Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson suggests that people only want free college because they are "not well informed" and that it will "hasten the destruction of the nation."

"Because if the people are not well informed all it takes is unscrupulous politicians, and news media, and off the people go in completely wrong direction. Listening to all kinds of propaganda and inculcating that into their method of thinking. And then it becomes real easy for them to swallow things. If they don’t understand our financial situation of the country and somebody comes along and says, ‘free college for everybody,’ they’ll say, ‘oh what a wonderful person,’ and they have no idea that all you’re talking about hastening the destruction of the nation."

So to be clear, according to Ben Carson, having greater access to education in this country is only something stupid people want, and if they get it that will be the end of America.


Okay so here's what I think.

I think Carson is confusing the impact that access to a free college education would have on this country, with the impact that free access to a college education would have on the Republican party.

I mean let's face it, better educated voters are going to see right through the GOP cow manure, and are far less likely to cast their ballots for the types of politicians who are constantly attempting to undermine education, and suppress the votes.

A smarter population does not bode well for the Republicans.

But for America?

Yeah I think we know the answer to that question.

(H/T to Raw Story.)


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    How much did Carson pay for his college education?

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    More on Carson. Jeebus! He's been pallin around and in business with convicted fraudster!

    "Carson penned a gushing letter of support for his friend. He wrote that "next to my wife of 32 years, there is no one on this planet I trust more than Al Costa." He also testified at Costa's sentencing in March 2008. At that hearing, Carson told the judge: "Well, I feel very strongly, obviously, about Al Costa. You know, he's one of my closest, if not my closest, friend. We were, we became friends about a decade ago. We found that, you know, our value systems were almost identical." Carson said that if Costa were to be incarcerated, it would harm the Carson charity and possibly force the Pittsburgh chapter to shutter."


    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Ben Carson’s ‘Very Closest’ Friend And Business Partner Is Health Care Fraudster


      Pittsburgh dentist Alfonso A. Costa pleaded guilty to a felony count of health care fraud after an FBI probe into his oral surgery practice found he had charged for procedures he never performed, according to court records.

      Though the crime carries a potential sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison, Costa was able to avoid prison time after Carson helped petition a federal judge for leniency.

      That’s different from the position Carson took in 2013 as he prepared to launch his presidential campaign, saying those convicted of health care fraud should go to prison for at least a decade and be forced to forfeit “all of one’s personal possessions.”

      At Costa’s 2008 sentencing hearing, Carson described the dentist as “one my closest, if not my very closest friend.”

      Costa is still on the board of Carson’s charity, the Carson Scholars Fund.

      Carson and his wife Candy have made investments through Costa’s company and profited to the tune of $200,000-$2 million a year according to disclosure documents Carson has filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Birds of a feather...

  3. 66gardeners6:19 AM

    Breaking Story

    Ben Carson wants jail time for healthcare fraud, except for his friends.

    Ben Carson pals around with healthcare fraud felons.

  4. 66gardeners6:21 AM

    tRump is right: In his bio, Carson admitted he is pathological. What more do you need to hear?

  5. Anonymous6:30 AM


  6. Randall6:31 AM

    Rush Limbaugh flunked out of college after two semesters and one summer (that he had to take because he flunked the two semesters).
    Glenn Beck dropped out of college during the first semester because he couldn't cut it.
    Sean Hannity dropped out of college after the first year because he just couldn't cut it.
    Sarah Palin took 5 years to complete a 4 year degree in journalism - and still can't put a coherent sentence together.

    The above are some of the heroes of the conservatives - their "deep thinkers".

    "...people want free college because they're not well-informed..."

    Think about that.

    1. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Speaking of well informed... I just made a visit to the Pee Pond and things are very quiet there. Can it be those deranged posters are giving up on Sarah??

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Their only fall back position is that there would be a locked convention, and the GOP would remember how unifying, knowledgeable, well-spoken she is, and urge delegates to recruit her for pres.

    3. Anonymous9:09 AM

      They will wake up again. Someone must carry on for Sarah. Even is they realize they have been played. It is not something they will want to admit.

