimicking another poster here....

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    You can always hear the screeching in her written words. We've heard it a million times and so the written words are practically audible. Especially screechy is when the freak says that embarrassing "We the PEE-pul."

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Anonymous2:47 PM

      Bless AIP PALIN's shriveled little heart.
      AND her punka$$ fake POS book is tanking! Only dead fish go with the floe....
      nobody wants what she is selling anymore and that burns her skinny ass!!! LMAO AIP palin fuck YOU!!!

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      We are all in agreement on AIP PALIN!

  7. Irishgirl2:49 PM

    It's time for the pallbearers.

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Palin's poor misbegotten book. Pulped so soon.

    2. Anonymous6:46 AM

      2:49 They should be able to rustle up two pallbearers. There are only two handles on a garbage can.

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I am so fucking sick of AIP PALIN disrespecting the twice elected POTUS.
    She is free to disagree with his politics and positions, but I would love to see her arrested for treason. I hate this bitch and every time she puts this kind of shit out, it refuels my desire to see here destroyed. Can't happen soon enough. Fucking bitch.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Ditto. There are few people who I have absolutely no sympathy for. One is Cheney. One is her. She's pretty powerless compared to the others on my list, but she is so ugly through and through and it's impossible not to look forward to her getting what's coming to her.

    2. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I just wanted her to go away for 7 years. Now I wish her a horrible demise.
      Go suck on it Sarah, you retarded,bombastic ,vile,scum.

    3. Anonymous3:18 PM

      The lowest of the low IQ scum suckers in this nation need heroes too; Palin is their hero, even more since she stole Trig from Bristol and pretended to have an even MORE retarded kid than the other 4.

      "She's just like us" they proclaim, as they bring home their processed food from Walmart and try to get their functionally retarded children to leave the double-wide so there is space for daddy to fix that car engine in the kitchen.

      Really, the people that support her or Trump are anachronistic barely human life forms. It used to be that these people fixed your car or unclogged your plumbing, but these days there is an entire better class of people that even do those menial jobs.

    4. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Wow! I am in total agreement with all of the above sentiments!

    5. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Me too, Anon at 3:21 pm.

    6. Anonymous3:46 PM

      3:21: Me too (or 3 or 4!)

    7. Anonymous5:16 PM

      She's their hero? Not so much. Anymore.

    8. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Hey- fixing cars and plumbing is no longer menial work! Have you tried fixing a car lately? First thing you do is hook it up to a computer.

  9. It took her almost a week to come up with that? So quick on her feet!

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      The postage people took time off for the holidays.
      (The day Palin correctly uses "peruse" in a sentence is the day that Bristol gives birth to a legitimate child)

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      $creech PayMe: No job
      Todd PayMe: No job (MIA - last sighting on an escalator in AZ)
      Track "Cain't Get Right" PayMe: No job: hides in PayMe house 'garage apartment'
      Brisdull PayMe: No job and no clue as to baby daddy
      Willow PayMe: No job

      Also too: a PayMe has not been seen near a house of worship in at least 7 years. Do the kids get any religious teachings? lol

      What an inspirational family! NOT

  10. Jeez, Sarah sure is touchy when she gets made a fool of.

  11. Anonymous3:21 PM

    That voice, oh that voice ...

    Like the screeching brakes on a train,
    nails on a blackboard, never ending audio-pain.

    Words hustled, no-thoughts-dressing,
    brain-dead enough for Right Wing’s blessing.

    I knew what was coming and with ultimate dread,
    I didn’t have to do it, still clicked play for her talking head.

    That voice, oh that voice …

  12. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I think she more or less is saying that because shits dire, they're gonna try to expedite the immigration process.

    In reality, and personally, it's been hard for my family (we're Caucasian) to get an Inlaw in this country from the Middle East. That normal process is long and stressful.

    I believe we're long overdue for non PC action in regards to terrorists and Isis.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM


    2. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Against terrorists? You want to start blowing up churches in the bibull belt?

  13. Anonymous3:26 PM

    OT, but I'm just loving the previews for the "Krampus" xmas horror movie with lots of famous people! That's certainly something that has been missing from the holiday season, a good fucking horror film!

  14. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Sarah Palin- dumb and desparate. HA ha ha..go away.

