Saturday, November 21, 2015

John Kasich endorsing SuperPAC plans to go after Donald Trump. Trump responds with vicious anti-Kasich Twitter rant.

Courtesy of Politico: 

John Kasich has attacked Donald Trump relentlessly in debates and now his super PAC is planning to invest $2.5 million in the most aggressive takedown of the poll leader yet — on behalf of an increasingly anxious GOP establishment. 

The attack, according to a blueprint shared with POLITICO, will play out over the next two months on radio, TV, mail and online in New Hampshire. Strategists with the pro-Kasich group, called New Day for America, say the budget for the anti-Trump campaign is likely to grow. 

When Trump got wind of this he responded as he always does, by losing his shit on Twitter.

There are almost a dozen of them altogether, but don't think that he stopped there.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:  

The billionaire apparently took his threat beyond Twitter. The super PAC, New Day for America, published a letter from The Trump Organization's lawyer warning that Trump would promptly seek "legal action" against the committee if its ads lied about Trump. 

"It has come to my attention that you plan on producing and disseminating certain radio, television, and newspaper advertisements directly and personally attacking my client," Trump's lawyer, Alan Garten, wrote in the letter, which was also addressed to the Kasich campaign. 

"Please be advised that in the event your ads contain any false, misleading, defamatory or otherwise tortious statements or representations concerning Mr. Trump's business or his brand, we will not hesitate to seek immediate legal action," it continued. 

The letter concluded: "Please be guided accordingly."

Yes this is exactly the kind of thin skinned overreacting megalomaniac that we want with access to the nuclear codes.

Holy crap is that a frightening thought!


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Trump is such a thin-skinned, orange- colored asshole - always threatening to sue - like that is his 'holy bible'!

    What a joke he is to America. He will never be POTUS!

    He is embarrassing himself eloquently in front of all Americans and the world. And, he's leaving a horrible legacy to his kids and family. He's as bad as Sarah Palin is to her family members! Can you imagine having either as a relative? Good God Almighty!!!

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Carson is tanking, which leaves no one else BUT Trump for the RNC nomination. We ended up with a W for 8 years, we could just as easily end up with Trump.

    2. Anonymous5:24 PM

      Ok...Ok, I'm just going to say it. Every picture I see of Trump he looks like a asshole ready to drop a turd. And I mean that literally. G- you should post the Dog with the jesus ass in comparison. He literally looks like a asshole. A real ugly asshole. Red with constipation. Ewwww. He is one fucking gross man.
      The GOP will take him out soon. Find out his wife doesn't have papers or what not. Anything to get rid of that red ass ape.

    3. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Isn't it strange that the Repub. electorate has this man at the top of the list of prospective nominees, when he is a man who cheated on this first wife, got the mistress pregnant, divorced the first wife, but did not marry the mistress until after the baby was born, then 5 years later divorced the second wife/former mistress, and married the third wife.
      He has filed bankruptcy several times, even though he is filthy rich, to beat the system.
      AND he is a businessman who has never held a public office in his life, has never been elected to ANY public office.

      If a Black candidate, or any Democratic candidate had this sordid history, the news media, and Repubs. would have nonstop bashing of him/her, talking about how unfit him/her was for the office of president.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Kind of like his supporter kicked the shit out of a black lives matter person at his speech. I don't quite understand why these people would show up at a Trump rally when we know what we know about his supporters. Do you want to get your ass kicked? Just gives the Trump more publicity so why not just stay away?

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    If someone sued Trump for every lie he told of others so far in the campaign, he'd be living under some distant highway overpass mumbling to himself.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      He's already mumbling nothing but bull!

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Yeah, stick to the truth! Don't go claiming he was born in Kenya, right Mr. Trump?

    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Where's that cracker-jack "team" you sent to Hawaii that had incontrovertible TRUTH that Barack Obama was not born there. Since that's a lie, and since you know it's a lie, Mr. Trump, you've committed a libel on a sitting President. Luckily, Barack Obama is so sure of himself and in himself, that he didn't bother to rise to the bait -- which makes Lil' Donnie Trump all the madder.