      They are the only ones that keep up with Tracl Palin going to Iraq and Afghanistan. With Bristol's second known unwed baby Sarah needs her warrior body combat vet guy more than ever. Whatever happens there will always be those that want to know the true story of Track in the service. Both Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Carry on Pee Pond.
      Alex Raye asked "I wonder how Track Palin is doing?"

      They can interview Brigadier General Thompson and get an interview. No one else is willing to do it. The Brigadier General always carried water for the Palins about Track, he should be glad to explain a few things.

      Pee Pond, don't give up yet, carry on.

  7. Anonymous6:33 AM

    "Because if the people are not well informed all it takes is unscrupulous politicians, and news media, and off the people go in completely wrong direction. Listening to all kinds of propaganda and inculcating that into their method of thinking. And then it becomes real easy for them to swallow things."

    As I read this quote from him I could not help but recognize it as just what the Republicans are doing via FOX News and all their right wing posturing and propaganda.

    They are NOT well informed, they are easily swayed by their media, they go off in completely the wrong directions which are being inculcated into their way of thinking and they very easily swallow all of that crap they are fed.

    He is a perfect example of what he says free education would do. Just another very crazy ill-thought-out statement from this frightening man.

  8. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Besides fostering the development of critical thinking skills, college is the setting where people are exposed to other people very different from themselves in both classroom and living situations. This type of exposure encourages open-mindedness, the very thing Republicans fear.

  9. Anonymous6:43 AM

    But...but...when people go to college, them librul elite perfessers get ahold of 'em, and then they start likin' to do things like go to liberries, and they turn into not rill Muricans and stuff.

    And they lose all their common sense. So yeah, forget just free college edumacation, any edumacation leads to the destruction of this great country.

    See? No? Well, you must be one of them pinko commie abortion-having fag lovers then. Gotta run you outta here on a rail!

  10. 66gardeners6:44 AM

    am i the only one who gets the feeling that when Ben Carson talks, it is like he is getting stoned out of his mind? He takes long pauses, eyes roll back, eyes close, continues talking slowly. almost like he is taking an imaginary hit of a reefer?

    1. No, you're not the only one --
      either that or he is sleep talking.

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      All the candidate debates, forums need to have drug tests for the participants. If they need medication, that is fine as long as it is legit and there is a doctor to sign off on their meds and it is known why they are using.

    3. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Closet stoner.

  11. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Sorry Dr. Carson, but the single worst factor that is "hastening the destruction of the nation" and perhaps of the only planet we humans have to call home, is the occupation by any Republicans of positions of power in government, and I, for one, am thankful to a loving God that you will not be one of them.

    1. ...he won't be...but will he notice?

  12. Boscoe7:10 AM

    "I think Carson is confusing the impact that access to a free college education would have on this country, with the impact that free access to a college education would have on the Republican party."

    LOL NAILED IT. Apparently to Republicans, poverty wages and crushing student debt are the keys to success in America. The question is: for WHO? (But we already know the answer)

  13. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Carson is the reason why being uninformed is dangerous, He doesn't know anything about the pyramids, our Cuban policy or West Point and he wants to be president.

  14. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Carson is a real shitbag.

  15. AKinPA7:31 AM

    If by some fluke, Carson becomes the nominee, Hillary is going to have the same problem Biden had in 08. How can you debate someone clueless like Palin or Carson? If you wipe the floor with them, you're a bully. If you don't, the moron will claim they won the debate like Palin's supporters did.

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      As a former successful debater I agree 100%.

      It is very hard to prepare for someone who might make the most outlandish statements, supported by lies they firmly believe. It is also very hard to stay organized and coherent when your opponent is neither.

    2. Anonymous12:05 PM

      It's time we get tough with these idiots that have (or had) hopes of being POTUS in their lifetimes. Palin should have been wiped clean and put down before McCain even named her as his running mate. The woman is a proven liar and fraud - ask Alaskans!

      And, now we have this Carson fraud! We do not need to be politically correct any longer - get over it and call him what he is - media and Republicans!