  15. Anonymous3:29 PM

    If Sarah Palin wanted to add to the public discussion of the issues facing our country, I would support her, even if I heartily disagreed with everything that came out of her mouth. It is her dog whistle, treasonous, disrespectful, hate speech, rhetoric, that I can only assume is intended to incite violence against our nation and our elected leaders, that makes me hate her with every fiber of my being. I will celebrate the day this ugly, vile, wicked being passes from the earth. Literally, celebrate.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM


    2. Anonymous4:08 PM

      I have tried to listen to her discuss policy and it's obvious that she doesn't know a damned thing; that's when the word salad starts.

      Spot on assessment!

    3. Anonymous5:49 PM

      You're all missing the simple fact that she does it, and only it, for the money. NOTHING else matters to her. She keeps score by her bank account. She is a schill for the highest bidder, unfortunately for her, she's no longer able to get those paddles in the air. She's so desperate, I can smell it here in the outskirts of Vegas.

    4. Anonymous6:33 PM

      5:49 PM

      ... no only the money,
      The attention she receives or believes she receives also matters tremendously.

    5. Anonymous8:45 AM

      I will bebaking cakes and celebrating when
      1) Dickfuck Cheney finally fies
      2) palin is exposed for babygate
      3) my clueless alcohilic fuck boss is escorted out for good.

  16. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Sarah Palin Disgustingly Makes SURE We Don’t Blame Guns In Her ‘Prayers’ For Colorado

    There are some people in this world who will genuinely show concern and care for victims of violence without purposefully neglecting information and making it about their own selfish cause. Sarah Palin is not one of those people.

    Palin decided, after the shooting at a Planned Parenthood Colorado Springs, Colorado, to take to her Facebook page and offer her “prayers” for the victims and their families. Sounds nice, right? Like it was done with a pure heart with no political malice whatsoever, right? Wrong.

    If you’re capable, at all, of reading between the lines of her message (which her followers can’t) you will soon realize she did two things: She completely left out any mention of Planned Parenthood, where the shootings took place, and she repeatedly made sure we don’t blame guns.

    Palin wrote:

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      I also read her post to be talking about abortion (you know, baby killing) but she avoided saying those words because she had to avoid mentioning Planned Parenthood as the place where the guy shot people.

    2. Anonymous3:41 PM

      My husband and I laugh so, so hard at all of the comments on the local newspaper when something terrible happens. The majority are "prayers for the family" "prayers for the departed", prayer for this, that and the other thing, blah blah blah.

      Your god sucks and your prayers are just going up into empty space, don't you religious idiots understand that? Last night on the Gold Rush reality show that asshole old guy said a few prayers and dug up a bunch of earth because he said that "god told him to dig HERE" and ya know what, there was jackshit for gold in that truck full of earth that "god" told him to dig out.

      Made me laugh my ass off because these people are so gullible and so stupid and every time their "god" lets them down they'll just double down in their worship, or lost faith so much that they shoot up a school. Well, hey, wake up and realize that he/she isn't real! How many times do these idiots have to have the football removed just prior to kicking it to realize that there ain't no sky fairy lookin' for your lame prayers and watchin' out for you? Prime example, Sarah Palin's life and family life is shit...she's prayed her whole life and the entire family is rotten with dysfunction.

    3. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Imagine having your baby or your combat son die despite heartfelt prayers and yet, Superbowl games, Grammy wins, etc are thanks to God answering prayers. I had a Christian friend pray for a good parking space when we shopped.

    4. Anonymous4:26 PM

      freedum of religion!

    5. Anonymous6:22 PM

      I think you are taking the whole "saying prayers" thing too far. I'm not sure of the words, but let me try.

      While I grew up and still have a Catholic Church leaning, I'm much less literal and tend to see things as "parable" or as a different "scenerio" to help us see things from a different perspective.

      When I think of prayer--I think that people are pausing, and giving thought, or sending warm vibes, whatever works for them.

      It's more a way to acknowledge that you paused from your day and took a moment to think of the person, their family and feel bad for them.

      It doesn't have to mean there is a "sky fairy". Why not just chill out a bit and accept the fact that many, many people around the country care enough and were moved enough by an incident to pause and "pray" or to pause and reflect on those who suffered because of it?

    6. Anonymous6:54 PM

      +1000 Anon 6:22. Too bad more people don't think of prayer as reflection, rather than bargaining.

    7. Anonymous7:53 PM

      6:22 that is a beautiful description of being mindful and reflective in response to important events in our and other’s lives.

    8. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Thanku 6:22.

