Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donald Trump under fire for claiming that he saw "thousands and thousands" of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the 9-11 attacks. Spoiler alert: He didn't!

Courtesy of Business Insider:  

Donald Trump claims that "thousands" of people in New Jersey were "cheering" amid the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on US soil. 

In an interview on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, Trump doubled down on his assertion that he saw people in New Jersey — where the real-estate mogul claims there are "large Arab populations" — cheering as the World Trade Center came down. 

"There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down," Trump said on Sunday. "I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well-covered at the time."

Well if you watched cable news yesterday you saw this "fact" refuted multiple times, by multiple sources:

Despite Trump's insistence that he saw such celebrations, political fact-checkers across the board have found little to no evidence of any public celebrations after the attacks. 

PolitiFact noted that there were several media reports of police inquiries into individuals who were suspected of celebrating the attacks in Jersey City and nearby Paterson, but there is no evidence that these investigations revealed any actual celebrations or resulted in any convictions. 

"This defies basic logic," PolitiFact's Lauren Carroll wrote in a "Pants on Fire" ruling.

When I first heard the story I immediately went to Snopes where conspiracy theories and bullshit lies are usually laid to rest.

Snopes did a deep dive, and really tried to get to the source of Trump's misinformation, which seemed to stem from early rumors after the towers fell, that turned out to be false. 

However not only does Trump seem impervious to facts, he is also demanded in apology from those calling him out on his BS.

You might notice that the portion which is quoted in the tweet above says the words "allegedly." That is because their was nothing to the allegations.

At this point I think we have to take notice of the fact that according to polling the three top contenders for the GOP nomination, Trump, Carson, and Cruz, are all habitual liars who seem to have a specific allergy to facts.

Not exactly good news for the Republican party.


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  2. Anonymous12:25 PM


    THIS is what was reported but conveniently ignored by most of the US media (although covered elsewhere). What was Israel's role in getting the US totally riled up against the Arab world so we would start a war over there?

    But Trump of course, willfully misconstrues it and exaggerates to serve his purposes.

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I, too, definitely recall seeing video on the news of people cheering the 9/11 attacks, but those people were on the West Bank in the occupied territories in Palestine, not the west bank of the Hudson.

    Trump is an insecure little man who thinks because he's got a lot of money that he's somehow better than everybody else. By himself he's just pathetic and obnoxious. What's really scary is how many people seem to think that racism, unabashed nastiness and complete lack of empathy for one's fellow human beings somehow are suitable qualifications for the presidency of the United States.

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      What u said.

    2. I think Trump was *in* New Jersey when he saw that video from the West Bank of Palestine.

      Colbert skewered him tonight.

      Not only exposing Trump's lie but also his blowhard balloon, as in "I have the best memory ever" but he can't remember where he saw the video.

      I love Colbert.

  4. 66gardeners12:31 PM

    Democrats could not be doing better if they had actually planted these characters.

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Trump is clearly a Democratic operative. Is there a better explanation?

    2. 66gardeners1:18 PM

      Watch the video of Stephen Colbert asking Bill Clinton, "did you call Donald Trump to ask him to run for president of the unites States?" (at the 1:30 mark)

    3. 66gardeners1:18 PM


      Stephen Colbert speaking with Bill Clinton

    4. "Trump is clearly a Democratic operative. Is there a better explanation?"
      Yes. He is a narcissistic asshole with no empathy for other people and no knowledge of how the constitution works. Of course the republican base adores him. He is them.

    5. Anonymous2:49 PM

      tRump is them...on steroids

    6. Anonymous3:17 PM

      12:42 PM
      I am going with the safe bet Trump is an


  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    McMcGriz wrote five days ago:

    "Steve, thank you very much for speaking to this. I've since read the updated portion of the earlier unpleasantness, and found several additional posts have been made that are factually false, and seem to just escalate and expand the problem.

    So since I don't consider that to be in keeping with your call for being nice, and I don't have the time or inclination to respond, I will be making an update post on VG and then take a break from c4p for a little while.

    I know you're busy, too, and I don't presume to tell you what to do, but I do think you need to read that portion of the thread carefully, and look at all the wild misdirects and outright false statements and accusations being slung around in reaction to a belief expressed by a regular and respected poster, regardless of whether you agree with her suspicions or not. Some of the reactions are disproportionate and to a troubling degree inappropriate, imo, when judged by the site's comment policy."