      Another fraud (so many of his statements have already been proven as lies!) - that will never be nominated by the Republican party!

      Carson has proven himself to be one angry black man who is pissed at the world and spewing bullshit that should be shoved back in his rancid mouth!

      Thank God we have a black man as POTUS that has shown us everything that Carson is not!

  16. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Yeah well sorry Gryph... college isn't for everybody.

    And college, real college, is not free.

    Lest you want to turn it into another failed publicly run, take all comers, institution that provides no real value, but instead lowers the bar for all. There would certainly be no shortage of 'communications' majors... not that there is a shortage of that now.

    1. Maple7:54 AM

      Go ahead and tell that to the Scandinavian countries, and to Germany, and to other enlightened and highly prosperous countries that tuition-free college lowers the bar for all. I suspect that you didn't go on to pursue higher education and certainly don't want others to.

    2. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Right: some people don't deserve an education. And the min wage should be lowered. Let's just figure out how to dispose of these people before they get out the guillotines: oh, that's right -- they can go into the military and get killed or maimed. And we don't really have to pay that much to help them recover upon return. That's working really welll for us RIGHT NOW! Congratulations. Lots of profits for the war profiteers.

    3. Anonymous8:19 AM

      Sorry to burst your bubble Maple, but you are of course wrong. Let me guess, you got a liberal arts degree lol.

      But seeing as you think this country is the same as Scandinavia and Germany, that is not really a hard guess, you lack critical thinking. Hell, lets all just slap degrees on everyone the moment they are born, everyone could be a liberal arts professor by age 5! We'd be the smartest country in the whole world!

      BTW the 'free' higher education in other area of the world doesn't come without a cost- including a lowered bar. And it will be interesting to see if this model continues in the near future, as the tightening of belts in many of these countries has these systems as a potential candidates for the chopping block.

    4. Let's take your observation a little further an apply it to housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare, All important, but not for you if you can't afford them. Oh, well, nothing is free. Hard to understand why the impoverished aren't getting ahead.

    5. Maple9:13 AM

      @8:19 -- What utter nonsense you spout! Free tuition in NO WAY lowers the bar. In fact, I suggest the bar will be set a tad higher and students will be more obligated to show, through their high school and SAT scores, that they deserve enrollment. And why on earth would you be dumb enough to suggest that everybody would attend (and become liberal arts professors)? We still need blue collar workers and higher education also entails vocational studies and hopefully, apprenticeships. Hyperbole makes a mockery of your message, by the way. Quit spouting reichwing idiocies -- it's grossly unbecoming and certainly unworthy of the education you actually did receive.

    6. Anonymous10:05 AM

      As somebody from Germany: Please keep sending your young, motivated, smart people who can't afford college in the US!
      Many of them stay here and make great contributions to our economy and society!
      Totally worth it!

      (BTW we did have college tuition for a few years not too long ago but abolished it again because of the bad social consequences it had.)

    7. Anonymous10:33 AM

      The world needs ditch diggers, right?

      Why should the underclass get an education? Hell, let's kick 'em out after eight grade. Some people just aren't meant for high school. Why lower the bar?

    8. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Why is the United States still dicking around with student loans and government funded education and job training programs? Let's get back to indentured servitude and power of guardian apprenticeships!

    9. Anonymous2:08 PM

      One of the best lessons anyone can learn 10:33, and learn early, is that the world isn't fair, and is even less fair if you aren't born with a silver spoon (like 99.5% of us). Then one can make a choice to do something about it, or whine away forever that it isn't fair.

      The other important lesson is that we are not all equal, be it intelligence and/or capabilities, and that is just a plain old reality.

    10. Anonymous2:21 PM

      The only education now days that lacks value is the ones being provided by for profit private universities, they are a joke and cost a fortune. I respectfully disagree with you position, even if school was free you still have to earn your. The dropout and enrollment rates probably wouldn't be much different from current rates. The only thing that would be different is our citizenry would be investing in our future, instead of expecting engineers, doctors, teachers, biologists, managers and every other vital position that our country needs to run to foot the bill.