    9. Nicely said, 6:22.

  17. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Well, like many stupid people, Sarah Palin does not know how to listen and learn because she thinks that she knows it all. I am sure that I had a much nicer Thanksgiving than Sarah did so I'm just going to put her into the deepest, darkest recesses of my brain cells for a while.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I guarantee you're right. Last year's "carving" photo said it all. She an expert at yakking, but when the time comes to do something properly, she fails miserably.

  18. Anonymous3:39 PM

    UPDATE: NBC News is reporting that the Planned Parenthood terrorist, Robert Lewis Dear, told police as he was being taken into custody, “No more baby parts.” This appears to be confirmation that the shooter was motivated in part by the deceptively-edited Planned Parenthood videos.

    Anti-Abortion Groups Condemn Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Attack

    The Center for Medical Progress, which released controversial videos of Planned Parenthood employees earlier this year, spoke out against the violence.

    Just covering their asses.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      So those who have throwing the most gas on the coals are dismayed that once again the flames of violence have erupted. Who could have possibly thought that putting out heavily doctored videos portraying a group as in humane monsters, and relentlessly referring to them as 'baby killers' could possibly incite a madman to violence?

    2. Anonymous6:09 PM

      4:26: Just like someone putting targets over politicians and then claiming to be the victim when some people get killed...

    3. Anonymous7:21 PM

      I so agree with you 6:09. The press should have shut down on Palin at that point. She should never have been reported on after that. Instead, they wanted clicks & kept writing about her, so she's still in the news & has continued to spew her hate over & over & over.

    4. The people responsible for that video should be prosecuted under the "No yelling fire in a crowded theater" doctrine.

    5. Hypocrites giving lip service. I'll be they were toasting him with champagne behind closed doors.

  19. Did I miss something? When did the vernacular of the pious religious fundies change to include such dirty words as "punkass"? I agree that she has sat all week mulling over her embarrassing 'performance' on Seth Myers. She probably deluded herself into believing that her various appearances hawking her latest beverage coaster would bring her back to the forefront as America's political sweetheart. Better luck next time, Tundra Trixie!

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      I loved that. So very presidential and so very Christian, too!
      I love it when someone thinks talking tough makes them a big dog.
      Arf, arf!

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      In sarah's case,yap,yap.

  20. physicsmom3:43 PM

    What the hell did she say at the end? "That's not what FB is for?" Who is she to dictate how someone uses their facebook page? I'm not on FB, but as I understand it, as long as you follow the general guidelines, there's no reason some guy can't pimp his book all day every day. If she's sick of it, delete his account, or block it, or whatever you do. I believe it's not hard. Considering the fact that she has used FB to promote herself for the last 7 years, the hypocrisy, it burns!

  21. The book is now #1,645 on Amazon . . . which translates to 2-3 sales per day.

    MSRP is $19.99; Amazon is selling it for $11.99. Amazon has it used for $10.00, new from other sellers for $10.39.

    HOWEVER -- If you think Sarah's "Sweet Freedom" is a POS, what do you think about the "Duck Dynasty" boys and their release: "Exploring the Joy of Christmas: A Duck Commander Faith and Family Field Guide!!!"
    It's all of #27,450 on Amazon.

    GREATGODALMIGHTY but these rightwingnujobs are real POS.

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      I checked eBay last night, since a c4per mentioned buying Sweet Freedum on their site. Since its release, about 15 copies have sold. Leah Rimini's book has sold over 100 copies.


      As of my earlier comment at 3:46 PM Eastern Time, the book was at #1,645.

      Now -- shortly after midnight Eastern -- a mere 8-9 hours later, it's down to 1,732..

      Let's see -- slips -100 spaces in 8 hours = -300 spaces per 24 hours. Before long, she'll be in the basement with the Duck Dynasty crowd, fighting for #28,000!!!!

  22. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Normally I like like to make a well reasoned argument or a relevant statement. I got nothing. She is such a vile cant (sp).

  23. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Hey, Bimbette Boopsie: All your talk of freedom; were not some of ours taken away with The Patriot Act?

    Too bad Seth schooled YOU and, when the audience clapped loudly in agreement, you flip-flopped. Whomever has been advising you "all these years" is getting paid waaaaaay too much. Dumb broad.