    Since that post she has commented over 100 times more in five days. So her break from c4P would have been 2 hours tops

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      What does this have to do with Trump's tweet lies?
      Who is McMcGriz? SP?

    2. Anonymous2:13 PM

      it will soon be revealed that VG is the babby-daddy. His alias is (wait for it....) SAILOR!

    3. Anonymous4:13 PM

      I am so confused by this VG, McMcGriz and so on.

      Will someone start a blog where they can keep it updated and explain what is going on and what it means?

      VG is now the babby-daddy?

  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    They have so much in common.

    He is a Hollywood star

    She is the delight of SNL. 40th

    Reminising with Meyer

  7. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Breaking News: VirginiaGentleman is the baby daddy (they call him "Sailor" at the peepond.

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Link? I haven't heard it was called "Sailor".

      If not link, screen grab.

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      I can assure I have seen VG referred to as Sailor several times

    3. So Bristols sperm donor posts on the PeePond?

      Gee, not much of a Gentleman. Gentlemen don't kiss and tell.

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    O/T: The little one is doing well, pretty healthy (although surely all that Adderall during Mom's pregnancy will have created long-term autism or other disorders in the poor baby girl which will be discovered later.) Lots of photos taken by professionals and bids are being engaged in for "first scoop" by various mags.

    Nobody is paying much, though, because Bristol is yesterday's news, as is her mother.

    But, the only thing Bristol is concerned about is losing the baby weight; her usual combo of pills and drink is taking care of that. People will say how 'magical" her loss of baby weight is. Yeah, right! :)

    Her mom is still trying to reinvent herself with the evangelical crowd but they want nothing to do with her. SarahPAC and Sarah the Brand will be bankrupt before the end of 2016.

    When the kids stop receiving their $18,000 a month "royalty" payments, I wonder if they will start trying to sell their stories to the highest bidder? My bet is on Track who is constantly desperate for cash and is always on the outs with the parents. The girls are too enmeshed and feel like they need to keep coming home after each pregnancy so Sarah can get rid of/send off to outer Mongolia the latest poor child.

    There was a pic Bristol published a while ago; she and Piper in the car with a boy in the back seat who was not Trig; that is Willow's kid from some years ago. Surprised that Bristol was "allowed" to publish that pic. Look up still images of the guy/boyfriend that Willow was trying to sneak up to her room, filmed during that one reality show the family did. That boy is the father of that child and you will easily see the family resemblance.

    So many hidden babies, so many secrets!

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      @12:41 PM Wow, if that is insider information then Sarah Palin is scrambling to find out who you are.

    2. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Is that you Todd?

    3. Anonymous2:27 PM

      They know who I am but haven't been able to do anything about it yet. We LOVE our insider tracks to info at the Paylin compound and nobody is going to stop our little, small exposes.

    4. Anonymous3:23 PM

      So the mags know the baby is born but they will conspire with the fraud and go along with a made up date? Serious.

      Where is the Crackhead chick, Shalah, Sarah's pro photographer.

    5. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Well Willow was clearly pregnant in the cafe scenes when she was serving her BF Andy coffee in the Reindeer Games episode of Lifes a Tripp. Based on events they were referencing that would be winter 2011-2012 so the child is going on 4 yo. If you capture stills from that episode/scene he is CLEARLY pregnant. Any kids beyond that? The boy in the car seemed a little older.

    6. Anonymous8:19 PM

      I may be mixed up about this but wasn't Willow's upstairs lover the son of one of Sarah's paid for friends?

    7. Anonymous10:13 PM

      Was this for the insider trackers? How did they take it? One of the cousins said Todd called the FBI on him over nothing? Are people afraid they will be falsely accused and have authorities called? Are they still afraid of physical threat? What kind of bite do any of the Palins have around Ak now?

      Is Jordan Loewe around much? What is her deal?

    8. Whoever spills first (and gets money for it) the rest won't be far behind.

      Sarah's power is slipping so fast it won't be long before those that know will spill knowing there is nothing Sarah can do to them. They'll corroborate or correct what the kid's write.

      It would be nice if someone outside the family were writing a nice exposé on ALL of the dirt and it was ready to go when it hits the fan.

    9. Anonymous11:43 PM

      12:41 pm. Yes,when I brought it up here recently here came the flying monkeys, And few of our own commenters who try to control the threads. Thanks for the info!

    10. Anonymous12:00 AM

      They will update birth to around xmas and pictures with xmas theme rather than early Nov.delivery after Feb.bump. We will see if it's referred to as Meyer's baby .If not his,that would be slander.