    11. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Thanks for being so condescending, 2:08.

      Life isn't fair, stop whining about it, pull yourself up by you bootstraps, try and work your way through college (over the course of 8 or 10 years these days) or compete for the inreasingly near impossible to get financial aid (and also get a job). Only wealthy people can go to college. The rest of us should have been born geniuses or, better yet, to rich parents.

      Many of us want to make things more fair, especially for kids who want to go to college.

    12. Anonymous4:14 PM

      *youR bootstraps

    13. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Well that is an interesting point 3:38, about the cost of college these days, and that really is the point.

      It should be more affordable, and it isn't. Why is that? Back in the day you could afford to work your way thru school, many of us did. I did.

      I maintain that the idea of throwing more and more money at these institutions is exactly the wrong way to solve the problem. Colleges have become, are being run like corporate hogs and they will keep swallowing that money and asking for more. My opinion would be to starve them of money until they are not worthwhile to run like corporate beasts and they can get back to educating at a reasonable rate people can afford.

      Hell, if everyone would 'strike' on going to college based on cost for 2 years you would see massive changes in the systems.

  17. Anonymous7:37 AM

    A belt buckle is the only thing that stopped Ben from serving 30 to life for murder.

    1. He's not serving 30 years for murder, but he's a self-serving (he thinks) liar. He lives in a dreamy world where his "version" is what SHOULD or COULD have been?

  18. 66gardeners7:47 AM

    @7:36 Who said college was for everybody? Education is the key, however, to a good future.

    My sons, aged 24 and 18, are electricians. They attended the local technical high school in addition to their home school, taking industrial motor control.

    The oldest has worked for the local power plant since 11th grade and makes $70,000 base. He makes over $100,000 with overtime. The youngest was hired by so such agency in the maintenance dept. wile in the 11th grade. Both were recruited while in 11th grade.

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      66 gardeners-

      7:36 here. I totally agree and good for your sons. I never ever would put down continuing education- especially practically applied.

      Frankly, I received a BS degree in an engineering field and am required to be professionally registered to practice.... however, I'd probably be making more money, and have less liability, if I had attended a trade school for HVAC or electricians or the like, and started my own company.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      @ BSEE- With your own show you'd probably have to deal with a lot fewer MBA and BA degreed mismanagers too!

    3. 66gardeners2:32 PM

      8:36 AKA 7:36
      My oldest son is halfway to a BS in electrical engineering. His employer reimburses him. He bought a house when he was 20.

    4. Anonymous3:57 PM

      8:36 aka 7:36 here.

      That is awesome 66gardeners. Good for him, sounds like he is a hard worker and luckily matched with a good employer. I'm a different discipline than EE, but in some aspects engineering process is all similar.

      I did break out on my own and started a small company about 15 yrs ago. As 11:01 said I grew tired of bad management and decisions from people that didn't have a clue. The trade off is that you simply can't compete with the horsepower of big corporations, so the jobs are usually smaller and I make less than I could. But I don't have the trappings of a corporation and answer to nobody but my clients. Unfortunately many engineering fields are either feasting or starving based on market, and that does wear one down over time.

      Which is why I say sometimes I'd rather learned a trade and built up a steady business. I know several persons who have done just that who make very good livings.

    5. 66gardeners8:49 AM

      Nice to meet you. I might also add that my sons have dyslexia so I am thrilled at their success so far.

  19. Anonymous7:50 AM

    The top colleges in the U.S. are already trying to be need-blind. I.e., if your parents make less than something like $120k/yr, you get waaaaaaay reduced tuition. Google it. Of course, these are colleges with endowments that are so huge that the IRS was eyeing their tax-free status, which prob was at least one motivator for this change over the last 10? yrs or so.

    Another reason is that low-income families don't even apply to these top schools -- not enough of them, anyway. So these colleges are way under-represented in their incoming students who are minorities, or poor. Big surprise? Not to the middle class. who is all too aware of how our piece of the pie has shrunk.

    And trump says pay 'em less. I hope those who vote Repug will wake up to what is in their best interests.