  24. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Did you notice the author of the Breitbart piece? Tom Tancredo-- another whacko-bird/rwnj.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      another wannabe politician like Sarah

  25. Anonymous3:57 PM

    What's Sarah all wee weed up about? No income $$s coming in due to crap book sales? No baby daddy to get child support for the next 18 years so Barstool can buy $300 sunglasses? It's nice to see that after 4 ghost-written books the public has finally caught on that Sarah is just one big fraudulent conman. The jig is up, Sarah, you are no longer relevant. Sit down and shut the hell up.

  26. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Sarah, your seamstress called, it appears your hem is crooked and your balls are on your knees. Oh wait, those aren't balls, they're granny tatas. Time to fill those pancakes with air and leave the important stuff to the expert- President Obama.
    Other things Sarah's "schooled"..... Bristol, Willow and the bevers that so desperately need it to build their dams, Track, The cake faced Piper on her birthday, and Trig, any of em, all of 'em. Did I forget any? Hard to tell with this band of grifters.

  27. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Sarah Palin Disgustingly Makes SURE We Don’t Blame Guns In Her ‘Prayers’ For Colorado

  28. Anonymous4:02 PM

    $arah Palin

    She needs to focus! Either tossing tamales or blasting her burrito. She can't do both at the same time..

  29. Anonymous4:03 PM

    ISIS Or GOP? Sarah Palin’s Description Of Terrorists Fits Both

  30. Misogynist homophobic? Is she referring to the Republican Party?
    She does realize that Obama isn't running, right?
    Nefarious characters, warped ideologies? Trump or the Talibangelicals?
    She thinks an op ed constitutes facts or is acceptable as a citation?

    She should be grateful that one, Seth even let her on his show and two, that he was polite enough to be so gentle with her.

    Quite frankly, I'm not sure under similar circumstances I wouldn't slap her upside the head.

    1. Anonymous10:46 PM

      Slap that wig off. Stuff her in a garbage can and Take Out the TRASH,PLEASE!

    2. Anonymous10:50 PM

      Her mental illness won't allow her to move on. She's stuck in 2008. Sarah,don't forget your weekend pass from the nut house expires Sunday at midnight.

  31. This is a solid 10 for Sarah. Idiotic, twisted, fueled by anger and substances, not a single sentence that reads smoothly, snotty arrogance, narcissism out the wazoo. I say gold medal for the bitch.

  32. Anonymous4:43 PM

    "..."Community Organizer" with a blowhorn...". WTF is a blowhorn? Is that Alaskan for bullhorn? That woman is an idiot!

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      $he wants to blow his horn.


    2. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Comes from the same "intellect" that brought you "HOOHAH!!" Shows what is always on her "mind"

    3. Anonymous7:39 PM

      LOL 5:14, you are so right.

    4. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Well, she gets all these things mixed up. Her Paul Revere bells and whistles and horn thing was the same way. Too funny. And sad.

    5. Anonymous9:29 AM

      That sound you hear when that all season tire just can't git-r-dun with 12 inches of snow and ice underneath. Zzzzzzzz.

    6. Anonymous10:49 AM

      7:47. She puts all them wordy words in a bucket,shakes them up,then blows them out her ass. She's a Rill font of information, that alaskan gal.

  33. Frothy Santorum4:53 PM

    Just as long as she's not a solid #2 like I am!

  34. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Thank you, Jesus, that this little unwashed retard will never again have any power over any person that's not an immediate relation.

    1. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Well said 4:58

  35. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Wow, that takes a prior-unequaled level of delusional narcissism to consider one's self as having schooled Seth!!

    Uhh, no, Sarah, as you read this, just because it contains some big words you can't comprehend, it shouldn't be taken as a complement.

    1. Or even a "compliment".

  36. "Muslim extremists crave an oncoming clash of civilizations. "
    Yes, they do, so why is Sarah so eager to give them what they crave?

    1. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Thank you! I was wondering about that contradiction too. She's such an airhead.

    2. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Palin could have substituted "Christian extremists" in place of Muslim extremists & that statement would be true, also, too. She makes me sick--stirring, stirring, stirring. She is one sick person.

    3. Anonymous10:44 AM

      How is the division and hate you've tried to create in Our country any different from IS IS,screech?

  37. Anonymous6:06 PM

    It really suck for Sarah P since Bruce Jenner became Caitlin. Jenner gets more worthless headlines that her.

    1. Anonymous9:25 PM

      If she's jealous of the attention, perhaps Sarah should follow suit and transition into a female.