  9. Anonymous12:41 PM


  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    "the boss" = barstool

  11. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Those guys are a sorry bunch. Habitual liars! Yea, like that will move any of them into the White House!! The Republican party isn't going to recover for eons.

    I especially feel for their families having to be associated with them. Talk about putting a pox upon their family names that they'll live with for the rest of their lives! Idiots!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Ting wrote 3 hours ago: "I just had a long, wonderful phone conversation with VG. He sends his best to all. He is feeling "like a new man" now that he has gotten used to his CPAP machine. He is walking a mile with the Boss at a time, feeling so much more energetic, and believes that he has a few more good years left to go. I haven't heard him so optimistic in years. It was wonderful, really! He even sent the oxygen machine back to the home health folks because he is so well rested, and does not have any need for it anymore. The Boss retired in September from a very demanding, emotionally draining job and the two of them are spending their days restoring their energy and taking care of one another.

    Mr. Krusty Korn sent them a turkey that he had smoked himself in applewood. They just couldn't stop talking about how delicious it is. We decided to plan a C4P party at my house in the spring, and we will beg and plead Mr. Krusty to bring us one of his turkeys and join the party. All are welcome! Happy Thanksgiving!"

    VG aka "Sailor" = VG/babydaddy

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      So is VG Sarah Palin? Interesting that he went offline while she was out debuting her book. Also, if you need CPAP, you don't suddenly become rested and not need it anymore. VG is a sock puppet or a lying catfish

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      VG is the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      It is hysterical that VG has a miraculous recovery after a hiatus from the $arahcesspool of c4p

    4. Anonymous2:59 PM

      VG = sock puppet

      It could be an Upchuck, a silly Sally, it could be Molly the little dolly.

    5. If VG is real, sounds like Bristol found herself a really old sugar Daddy and made sure she had a legal hold on his estate through little Sailor girl.

      All I'm sayin' is VG better have DNA done before he amends his will.

  14. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I heard Trump make the gigantic leap from a few guys "tailgating & partying" after 9/11 to thousands and thousands of Muslims celebrating. His reasoning? Tailgating = Football, football = stadiums filled with thousands of people. Therefore, a few people standing by their car celebrating morphs into thousands and thousands of people. Anyone who believes this lying asshole is incredibly gullible.

  15. Anonymous1:21 PM

    And Donald Trump is the guy who is threatening legal action against the competition that lies about him. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He is truly despicable.

  16. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Muslims Weren't Cheering On 9/11, Mr. Trump. They Were Grieving For Their Loved Ones.

    Perhaps Donald Trump has forgotten that 60 Muslims were killed in the terror attacks.

    About 60 Muslims were killed in the 9/11 attacks. Tariq is among hundreds of Muslim-Americans who, for days and months afterwards, desperately tried to find their loved ones to no avail, feeling a mix of fear, grief, hopelessness and horror.


  17. Anonymous1:48 PM

    They never learn...

    The Learning Channel apparently learned nothing in the wake of Josh Duggar’s child molestation scandal, and fans are giving them hell on Facebook about it.

    Months after canceling 19 Kids and Counting due to the revelation that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up their son Josh’s molestation of four of his sisters as a teenager, the family and TLC have decided to exploit Jill and Jessa Duggar along with Josh’s wife Anna in a new reality show called Counting On.

    And predictably, people are not exactly happy to hear that the Duggars are being put back on television.



    1. Even if it manages to make it to air, it will be gone after a few episodes. Not only from the backlash but also from lack of advertisers and ratings in the toilet.

  18. "Donald Trump claims that "thousands" of people in New Jersey were "cheering""
    "questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating"
    Thousands? A number of?

    Potato, potahto, right, Trumpy?

    "I want an apology! Many people have tweeted that I am right!"
    Oh well, if a bunch of people tweet it, it must be so.
    {rolls eyes}
    Honestly, my kids reasoned like that in pre-school. They outgrew it as they developed critical thinking skills and didn't turn into narcissistic blowhards.

  19. I'm reading a great book that deals with PSYCHOPATHS as its main subject...firstly distinguishing the word from PSYCHOTICS by explaining that the former, is a term used on what seems like completely normal people, but who have no conscience whatsoever.

    They are most easily identified by being caught in lies. Showing no remorse for having been exposed, they usually pile on yet another lie, bigger than the first, to try to dodge detection.

    Since reading this, I've watched with wonder, as the Republican candidate field, tells whopper after whopper, never apologizing or acting ashamed--just digging down for a bigger form of deceit.