  20. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Young people with no good options (like college or a decent job) are far more likely to tolerate going into the military. Who benefits by lowering wages (or not raising the min wage)? The war profiteers, who really want to keep the profits from our wars rolling on. That would be so much harder for them if young people failed to volunteer for the military.

  21. Anonymous7:58 AM

    This guy is sick! And, I'm pissed that taxpayer money is being used to protect this guy with security because he is hoping to be picked by the Republican party to run for the POTUS.

    Plus, he is making black folks look horrible. Thank God, we know what a real and wonderful black man is like with having had President Obama run our country for almost two terms.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      A former neurosurgeon makes black people look awful?

      Lol. Only from a lib. If only he could be more like one of the 'Revs' lol. Keep all the blacks on the dem plantation.

    2. Anonymous9:51 AM

      Okay, okay 8:30.... let's just say Carson makes insane people look awful.

      ... or people with common sense look awful.

      ... or politicians look awful.

      ... or people look awful....

    3. Anonymous10:02 AM

      8:30, you'd have more credibility as a troll if you didn't act like a dick.

      There is CERTAINLY room for your conservative opinion here, but your condescending attitude is not helping your cause.

      Otherwise, you're just a Duck Dynasty fan out for a sTROLL and leaving your droppings on where they're sure to be stepped.

    4. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Ben Carson makes neurosurgeons look (at least) questionable. Makes Johns Hopkins standards look questionable and makes the GOP look riduliculous. I agree with 7:58 thankfully.the world has President Obama to look at as an example as a well educated , intelligent black man. @

      Nobody ever suggested that George W or Palin make white people look stupid. It ain't a black or white issue. Stupid is as stupid does.

    5. Anonymous11:54 AM

      The Republican party will NEVER pick a black person to be their nominee for POTUS.

      And, thank God for that! This Ben Carson is nothing more than a lying sack of shit and I'm putting it kindly!

    6. Anonymous12:50 PM

      That is some racist commenting there 11:54.

      Libs are the true racists.

    7. Anonymous1:59 PM

      12:50 PM Sorry, honey! I like me one black man and that is President Obama.

      Don't have a racist bone in my body! Just cannot abide the lying fool that Carson is projecting himself to be! Be assured too, that if he were white, I'd feel the same way!

      I suggest you check your nastiness and projecting what you 'think' I am!

    8. 66gardeners2:38 PM

      Ben Carson disavows political correctness, donchaknow

    9. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Apparently, people who point out racism are the real racist.

  22. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Christian Homeschooling Parents Abused, Starved And Imprisoned Child Because God (VIDEO)

  23. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Sure is easy to be against free college, when he himself took advantage of affirmative action and got a free ride.

  24. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Didn't Johns Hopkins graduates protest his speaking at their graduation? (Yes, and he backed out). This was after he equated homosexuality with bestiality, and said that being gay was a choice, just look at all those inmates who come out of prison being gay. I'd like to be a fly on the wall nearly anywhere at Johns Hopkins, I can't believe he is well respected. "Dr. Ben Carson Forced Out As Johns Hopkins Commencement Speaker"

  25. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Who would have thought a candidate could be even more illogical than Palin?

    Whatever Carson is saying has no logic. It defies logic. No one ever tried to stop him from having access to a great education. What really is the goal of these goofs on the GOP stage where they don't want increase in minimum wage, or in providing help to millions who can't afford an education?

    It all comes down to them. They want to be in power, and want to keep this generation in darkness and ignorance, so they can pull the wool over their eyes. They don't want the 'little people' starting a revolution.

  26. Anonymous9:14 AM

    "He then put the focus upon black workers, particularly young ones. "Only 19.8 percent of black teenagers have a job," he added, a bizarre statement that would imply that more than 80 percent of black teenagers eligible to work do not have a job. It's a lie, of course; the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a 25.6 percent unemployment rate for black teens between the ages of 16 and 19 in October of this year. From the start, he was so wrong on the math that it disqualified anything that followed."