  38. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The only reason Palin has commented about Bristol being
    pregnant again, the reporters interviewing her about her
    book, were not going to let her get away with ignoring
    the scandal. Palin had to gush about the baby girl about

    to be born and how happy she is about being a grandmother
    to a precious little girl , and how awesome Bristol is
    being a single mom who accomplishes so much in one day.
    If she were not out here doing her look at me, look at me
    I wrote another bookeeeee she would still be ignoring
    Bristol and the little one about to be born.
    Why didn't Seth congratulate her on becoming a grandmother
    soon. I would have been waiting for her pretend happiness
    answer while watching her squirm and hem and haw.
    She probably warned him, don't ask!

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Yes, he probably was advised of no-go areas, Slutty Eldest Daughter being #1 on the list.

      Sarah sounded so stupid going on an adult TV show with an intelligent host and claiming all sorts of government conspiracies.... poor old ho probably knew that her usual anti-Obama rant would be challenged.

      She sounded even more stupid than usual or haven't I been paying attention? Whatever, it was a bad mistake for her to go on a normal show for normal people, it was bad for Sarah to be exposed that way (no matter what she thinks in that elephantine cavern of hers) and it was a bad mistake for Meyers because he lost viewers after giving publicity, encouragement and endorsement Stupid.

    2. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Absolutely. She had to accept that the topic would come up. Otherwise, wow, there'd still be no public mention on her social media pages even as the babe's about to be born.

      Yeah, it would have been great if Seth too had brought up the topic. She was already so agitated and panicky having to deal with his questions. Funny how now, so many days later, she brings that show up and acts cool about it and like she wasn't thrown--her heart was racing and chest heaving the entire time!

  39. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Poor bobble head hasn't a clue about what is involved in leading an army anywhere, nor even where *anywhere* is if we know her. Smh. You can not just *fire*. Sarah, if your bored little strung out butt is reading this, take a look at this short 5 minute clip and tell me WHO are you going to fire at?

  40. Frosty7:17 PM

    The Tundra Turd is a rill Murkin malignant narcissist. As if we didn't already know that...

  41. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Poor Sarah still in her queen Esther mode as she can't quit using "for such a time as this". She uses "the writing on the wall" too, which is in the bible, where Daniel the prophet interpreted the dream for the King of Persia.

    Sarah's always against 'Eye-Ran' but forgets that the OT passages, which she takes personally, were enacted in ancient Iran.

  42. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I think Sarah's at the last phase of her mental delusion where she sits alone in her room and watches videos of herself over and over again.

  43. Anonymous7:45 PM

    The only word that is Palin's in this whole rant is punkass the rest of it she had help with.It's so easy for an idiot like her to assume what really goes on. Palin is not priveleged to the information that the CIA or the United States government has on any of this, she is an outsider making an opinion.

    No I do not know the vetting process of these latest refugees but i can tell you it isn't easy. The world has changed, pinpoint strikes and special forces are the most effective method used. Did we kill Osama Ben Laden with an entire division? What era is she living in? the 1980's? She should shut her mouth. Has there been another attack on the US since the World Trade Center when Busch was in charge?

    You better believe President Obama has not forsaken his duty.

  44. Besides the 18-24 month vetting period, refuge's don't get to pick the country that they go to. They are assigned a country.

  45. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Digging her heels in on the poor vetting process is spot on - if she were talking about the GOP vetting VP candidates.

  46. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Frighteningly enough, in this brief clip, ol' Guv seems nearly lucid. And normal. Scary!

  47. Anonymous8:13 PM

    "Wait, does Palin actually think that SHE was the one with facts on her side during their "debate" with Meyers?"

    Of course she does. She is incapable of having any idea how stupid she is. She is a genuine idiot. Her phoniness encompasses many things but not when it comes to idiocy. Very very few as dimwitted as Sarah have obtained her infamy. She proudly wears her stupidity like a sheriff's badge. How long did it take for her to come up with this mindless drivel?

  48. Anonymous8:55 PM

    We need to kick out anyone who is not Christian. That includes Jews, after all Sarah they killed Jesus.

    We need a Sarah Palin approved America! It's like Isis only better! we can have daughters with multiple illegitimate kids while we pretend to be so much better than the average joe because ya know God and Jesus. It's great Jesus forgives everything, he forgives neglect of your family for personal glory, he forgives the selfish selling of your family and the neglect of your family for money! Hey as long as you say you believe it's a ok.. Praise the Lord and SarahPac for providing an ignorant loser who has to buy her kids, who has a lazy loser husband who puts up with the bitch for the bucks.