    It really is scary, as the LAST type of individual we want with a finger on "the button" is one lacking any form of personal responsibility; no sense of shame; assuming that people who do have a conscience are stupid and weak.

    1. I thought it was sociopaths that had no conscience and no remorse.

    2. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Sociopaths lack a conscience also. Psychopaths will say it is someone else thinking, planning and saying what they say, think, do and plot. When caught in lies they lie more relying on character assassination.
      If you repeat what they said about someone they lie saying you make things up, you want to destroy people, you enjoy lying and hurting others to you have mental illnesses. Also lie it is you who puts words in other people's mouths.

  20. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Trump said that he can't remember where he saw the video of American Muslims cheering on 9/11, but he knows that he saw it because he has the greatest memory in the world. Well, almost, except for the part about remembering the video where he, the only American, saw the cheers.

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      if trump's memory was so good he would not forget where he saw the video

    2. Anonymous2:55 PM

      I bet he saw the actual 9/11 cheering from his balcony. He just doesn't want to admit it. He has the greatest memory and the greatest eyes. He is modest and doesn't want to give away how much he can see.

    3. LOL. That's what Stephen Colbert said tonight.

  21. Well it's so obvious - the video that Trump saw is located with the video Carly Fiorina saw. You have to have the special Republican eyeglasses to actually see this stuff though.

    1. Didn't Ben Carson see it too?

  22. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Yep, I remember it vividly, I was sitting on a bench reading "I married a mail order Slovakian Goat Milker" when all these Arabs stood and cheered. Many Many Arabs, not just one or two, it was disgusting. I saw them myself.

    Bullshit, Donald. Paterson, Jersey City and many surrounding towns are examples of the melting pot, and no one gives anyone any grief. Jews, Arabs, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, African Americans are living side by side. Why LIE? You're running to serve all people, not just lillywhite old teaparty fartz. and being a divider doesn't get you anywhere..... but carry on, MR "Art of the Deal" I'll give you four goats for your daughter, only after I have her teeth checked. Oh wait, if she wasn't your daughter, you'd be on that like white on rice.

    1. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Actually, Trump is NOT 'running to serve all people'.

      He's running to serve himself.

  23. Was Ben Carson standing right next to him? As witness?

    Why is it when the right wing nutjobs are dropping in the polls, they rev up the hate rhetoric. Do they really think this will get them MORE votes? Or just LOUDER votes from their skin head worshipers?

    Wasn't Trump endorsed by The Klan?

  24. Anonymous9:01 PM

    This is fact. There would be no Donald Trump as we know him had it not been for Alaska. Not only did Alaska give us the Heath Palins, it was core to bringing The Donald into existence.

    Not many people know it, but Donald Trump's glittering dynasty began with a seedy restaurant in the Klondike gold rush.


    How the Trumps struck Klondike gold: Donald's grandfather gave birth to family's glittering empire with seedy restaurant catering to loose-moralled men and women seeking their fortune

  25. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Palin's silence in response to Donald Trump's misogyny shameful.

  26. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Trump can afford the best equipment and highest power. He doesn't remember where he saw a video. Trump would not reveal if he had spy equipment and some yuuuge monster telescope on a watchtower or any other types of spy equipment. Putin could have hooked him up.
    So, no he is not telling where or how he saw 1,000s celebrating. He is also not telling what day it was. He can utilize his selective memory and "Wallah, I'm telling the truth." He calls it "truthful hyperbole".

    Trump can make up or manipulate anything and anyway he wants. Since it is his "truthful hyperbole" he believes it is not a lie. I can believe he does have some killer spy equipment. He has seen 1,000s party and celebrate. He wants to believe it was Muslims and on 9/11, he believes his own "truthful hyperbole" crap.

    I also believe he is a sick deranged paranoid rich guy with a self serving agenda. Too mentally ill to be a candidate in a Republican campaign, but he is and there are many others that want to believe him and hear his "truthful hyperbole".

    'Truthful hyperbole'. "I play to people's fantasies," Trump wrote in the book. "I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration—and a very effective form of promotion."

    Trump can afford the best money can buy.

    He could have seen many things and misconstrued it all.

    Membrane Optical Imager for Real-Time Exploitation

    Please, journalists, anybody, call him out on all his lies. He is a man of fear and hate.

  27. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Washington Post Clumsily Gives Trump Easy Out on 9/11 Celebrations After Fact-Checker Gets Fact-Checked



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