      Let's start with Donnie Trump's grandfather, an illegal from German named Trumfph, who ran whorehouses up in Canada during the gold rush. When he finally came east with his winnings, he changed his name to the non-euphonious name "Trump." His son Fred married a girl from Scotland -- another furrener!-- and bestowed upon this blessed land a boy named Donald with Oppositional-Defiant-Disorder. The sad mother and father got him out of the house by sending him to numerous schools to which his father donated, and finally a two-year real estate course at another college daddy paid for.

      Voila! The first of Donald's bizarre marriages, funded by the $1 million from Daddy Fred ($6.5 million in (2015 money), and the rest is history, in 14-kt. gold gilding.

    2. Anonymous5:58 AM

      But getting at the truth is what lawsuit like this are about. This is the threat of a SLAPP suit, usually intended to drag on forever and bankrupt a person or group of lesser means. Trumpt gets caught on video saying X but still denies he said X.
      Kasich is a total political player, saying whatever seems to be ringing the poll bells at that point.

    3. Anonymous7:24 AM

      5:06 PM. At least his grandfather was the only one to have an honest job.

  5. Anonymous3:18 PM

    He can say anything about anyone, but threatens to sue others if one iota of info isn't verified fact?

    Obviously Kasich IS relevant enough to warrant all those tweets and a letter from his legal team.

    This man is damned scary.

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM

    BRING IT BIG D!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      He needs to look ferocious after that wimpy show with Malaria last night. ABC? NBC?

    2. Anonymous4:29 PM

      OMG Did you catch the looks Melania got from white eyeshadow Donald? Something tells me Donald will be sleeping in the guest quarters with Rosy Palm.

    3. Anonymous8:00 PM

      What is with the white eye deal? Art? Melania does his hair, so he says. Does she do his make up? Why the white?

    4. Anonymous5:59 AM

      Tanning booth goggles

    5. Anonymous6:26 AM

      5:59 AM

      There is make up to cover everything. Melania could not clue him in? What about Barbara's make up peeps?

      Are they afraid to say anything to him or suggest he needs a touch up before cameras roll?

      Does he not see the shows when he has such white eyes?

      It does look like goggles. I still don't get why he didn't cover it with make up.

    6. 66gardeners9:34 AM

      tRump has dark, heavy bags under and around his eyes. He uses the white to diminish the sallow effect of those bags.

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Such absolutely inappropriate comments from someone who would like to be president of the United States. Donald Trump is a chump.

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I just want Trump to go after Jeb!

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    He always looked pissed off and angry! Not good for someone wanting to be POTUS!

    Does the guy actually know how to smile? What a nasty human being! Cannot imagine working for him!

  10. So Trump is going to sue someone during a presidential run because they messed with his BRAND and said mean-- mostly true things about him? What a loser.

  11. Anonymous3:51 PM

    It's too bad Carson is imploding so early. If Carson defeated Trump in Iowa the twitter storm would have been epic.

  12. Leland3:51 PM

    There won't be a need to lie. All he has to do in the ads is quote Trump and then explain the hatred behind what was said. Exposing the lies over the airwaves would do the trick.

    At the very least, increasing the vehemence of those he has spit on will go a long way toward getting the hated ones to vote. And so far he has slammed almost everyone.

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Exactly. Trump has been captured on video saying nasty things. All the campaign needs to do is run the video. Of course Trump will deny it, but truth is truth.

  13. Anonymous3:58 PM

    During the first GOP debate Jeb said that Trump had not paid his workers or it was something to do with Casino contracts in Florida, and Trump said quietly (but his mike picked it up) to Jeb, "Don't make me look small." Nor worries, tRUMP, you do that very well all on your own.

  14. Anonymous4:15 PM

    He's a bully. Pure and simple. And his money just lets him get away with it. He's dangerous. He's deplorable. And we better hope and pray that he doesn't steal the election. He has the temperament, the lack of integrity, the narcissistic desire to 'win', the bank account to buy off anyone he wants, and the insane folks who are getting sucked into his 'shtick'.

    And media just lets it roll along, giving him free air time anytime he shows up.

    It's like nothing we've ever seen in a political campaign and it is terrifying. Money and power are what he has. Money, because he arrived in the campaign with it. Power, because the media gives it to him. Power, because he has an army of attorneys chomping at the bit to litigate.

    And a drop dead gorgeous wife who is impressive on her own credits (I know, I've researched it) as a possible first lady and a fine young song to emulate his daddy, waiting in the wings, to put the icing on the megalomaniac's cake.