    God's will be done... according to Sarah.

    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      If we kicked out anyone not Christian, she would be one of the first to go.

    2. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Sarah and mini me have whelped kids from every tom, someone's dick, and harry like a mongrel dog breeding in a back alley. They represent the least of morals and have made a laughingstock of themselves and their followers.

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Remember her ho daughter, and her talk of half siblings, the ho created more. Once a ho always ho's

  49. Anonymous9:04 PM

    But she has her American Wonder Woman bracelet on! That must mean she is special!

  50. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Run Sarah run! Your so damn smart why don't you run for President? Is it too hard? What, the reality of actually being responsible is a lot harder than being a critic on the sidelines?

    Shit or get off the pot. You of all people should understand that crude phrase. Well what say you smart ass with all the answers? Your C4P minions are waiting for your heinous to step up.chicken shit.

  51. Anonymous10:59 PM

    She's been doing this kind of thing and getting away with it since she was found guilty of abuse of power as governor and when someone asked her about the recent decisions she said she'd been vindicated. NO ONE set the record straight. No one ever called her out on her lies or even put her on the spot. She has continued to state her own reality ever since and other right wingers have learned from her how to bash the media one minute then the next minute
    say something untrue or outrageous and get away with it.

  52. Anonymous11:38 PM


    We the People know our United States military could utterly and forever destroy ISIS - 
    -Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin there is no we!

    If you, Todd & the Alaska Independence Party had your way it would be

    "We the people of the COUNTRY of Alaska"


  53. Anonymous2:27 AM

    OVER 2000 - LET'S CALL IT

    Holy crap Sarah, sorry to say we waited for your return to Alaska to see Sweet Freedom but looking at your sales rank (over 2000 in 12 days ) we consider it now DOA (Dead On Arrival).

    So we called the Dollar Store and they volunteered to remove all the remains of Sweet Freed and give it some little dignity by selling it for 99 cents next to Going Rogue and Great Tidings And Great Joy

    Nov 28, 2015 - 12 days after publication Sales Rank: 2091

    1. Anonymous6:14 AM

      The Dollar store is reconsidering selling this book.

      Looking at the new ranking, this book really sucks. It keeps dropping. Sales Rank: 2330

  54. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Wait, does $arah think ISIS is a country like Africa? Does she have ANY clue that DAESH is centered in ideology just like "Sweet Freedom"?

  55. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Sarah Palin you retard, it is not two words "Is Is", it is one word "ISIS".

  56. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Stop complaining and start listening to the wise words of Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin Twitter –
    Verified account ‏@SarahPalinUSA

    Today, try to remember it’s our responsibility to always tell the truth—including calling a sin a sin....

    5:50 AM - 29 Nov 2015

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Isn't it a sin in her Bible to continuously fornicate and give birth to bastard babies? Or is that the Palin way of living vibrantly? What answers will Bristol Palin give her castoff children when they ask, "Who is my Daddy? Why is my brother Tripp the only one of us who have been in photos with you? Are you ashamed of us?"

  57. Anonymous9:15 AM

    HELLLLOOOO Publishers are you getting the message now? Do we need to explain it to you?

    Sarah Palin
    Going Rogue: An American Life
    List Price:$28.99
    Amazon Price:$5.98 Sales Rank: 135,934

  58. Anonymous10:53 AM

    R.I.P. Sweet Freedom, now allow Satan to issue the last Rites.

  59. I have accidentally bopped hornets' nests whose occupants were less testy and ornery than that fucking Wasillan dunce.

    Roast in hell, John McCain.

  60. Anonymous11:58 AM

    But Trump has been called out several times for racial insensitivity by former co-workers and civil rights activists. In 1991, Trump was accused of making racial slurs against black people in a book written by John R. O'Donnell, former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, called “Trumped!" O'Donnell wrote that Trump once said, in reference to a black accountant at Trump Plaza, “laziness is a trait in blacks.” He also told O’Donnell: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day."

  61. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Guess she didn't get a boner selfie with seth. ROTFLMAO!

  62. Anonymous7:05 PM

    When the eff are you gonna run for president#! I will not give you anymore of my time and... pos sarah.

  63. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I don't want to see books from you where I can read the bible. I want you to win the presidency! No more energy from me to sarah.


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