  27. Well. Carson is one nut we won't have to worry about. He is a token. This GOP would never nominate a black man.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      The jerk is their 'token' black man! He'll never be nominated! Plus, he's making black men look horrible.

      It's damned good we can compare this Carson asshole to President Obama because President Obama is nothing but a class act, smart, level in his temperament and has proven himself to be an outstanding leader of our country.

      Carson is a lying sack of you know what as well as being an angry black man! Hateful and evil are more words I'd use to describe him. Creepy guy!

  28. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Carson: If Russian Planes Violate a No-Fly Zone, ‘Shoot Them Down’

    He makes Trump look good.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      He is terrifying.

  29. I wonder if Dr. Carson could still speak if his hands were tied behind his back.

  30. Anonymous11:25 AM

    This freak makes Herman Cain look presidential.

  31. Leland12:15 PM

    "I think Carson is confusing the impact that access to a free college education would have on this country, with the impact that free access to a college education would have on the Republican party."

    You can add religion to things which would be negatively affected.

    "...who are constantly attempting to undermine education, and suppress the votes."

    I'm surprised no one has commented on the fact this negative feeling of his is nothing more than an extension of the destruction of public education grades one through twelve.

  32. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Ben Carson on his self confessed (the fraudster/business partner PLEAD GUILTY) fraudster buttbuddy:

    "My friend owns a spectacular home, a Manhattan penthouse, two Ferraris, and a European villa. However, given the fortune he has amassed, he lives modestly compared to the lifestyle he could have if he so desired."

    Too bad the judge kept the convict from his Carson invite to the Dubya White House.


    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Marc Rich

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM


       Ken Lay–Guilty. George Bush–Guilty.

      The man who paid many of the biggest bills for George Bush's political ascent, Enron founder Kenneth Lay, has been found guilty of conspiracy and fraud almost five years after his dirty dealings created the greatest corporate scandal in what will be remembered as an era of corporate crime.

    3. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Might as well give the Israelis credit for the Marc Rich pardon.

    4. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Salon. If you buy Salon's crap, no comment.

  33. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Carson has been bought by the gop. He's willing to sell out to the poor,and his own race for the status it brings him. "Token privilege".

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Racist. So basically your opinion is white democrats own the blacks, and any black that thinks for themselves outside what democrats tell them to think, is metaphorically tarred and feathered. 'Token' is one of the most racist and demeaning terms out there, used for the sole purpose of separating, bullying, and intimidating, individual minorities as examples for the rest. Disgusting.

    2. Anonymous3:19 PM

      No, 1:43, that's what YOU are saying. OP says nothing of the sort.

    3. Anonymous5:19 PM

      1:33pm here. Correction -sell out the poor and his own race..

  34. Anonymous1:53 PM

    The Republican party owns the few blacks it's shown in their numbers over the past ten years! Check it out! They are a majority white, older men, anti women's rights, racist group!

    Anyone that votes for any of them in 2016 is friggin' nuts! They are a horrible party!! No wonder the younger Americans want nothing to do with them! They are going to 'white themselves' out due to aging and their deaths!

    1. Anonymous4:32 AM

      We've all seen plenty of odious millenials out there, a lot of them supported Romney, many of them support Trump.

      Conservatives come in many colors, there are plenty of assholes in any demographic.

  35. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I'm being brutally honest here, but what drug or class of drugs is this vapid moron taking? He got his education, but it's not ok for others to get one for free, why? Had my kids not gotten scholarships, they couldn't afford to pay back the debt from student loans while starting their respective careers. An education should be a right, not a privilege.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      I would bet he benefited from affirmative action. Strange he would deny others of available funding.

  36. Anonymous4:53 PM

    It's on like a pot of neckbones! Trump vs Carson!

    Donald Trump tried to link what he described as fellow GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson’s anger issues to child molestation during an interview set to air on CNN on Thursday night.

    “It’s in [Carson’s] book that he’s got a pathological temper,” Trump told host Erin Burnett. “That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that. As an example: child molesting. You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure a child molester. There’s no cure for it. Pathological, there’s no cure for that.”



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