    (but he makes me want to puke)

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Drop dead gorgeous to porn fans maybe. To the rest of the normal world she looks like a plastic surgery version of a beautiful woman.

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Long ago, she had eyes. Then some plastic surgeon pinched them and pulled them and made them look like a Siamese cat's -- not like a human's. She should ask for her money back, and revert to the old Malania, wrinkles and all.

    3. Anonymous5:32 PM

      OMG, it's staggering!

    4. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Yowza! what happened to her face????

    5. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Anonymous5:32 PM
      That same site, remember Kelly la Brock "don't hate me b/c I'm beautiful"?
      And Kim Novak?
      Holy shit

      I used to think Palin had the worst plastic surgery but looking at these two....I guess she has done ok.
      WTF, WTF is wrong with these women?
      They look horrid.
      Now I'm going to look at the other link of Melania.

    6. Anonymous7:57 PM

      I don't think it was the surgery that messed her face. It was looking at her husband that freaked her out.

    7. Anonymous9:03 PM

      The poor thing has to support her husband. Like she has to comb his hair and take responsibility for that giant moth on his noggin.

      He may force her to do the white eye shadow he is so fond of.

      She is rill First Lady material.

    8. Anonymous6:27 AM

      You went too far when you said he has a drop dead gorgeous wife. She is NOT gorgeous, she is just a squinty eyed average woman.

    9. Anonymous6:35 AM

      I was with you until you said he has a drop dead gorgeous wife. That is a REAL stretch on you part.
      Actually she looks rather manly in the face.

    10. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Trump probably spends 100x what anyone else pays for fixing up his wife as an old porn thing to be his First Lady. I think he is losing his eyesight. The same with his carved up, shot up, shot out wife.

      Whatever they did to her eyes, I doubt she can see that well.

      Hence they think they are seeing something lovely when they look at each other.

      They are only around yes people and can never get any truth. Until they crash and burn they will just go on in this same old fashion. Someone else will have to pull the plug on them. They are stuck in this monstrous crap they created.

  15. Anonymous4:20 PM

    ot coming soon

  16. Anonymous4:26 PM

    No, The Donald, once John Kasich announced he was running for president, and opened his mouth, people realized YOU are a complete & total dud!

  17. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Isn't he just SO dreamy? I mean handsome as the day is long, cool as a cucumber and he's got the skin of an armadillo. The armadillo called, wants his skin back because this rich, entitled sissy isn't Presidential material.
    Anyone Catch Babwa Wawa and the TRumpapalloza Show? Reminded me of the Brady Bunch mixed with Dynasty.

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Yeah, free campaign ad.

    2. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Melanoma wife sucked too. She would have been smart to stay in the dark and not let people know she isn't appealing outside of a porn spread.

    3. Anonymous8:24 PM

      Brady Bunch/Dynasty. Good one!

      Baba Wawa left serious journalism long ago. "If you could be a tree, what kind would you be?" Please.

  18. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Yes this is exactly the kind of thin skinned overreacting megalomaniac that we want with access to the nuclear codes.
    You know damn well he'd use them, too. One temper tantrum away from annihilation. oops


    1. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Sound familiar, Mildred?
      The skank alliance is no accident.
      God help us.

  19. As a fellow atheist, I swear to dog that if that asshat is actually elected into office (by cheating, of course), I'm moving to New Zealand. Canada is too close to be bombed. Sheesh.

  20. Anonymous6:29 AM

    It may look like Donald Trump's misplaced toupee (it's actually been dubbed the 'Donald Trump caterpillar'), but this flannel moth larva is actually not covered with hair at all. Those silky-looking threads are actually venomous spines that can cause intense, burning pain when touched, making the caterpillar one of the most venomous in the US.


    Several species

  21. 66gardeners9:28 AM

    Black Lives Matter protester was beaten at tRump campaign rally yesterday. Several people attending a rally for Donald Trump in Birmingham, Alabama, physically assaulted an African-American protester on Saturday, witnesses said All of the people said to be beating the man were white, according to CNN reports

    Trump can be heard saying, "get him the hell out of here", prompting cheers from the crowd, even as the protester is on the ground for almost a full minute while people are kicking and hitting him.

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      His own Brown Shirts.......


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